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  1. I'm also experiencing the same issue. My Helix never froze before upgrading to 3.60. Since the upgrade, it occasionally freezes when switching between complex presets, and the only resolution is to power off/on.
  2. Thank you for the additional details and attempting to reproduce on your device. I checked again, and my experience is: After saving the Behavior setting (as Heel Down or Toe Down) for one block on a preset, upon leaving the preset and returning, the Behavior setting reverts to Toggle. For additional troubleshooting, I exported a few presets and opened the corresponding .hlx files in a text editor. The particular values of the corresponding '@behavior' param for a given block may help reveal the bug to Line 6: After saving as Toggle and exporting the .hlx, '@behavior' is 0 After saving as Heel Down and exporting the .hlx, '@behavior' is 1 After saving as Toe Down and exporting the .hlx, '@behavior' is 2 After leaving the preset, returning, and exporting the .hlx, '@behavior' is occasionally true This occurred several times (but not every time) upon re-exporting a previously saved preset. Regardless of whether '@behavior' reverted to 0 or was true, in HX Edit and directly on my Helix, the corresponding EXP Behavior setting is Toggle.
  3. @HonestOpinion Thanks for the quick reply! For context, I use the EXP1 or EXP2 position bypass for a different delay block (either Ducked Delay, Ping Pong, Transistor Tape, or Vintage Digital) on various presets—not Wah. On any preset with a Wah block, the Wah is set to EXP Pedal Toe bypass. Responses are inline.
  4. Interestingly enough, I am experiencing essentially the opposite behavior (more evidence this is a bug): After saving a change to the new Behavior parameter, upon leaving and returning to the preset, the "saved" change is reverted / was apparently not saved. This occurs for me on all presets with an EXP bypass.
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