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  1. Thanks for the replies. So is it fair to way there's no real difference between doing this and just using a Y Block on the Helix where one signal chain stays on Path 1A and the other (1B) is pushed to Path 2 at the output block? Well...other than if I do the former I can use a gate on one path (fuzz) and no gate on the other (clean).
  2. I'm curious what is actually happening if my Helix is set up with a single input (in my case Variax VDI) into a preset where both DSPs are configured to take input from this device in parallel (e.g both set to "Multi"). Let's say on Path 1 I use a clean amp and on path 2 a crunchy one. Is this signal from the guitar shared/split in some way, or have I effectively created the equivalent of two identical guitars feeding two completely separate rigs? I'm trying to understand if this is the same as splitting a single path (Y or X/Y split) or not? Even if it is the same I suppose I could at least take advantage of additional DSP resources by using both inputs from the one source.
  3. ajfkeith

    Effect boxes assigned to multiple foot switches

    There is an Ideascale posting for this. Here's the link to vote: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Multiple-switches-for-1-block/801153-23508