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  1. If I'm not mistaken there's a preset in the TEMPLATES setlist that is specifically designed to control either logic or garageband. It was introduced in 2.8 if I recall.
  2. Thanks for the replies. So is it fair to way there's no real difference between doing this and just using a Y Block on the Helix where one signal chain stays on Path 1A and the other (1B) is pushed to Path 2 at the output block? Well...other than if I do the former I can use a gate on one path (fuzz) and no gate on the other (clean).
  3. I'm curious what is actually happening if my Helix is set up with a single input (in my case Variax VDI) into a preset where both DSPs are configured to take input from this device in parallel (e.g both set to "Multi"). Let's say on Path 1 I use a clean amp and on path 2 a crunchy one. Is this signal from the guitar shared/split in some way, or have I effectively created the equivalent of two identical guitars feeding two completely separate rigs? I'm trying to understand if this is the same as splitting a single path (Y or X/Y split) or not? Even if it is the same I suppose I could at least take advantage of additional DSP resources by using both inputs from the one source.
  4. There is an Ideascale posting for this. Here's the link to vote: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Multiple-switches-for-1-block/801153-23508
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