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  1. Yes, scenes is exactly what want! I'll see what I can do with adjusting the mix, but its less than optimal. Does anyone know if scenes are on Line6's radar for Helix (I'll search the forums). Thanks for the help! -Mike
  2. Maybe there is an easy way to do this, but I can't figure out. Can I assign a stomp box to more than one foot switch? What I would like to do it have separate controls for each box then have one switch that could turn on/off multiple boxes. I know I can assign parameters to a single switch but can I assign on/off functions? Thanks, -Mike
  3. Thanks, thats where I was leaning. I'll give the L3ts a try.
  4. I'm trading up to the Helix from my HD500x and want to go with a stereo FRFR setup. Most of the time I'm going to be using the speakers as dedicated guitar cabinets with a standard rock band configuration (guitar(s) bass, drums, singer), but I do like the L2/L3 setup as I can use them as part of a larger PA system and pull in vocals and other instruments (bass player also has a POD). So my question is, are two L2s in stereo plenty loud enough for this scenario? What if we connect vocals, bass, and guitar into them in a small venue and or rehearsal situation? Is there any downside (other than more weight and a little more money) to going with the L3s?
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