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  1. Snapshots and all the other setting, like Control Change, Switches, Knoks etc., works fine in Windows, but Presets are not supported now.
  2. Hi, many thanks for your attention. Unfortunately I cannot solve my problem because I read carefully the manual an found this: "At this time, remote MIDI control of setlist and preset changes is supported only with the AU (Mac) and Pro Tools AAX (Mac and Windows) Helix Native plugin formats. It is not supported for the VST2 or VST3 Helix Native plugin formats on Mac or Windows." I am using Windows. I can't even use the method you suggested me, as I need to change from 35 presets within a single Studio One project. Thank you anyway for your support.
  3. I wrote a message to Presonus support and they told me to contact Line 6
  4. Can anyone help me to recall presets in Studio One? I cannot find how to use Program Change as Native is on an audio track wich has no Program Change in the automation
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