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  1. ricstudioc

    More amps for helix

    Annnnd - quote of the century. How on earth did I get through the first 40-odd years of playing with just a Fender, Marshall, Mesa, Markley, or whatever amp I'd have at any given moment? Apparently I was truly deprived and never realized it. By all means, let's hope for more models as time goes by, why not? But I've yet to truly explore whats in there NOW, and am getting everything I could possibly need. The whole "give me this or I'm going to Fractal" thing has gotten kinda tired.
  2. ricstudioc

    Electro Harmonix Key 9 emulation

    I'll be interested to see if anyone has any suggestions, but one stumbling block - at this moment Helix doesn't have polyphonic detection. I emphasized what I did because there are rumors (confirmed?) that L6 has added some team members with experience in that area. As a user of the "9" series of EHX pedals I'd love to see the capability added - even less stuff to cart around. But I suppose someone might find a way to do a mono Rhodes-type sound.
  3. This ^ - it's unlikely I'll purchase another new instrument, I'm kinda-sorta retired from live work and would have a hard time justifying the purchase. But give me a board I can slap into my existing JTV and/or Standard and I'm pretty sure I'm in.
  4. ricstudioc

    Can I install and use Native Offline (Demo or full)?

    It's been my only gripe about Native - as noted above you have to be online to open it, once running you can pull the plug. My DAW is typically offline, I use a USB dongle when I need to update/autho something. So I open my DAW, plug in my dongle, open Native, then unplug. Annoying as hell, and I wish they'd change it. BTW - Native is totally worth it, not dissing the software. But this one choice was kinda lame...
  5. ricstudioc

    How to get a very long sustain

    Uhhh - gonna need some documentation on that one. "Selling England" was released in 1973, and Feranades' own website implies that the Sustainer was developed in the '90's, which jibes with my memory of first seeing it on the market. Heck, Fernandes didn't start until '69. Quite willing to be wrong, but in '73 the tech on the Sustainer board (I have a Ravel w/Sustainer) pretty much didn't exist, at least in such a compact form. That's not to say Hackett isn't using one now, in one of his current projects. To the OP - the one thing I haven't seen anyone mention above is good old fashioned feedback - speaker-to-string excitation. It's not necessarily all about volume alone, placement of yourself in relationship to the speakers can allow reliable feedback at quite realistic levels. Personally I run a couple Altos on the floor in front of me, monitor style - and I knew I'd made the right choice in Helix the first time I bashed out a clean chord (Matchless clean) at fairly modest volume and notes started to bloom. Joygasm! Before all the tech advances - I was setting up at a gig back in the... late 70's, I think (been doing this for awhile) and someone from another band noticed me on stage, measuring distances from my speaker and placing little tape marks on the floor. He kinda chuckled at me - but quit laughing when, time after time, I'd hit a given note and have it hold forever. It's not magic or mojo - its physics. Find where the nodes for a given note are, and be there. I'm only so-so as a player, but I can make a note hold purt' near forever...
  6. ricstudioc

    Helix - Getting a good recording tone

    Just echoing what's been said above - there's really no formula or "obvious" thing, every case is different. Certainly just recording your "go to" tone is a good starting point, you're in the ball park. I've yet - in 45-odd years of recording - to NOT have to eq a track surgically to make it "right". Duncann and Crusin pretty much nailed it, that which sounds great by itself can take up a lot of space in a mix. What's the "right" tone? Some years back I was working on an album for a local artist, the songs were all hers but production was strictly mine, as were electric guitar parts. I'd been trying to fit a certain line into the mix, but everything I dialed up from my various amp rigs just wasn't right. Finally I DI'd the guitar signal in dry and opened up Amplitube (an early version). Started going thru presets - "nope...nope...blech..." - and suddenly there it was!! The SOUND - fit right into the mix, was present without being pushy, had it's own space. Got curious and soloed the channel - god, what a horrible sound! Thin, abrasive, grating - working from the amp forward I would NEVER have gone with this tone, would have dismissed it without a moments thought. But first heard in the context of the mix it was perfect, absolutely the right sound for the moment. So - on any given track, do you find the sound - or let the sound find you?
  7. FWIW - on all my electrics I tend to bounce between 9s and 10s, just keep the left hand on its' toes. While the 9s are perfectly acceptable, I DO find the 10s have a bit more authority so to speak. Goes back to the "tension across the piezos" comment above. So certainly give'em a try (9s), they won't hurt anything and if you're good with the response... there ya go. Oh btw - JTV69s w/Fender neck, and a Standard. Same response for either...
  8. ricstudioc

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    I'm just dying to know what kind of clever name L6 would come up with for it - Kitty Creamer? Feline Fusion? That would be an interesting lunchroom chat to listen in on...
  9. ricstudioc

    HX Effects or Helix for 100% Acoustic Player

    Well, opinions will vary but if you're sure he's gonna be acoustic only for the foreseeable future I'd go with the HXFX. Don't really need the amp models - when you think about it, what happens to an acoustic in the studio? Little compression and EQ - and you got that in spades on the HX. Heck it even handles IR's, so there's the possibility of loading acoustic impulses to enhance the existing guitar. Just my 2 cents.
  10. ricstudioc

    Black Lion Audio mods for the Helix??!!

    I'm running a Black Lion upgraded MOTU interface - the difference there was subtle but noticeable. Based on that experience, would I do it again? Probably not - as I say, subtle. Not sure that there'd be a big enough difference modding a Helix - and to what end? Let's be honest, guitar amplification is hardly based on high fidelity reproduction - that's what makes it what it is. If anybody goes for it - please post before and after samples....
  11. ricstudioc

    Helix Stereo -- OMG!

    This is what I meant - ALWAYS stereo on stage for me - sounds damn glorious and maybe I even play a little better/harder. FOH - not my problem (tho I'll certainly work with the sound guy to optimize the front). But I always wallow in the thick gooey goodness just for me....
  12. ricstudioc

    Helix Stereo -- OMG!

    I always run stereo on stage - up to the FOH guy if he wants stereo or mono for the house. Easy enough, just use the one XLR out if he wants mono, Helix sums it.
  13. ricstudioc

    Looking to ditch my Guitar Amp

    Another one who ditched amps some years back, totally Helix floor now. Wouldn't go back on a bet - portability, consistency, flexibility - there's simply no way to compare.
  14. Having both a Std and a JTV I'd say this is pretty accurate - particularly the switch placement on the Std. I had a Strat neck put on my JTV, turned it into a go=to for me. The Std neck was fine out of the box. I will say - I'm now looking at letting one of them go, and it will probably be the JTV. With its little quirks and such, the Std is just more fun for me - lighter, a bit more alive, more rock 'n roll feeling. But either one is a decent instrument, hard to go wrong...
  15. ricstudioc

    Power Cab 112

    Were I starting from scratch, buying Helix all over, I'd give these serious thought - flexible, and a nice look for the traditionalists. But I have my needs met with what I've already got (and may at this time be retired from live), so not for me. But I hope they get some love....