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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, i own a HX Stomp and a HX Stomp XL Very often, after using the Stomp XL (rehearsal room) I export my presets/setlist using a computer and HX Edit. Then I import (at home) presets and setlist into my HX Stomp. Sofar it works OK, but i have noticed that: - when I import a HX Stomp XL preset into the HX Stomp, and then export the same preset, then all info related to the 4th snapshot gets lost... This is logical, since HX Stomp does not support a 4th snapshot. Still, I wish that the info about the 4th snapshot would stay in the exported preset .hlx file ! That would make it easier to move presets back and forth between HX Stomp and HX Stomp XL... Any idea how to solve this issue ?!
  2. I've searched for this answer, but either my search-foo is weak, this question hasn't been asked, or the answers are so blindingly obvious no one has had to ask them before! So, here goes... What do the factory preset names tell me? I think the "FX" prefix tells me the preset contains only effects... no amp/cab. Is this correct? If so, then I assume the "DIR" prefix tells me there is an amp/cab setting, but what does "DIR" stand for? "4CM" probably stands for 4-cable management, correct? BAS is probably for Bass players, ACO is for acoustic, and KEY is for keyboards. How am I doing? I don't have a bass or keyboard, so I would be safe deleting those to free up space for new presets, either my own or those I buy/download, right? Letters at the end of the preset name are usually the initials (or other identifier) of people who created the preset, like JNC is John Cordy. Do I have that right? Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for your patience with a newbie!
  3. I bought the HX Stomp XL a few months ago but have only recently had the time to start learning how to use it. I've run into one problem whose solution I haven't been able to find searching the internet and this forum. What does "oper'n" in a box/switch on the display mean? I tried to create a preset to use Poly Sustain and a tremolo effect, but the Poly Sustain wouldn't work. It was grayed out. I somehow managed to add a second Poly Sustain to the same preset. When back in Stomp mode the second Poly Sustain was replaced with "oper'n" and it was greyed out. I found that the first instance of Poly Sustain worked as long as "oper'n" was on. So, what is "oper'n" and how do I get rid of it? Thanks!
  4. I'm only 2 days into owning my Stomp XL and Mission SP1-L6H and am slowly getting the hang of it. Today I dove into learning how to setup the SP1 pedal. I thought I had it, but ran into an issue I can't figure out. I bought a preset online. Using HX Edit, I added a wah to that preset and it works great. Then I created a new preset from scratch and added a wah to it, but the "position" parameter doesn't change when the SP1 is on and I move the pedal. Then I created a new preset with nothing but a wah on it, but the "position" parameter still doesn't change. Global Settings > Preferences Exp/FS Tip: Set to "EXP 1" Exp/FS Ring: Set to "FS8" Global Settings > Footswitches FS7 Function: Set to "AllBypass" FS8 Function: Set to "TogglEXP" Wah Block Preset Settings (same for all 3 mentioned above) Wah: Conductor Bypass: Footswitch 1 Position: EXP Pedal 1 I'm clearly missing something, probably something very simple, but haven't been able to figure it out, even after a few hours of internet searches and video watching. Seems like it must be related to some difference between the preset I bought versus the two that I created. I'm happy to provide any additional info needed if anyone is up for helping me figure this out.
  5. Hello Line 6 forum users! I am thinking of returning the HX Effects I bought a couple weeks back and replacing it either with a Pod Go or Stomp XL. i am basically trying to have a simple set up with an effects unit into a Tone Master Deluxe Reverb. All I want is to be able to have a preset per songs I play and a couple basic other tones when I go off repertoire. I play rock (Beatles, Stones, Queen, Led Zeppelin , AC/DC, Oasis, Coldplay+ Chili Peppers) + reggae + grunge (Nirvana, Offspring) The HX FX seemed ideal but it turns out there aren’t many presets out there to download « per song » and I don’t have the skills to really dial in a tone per song. So I’m thinking of going to PodGo or HX Stomp which have a much deeper community and vendors online. i love the organic feel of the Tone Master and would ideally use the PG or Stomp as pedalboards with amp simulation off. I don’t need complex routing or effects, just good song based patches that I can tweak a bit to sound good with my amp. I have a wah pedal already (so neutral on that between PG and Stomp) and may buy a pedal to get more Marshall like tones as part of the setup. what would you say is the way to go or the pros/cons of the two units given my goal? Thank you! Ben
  6. I'm a Helix Stomp newb. Coming from the Kemper (which I still have). My use case with the Stomp is primarily as a second amp to play through in my music room and as a backup to the Kemper for FRFR work, as needed. I'm noticing that the Helix models have some advanced parameters that I'm not 100% sure in terms of how they complement (or don't) a real tube power amp. I've also read that the Helix models do better as preamp only into power amps, but I read varying opinions on keeping the power amp sims on for the Power Station (mostly people saying to use them). Just looking for quick hitting tips to optimize the Helix models for a Power Station into a cab.
  7. Yo stompers! I'm using the stomp XL in a show so I've got loads of snapshots to play through. I've currently got it set up so that I cycle through the 4 snapshots then move onto a new preset with 4 more snapshots (repeat ad nauseam). The issue I have is that when I switch to the next preset, snapshot 1 isn't auto selected. Sometimes it's on 2, sometimes 3, sometimes 4(!). How do I set it to default to snapshot 1 when moving to a new preset? Thanks.
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