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  1. Hi, had a question regarding recording to an audio interface. It’s probably a very fundamental question but no one seems to discuss it anywhere so I thought I’d check. The question is as follows. Since the Pod Go samples audio at 48 kHz, when we connect it to an audio interface via the audio Main Out for recording (mono or stereo) does it matter if the audio interface and the DAW are set at 44.1 kHz. Will there be any audio weirdness or issues. Since I plan to do this on a full time basis I’d rather not go into it without proper knowledge of the matter. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks! P.S. I haven’t bought the device yet, and I can’t demo it where I live, but I am very close to pulling the trigger.
  2. Just updated MacBook to Monterey OS and Logic Pro X is not recognizing my POD GO. It recognizes it as an output but I can't record direct to track anymore. There are work arounds, just wondering if anyone else had this problem and were able to resolve so it worked normally again. I have not uninstalled and reinstalled the software yet so that will be my next step. Anyone experience this?
  3. Is there a way To control the headphone volume separately from the main output volume., So that. I can turn my headphone volume down Or up without affecting. The output Volume that I'm sending to the house?
  4. Good day, I tried to load the Runway preset from the Line 6 Marketplace into my PodGo. However, I am getting an incompatible device error. Also, PodGo Edit also switches from the preset list to the IR list when I drag and drop it. What am I doing wrong? The PodGo has all the Helix models and is said to be Helix compatible so it should just load the preset, correct? This is my first effects kit so just learning how this all works. Maybe I need some sort of .hlx to .pgp converter. Is that something in PodGo edit that I have missed? Thanks.
  5. I've had my Pod Go Wireless for a few weeks now and just did my first gig with it. Here are some thoughts that I thought might interest the community. Feedback is welcome, especially if I'm off base about anything ... Note: I had been using Pod XT Live for the last dozen years or so. Really liked it, although it had its faults, but felt it was time to update. I kept expecting my XT Live to take its last breath in the middle of a big solo! Pros of the Pod Go Wireless: Huge universe of sounds possible with a small portable box. Great for me, a guitarist in a cover band, since I try to mimic the original artist's sound. Nice editor for the PC. I don't edit the sounds on the Pod directly ... seems tedious. I prefer to use the big screen on my PC. Easy to select different amps or effects boxes and drag/drop the order. The color screen/buttons on the pod and large font are good during live shows. Easy to see and control. Like the snapshot approach. Good to have different sections of songs and turn different effects on/off quickly Sounds fantastic in a live setting with the balanced output going directly to the PA Cons: The wireless dongle only charges when the Pod is turned on and uses the input plug. So you can't recharge while you're playing with a patch cord. This is very frustrating. There are no meters on the editor software. Would be very useful to see the signal levels at each stage of the preset. As it works now, I'm just guessing. Very difficult to map presets from XT Live to Pod Go. Names of amps and effects have changed as well as functionality. Spent way too many hours trying get close to the sound I liked from the XT. Using the foot switch to scroll through the banks is slow. It doesn't change immediately when you press the switch ... takes a second. This is frustrating when you're between songs and need to get to a preset right away. In the editor, when I'm working on a preset and I switch to another preset without saving, my work is lost. No warning! The wireless range seems pretty limited. Walked to the other side of the stage and the guitar cut out. The switch on the pedal too easily switches between wah and volume. I accidentally did that a couple of times during my gig without much pressure. Neutral: People have complained about the limited processing of the Pod Go... can't have more than 4 effects and no parallel processing like in the Helix. This doesn't bother me since I'm just doing basic cover songs with a full band. I can get a "plenty good enough" sound with the Pod Go.
  6. my pod go use very well but aux in level is too low when compare with guitar. anyone has a problem like me? and how to fix or may line6 gonna fix this.
  7. Hi everyone, here's a question that get asked probably a lot. Sorry. Basically i've been using the pod go with headphone in my bedroom for the longest time. That's all I have (I have guitars aswell eh ) I'm trying to join a band but the place where they rehearse is pretty much an empty room (I've been told there's only a mixing table) I know nothing about equipements, but I suppose a mixing table implies that there are speakers in the room with it ? Anyway I'm in desperate need to buy equipement fast to be able to play with them. I think that in the future I want to stay with the whole amp modeling technology and probably do not wish to get myself a full amp stack. So what could I buy to be able to play with a band ? I've read of FRFR speaker like the headrush, but from what I've seen it's mixed review: some people swear by it, and for some it's only good to be able to hear yourself ( like to point it towards you). I've also seen the line 6 powercab, but it's a bit expensive.. I've never done any gig, i've never done any research into amp/cab and all that part of guitar playing, as i'm in appartement. I'm very much a noob into it, but I need to buy something fast. All I know is the marshall stack I see on stage lol. Any recommendation ? a speaker that can make myself heard with a band in a room. I play with a distortion and gain, and usually metal if that helps. I'd like to go no more than 600euros ( 700 dollars) if possible. Cheers!!
  8. I'm attempting to use an amp I have and a frfr speaker I have at the same time but I notice using the global setting to make the amp source pre cab/ir means I still have to remove my head from my signal chain to use my amp? Am I missing something or is this the way it is?
  9. I've upgraded from a Spider iii to the Spider Vmkii and I am blown away by the versatility of this modelling amp and the numerous built in effects that it has and that I can assign and control with the shortboard Mkii that I already had. However, I want to use some effects through a Boss rc30 looper. I have a ZoomG2 but don't really like the effects and lack of clarity that it produces and so I have been looking at getting a Boss ME80 to feed effects into the looper and also use as a multi effects pedal through the amp. I can't see that I would need the amp modelling of the pedal, as the Spider has that covered. I only play at home, so I won't be gigging with this set-up. I also don't want to spend a fortune on something like the Line 6 PodGo only for looping purposes as it will be doubling up a lot of the effects in the Spider V. I know that the ME80 is 7 years old now so my question is, is there something which offers multi effects without the amp simulations which would be more suitable. I have considered the M5 pedal, but may want to use more than one effect at a time to the looper. I also may want to use an octaver to add bass lines, so any suggestion would need to have an octave function. For a hobby guitarist, it is a pity that I can't feed the effects from the amp through the looper as there are some great bass tones and other sounds on the Cloud for the Spider V! Are there any other solutions or considerations that I am missing?
  10. Is there any way for a Pod Go to control the speaker selection on the Powercab or Powercab+? Can the PowerCab speaker types be part of the IR? Or do you need to change speaker types manually?
  11. Greetings friends, I just took delivery of my POD Go. Super excited to explore and create, but I have a problem with how to integrate with my Digitech Trio+ (plus) Looper. There is a lot of great information for connecting with the Helix, but not yet anything for POD Go. Guitar signal is supposed to go straight from guitar into Trio+. Trio+ has FX send and FX return. Can anybody provide the right routing, inclusive of Trio+, POD Go, and Amp (Fender Deluxe Reverb '68 Reissue). Thanks so much, Josh
  12. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me here. I received the update notification for my PodGo from PodGo Edit. After the update, successful according to the software, PodGo edit won't recognize the FW from the device. It sometimes says that my device is up to date with FW 0.00, sometimes I get an error that says it could not read the impulses and then none of my presets are shown in PodGo edit. I can restart the software to at least see my presets again and edit them. None of the new features from the FW update is shown there, so no new amps or pedals. I can see them in the device itself, but not on PodGo Edit. Has someone has this problem? It was there already when I installed 1.21, but now I got to troubleshoot further when the same problem is there with 1.22. Thanks
  13. Hi folks, Is there an outer looping mode or another way to switch around presets while looping/overdubbing? Thanks!
  14. Clsc

    Trail function

    add the Trail function between one preset and another, or have 5 editable blocks.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm basically a newbie to the digital modeler world and I'm trying to use wah pedal for funk stuff eith full clean tone. I find the wah a bit gainy, i tried to set a lot of parameters but every models of it still add a bit of gain on the top end, which for clean tone I don't really like it. What am I doing wrong? Tips and tricks?
  16. This probably seems like a ridiculous question, but I’m hoping for some feedback about upgrading. I’m a moderate casual guitarist (a little self recording, playing with friends) and I play indie rock and jazz styles (ie I might use delay, tremolo, sometimes light overdrive plus amp sim and reverb). I have had a original pod and then podXT for I’m guessing 15 years now (no other pedals except a VP). I have appreciated it because 1) it’s is compact and lightweight and 2) I can fiddle with settings without bending down. I can’t say I’ve ever gotten “mind blowing” sounds from podxt but considering #1 and #2 above, the sounds are decent. I have been looking at upgrading to something like the podgo or hx stomp. Here are my questions: 1) Would I notice a significant difference between the quality of tones between my Podxt and either hx stomp or podgo? I’ve looked at the specs and I understand they are much improved units. My question is more “is it appreciably noticeable?” This would really be the only really be the only reason I’d upgrade. 2) I’ve read about the stomp vs podgo and some of the difference in available blocks. My takeaway is that the go has the expression pedal and the stomp is better for use with external pedals—is that fair assessment? I try to keep my setup small so I like the smaller stomp and am not sure how much I would use the EP. 3) last one: how do you all configure your patches? Are you hunched over tweaks things on the floor unit? Like I mentioned, I have liked having the podxt on my amp because bending down is difficult for me so I’ve hesitant to upgrade. I really appreciate your help!
  17. Hey guys and gals, Been thinking for a while about getting a Pod Go to act as my entire guitar rig. I play all different kinds of music, from acoustic bluegrass to classic rock/metal. I currently have a Boss Katana 100watt combo, but not the nice new MKII version, the original one. I use a wah pedal occasionally, but usually just the amp itself. I am wondering if this is worth the upgrade. I've seen things that say its an immense improvement, and others that say its comparable. I've seen many people talk about buying EITHER the katana or the pod go, but no one that currently has an old katana looking to upgrade. I record a bunch at home and gig pretty regularly, but the weight isn't a factor to me. My main worry is that if I buy the Pod Go, it'll end up sounding very similar to the Katana, just lighter and smaller in size. I like the fact that I can control everything from my feet, I currently have a single pedal footswitch that only does channel selection, but if the sounds are essentially the same, I can deal. Are the effects, amps, cabs, and mics on the Pod Go $500 better than the Katana? Is it worth the upgrade, or should I stick with the Katana? Thanks everyone
  18. Another long one for you guys. I go ahead and demonstrate how I would build a Metal Tone from scratch, right inside of the POD Go. We also create Snapshots and integrate an external pedal (Horizon Devices Precision Drive)
  19. Hi.. I am a midlevel guitar player.. I want to buy a multieffects for play worship at the church.. i dont have enough money for get a Helix.. my budget is around $650... I want to know wish one between pod hd 500x and pod.go will you recommends for play it at church... Thanks
  20. I got my hands on a Line 6 POD Go and this thing rips. It uses the same Helix amp modeling technology. Although it has some limited routing and output options, I'd say for about 90% of use cases, this is the perfect piece of Helix gear.
  21. I have a 70s Custom Telecaster that I installed a Graphtech Ghost Piezo system into with onboard preamp. I can plug this guitar into any amp and it sounds fine. I can plug it into my HX Stomp and it sounds fine. When I plug into my POD go it has enough signal to tune the guitar but only produces a muffled super low sound (unusable). If I plug my guitar into an eq and out to the POD go it sounds fine. If I plug it into an acoustic preamp and into the Pod go it sounds fine. I have - reset to factory settings, after the issue a new update popped up and I updated and it still doesn't work. I love my POD go but can't use it on this one guitar.
  22. Hello! First time poster here. I'm thinking of upgrading to a POD Go from my trusty old HD500X, but I'm not sure I'll be able to run some of my current patches. My main concern is a D.I/clean fender style patch with 2 pitch bend pedals (one an octave above and one an octave below), plate reverb and digital or mod delay. I use this patch quite a lot for clean/ambient tones! As for everything else I use it's usually nothing more than a standard clean, transparent OD or high gain tones with reverb, delay, noise gate, chorus. All of these are mix and match depending on the gig/song but I'd never really exceed the four blocks I can edit apart from the odd volume or EQ that's included in the non-editable blocks! But I would definitely use the four blocks with pretty much all lead/clean tones. I'll be using it live and as an FX unit for demo recording on my PC. If it's the case that the LT would be a better fit I don't mind too much (I'd originally planned on getting a Boss GT-1000... sacrilege I know). Any help/advice would be appreciated!
  23. Hey guys, I'm still getting used to the transition to using a multi effects unit after being used to pedals for a long time. I know generally to dial in a sound on an unfamiliar pedal you 'start at 12 O'clock and go from there.' My question is when you load an effect, are the control parameters considered "12 O'clock" when the bar graphic is half full, or when the knob is in it's default state. Thank you!!
  24. I finally decided to keep the Boogie at the house and use the Pod Go to gig with. I was trying to lighten the load as well. I came up with this idea. It’s a Plano 36” tactical gun case. Works perfect, and cost $69.99.
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