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Found 15 results

  1. Please help! I'm pulling what's left of my hair out. I load an instance of Native into the Audio FX slot in Logic Pro and plug my guitar into Hi-Z. I can hear the un-effected guitar come through but no signal to Native. The only way I can get signal is using HX Edit routing through MIDI and then to Native, as shown in a Chad Boston YT tutorial, but Native is supposed to be able to be used as an audio plug in, correct? No need for HX Edit. My drivers / Firmware are all up to date on everything Helix. I'm so confused. Also... when I try to record with my Helix LT connected via XLR, there's crazy latency even though my buffer size is low. Any suggestions??
  2. MIDI Channel switching help! Hey all, I'm trying to program channel switches and effects automation within patches from logic Pro X to the helix. All seems to be working fine other than when I pause playback on Logic. Ideally when playback is paused and the locator is moved in logic no further midi signals should be sent to the helix but it seems that when I pause the playback the last midi signal is re-sent. Set up it pretty much identical to this video and it seems that the user who made this video along with a few people in the comments have had the same issue. Issue is visible in this video from 8:05 > 8:12: Playback running > Midi switching turns off a block in the setting Playback paused > Block that was just turned off by midi turns on again Is anyone using logic Pro X to trigger midi switching and has a fix or can give some advice to a mid newby? Thanks in advance
  3. Just updated MacBook to Monterey OS and Logic Pro X is not recognizing my POD GO. It recognizes it as an output but I can't record direct to track anymore. There are work arounds, just wondering if anyone else had this problem and were able to resolve so it worked normally again. I have not uninstalled and reinstalled the software yet so that will be my next step. Anyone experience this?
  4. Good evening, im not sure if this is in the right section but its better than nothing. I was wondering if there is a way that I can directly record from my amp to Logic pro X. This is the amp I have. I had plugged in a usb type b port from my amp to my macbook and i tried all options and i couldn't find anything on logic pro x. The closest i came to having the sound recorded was by having the mac microphone here the noise of my amp (surround noise, not direct input). Basically I guess im trying to record the sound that my amp makes to logic pro x. Is that possible or no? (also, my spider v remote mac app is not recognizing my amp which i find weird since ive attached them both). Thanks, Sev
  5. I was excited to try the Helix Native, as my HD500X switches are starting to fail, so I was hoping I could just go with a software plug in. I can get it to work in MainStage but then it stops working. If I restart it will work again. Then I try to get it configured to work in Logic Pro and so far nothing will allow the source input to show up in the Helix Native interface. I don't think I would spend hundreds of dollars if I can't get the demo to play. It's a shame because when I can get it working it sounds very compelling! My set up; MacBook Pro Mac OS Mojave Logic Pro 10.4.4 MainStage 3.4.2 Universal Audio Thunderbolt Interface
  6. Hi, I am pretty new on home studio. I have been playing gigs all the time and went to studios to record. Unfortunately I don't have any idea about recording setup. I've got a Line 6 SPider V 240HC and a Mac with Logic Pro, but no audio interface. How can I record guitar track on Logic Pro using my Spider v 240 HC. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, I've got a question for you. Since this is my first post on this forum I'd like to introduce myself: I am Fed, a guitarist, mixing and mastering engineer from the North of England. I am setting up a live rig with my band: a MacBook running Logic Pro X that controls our lighting system, backing tracks, my Fractal Ax8 and my guitarist's Helix LT. I've read the entire manual, done a bit of trial and error and I've managed to setup all the CC/PC and everything works properly until I move the playhead in Logic (both with the mouse or the hotkeys). Each time I move the playhead the Helix goes on tuning mode, the next time it turns off the tuning mode (and go on and on) without any apparent reason. If I save the Logic project, close the project, open it again and I start it from the top without stopping or moving the playhead at all it works fine, but the first time that I move the playhead it start to act crazy again. Are there some settings I need to change? Has someone got this problem and know how to solve it? What am I doing wrong? I can do a video if it helps you to understand, thank you in advance!
  8. Hiya, I have a weird problem that happens since i updated logic... or my system... I am using the helix as output with headphone (got family sleeping) Everything is fine until i launch Logic, then the helix sound is turned off. Not the playback, just the live guitar, the output from logic works, and guitar is back on monitoring when i hit record. I tried the input monitor but it makes no difference, the live guitar output is gone, even if i turn of Logic. The only way to get it back is to reboot the helix. I didn't have that problem before, and i don't know if the problem came with a logic update or system upgrade (el captain), or something else. I didn't made changes in the helix at that time for sure. The problem is there did it with v2.1 i have updated to v2.3 same. And is more likely to be a logic related answer. I think, somehow, logic is sending an order to the helix to "shut up". Any ideas how to bring back the guitar live monitoring ? cheers Olivier
  9. 1) Launch Logic Pro X, go to 'Logic Pro -> Preferences -> Audio Units Manager'. 2) Make sure Helix Native is in the list and the box is ticked. 3) If Helix Native is not in the list, but the file "HelixNative.components" does exist in the location '/Library/Audio/Plug-in/Components/, please try the steps below: 1. Quit Logic 2. Click on the "Go" Menu in the Finder while holding down (alt) to access the 'username/Library' folder 3. If there is not a HelixNative.component in "username/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components, please copy it from Mac HD/Library -> Audio -> Plugins -> Components and put it into username/Library/Audio/Plug-in/Components/ 4. Move the file o the desktop for backup. 5. Relaunch logic, and see if you can re-scan for plug ins.
  10. Hi I have googled and watched the videos I could but I can't find something so hoping you can help I just returned a headrush as I couldn't get 4 cable method to work (no where to add the physical amps pre-amp in the chain) I am now thinking of getting the helix but I need to check I can do the following 1. 4 cable method - so I can put fx before the amp and in the loop when using as an fx processor (no amp and cab sim etc) and at the same time 2. Output into Logic Pro adding amp and cab sim in for recording So basically I would have a 4cm setup with just the fx going to my Dual Dark 50 but an alternative output going to my DAW which includes amp and cab sim Possible? videos? help?
  11. Hi there, I am using the CC Toggles to control Logic pro x from my Helix. I have a few recording patches, when inside the control screen, there are some foot switches assigned to trigger record, stop, play.... on LogicPro. It is working fine. My problem is that when i select one of these patches, it triggers the play straight away. Just choosing a patch is sending the trigger. I tried to save the patch with all the foot switches set to the dim value, but it still trigger play when i select the patch. I got lucky it didn't trigger record instead.... so basically, how can i avoid that problem ? did i do something wrong or is it a bug everybody gets when doing that ? cheers Olivier
  12. I've been using my Pod UX1 for about 5 years now with absolutely no issues. Today i updated to El Capitan and suddenly i'm getting no audio from pod farm and no visible input signal. Not only that but when i try to open Logic Pro 9 it scans all my audio units and then stops on POD Farm forever. It will NOT scan Podfarm. What is wrong here? I have all the latest drivers etc but it just isn't working. Should i try reinstalling podfarm or is it simply that Line 6 hasn't updated it yet? HELP
  13. Hi all, I just started using my Firehawk FX (which I am loving btw) as aUSB audio input to Logic Pro X v10.2.0. All works beautifully for a while but every so often a huge lag of several seconds is introduced making it totally unusable. It is like a 100% wet delay effect with a 1 or 2 second delay time is being switched on so I basically hear nothing as I play until a couple of seconds later. I have been able to get rid of it through some combination of switching input devices, turning core audio on and off, etc. This happens intermittently but I never get through more than 5 minutes without it happening so it renders the configuration useless. Anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Steve
  14. I'm recording with Logic Pro 9. my tone sounds one way when I am monitoring it but when I assign it to a track to record, my tone sounds totally different and playback sounds different from the first two. Any ideas Thanx!
  15. Whenever I play my guitar straight from Pod Farm (Pod UX2) into logic there is no problems but when I use it as an Audio Unit / Plugin it seems to have like no noise gate and come out extremely sloppy and you hear everything like slightly sliding my hand up and down the fretboard. Also if I unplug my Pod UX2 the license is not there and I can't use any pod plug ins. Thanks.
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