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Found 10 results

  1. Hey hey... In case you’d like to use and midi-control your real amp simultaneously with the HX stomp… Without audio dropouts! This seems to be finally possible with the new 3.0 update and firmware. Yay! I was actually about to sell my Stomp because that was not possible but pretty crucial to me. Thanks to Line 6 for that. Before 3.0 If I remeber right. It was only possible to midi-switch your amp's channels, when switching presets. But it was not impossible to do so when switching snapshots. Why this useful? Switching between presets can take a serious while. So you’ll get a noticeable audio dropout. Which - of course - sucks. Switching snapshots comes usually without these dropouts. Which is - of course - awesome! :D So… how to set up the HX Stomp to make this work? Here’s at least one possible way: Let’s assume you have 3 Snapshots: Footswitch 1 -> Snapshot 1 (should switch your amp to channel 1) Footswitch 2 -> Snapshot 2 (should switch your amp to channel 2) Footswitch 3 -> Snapshot 3 (should switch your amp to channel 1) Select your desired preset and switch to the Snapshot-View. Hit Page L + R to open up the menu. Select the „Command Center“. (Or in HX Edit: Window -> Command Center) Select the first „Instant 1“ Flash-Icon. Now you can specify what MIDI command should be send out when this snapshot is called. (Note: If your amp can't be controlled via MIDI, you could use something like the Nobels MS-4. That's at least what I do. At Line 6 Support: Is there meanhwile a way to directly switch relay-based amps when switching snapshots?) I stick to my setup as example: I need BankPC commands to switch the amp. PG Value 0 = Amp Channel 1 PG Value 0 = Amp Channel 2 Hit the FS 1, so it’s lit up. Select BankPC Navigate to the right. Set the Program Value to 0. To continue you don’t need to select another „Instant“. Just stick to „Instant 1“ Hit FS 2, so it’s lit up. BankPC Program 1 Hit FS 3, so it’s lit up. BankPC Program 0 Now, save you’re preset and you’re ready to go. Since it was a little confusing to me: You can add all three settings to only one „Instant 1“. Just jump in between the snapshots and just adjust the Program Value. And it’s preset-specific. (Maybe there’s a global way - but haven’t checked it yet)
  2. Looking for "best practices" advice. I want to use MIDI commands embedded in my sequences to control patch parameters on the fly. For example, when the guitar solo begins, I may need to increase gain or volume, then bump it back after the solo ends. Is this best accomplished by creating a rhythm and a lead snapshot, and using MIDI to change snapshots? Or is it better / possible to use instant commands to directly control the volume or gain property of a patch? I'm just getting started, and I'd like to know the best way to approach this from the beginning so I don't make a lot of messed up patches that need to be fixed later. I already have the unofficial helix MIDI guide, so no need to explain either procedure... I just want to know the general consensus on the best way to approach the task. Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to take time to respond. I appreciate the help. I should probably add that I have the Helix rack, but I did not get the foot controller, expecting to control it entirely with MIDI.
  3. Hey guys! I'm new to the hx stomp and the whole midi controlling world and was wondering if anyone here has used or is using the the DMC-4 gen 3 by Disaster Area with the HX Stomp. I haven't found anyone using that particular model with the hx stomp, I've seen the midi baby and the dmc3 but not that one. The reason why I'm checking that one out is because a friend of mine is selling it for a great price but I honestly don't know if it'll work for what I want it to. Thanks in advance and cheers!
  4. Wondering if anyone has information on whether it is possible to connect the FVB port of a Line 6 Spider V240 HC to the midi output of an AXE IO interface so that it can be controlled in tandem. We are using the amp out feature of the AXE IO to send signal over to a Line 6 Spider V240 HC and we would like to be able to control presets to change together with a single control unit - which in our case is the FCB 1010 Midi Foot Pedal. Don't really wish to do extensive programming; just want to be able to step through the various numbered preset changes simultaneously in AmpliTube on the AXE IO and send signal via midi from that interface with something like a DIN to RJ45 connector over to the Line 6 Spider and have the corresponding numbered presets on the Line 6 unit change in accordance to those being changed on the AXE IO. Hoping it is just the matter of making a single connection and won't require additional interfaces to create anything as complicated or expensive as an RTP-Midi network. Is this possible? New to this.
  5. Hi gang, It seems the Helix Rack's looper can't stop playback and start a new recording whilst in playback mode unless it receives a stop-playback MIDI CC message first. It also seems the stop-playback message needs to be received 20-21ms before the start-recording message, otherwise the latter is sometimes/often not acknowledged. Is there any way to have the start-recording function override and force playback to stop? Or alternatively is there an adjustable setting that'll make the Helix process the pair of stop/start of messages quicker? I'm looking for immediacy with this so I can emulate glitching effects. Sending the two messages within 15-20ms is useable yet unreliable, and anything under 15ms registers only the stop-playback message, leaving the start-recording message overlooked. Anything above 21ms is consistently reliable, but the latency is off-putting. What are my options? Cheers! Dawes
  6. Hello, I saw a post back in 2016 asking if it is possible to add MIDI foot switch to Pocket POD. (Here is the link to related post In the below link you may see my solution for controlling Pocket POD using Raspberry Pi W as a MIDI controller. This video shows Pocket POD connection with Raspberry Pi Zero W Program runs on Raspberry Pi Zero W. It is also working on Raspberry Pi Model B. You may connect your cell phone or tablet to Raspberry Pi to change presets etc. on Pocket POD. Also I have added buttons and Pots to Raspberry Pi via IO Pins. Therefore I can control Pocket POD with hardwired buttons and potentiometers. I modified a volume pedal to add wah wah control on Pocket POD. Here is the method Volume pedal pot ---> MCP3008 (ADC) ---> Raspberry Pi(running PD) -----(MIDI Control Commands) ---> Pocket POD * Only OTG cable required to connect both devices * At the end of the video I tried Wah Wah with tablet's motion sensor. I forgot my tablet does not have motion sensor :). But it works with my phone. Shake your phone and you get Wah Wah effect. See other videos for PD Patch, GUI Interface and text descriptions: Demo with Pocket POD connected to Raspberry Pi: PD & MIDI Configuration: PD GUI remote connection demo: RoboRemo remote connection demo: Tablet GUI for remote (WiFi) Connection Pure Data (PD) Program on Raspberry Pi W Android Cell Phone connection over WiFi PD TCP Connection for Android
  7. Hello, I'm a Pod X3 pro user and I would like to control the volume level of a dual preset. I have no problem with the tone one using the CC17. But is it possible to do the same with the tone 2 or does it exist an another way using midi commands? Thanks a lot for your answer and your help - Olivier
  8. Does anyone have an idea about how the values for IR Low Cut, High Cut, and Level correlate between Helix and Powercab? Example: Helix Level = -18 - +6 Powercab = 000-127 or Helix Low/High Cut = off- 20 Powercab = 000=127 Also, can the Helix actually change the presets (not IR's) in the Powercab? If so, how?
  9. I'm pretty sure there's currently not a way to do this, but is anyone aware of a way to trigger specific notes in the 3 Note Generator via MIDI note on/off messages from an external controller such as a sequencer or keyboard controller? I know Helix can transmit note on messages via footswitch assignments, but can it receive and interpret/apply them? If not, is that a feature that could be implemented in a future firmware release?
  10. Hi there, I am using the CC Toggles to control Logic pro x from my Helix. I have a few recording patches, when inside the control screen, there are some foot switches assigned to trigger record, stop, play.... on LogicPro. It is working fine. My problem is that when i select one of these patches, it triggers the play straight away. Just choosing a patch is sending the trigger. I tried to save the patch with all the foot switches set to the dim value, but it still trigger play when i select the patch. I got lucky it didn't trigger record instead.... so basically, how can i avoid that problem ? did i do something wrong or is it a bug everybody gets when doing that ? cheers Olivier
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