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Found 7 results

  1. Hey hey... In case you’d like to use and midi-control your real amp simultaneously with the HX stomp… Without audio dropouts! This seems to be finally possible with the new 3.0 update and firmware. Yay! I was actually about to sell my Stomp because that was not possible but pretty crucial to me. Thanks to Line 6 for that. Before 3.0 If I remeber right. It was only possible to midi-switch your amp's channels, when switching presets. But it was not impossible to do so when switching snapshots. Why this useful? Switching between presets can take a serious while. So you’ll get a noticeable audio dropout. Which - of course - sucks. Switching snapshots comes usually without these dropouts. Which is - of course - awesome! :D So… how to set up the HX Stomp to make this work? Here’s at least one possible way: Let’s assume you have 3 Snapshots: Footswitch 1 -> Snapshot 1 (should switch your amp to channel 1) Footswitch 2 -> Snapshot 2 (should switch your amp to channel 2) Footswitch 3 -> Snapshot 3 (should switch your amp to channel 1) Select your desired preset and switch to the Snapshot-View. Hit Page L + R to open up the menu. Select the „Command Center“. (Or in HX Edit: Window -> Command Center) Select the first „Instant 1“ Flash-Icon. Now you can specify what MIDI command should be send out when this snapshot is called. (Note: If your amp can't be controlled via MIDI, you could use something like the Nobels MS-4. That's at least what I do. At Line 6 Support: Is there meanhwile a way to directly switch relay-based amps when switching snapshots?) I stick to my setup as example: I need BankPC commands to switch the amp. PG Value 0 = Amp Channel 1 PG Value 0 = Amp Channel 2 Hit the FS 1, so it’s lit up. Select BankPC Navigate to the right. Set the Program Value to 0. To continue you don’t need to select another „Instant“. Just stick to „Instant 1“ Hit FS 2, so it’s lit up. BankPC Program 1 Hit FS 3, so it’s lit up. BankPC Program 0 Now, save you’re preset and you’re ready to go. Since it was a little confusing to me: You can add all three settings to only one „Instant 1“. Just jump in between the snapshots and just adjust the Program Value. And it’s preset-specific. (Maybe there’s a global way - but haven’t checked it yet)
  2. Hello, I would like to switch from my leadsheet program (Forscore) to the respective song via MIDI the corresponding preset of the HX stomp. That works very well. But how can I then call up the corresponding snapshot with the foot switch, which I need for the lead sound of the song?
  3. Hey folks! Looking for some help here regarding snapshots as I can't seem to find my specific question in any forums or tutorials... I downloaded a few free presets, and they are great, but were created as individual presets for each tone. (ex. Preset 1 = Clean, Preset 2 = Rhythm, Preset 3 = Lead, etc...) I am wanting to copy those individual Presets, and paste it into one preset utilizing different snapshots, but can't seem to find a way to do this in HX Edit. I currently have my Helix in Snapshot mode, and would like to consolidate these great tones into 1 preset. Is there a quick and easy way? Thank you all for the help.
  4. There's no right or wrong answer here because I'm not having a "technical" problem. I'm just having trouble making up my mind. I simply would like to hear discussion from others what options they are using in the global settings for the snapshot/stomp modes/8or10 switch number, and "WHY/HOW" using it that way suits your own purpose/needs. Especially interested in how the latest Command Center update factors in to those choices if you are, in fact, making use of it. What about those who use the "looper" - does that have an effect on your global setting preferences? Unless somebody has already done a good, and broad, YouTube video on this subject - I really think this could be a head-slapping "could-a had a V8" thread for a LOT of people! If there's already been multiple threads on this kindly direct me to one of them - thanks in advance!
  5. Hi I just got the Hx Stomp, and I am using the Snapshot mode, to have the possibility of having different sounds inside the same preset, so I am recording each of the changes I do in each of the 3 switchs, the problem is that if I change the reverb type in the first one or the delay type , it goes through the other 2 as well, I don´t understand why that happens , is there a way that I could inside the same preset work with different delay/ reverb types , or I have to stick to the same reverb / delay type ? Thanks
  6. I think the HX Effects 'Snapshot Mode' "Latch" option in Global Settings is not working correctly. EG: When 'Preset Mode' is set to "Latch", changing Presets keeps you in 'Preset Mode' -GOOD when 'Preset Mode' is set to "Moment", changing Presets pushes you into 'Stomp Mode' -GOOD! when 'Snapshot Mode' is set to "Latch" and 'Preset Mode' is set to "Latch", changing Snapshots keeps you in 'Snapshot Mode' -GREAT! BUT when 'Snapshot Mode' is set to "Latch" and 'Preset Mode' is set to "Moment", changing Snapshots pushes you into 'Stomp Mode' -ERGH! WRONG. BAD MULTI-EFFECTS BAD! :P This is wrong. 'Snapshot' Mode' set to "Latch", should remain in Snapshot Mode, regardless of what 'Preset Mode' is set to. I want the HX Effects to dive into Stomp Mode after I select a Preset, so I set Preset Mode to Moment. But I want Snapshot Mode to remain visible when I'm using them, which I can't do.
  7. I cannot figure out how to toggle into snapshot view mode so each of the 4 snapshots has it's own switch. I can switch between bank, preset, and snapshot but just see presets. When I switch to snapshot mode I can go up or down the snapshots, but don't see four only one where the number in the camera icon changes. Am I missing a setting? Thanks
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