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  1. simmerswitch_

    Snapshot "Latch" Mode not working as intended?

    Do you reckon they'll add this in an update? I'm pedal dancing more than I should be because of this issue.
  2. I think the HX Effects 'Snapshot Mode' "Latch" option in Global Settings is not working correctly. EG: When 'Preset Mode' is set to "Latch", changing Presets keeps you in 'Preset Mode' -GOOD when 'Preset Mode' is set to "Moment", changing Presets pushes you into 'Stomp Mode' -GOOD! when 'Snapshot Mode' is set to "Latch" and 'Preset Mode' is set to "Latch", changing Snapshots keeps you in 'Snapshot Mode' -GREAT! BUT when 'Snapshot Mode' is set to "Latch" and 'Preset Mode' is set to "Moment", changing Snapshots pushes you into 'Stomp Mode' -ERGH! WRONG. BAD MULTI-EFFECTS BAD! :P This is wrong. 'Snapshot' Mode' set to "Latch", should remain in Snapshot Mode, regardless of what 'Preset Mode' is set to. I want the HX Effects to dive into Stomp Mode after I select a Preset, so I set Preset Mode to Moment. But I want Snapshot Mode to remain visible when I'm using them, which I can't do.
  3. simmerswitch_

    Helix "Ext amp" not able to switch Marshall Vintage Modern

    Welcome to the club (ENGL Ritchie Blackmore, same issue). It sucks :(
  4. simmerswitch_

    Increased Output level when placing fx on "Path B"

    I can't do that right now. Also, my setup has an Amp 4CM in FX1 and an external OD in FX2, so might be hard to replicate without my same setup.
  5. simmerswitch_

    Global copy and paste for footswitches

    I've also wondered this for ages! I think it should be a feature addition in an update!
  6. I'm experiencing an issue where, whenever I place effects on a B path, my overall output volume becomes louder than other Presets, when those fx on the B path, are switched off. EG: 'Preset A' has all effects on a single 'Path'. This preset produces intended Output Level 'Preset B' has some effects on a 'B Path', that 'B Path' merges before the end of the Signal Chain. This preset produces an Output Level louder than 'Preset A' when effects on Path B are OFF Both presets have the same parameters for the 'Split' and 'Merge' blocks (that being Center/0dB) How do I easily ensure uniform levels across presets, when some are using a B Path? I don't understand why I have to fiddle around with A and B levels in the Merge parameter. It should Merge at the same level as a preset without a split/merge.
  7. I also have an ENGL amp, a Ritchie Blackmore Signature head. Using the HX Effects EXT Pedal jack set to 'Amp' I can't access my clean channel. The amp requires a TRS jack to change channels, but I've read on here that a TRS jack in the HX jack sends 3V down the cable and it's screwing up amps. Would love Line 6 to chime in and help us.
  8. simmerswitch_

    Help me replicate the 'Alpha Haunt' pedal

    I've fallen in love with the 'Alpha Haunt' by Old Blood Noise Endeavours. But it's quite expensive after international shipping and the currency change. I want to try replicating it in the Helix, but I'm pretty new to Fuzz tones (mostly been an OD guy) and haven't done a good job so far. Who can help me get a preset together that works like the Alpha Haunt? PEDAL DEMO .
  9. simmerswitch_

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    Old Blood Noise Endeavours 'Alpha Haunt' pedal (am I doing this right?)
  10. As title says, trying to emulate the tone I use in my DAW (using Amplitube 3) on my Amplifi FX100 for room practice. The tone I have on Amplitube is: PEDALS "Overdrive" (BOSS Super Overdrive SD-1) "Class Fuzz" (Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz) AMP Marshall AFD 100 (Slash Marshall amp; it's meant to be a hybrid of his modded #34 JCM with some Silver Jubilee stuff in there too) CAB 412 Celestion V30 amp Condenser 87 mic RACK Digital Reverb (rack unit) So far I've gotten pretty close. In Amplifi I'm using: PEDALS Vetta Juice - without this I can't get the punch that the modded AFD 100 has Facial Fuzz - Not exactly the Mayer Fuzz, but close AMP 1987 Brit Gain Silver J CAB 412 V30 SM57 angled 45 RACK 4-band EQ Chamber Reverb But the tone is missing that SD-1 BAD. There's a SHNK sound that is added to palm mutes on Amplitube that makes the tone super aggressive (no pun intended). But I can't find a pedal in Amplifi that will do it. Thoughts?
  11. I'm new here but I just noticed that there two sub-forums for Amplifi; one under pedalboards and another one under amplifiers. Don't they all use the same effects? Why split users into two separate areas when one person in one sub might be able to help out someone else posting in the other sub. Seems a bit stupid.