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  1. My band is covering Thrice’s ‘Image of The Invisible’ and I thought it would be fun to make the Morse code sequence at the beginning of the song, with my guitar... not a big fan of using samples (nor do I have the equipment to do that). Anyone got any ideas on how I could create the Morse code sequence using the effects available in Helix?
  2. I have the HX FX. I want to swap the order the presets appear so that 001 preset is at the "top" and I select Bank DOWN to go up in numbers. Currently it is like this: 126 - 127 124 - 125 .... 003 - 004 001 - 002 I want it to be like this: 001 - 002 003 - 004 .... 124 - 125 126 - 127 What settings does this? HX Edit is in a descending order, so I really hope the HX FX can do it too.
  3. Thanks for the great reply, really appreciate it! There's been a few users here who have tried the PMS-2 for amp switching cos the HX FX can't switch a lot of amps, thus the post. The English manual doesn't even mention anything about send a PC signal from the message sending unit to the PMS-2 whilst saving the switchers, so that really got my hopes up! Gave it a try and nothing seemed to work. I can only switch both channels on or off using Bank 1 and 0 from the HX FX. Pressing stomp buttons on the HX FX with bank 3, 4, 5 (any other number) whilst saving in the Assign setting doesn't seem to do anything different. What also doesn't make sense is that no matter what bank number I choose on the HX FX, it will fire the PMS-2's save state. So bank 1-127 seems to be irrelevant (bank 0 will "unset" the save state). I think this NUX stuff is junk.
  4. I bought a PMS-2 on special and I've been struggling to get it working with my HX FX I've got the midi channel saved (Channel 1), I've got the Assign settings saved (set to Latched closed) and the Switches saved (to Latched open). The buttons will change the the two channels of my amp (ENGL Ritchie Blackmore E650), but the midi from my HX FX (Bank/PC, Ch:1, Prog:1) will only fire both channels to closed (and open again if I use Bank/PC, Ch:1, Prog:0).... My amp has 2 channels but allows for 4 combinations (Lo-Clean, Hi-Clean, Lo-Gain, Hi-Gain). How do I get the PMS-2 to independently send messages to change between these 4 combinations? I'm starting to think this midi switcher is garbage. I'm so fricken confused.
  5. So it didn't work. But I bought a NUX PMS-2 to try and do Midi switching thru midi controls. Unfortunately the PMS-2 is a defective piece of junkyard trash and doesn't work as advertised. Anyone selling this thing is trying to scan you out of money I think.
  6. I just updated to 2.80 and have been searching the forums for a new answer to this amp channel problem (ENGL E650, can't access my clean channel hey how ya doin). I've got practice tomorrow night so I'm going to try out this Instant > Amp > "None" setting and see how it goes. So far I've been keeping Footswitch 1 to "Amp 1 > Ring" on every single one of my patches. That's just let me use the (Crunch) Lo-Gain and Hi-Gain channels and no access to the 2 Clean channels. I've been using guitar volume to get a passable clean sound (luckily I don't need a real Clean tone much recently). Instant is a Present function though, so if I set a preset Instant to "None", can I even change amp channels on that preset anymore? I'll report back in 2 days (let's see if he does) NB: And why is the "None" option in INSTANT??? Why couldn't it be in the fkn Footswitch controls?? (man I'm so over this!)
  7. I was really hoping 2.80 would solve this issues. Unfortunately Snapshot Latch still acts like Moment?!! :(
  8. Do you reckon they'll add this in an update? I'm pedal dancing more than I should be because of this issue.
  9. I think the HX Effects 'Snapshot Mode' "Latch" option in Global Settings is not working correctly. EG: When 'Preset Mode' is set to "Latch", changing Presets keeps you in 'Preset Mode' -GOOD when 'Preset Mode' is set to "Moment", changing Presets pushes you into 'Stomp Mode' -GOOD! when 'Snapshot Mode' is set to "Latch" and 'Preset Mode' is set to "Latch", changing Snapshots keeps you in 'Snapshot Mode' -GREAT! BUT when 'Snapshot Mode' is set to "Latch" and 'Preset Mode' is set to "Moment", changing Snapshots pushes you into 'Stomp Mode' -ERGH! WRONG. BAD MULTI-EFFECTS BAD! :P This is wrong. 'Snapshot' Mode' set to "Latch", should remain in Snapshot Mode, regardless of what 'Preset Mode' is set to. I want the HX Effects to dive into Stomp Mode after I select a Preset, so I set Preset Mode to Moment. But I want Snapshot Mode to remain visible when I'm using them, which I can't do.
  10. Welcome to the club (ENGL Ritchie Blackmore, same issue). It sucks :(
  11. I can't do that right now. Also, my setup has an Amp 4CM in FX1 and an external OD in FX2, so might be hard to replicate without my same setup.
  12. I've also wondered this for ages! I think it should be a feature addition in an update!
  13. I'm experiencing an issue where, whenever I place effects on a B path, my overall output volume becomes louder than other Presets, when those fx on the B path, are switched off. EG: 'Preset A' has all effects on a single 'Path'. This preset produces intended Output Level 'Preset B' has some effects on a 'B Path', that 'B Path' merges before the end of the Signal Chain. This preset produces an Output Level louder than 'Preset A' when effects on Path B are OFF Both presets have the same parameters for the 'Split' and 'Merge' blocks (that being Center/0dB) How do I easily ensure uniform levels across presets, when some are using a B Path? I don't understand why I have to fiddle around with A and B levels in the Merge parameter. It should Merge at the same level as a preset without a split/merge.
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