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  1. litesnsirens

    Helix + Powercab: how to get great basic sounds

    I just got my power cab yesterday (not the plus). I built all my patches while playing through the PA that I use live. The patches translate OK to the power cab but it's not really the same, surprisingly my acoustic sim patch sounds great through the power cab but I need to work on it to get the rest going. I found turning on the 80hz cut on the back got me closer but I'm running in the flat mode and using the cabs and IRs in Helix so if you're using the speaker models in the power cab that might not work. Even on my, cab sims and IRs in Helix I always use the low and Hi cut, where I set them depends on the amp model and the tone I'm going for. Usually the low cut is between 100 and 140 and the hi cut is between 7k and 10k. I find it gives a more focused tone. After that I think it's down the finding which amp models give the you that crisp sound. I really like the plexi jump if I want to be able to hear every string while using an overdriven tone. At the end of the day you can get tips here but you're going to have to put in the time. Once you start to get a recipe for your sound you'll be able to craft sounds really quickly.
  2. litesnsirens

    Helix 2.8 release likely not for several months

    I may have missed it as there was a pretty big list of control features. Was there any thought to being able to assign the input "block" settings to footswitches and also being able to set input A to off? right now if you want do 2 completely different signal paths the method is pretty clunky with the A/B switch and then all the other stuff you have to do along with it. It would be more elegant and easy to just make two independent paths and be able to with the inputs on each path to guitar or off with a footswitch.
  3. litesnsirens

    Just to say: today is the beginning of spring (March 20th) …

    Your Autumn should be the same day as our spring, it's when the sun is in line with the equator. Or more precisely put, when 2.8 starts to come into view. Science just isn't able to predict yet when it will be fully visible.
  4. litesnsirens

    Acoustic sim patches/presets

    I'm using 3sigma Gibs Bird Electric 4c IR (part of the Gibs Bird pack). I've never tried to build such a patch using a humbucker and it only sounds good on my Strat on the neck pick up. The only thing I really do is use some hi and low cuts on the actual IR ... run it through the studio tube pre amp model and an EQ to cut 2db at around 250hz. you can add some delay and reverb as needed ... it sounds great ... using my guitar through my speakers, some of the settings I use might need to be adjusted for your guitar through your speakers. I find I need to boost the volume in several different places to get it to the same level as my electric guitar patches but there are lots of ways to do that.
  5. litesnsirens

    Roland has figured it out

    Here's another one Roland hasn't figured out... how to make their gear class compliant so that you can midi over usb. How about virtually no updates to products? While we are anxiously awaiting 2.8 and know there will be a 3.0 at some point, Roland's updates are within the first year of release and typically consist of fixing things, if you're lucky, there might be a new feature or two so maybe you get to 1.1 or 1.2 (they may name it differently but this is essentially what it actually is). After that the product is ignored...forever.
  6. litesnsirens

    L6 link and iec cable

    I think it's less of an issue if the cables are running along side each other and not crossing. I use a pedal snake which for years carried all my signals and power from the front of the stage to the back of the stage. Unfortunately there isn't a pedal snake solution for IEC type cables so now it only carries my audio and midi signals.
  7. litesnsirens

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    LOL ... It's so true ... but for me anyway , that's not the case. I know for a fact there are lots players out there that have better tone than me. And that's OK, it gives me something to copy. I like the challenge of trying to dial it in, and I actually enjoy the process. I've lost entire weekends doing just that.
  8. litesnsirens

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    Does fractal sell fingers? Maybe if I just get new fingers....
  9. litesnsirens

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    I can just plug into my Helix if I want to hear great sounds happening...and I actually get some practice out of it at the same time. You know so I can improve the tone in my fingers. My fingers have horrible tone right now... I'm trying to correct it... ;-)
  10. litesnsirens

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    I do all those "tonal" variations that you're describing, usually without thinking about it, and probably in every song. All of those are almost equivalent to rolling back the volume on the guitar and having it clean up. I think that is a given variable, ie; "listen how this tone cleans up if I roll back the volume knob or if I just play lightly". "Listen to the attack I can get out of this preset or amp model if I dig in." I can tell that the player didn't change presets when he plucked that string harder to make it bark. My point is, if you and I are sitting side by side and did sound clips of each of us, in turn, striking an A chord, through the same Helix or AxeFX preset, same guitar ..blah blah blah, put them up as A or B comparisons, no one listening is going to be thinking "I prefer the tone on Preset A". I'm not saying nobody will claim to hear a huge difference, there are plenty of those people out there. As far as the two definitions of tone, I don't think they have anything to do with what we are talking about here. At some point guitar players hi-jacked that word and converted it to their own usage. Words don't really have intrinsic meanings, they have usages, kind of like when "gay" really had one usage and that was to describe "happy". So let's not get caught up in a dictionary definition. It also comes down to context, I would say that if we are talking about a guitar rig, we are tacitly using the word tone in a slightly different way than we are if we are talking about an acoustic guitar. Since we are talking about modellers here, we shouldn't have too much trouble with what most guitar players mean by tone to describe an electric guitar signal chain. I think that is different than skill and proficiency. Sure, if someone is unskilled and plays through a rig, you can be distracted by the lack of skill and it might throw you off on whether or not it's a good tone but I think they would have to be terrible for that to happen. I could still say, "the guy can't play worth beans but that amp sounds great". As far as the comparison of two different guitar greats through each others rigs etc. It really has nothing to do with whether or not the tone they are playing through is the same or different. The tone is the same the playing style is different, they are great players who play a certain way and like a particular tone to compliment their style. The amount of delay, reverb, distortion the character of the IR etc etc doesn't change no matter how you play.
  11. litesnsirens

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    I think skepticism regarding the voracity of a demo video is only warranted if you are under the impression that the person making the video acutally used a different modeller and lied about using the helix or whatever product they demo’d. I’m a skeptic about pretty much everything it’s just me. It doesn’t mean I don’t trust or believe anything, it just means i withhold belief until the claim has been demonstrated to be true. Put another way there is enough evidence to warrant the belief. in all these cases the video is the evidence, the Helix can sound that good. I’ve seen plenty of demo videos so I’m not relying on a single one which means I can increase the confidence i have in the belief. Ultimately I would have to believe that all the guys putting up vids are involved in a conspiracy but if I’m using occam’s razor I have to go with the more simple explanation. Also the crap about how good the players are doesn’t factor in for me. Let’s get real here, if buddy in the video handed his guitar to me, although I might not do justice to the passage the guitar tone would be the same for every good or lollipop note I play. The signal is going through the same chain. I’ve gone and watched bands in bars with mediocre players that have a great guitar tone. If you can’t separate the tone from the skill to decide what is actually impressing you, that’s not skepticism that’s just an inability that you need to work on. And I think if you thought about it you could probably do it, you just have to try to get past all the times that you have read on various forums that good tone is all in the fingers. And to tie this all back to the thread, I have no interest in spending estra cash on a device when I can get equally impressive tones from my Helix. That, and the added luxury of having the footswitches built in, being able to control other devices from Helix, the scibble strips, etc. It’s a no brainer. Helix hangs with the best of them in tone and it meets my needs in other departments. Rant over...
  12. litesnsirens

    Midi CC Feature desperately needed

    Thanks phil_m. At this point it’s really just a curiosity for me. By the time the update comes out I will likely have used the workaround on every preset that I need it for. I’m not sure there would be any real need to go back and change things once they are working. That’s not a slight or complaint about how long it’s going to take to get the update out, it’s more of a statement about how excited I am to get this functionality completed in my set up. That said, going forward I can use the update for any future presets. This Helix is the gift that keeps on giving, the deeper I get into it’s capabilities the more fulfilling my gigging life becomes.
  13. litesnsirens

    Midi CC Feature desperately needed

    While I am seriously enjoying the fact that I can use the work around, did I catch on the 2.8 video from namm that this has now been officially addressed? It was hard to tell...I heard and saw something briefly flash on the screen about momentary cc then it went on to a demonstration using helix to control the slide show. Which probably to others was the more exciting reveal.
  14. litesnsirens

    Midi CC Feature desperately needed

    This little work-around worked for me too. Thanks Phil_m. My gigs just got a whole lot easier.
  15. litesnsirens

    Midi CC Feature desperately needed

    I think the issue is that when you want to use a momentary feature via midi from the helix, it doesn’t work. It sends the cc to complete whatever function but then that function is on. And there is no way to turn it off. By definition, “momentary” should mean that it is on while you are holding down the footswitch and off when you let it go. So there should be an option to assign a zero value to the release of the footswitch. I’ve enquired about this, upvoted others requests for this on IdeaScale, I’m just waiting for a fix. I use the helix to control my voice live 3 via midi. I would like to be able to have momentary harmonies, which is possible on the voice live 3 itself, but I just use the CC and not the CC toggle, it just turns on the harrmony and then it’s on until you find some other way to turn it off. In ideaacale it’s currently in the “in progress” status, so I’m hopeful. It’s probably the most immediate feature I would like to see added.