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  1. litesnsirens

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    good bourbon or scotch - neat
  2. litesnsirens

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Actually Spikey, I think you missed my point which is somewhat re-interpreted in DI’s dead wife analogy. I just don’t see that there is any reason or expectation to put out a list of how our completely new product (which is a new line altogether and not really the successor to the POD line) is different from one of our other products. It was simply here is the new product, it has some L6 link functionality, here is what it CAN do. If that works for you, buy it. I think the goal of Helix was to make a higher quality modeler to get into that market.
  3. litesnsirens

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Spikey, I get your frustration but you’ve regressed to asking DI to produce a list things that a new product doesn’t do that was theoretically put out prior to product release. I’m not sure why you would assume that such a list by any company would ever happen, but you have gone a step further and narrowed it down to the thing that you care about. You’ve asked specifically about L6 link. I fail to see why there would be any expectation by anyone that there would be such a list or that it was necessary. If there was forum discussions about the new product and that question was posed there may be a possibility of such a list. What actually happened was akin to, here’s a new product here’s what it does, at some point the L6 link capabilities were revealed. If what you wanted was not on the list of capabilities why would you assume it’s there, that’s the point where you ask the specific questions for clarity. It’s impossible to predict and pre-asnwer every possible question. I didn’t get helix at release but i saw a lot the release literature and my understanding was that it was all new architecture and not simply the next POD. So I wouldn’t expect to act like a POD even though in some ways it might.
  4. litesnsirens

    A way to run 3 IRs?

    I had to hi cut and lo cut any and all IRs I used in the helix. Could just be my taste but typically 5kz hi cut and 120hz lo cut. And I used lots of different IRs.
  5. litesnsirens

    A way to run 3 IRs?

    Depends if you are talking in series, or parallel, or a combination. It also depends on what resolution of IR you want to run. First of all, I don’t think you could run 2 high def IRs in parallel but you might be able to depending on the rest of your signal chain and how mush dsp it’s chewing up. If you were to run the lower def IRs you could put 2 on each signal path which means you could run them in series or parallel (on each signal path). How you choose to set that up just gets endless after that. There is no way to run 3 all in parallel all on the same signal path that i can think of. 2 of the 3 will be in series with each other.
  6. litesnsirens

    I Love My HX Stomp... But My Bandmate Doesn't

    cruisin is right with regard to creating tones at volume ...it’s critical to so many things, the way you EQ how much gain you need to dial in etc. I would just add that in my experience, there’s as point you can get to that’s loud enough to create the tone but may it’s not the level you would play at live. While I wouldn’t be so bold as to say that the fletcher Munson curve stops after a certain point, I’ve found a sweet spot that, while it still may annoy my neighbours it’s not dangerously loud for me to be in that environment for the hours on end that I spend crafting patches. I’ve found that the patches translate well to gig volumes. I will in fact crank it for a few seconds just to check but I’m getting more confident in my crafting level. And conversely, I can hear the huge difference when I lower the volume to bedroom levels. Point being find that sweet spot so you can create the patches without damaging your hearing. I’ve lost entire weekends just crafting patches, I can’t imagine all that exposure to gig volumes would be good for my hearing.
  7. litesnsirens

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Personally, I'm perfectly fine with the way Line 6 is handling this. They've given us a good idea as to what will be in the next update. There's some good stuff there and things that are important to me. I'm actually surprised they tell us anything after the way they got lambasted when they announced the James Tyler Variax and then for various reasons it took forever to get it to market. I'm sure if we keep whining they will just adopt the approach of not saying anything about upcoming updates or products until they are ready for release. OR ... just stop reading their own forums. If it was my decision that's what I would do.
  8. litesnsirens

    Do you like the stock cabs

    I’ve spent a decent amount of money on various IRs. As of now I’ve gone back to the stock cabs. if you spend a bit time tweaking you’ll figure out some basic concepts that tend to correlate across the various cabs. But at the end of the day, I find a get a more defined tone than with the IRs after your done dialling out the fizz on both. I’m definitely loving them and being able to set up dual cabs with one block opens up a lot of flexibility.
  9. litesnsirens

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    I tested the method out with my previously stated acoustic sim to electric crunch each on their own path with the volume blocks at the beginning of each path both assigned to the same footswitch. Works like a charm. Thanks again.
  10. litesnsirens

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    I think that might just solve an issue that I was requesting awhile back. I want to make both inputs from the two signal paths guitar. I have an acoustic sim patch and of course several electric patches but it’s a pain trying to recreate them with the splitter. With this method I could just use one signal path for acoustic and the other for electric, put a volume block first in the path, assign them both to the same bypass footswitch and I’m in business. Thanks.
  11. litesnsirens

    Exploring deeper functions of Helix - USB control??

    In that case i would stick with setlist maker....you’ll still be able to control everything in the same way...
  12. litesnsirens

    Exploring deeper functions of Helix - USB control??

    Bandhelper is a subscription version of setlist maker. Bandhelper has a few more features like being able to edit on computer but functionality at a gig is pretty much even. you can control either via bluetooth ... but you can do all the same stuff via midi over USB as well, which i prefer actually... but i was tired of too many gadgets on the floor. Being the singer as well it’s easier to landmark a single device.
  13. litesnsirens

    Exploring deeper functions of Helix - USB control??

    are you using setlist maker by arlomedia? it’s essentially the same as bandhelper, most of the actions can be controlled via midi.
  14. litesnsirens

    Exploring deeper functions of Helix - USB control??

    I have 6 of the footswitches on my helix dedicated to controlling the bandhelper app on my ipad. That leaves 2 switches to change settings for my guitar tone (I use a different patch for every song) and 2 switches to control effects on my voicelive rack via midi. It might seem weird but bandhelper is kind of the command center for my rig and it displays the lyrics for the songs. It’s actually kind of cool in that if I hit the footswitch on my helix that is dedicated to advance bandhelper to the next song, band helper in turn sends a midi command back to helix telling it what patch to pull up and the helix then tells the voicelive rack which patch on that device. It was a pain in the butt to set up as I had to assign all those footswitches to do the same thing per patch and there’s no shortcut for that but it was worth tht effort.
  15. litesnsirens

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    I'm excited about the new features, sure, but I'm more excited that they are continuing to work on and improve this product. You could argue that some people buy it because line 6 does updates but I actually bought it for what it did at the time of purchase. So I'm fine with them announcing in advance what they are releasing in the next update... even if it's months in advance. For some it will save having to post in idea scale. As with some of the others I'm most excited about the additions to command centre. it'll get here and it'll be great...