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  1. litesnsirens

    Setting Tuner for 1/2 step down

    I think the offset feature that is on the Helix now is for those who are extra picky about tuning and may want to compensate like tuning the G a smidge etc.
  2. litesnsirens

    Does the hardware have better response than the plugin?

    I totally agree that with a decent computer and a decent interface, latency shouldn't be an issue. Unless the buffer settings default to a high value.
  3. litesnsirens

    Setting Tuner for 1/2 step down

    Not being in front of it at the moment, I don't recall if the Helix shows in sharps or flats. It's not so bad if it's flats because at least the note name still relates to the original string name. But D# G# C# F# A# D# is a pain when you're in a hurry.
  4. litesnsirens

    Setting Tuner for 1/2 step down

    That's what he's asking about, he wants to tune quickly and would prefer to see it the way he's used to seeing it. I also play in Eb and it's nice to just tune and see EADGBE. When I was using the GR-55 it had this feature.
  5. litesnsirens

    QSC K10.2 sounds great with Helix

    I just use the default preset on the 10.2 for the most part. I could see myself trying out the monitor presets if i was finding it boomy in a certain environment in that position but so far using it a home in that position it’s been just fine on default.
  6. litesnsirens

    Brit 2204 vs. Brit 2204 Mod vs ???

    Here’s another thing to consider. I picked this up watching a YouTube vid that was conducting interviews with some of the amp modelling engineers on the Helix project. The one engineer’s advice was that regarding the amps not behaving like the real thing is to treat it like the real thing. Most of the time at practice or rehearsal how many of us could actually turn the master on your 100 (or even 50) watt Marshall up to 5? It would just plain hurt, yet that’s the default setting on a lot of these amps... dial it back to a more reasonable, real life setting like 2.5 or 3 and for me anyway i found that the amp responds a lot more like I would expect if to. Something to try.
  7. litesnsirens

    In ear and helix

    If you’re crafting your presets through headphones they should sound pretty good in your IEMs. I also own a set of 425s, the TRN V80s sound far superior so that might be a start. Not only will your guitar sound better but so will drums, bass, vocals. I could also recommend the KZ AS16s but they are 3 to 4 times the price but not much of a sonic improvement. The V80s are so inexpensive you can keep a spare set around. Check on amazon. As far as EQ, I just put a basic mild V on the in ear transmitters, front of house has no eq.
  8. litesnsirens

    Unwanted midi message on snapshot

    Well...I commend you and thank you for your effort... I'll load the old preset into an unneeded slot and have a look
  9. litesnsirens

    Unwanted midi message on snapshot

    The patch works perfectly now. Thank you. You previously said that I would go into command centre to view this but that it was a bug. While I realize that you used a midi monitor to see what was going on here, where you able to see any midi settings in the snapshot in command centre to edit it and get rid of the midi data that was being sent from the snapshots. I'm just curious as I can't seem to see any of that stuff.
  10. litesnsirens

    In ear and helix

    I don’t know how you are creating your presets. Are you creating them through your in ears? Through a regular set of headphones? Through an amp or PA speaker. Also when you say “good ear set” that’s kind of relative so it would be good to know exactly what in ears you are using. I spent $1200 USD plus other costs for a pair of JH Audio custom moulded in ears but I haven’t used them once since I got a pair of TRN V80s off amazon which are only around $50. Despite difference in cost and that fact that they aren’t custom moulded, they sound much better. I build my presets on my QSC K10.2 PA speaker (or a pair of them depending on how much effort I want to put into set up), and my guitar sounds absolutely amazing through the V80s. There are so many factors to consider, we need more information in order to figure out where to start.
  11. litesnsirens

    Unwanted midi message on snapshot

    Thanks so much for diagnosing this for me. We just lost power in my area due to a thunder storm so I can't test anything until it comes back on.
  12. litesnsirens

    Unwanted midi message on snapshot

    FOOTSWITCH 1 = D3 (50) FOOTSWITCH 2 = C3 (48) FOOTSWITCH 3 = C#3 (49) FOOTSWITCH 4 = E3 (52) FOOTSWITCH 5 = F3 (53) FOOTSWITCH 7 = D#3 (51) IMG_1854.HEIC
  13. litesnsirens

    Unwanted midi message on snapshot

    Thanks, I can add the midi notes to the stomp section again. I just don't want any midi attached to the snapshots. If you got rid of that it should be good, What page or area are you able to see and delete the midi messages from the snapshots?
  14. litesnsirens

    Unwanted midi message on snapshot

    2.80 for both...
  15. litesnsirens

    Unwanted midi message on snapshot

    I'm attaching my patch for "where the streets have no name". The snapshots are all synth chords for the intro (I'm tuned down a half step) The offending snapshot is snapshot 8 "no chords" which I hit just before the vocals come in. As soon as I hit it, it changes the song on my iPad which changes the song on my Helix, so now I have the wrong lyrics and the wrong guitar tone. I can't see anywhere that this is embedded into the preset or the patch in general for that matter. Unless snapshot 8 is somehow triggering foot switch 2 from stomp mode. STREETS NO NAME.hlx