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  1. codamedia

    XLR Port

    Is the complaint that a metal clip appears to be missing on "left/mono" output XLR.... or is the complaint that your XLR cable will not lock into that output? For the latter, please try at least one more XLR cable. I never have a problem locking the majority of XLR's into my Helix, but I do have one cable that WILL NOT lock in, despite the fact that it works on everything else. However... I have other cables that won't lock into some mic's as well :)
  2. When a master volume is disabled it will effectively be "FULL".... having access to it would not turn up the amp any further. The volume control on the HX becomes your master volume. If the HX is not producing enough volume check the output global settings and change it from "instrument level" to "line level". That should ensure you have enough headroom with the volume control on the HX.
  3. codamedia

    Axe Fx 2 presets to Helix

    They won't sound the same.... IMO... you would be better off studying how those tones are created to begin with, then building a Helix patch from that. IE: Build a patch based on the original chain, not based on a copy of it.
  4. codamedia

    What type of Variax is this?

    That's the cream of the first generation Variax guitars. It looks like it was kept in very good condition as well!
  5. codamedia

    HX Effects piezo acoustic and electric paths

    It is certainly possible with the HX Effects. The problem you are likely having is that the SPLIT (required to properly route the left/right inputs) and MERGE (required to route path a/b to the outputs) don't appear unless you have two discreet paths. The 2nd path is NOT created until you move at least one block to Path B. On the HX I got around this setting up my primary instrument (electric) on path B. That way I could fill all 9 blocks (leaving path A blank) and still have the two discreet paths. Yes... I had to move all the blocks down to that path (which is a pain) but it solved my problems. Once you have both paths setup accordingly you can send Left Input to path A and Right Input to path B at the split block. At the Merge block pan Path A to left output and Path B to right output.
  6. codamedia

    HX Stomp - Using 2 IR blocks (Parallel)

    That certainly gives you the most control in regards to levels and panning... but the other option that saves resources is to find an IR that already blends those mic's the way you like.
  7. codamedia

    EHX Superego Effect

    The super ego is a beefed up "freeze" with an effects loop. There are a few videos on you tube for creating "freeze" effects with the Helix... have you checked those out to see if you can get close enough?
  8. codamedia

    Vocal microphone feedback

    The LA Studio comp is based on an LA2A.... a two knob compressor, extremely easy to use, and sounds great. Load the default settings.... then concentrate on just two others. There are no "suggested settings" with this compressor... other than the defaults which are setup really well. Peak Reducation: Lower this to decrease compression, raise it to increase compression. The default setting is a great starting point, so just decrease/increase a little if needed. HINT: Once it starts compressing the volume will get quieter as you raise this... if you want a gentle compression start with a low setting and raise until you notice the first "drop" of volume, then back it back off a hair. Level: If you increase the "peak reduction" for heavy compression it will get quieter and you will need to increase the output level to compensate. With a gentle compression you should not need to change this at all. The Peak Reduction is similar to the threshold on other compressors, but it also scales the ratio at the same time. With all compressors... the input gain produces the exact same results as lowering the threshold (or raising the peak reduction on the LA2A). The more input you send a compressor, the more it compresses. Not knowing the input level you feed the compressor makes it impossible to recommend specific settings. Read my "hint" in the Peak Reduction for the closest thing I can give to a recommended setting. You are right... a peak reduction meter on the Helix would go a long way to assisting with this... I would just say "have the signal attenuate a couple DB's at most".
  9. codamedia

    HX Effects - Tricks to get around 4 snapshots

    Yeah... that's the basics of it.
  10. codamedia

    Vocal microphone feedback

    The LA Studio Comp is the perfect compression block for vocals... just don't over compress.
  11. codamedia

    HX Effects FX LOOP sounds bad in 4CM.

    When you turn the loop off you are bypassing your amps pre-amp... make sure your amp is not the cause of the noise, and/or check to make sure your loop settings are appropriate (instrument/line). That said.... you may have ended up with an earlier release of HX Effects... some units have a known issue with the effects loop. Open a support ticket with Line 6, and if they will look into it and sort it out for you. I had an HX that sounded like a waterfall when I turned the loop on... Line 6 support took really good care of me. There is a sticky at the top of these forums that alludes to this... but they don't tell you exactly what the "audio artifact" is. I will tell you it is "noisy effects loops". https://line6.com/support/topic/32964-hx-effects-audio-artifacts/
  12. codamedia

    HX Effects - Tricks to get around 4 snapshots

    I use my expression pedal to control all delay levels (actually, it's the delay mix). Snapshots never need to control whether or not a delay is on/off or the level of the delay. You could do that for any effect of your choice to relieve the pressure a little.
  13. codamedia

    Vocal microphone feedback

    You are on to something there. Distortion naturally compresses... so when you engage that, you might want to try disengaging the compressor. That can be done via snapshot, or even by applying both to the same footswitch so you toggle between them.
  14. codamedia

    How many blocks does the Helix LT have?

    Congrats... hope you enjoy it. I just want to add one more thing regarding blocks... it may trip you up when you first look at it if you don't understand how they are broken down. 32 blocks total.... 16 on Path 1, 16 on Path 2 (each path has it's own processor) 8 each on Path 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B By default, path 1A and 1B are parallel to each other (as are Path 2A and 2B) but it is possible to create a serial chain by adjusting the "split" and "merge" blocks.... effectually putting all 16 blocks in a row. If you do that on both Paths and chain the two paths, you get a MEGA 32 block serial path.
  15. codamedia

    Vocal microphone feedback

    The Helix is not responsible for creating feedback, the way it is used is. If you over process a microphone, it will feedback. Start with good positioning of the mic to monitor. Make sure they are never looking at each other. Watch the gain staging to make sure distortion is not being introduced someone along the way As you turn up, bad frequencies will introduce themselves. Learn to recognize them and notch them out. Always CUT bad frequencies, do not boost anything with the EQ. Compressor.... try a 4:1 ratio, and attenuate the peaks by just a couple of db. It is gentle, but it makes a big difference. This will NOT add feedback unless you turn it up too loud. reverb and delay are like adding "spice" to food while cooking. A little goes a long, long way. If the reverb is delay is "taking off", the tail of the effect is turned up way too far. IMO... You are much better off learning how to control feedback on your own. Having a machine baby you through it just masks the problems that shouldn't be there to begin with. I assume you mean 2B for vocals... Since you running 3 paths, make sure they are isolated and not interfering with each other. If they bleed into each path (routing) it will cause problems.