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  1. It's a recently resurrected thread from Jan 2018... Glenn started the thread then answered himself suggested it was solved. Then crickets :)
  2. Buy his preset and you'll see how he solved it :) If he doesn't have a preset to sell for this, then he's likely not happy enough with his solution. Sorry, I don't have the solution for you or I would share it. I suspect the solution may be in Workbench 2 (Variax software) as much as it is in the Helix EXP settings.
  3. I was just re-affirming what you already know. It is the BEST option for your situation. You can get a little 2 channel mixer the same size as a STOMP... it's not that much of an inconvenience. You really should re-think this self imposed limitation you are putting on yourself. Sure, with it's own set of limitations. The same would apply on the larger Helix units. Here is how you do it... Insert an FX Loop (send/return) block at the end of every preset you have. Use the SEND to send your guitar signal to the FOH. You will no longer use the main output. Use the RETURN to bring in the feed from the FOH monitor. Ask the tech to remove your guitar from this mix Plug your headphones into the headphone jack on the stomp The FX Loop block is where you will set your mix.... Set the MIX to 50% so the guitar and return will both go to the main (headphone) output Adjust the RETURN level to adjust the monitor signal. Do not touch the SEND level... unless the tech asks you for less signal. It will turn down your guitar in both places and you'll need to compensate (ie: chase your tail) with the return level. I said it had limitations.... here are the few that come to mind... This works in mono... I don't think stereo will work, but you can look deeper to see if it will You need to do this on EVERY preset you use A BLOCK is consumed on every preset you use You need to tweak "step 5-2" on every preset you use.
  4. Unless I am mistaken, Stomp mode is where all the MIDI/CC stuff is done with footswitches so I don't think you can have access to both.
  5. Buy yourself a little mixer (they are cheap these days). Get the monitor mix from the house on one channel and ask the tech to remove the guitar from your mix. Then run either a send, or one of the outputs of your stomp to the other channel. Blend & EQ each as required. FWIW... proper monitor mixes are not supposed to be affected by EQ settings at the FOH... the only exception is often the HPF (high pass filter) which would remove bass, but only the area you shouldn't be in the first place.
  6. The best you can do is hardwire an external footswitch with a 10k resistor. It then works like an expression pedal... off = heel down, on = toe down. This opens up several possibilities in the helix as it can be assigned to control multiple effect parameters and effect auto on/off states.
  7. HX Edit, "Restore from backup" under the file menu. Choose the items you wish to restore from your backup. It's not all or nothing. The update procedure from HX Edit forces you to do a backup before updating. That's the update you would be restoring from so I hope you didn't find a way to skip that step. The update instructions also tell you to do a factory reset after the update. Failing to do so can cause unpredictable results. After doing that, you are supposed to restore what you need from the backup. UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS
  8. Did you restore your global settings?
  9. ^^^ This ^^^ is the first place to check. The volume should be at full for unity. Also, check the output block on the preset you are working with to make sure it is not set to attenuate the level. Check the Global EQ to make sure it isn't turned on an attenuating your level. (edit to add because of the @MGW-Albertapost below) One last thing... don't assume anything! Using the stomp means you are also using 1 more cable... double/triple check your cables and connections to make sure they are good. If you absolutely can't solve the problem... set your outputs to "line level" and turn down the volume control to create unity. Make note of that volume position for all future use. (Note: This should not be necessary, but it works)
  10. That's my plan for my 1st gen Variax 300.... Not that the 300 has died (it's still going strong) but I'd love to add the Roland component. IMO.. it's apples and oranges, both are really good at what they set out to do. The Roland is great for non standard guitar tones (piano, synth, brass, etc... etc...) and integration into the keyboard world. However when it came down to guitar modeling, I much prefer the Variax.
  11. How do you get "stuck" with a beautiful guitar? How does a "beautiful guitar" become outdated? The magnetic pickups are still there... and as stated already, the modeling is what it is, it hasn't been updated in about 8 years so what's the difference now that EOL has been announced? I know my JTV won't see any additional updates but I wasn't expecting any so to me nothing has changed? When my JTV gives up the ghost the worse case scenario is it becomes a beautiful guitar with only magnetic pickups. IE: It becomes a regular guitar.
  12. Probably this.... new option under software on the downloads page.
  13. IMO... there will not be a successor to the Helix, just another addition to the HX line. When nobody expects it they are simply going to come out with a new model... "HX <insert clever name here>" with all the features the masses keep asking for. Touchscreen, smaller form factor, more horsepower, etc... etc.... They've been releasing scaled back versions of the Helix regularly... HX Effects, HX Stomp, HX Stomp XL and now the HX One. Eventually there will be a "ramped up" model.
  14. I believe the Helix LT was the last device to get a VDI input and integration... with official word finally coming down I suspect that's the last VDI port we'll ever see. Both my Variax guitars are going strong.... a 1st Gen 300 and a JTV 69, both with replacements necks. Neither is my primary guitar but I have no intent in getting rid of them due to this news.
  15. I logged in with a little used Gmail account... but when it insisted on a phone verification (my phone number) I exited and will not return.
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