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  1. If you attempt to try all IR's your ears will fatigue quickly and you will never find what you really want. The advice is already given in this thread so I won't go into detail.... but you need to research what you like (cab/speaker/mic/mic position) then zero in on those IR's within the package. Each IR is labelled to include those items so you just need to learn the lingo of the package.
  2. OK... so it's just a lack of high end clarity in your direct signal. Since you say it is happening with ALL of your instruments then it shouldn't be instrument specific (ie: a dull pickup) so I will suggest looking at general potential issues.... The greatest "common" tone roll off in any rig is the cable(s) being used. Have you tried other cables... preferably ones of different make/model and length? Did you set the input impedance to 1M (fixed) rather than auto as I suggested earlier? If AUTO is setting it to a lower setting, you WILL lose high end. Are you sure you are not processing your dry signal in your DAW in any way? If your DAW has "input plugin" capability, are you sure it is empty or at least bypassed?
  3. codamedia

    Helix 2.9

    I have no issues with my tone.... That said, I am looking forward to having the new metering options. Thanks for the heads up that even the mere suggestion of an improvement (if we even feel they need any) will be met with ridicule and shame from certain forum members.
  4. You and me both.... complete oversight on my part. Thanks for the update... glad you got it working.
  5. I'm curious what you feel these are? Not arguing... actually curious : ) I know you have mentioned things like global blocks which... after a little thinking... actually has me excited about that type of feature. But I don't see that in this unit? Touchscreen? As we have discussed, not enough for me, but I understand if others want it. One thing I did like in one of the demo's I saw was a "search" feature. But - since I only roll my own presets, I would never use that :) Small footprint, not so important to me (just IMO).... but the capturing does interest me. ONLY if it is on part with Kemper! Otherwise if I had the extra cash I would just buy a Kemper Stage to go with my Helix... a combo some of my colleagues have. well... I don't own a Firehawk but I do own a Helix. There is nothing in that video that sets the Cortex apart "yet"..... just sayin'....
  6. codamedia

    Helix MegaLite

    The other way to look at this is that only the flagship products have had VDI connectors... never the lower cost alternatives. Inflation taken into account, all things are still equal.
  7. Line 6 does not monitor these forums for suggestions... Take your idea over the ideascale and post it there. https://line6.ideascale.com/
  8. The answer to this is directly above by "lungho".... but I have to add a saying that I live by... on BOTH sides of the statement. "failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part" or in reverse "my failure to plan is nobody else's problem" Seriously.... you knew you had work to do and didn't think you could do it all within Native.... why didn't you just take the Stomp home instead of demanding Line 6 change something for you?
  9. codamedia

    Helix MegaLite

    Last I checked... you can still plug any Variax into any device... you just can't "control it" from any device. In the HX (Helix) line they offer three products with VDI connections and three products without. Choose the product that is right for you, and let others do the same. You can't expect everything at the cheapest cost....
  10. This forum needs an icon for "trolls".
  11. The Fishman Fluence for #3 makes sense as to why that image looks so unnatural... thanks for that. That first one does look the most natural to me... and since it's the downloaded sample I can see why you seem to like it. The extended lows of the other three would EAT any headroom and processing power in frequencies that you can't really hear, but would impact the overall tone, probably negatively. The extended highs on #3 I will blame on the fishman's.... I do not know the pickups or the reason they are that way so I'll reserve further judgement :) Most people do not have a problem with the dry signal of the Helix, so I think something else is going on. Are you sure you didn't process that signal (boosted lows/highs, compression, etc...) in the DAW after you captured them? Or... did you capture some noise such as ground loop hum, buzz, and/or hiss? Keep us posted on your next tests after you did your reset.
  12. Please tell us what EACH picture is that we are looking at. From top to bottom... what exactly is "image 1", "image 2", etc... etc... From what I see... Image 1 looks normal (maybe a bridge humbucker?) and image 3 looks very unnatural for a pickup. Image 2 is an overlay so I don't know what it is suppose to be, and 4 looks better, but with an extended low range that isn't normal. If the sample guitar is not the same as your guitar... it is going to sound different. It's not "how they were recorded" as much as "what was being recorded". Do you have any idea what they used for a guitar on any samples you were trying? IMO, Never assume anything. Set it to 1M then you know for sure. Yes sorry, you are correct. A Helix and LT do not have "instrument/line" for the guitar input.
  13. codamedia

    Helix MegaLite

    According to DI on TGP... "All models from Helix (with very few caveats); $449.99. April." So it's a sub $500 Helix with the limitations TBA... other than the obvious hardware differences. Line 6 always had a strong foothold in the sub $500 market so I guess they wanted back in. It's the largest market in the industry, I can understand that reasoning. TBH.... Based on my needs it looks like a more practical back up rig for me than the Stomp does. The limitations and size will dictate :)
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