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  1. 3 years with an LT and I've had no issues with the expression pedal. I'm a gigging player that usually does about 100 - 120 gigs a year. Obviously that's been light the past year and half.... but I certainly have at least 200 gigs on this Helix so far.
  2. The INPUT level for Helix Native is NOT adjusting the preset itself. It's just making sure that NATIVE see's the exact same input level as your hardware does directly from your instrument. Try this.... Record the processed sound from your Stomp and the Dry Signal onto a separate track at the same time. Load Native on the DRY track Load the same preset into Native Playback the two tracks.... toggle between them If they don't already sound identical... adjust the INPUT GAIN on Native until they do match. Make note of the adjustment you had to make to make it quicker/easier the next time you do this. Once you got that level correct.... the preset can be freely adjusted and moved back and forth with confidence.
  3. There is no way to tell an output to "ignore" the IR or CAB blocks... but there are a couple of methods. My favorite way to do this is to insert a SEND just prior to the IR block(s)... and use the send to feed your amp. If you are already using the loops/sends for anything else, then this option probably won't work. The other method is to create a parallel path at the end of your chain.... where you want the cabs to be. A merge block will automatically appear, so you will have to move that down as well then you can assign the 1st output (without cabs) to the 1/4, and the 2nd path (with cabs) to the XLRs. In a Stereo setup this option will only work with dual cabinets, but it will not work with IR's because there is no stereo IR block (yet). A stereo IR will require use of the parallel path just for that.
  4. That is precisely what I was referring to... sorry if I wasn't clear. If I load the exact same tone in both my Helix and my DAW/Native..... I use the INPUT LEVEL of Native to match the tones. I am very aware that the input level has a massive impact on how presets respond/sound, especially in regards to compression and gain/dirt levels. For me both products sound the same.... it's how hard you hit them that varies... and thank goodness, Native has an INPUT level to adjust for that.
  5. I just adjust the input level on NATIVE as required... no need to touch the levels in the STOMP itself. Native is non-destructive, it's great for little adjustments like this.
  6. I've downloaded the preset and gave it a try through Native.... great job! I have one suggestion... Everything after the CAB should be a stereo block (chorus, delay, reverb). That won't effect anything if you play in mono, but for those that play stereo it will be closer to the original Rockman - especially when the chorus is engaged. It's probably just the way you worded it... or the way I am interpreting the wording :) .... but I'm a little confused by this statement. I owned an X100 for decades and it has never had any reverb. The only "verb / delay" effect was the bucket brigade delay which you also include. IMO, the preset you made sounds more authentic (to an X100) with the reverb turned off and only the delay is used . Of course.... that doesn't mean you can't sweeten it with reverb, it's just not authentic to an X100.
  7. User error is a distinct possibility..... it most certainly works exactly the way you want it to work - so something else was at play! If you walked into "trying a Helix" with a pre-conceived notion of how it works, then that would be a big mistake. There are many ways that you can "accidentally" create a "dry through" on the Helix and if you try to fix it in the wrong block or location that could explain the type of frustration you are describing. If this was a problem in the past, it certainly doesn't appear to be now. I just loaded your setup into a SINGLE path on my Helix... and when I went to load an amp all but 3 amps (Supro, JC120 and US Small Tweed) were greyed out. So... I loaded one of those three amps, turned on all effects and made noise for a few minutes. Nothing froze. FWIW... I use quite a few legacy effects and my live preset(s) are usually one giant serial path - some up to 25+ blocks. I have never once had my Helix freeze or require a reboot. I'm not suggesting it can't happen... I'm just pointing out that it's not the norm.
  8. I don't disagree with anything stated here... but as an LT user I would like to clarify a couple points. The LT isn't nearly as flimsy as it is is often made out to be. It's not a Helix Floor, but it's still pretty rugged. Granted, I use gear hard... but I'm not hard on gear :) The LT has "performance view" to compensate for the lack or scribble strips. There is no guessing when it comes to footswitches.... performance view is a great roadmap that is easy to get used to. FWIW - I did own the HX Effects (with scribble strips) and when I moved to the LT I didn't miss them at all.
  9. I don't believe the "latch" (toe switch) of that expression pedal works on the Helix or the LT. (somebody, please correct me if I am wrong). What I am trying to say is... with a Helix Floor or Helix LT... to use the expression like a wah (with the toe switch) you need to use the internal expression pedal. Of course, there are other ways to set up the wah on/off.
  10. The video that is posted in this thread is a great "how to guide" for both HX Edit and on the device itself. Don't be afraid of command center.... it is your friend :)
  11. Not on the HXFX you can't.... The HXFX has a maximum limit of 9 blocks. Less if you are using DSP intensive blocks. I don't own an HX Effects, but Helix Native has compatibility mode for each hardware so I set that to HX FX and tested it there. The primary configuration you listed can certainly be done... with a little DSP to spare. NOTE: In Native I cannot insert a Loop... but in my experience a loop does not draw much (if any) DSP. There is enough DSP left over to insert "almost" any other effect so I can't see adding the loop being an issue. Yes, the Loop is a block so to use a Volume you would need to replace something else. I assume you are talking about changing presets and the answer is Yes and No. There will be a slight gap when changing the preset.... For some this is a huge issue yet for others they can always find the "moment" they are not playing to make this change seamlessly. If one song uses rotary and the next uses tremolo... change the preset between songs. Same could apply for Phase vs Flange since it is "rare" to have both in the same song. There does appear to be DSP available for almost any effect (not the Poly stuff... but you seem to know that) if you took our the rotary.
  12. codamedia

    Move IRs?

    That's how it works.... From the latest (V3) HX Edit manual.... "*NOTE: There are no options offered to move or reorder IRs in a single operation. Use the Copy, Paste, and Clear functions to rearrange IR within the IRs list as needed."
  13. The Helix already provides an option for polarity... providing polarity is the only issue with the wiring.
  14. Are we confusing the terms "reset" and "restore" in this thread? HX Edit can RESTORE (from a backup) but doesn't RESET Hardware start procedures can RESET but can't RESTORE! Of course... if you only use the default GLOBAL options then a RESTORE or RESET of the Global Settings can get you to the same result.
  15. Can't say I have that problem... however I also didn't think I needed gain reduction meters until I had them..... LOL Upvoted....
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