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  1. Why are you asking about "overheating"? Are you giving it space to breath, or do you enclose it more than what we might considered normal? I'm only asking because you don't mention it at all in your post yet it's part of the subject :) My go to for most electronics in a situation like this is the filter caps, BUT - at 3-4 years old, that is far too young for that to be an issue... at least under normal circumstances. You tried the guitar input, and Variax... but have you tried a RETURN to see if that is also acting up? Not that it solves the problem, it would just give you more details to provide. IMO, I would open a support ticket with Line 6 to see what they have to say.
  2. yes there is a hidden control.... Global > Midi/Variax > Variax On/Off (it was off, now it is on) Found it, things work fine!
  3. Am I missing something, or is the VDI port on my XT Live as good as dead? The back story.... I have an old Variax 300.... and it works fine (with limitations) with my Helix LT. The other day I picked up a used XT Live with the intent of using it as a backup for my Helix, and as an interface for the Variax to Workbench on the computer. The XT Live is in showroom condition... everything works with no issues at all. Switches, knobs and buttons all respond 100%, USB works fine, etc... etc... The VDI port still had it's rubber cap, and when I removed that the connection looked pristine... there are no broken or bend pins, and they look spotless (no dust, dirt, grime, etc...) Plug in my Variax.... "no variax detected" is the only message I get when I scroll to the Variax screen on the XT Live. Cleaned the pins (carefully) with a q-tip and cleaner.... same problem Connect to Monkey when connected to the XT Live .... it only see's the XT Live, not the Variax Connect to Monkey when connected to the Helix.... Monkey can see the Variax fine... NOTE: Just a reminder of step 1.... The same cables work fine with the Helix LT. The Variax gets power, generates sound, and even changes presets when told. Am I missing something that needs to be done on the XT to get the VDI port working, or does it appear to be dead?
  4. FWIW... the input impedance and noise gate on the guitar input are pretty much useless on a mic preamp or mixer.... so I would keep that input for instrument use. Not to mention... a return can also be set for LINE level, which is probably better for most mixers and even some mic pre-amps. Other than that... congrats on solving your problem. Adding a small mixer, or a mic pre is often a viable solution for the LT that costs much less than the upgrade to the Floor.
  5. This is just personal preference. Some like the "amp in the room" sound and a PowerCab might be best for this as @rd2rk is outlining. Others may want an FRFR such as the Headrush (or many other options) so they hear their sound similar to the FOH, but still separate so they have better control of what they hear. Then there are users like myself.... give me the FOH and Monitor (fold back) any day, every day. Even when I used to use amps they were kept fairly quiet, were miced up, and fed back to me through my monitor. My preference (#3) does have a caveat attached though. It only works well when the gear meets a certain quality. The FOH and monitors need to meet a standard, and separate monitor mixes are a must. When requirements are not met, I have a Yorkville powered wedge/speaker to get me through those gigs.... in other words, I'm not against sliding back to option #2 when I have to. No right, no wrong... find what works for you and run with it.
  6. You can't move it to the 2nd path, but you can copy it to the 2nd path. I'm not sure if that is possible on the unit itself, but it is possible using HX Edit.
  7. codamedia

    Helix MegaLite

    FYI: I never took it as such... no harm done :)
  8. ^^^ This ^^^ is the heart of the problem/question. Instrument level into the amp.... almost always! The amp should have specs on it's effect loop stating what level it is. If it doesn't, assume it's line. Quick test.... if you have a stomp box (regular old pedal) put it in the loop. If it works as expected, it's instrument level. If it's distorted or just too hot in general... it's line level. Instrument vs line. They are just pre-defined levels! Every SEND/RETURN/LOOP block on the HX has level controls along with the general instrument/line settings. Use those to compensate as required. (hint: If you add 12db - 20db to an instrument send, it's in line level territory.... this also works in reverse to take line level to instrument level) Set your initial "UNITY" with no effects turned on other than the Send/Return/Loop. Get that right to begin with before adding any effects. Now work one effect at a time. They all have level controls for a reason - if it's too hot, turn it down. If it's too quiet, turn it up! USUALLY, the effect should be the same volume as when it is bypassed (give or take a little). Repeat for every block in the chain! That might sound like a lot of work, but it really isn't any different than pedals. You don't take a pedal out of a box and use it regardless of settings. You adjust it to your needs, and that includes the level control. Don't just insert a block and accept the default settings as they are.
  9. codamedia


    There are no factory IR's pre-loaded in the Helix. There is a free set you can download from Line 6 called the Allure Pack (https://line6.com/allure/) but those are not pre-installed. If you bought a used Helix that came with a bunch of IR's and did a full reset.... those are gone unless the original owner wants to transfer them to you - which may or may not be in violation of purchase policy.
  10. Two years in the HX family for me (6 months on an HX effects, then 1 1/2 years on the LT)... I feel the same way. As a multi-instrumentalist the Helix is a dream come true. I've got presets for all my instruments.... tele, strat, les paul, variax, mandolin, acoustic, nylon string, banjo, dobro, pedal steel. Since everything is carefully prepared and pre-mixed it all heads down one line to the FOH/Monitors. As complicated as my set up can appear, it is stupid simple at a gig and has never sounded better! As for cancelled gigs.... last weekends shows were cancelled on route, the rest of March is cancelled and now most of April is gone! It's going to be a tough road ahead!
  11. codamedia

    Helix MegaLite

    Well I'll be.... I honestly didn't know the Firehawk had a VDI port, probably because I was never interested in a Firehawk. My comment was based on what I saw in the XT/X3/HD series... but I was obviously mistaken.
  12. Mic Studio Tube Pre > LA Studio Comp Those two should get you really close, really fast! (note: the Studio tube pre is found under "Preamp > Mic ") I would throw a parametric EQ before or after the comp... and use that to shape the tone as required, but the initial two blocks should provide the character/color you are looking for.
  13. Sorry about that... you are correct. I'm not sure how that happened, but I have removed it to avoid any confusion for future readers. I knew that was Randino... I just never noticed the wrong user tagged to the quote.
  14. I am sure this would be unintentional... aka, a bug. The vast majority of users likely leave the colors (for snapshots) in their default setting and would never notice this. I'd suggest you open a ticket with Line 6 and outline the problem as you did here. If they can confirm the problem they will likely slip the fix into a future update.
  15. At home I run my Helix through studio monitors. On stage I run direct to FOH and monitor myself though the provided monitor system, always with my own separate mix. If I don't trust (or don't like) the monitors I carry my own FRFR and run that on stage. In all cases I use it through full range boxes, not through a standard guitar amp.
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