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  1. ADBrown

    Spider Remote on MacOs X

    Hi, I'm not sure what is causing this issue. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall Spider Remote without issue. Are you using spotlight to search for the Spider V Remote app?
  2. If you want to move presets around to different ABCD locations start by choosing a preset and then pressing and holding the rotary knob below the screen. This will open up the save menu. Turn the rotary knob to scroll until you reach the second line that reads "Destination", press the knob once when selected. Turn the rotary knob to select a a different place to store your preset, press and hold to save. *Note that saving your preset in a different location will overwrite the existing preset in that location. You can use one of the empty user banks (presets 32 A-D) as a place holder, if you don't want to overwrite any tones in the process. Alternatively, you can also use the free Spider Remote app for mobile device or computer and drag and drop your presets in the desired order. This method is the easiest of the two.
  3. ADBrown

    Guitar to Bass a la Electroharmonix Bass 9

    The Bass Octaver in the legacy pitch/synth category is usually my go to for guitar > bass sounds. The bowed bass seems trickier to replicate. Maybe try the autoswell effect with the bass octaver, though this may not work for faster playing. You can also take off the attack with the volume pedal for an imitation bowed sound.
  4. ADBrown

    Spider V20, preset

    It looks like the preset names correctly match up with Spider V. I'm not fully clear on your issue, it seems you are having trouble saving?
  5. When I ran the both the PC112+ and L2t in flat mode it sounded pretty good. I also used PowerCab as my dry amp, and L2t for all my reverb, delay etc and that sounded great. However, I don't think I'd bother to do this live. Stereo effects/rigs don't always translate to the stage, and the L2t or PC112+ alone is enough volume for me. If I need more volume I just go to the PA. If you aren't set on using L6 Link you could use other powered speakers with the L3t using standard XLR connections.
  6. You can link the Power Cab 112+ with an L3t via L6 link. I did this once with my Helix, PC112+, and L2t to check out sounds in stereo and experiment with a wet/dry rig.
  7. ADBrown

    Spider V MkII Update- new software for Spider V

    First try performing a factory reset. (Press and hold the home button, then scroll until you find Factory Reset, and select). If that doesn't solve your issue I recommend opening a ticket with customer support. https://line6.com/support/tickets/
  8. ADBrown

    Spiver V 60 is garbage

    Have you checked out the new MKii firmware?
  9. ADBrown

    control of drum tracks and metronome via FBV3

    The drum tracks and metronome are meant as practice tools, not necessarily for performance. The tempo on the metronome can be adjusted, but unfortunately not on the drum tracks.
  10. ADBrown

    HX Stomp as Amp Sim with 3rd Party IRs

    The "Amp" models have both the preamp and power section. The "preamp" models are just preamps, so using a preamp into an amp model could be redundant and color your tone in undesired ways than if you are looking for a pure amp tone. That being said, some users do use a "preamp" model as an overdrive/distortion going into an amp model. Cabinet IRs are used in place of Helix cabs, so when using an IR you'll have an "Amp" block and an "IR" block. If you are running your external effects directly into Stomp or in front of your amp models you don't need to go the 4 cable method route.
  11. ADBrown


    Presets are compatible across Spider V amps. The headphone jack can be configured as a line out on Spider V 60. Make sure your firmware is up to date. Press and hold the "home" button. Scroll until you see the option "Phones Mode", you can then toggle between Phones and Line by pressing the scroll knob.
  12. ADBrown

    Spider V 30 Tuner settings

    There isn't an option in Spider V to change the tuner to favor sharps or flats, or show enharmonic notes.
  13. ADBrown

    Moving the fixed Compressor!

    https://line6.ideascale.com/ is the best place to submit feature requests! If you add this request to ideascale, be sure to post the link back here so others can vote on it.
  14. ADBrown

    Spider V as Interface for Amp Sims...IT WORKS

    You could always go from Ipad headphone output into the aux in on the back of Spider V. Going through the aux in won't apply any modeling.
  15. ADBrown

    Line 6 Spider V Amp Won't Turn on

    I recommend trying to reinstall the firmware using a smart device or computer connected to the amp via USB. More info on updating can be found in the link below. If you experience a failed update or your amp locks up during boot up, you can hold down the Amp and FX buttons to enter Update Mode. Once it's in Update Mode, attempt the update procedure again. If that fails, please contact support!