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  1. FBV 3 will display preset information, but effect on/off is not displayed on the screen.
  2. ADBrown

    Beginners question about Spider V 30

    Every preset uses an amp model, modeled off real amps as well as some Line 6 creations. There is not a default preset or amp model. There is the option of "no amp" but this may not give the result you are looking for. You can use the Spider Remote app to edit and choose amp models as well as on the front panel; press the AMP button, then the EDIT button, then use the rotary encoder to select the amp model and scroll to change, from here you can also select "No Amp".
  3. ADBrown

    How to Factory Reset with external buttons Spider V 240?

    Hold down all three FX buttons, then press and release 'save' while the amp is turned on.
  4. ADBrown

    Line 6 Spider V problems

    Hi GeraGrind, the things you are experiencing are certainly not intended functions. Do you experience these problems with the IEC cable that came with you Spider 240HC? It sounds like it may be something in the amp that needs to be fixed/replaced. I would recommend exchanging the unit at point of sale or opening a support ticket with Line 6.
  5. You aren't the only user who would like to see this feature added. You can upvote this feature request on ideascale, a place where end users can post and vote on product feature requests and Line 6 product managers do check out ideascale. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/ideas/search?templateId=0&query=spider+v+editor
  6. ADBrown

    How to Factory Reset with external buttons Spider V 240?

    I am sorry to hear that is happening. If possible I would exchange it with the retailer for a working unit as it sounds like this one has some issues.
  7. ADBrown

    Resurgence of "Scene mode" on HX Effects?

    There are already a few requests for this on ideascale. You may want to up-vote those requests, instead of reposting the idea.
  8. ADBrown

    How to amplify powercab live

    It's best to create and test presets before a gig at or near gig volume to make sure your tone is still best represented at higher volumes. Using different PA speakers can produce different results, for better and for worse. Occasionally there will be a PA or venue I'm unfamiliar with and I find it can be too bright, or boomy/muddy across my presets. In this case I will turn to the global EQ to tame the lows or highs. As for amplifying PC; the easiest way is to use the XLR out to FOH. Using speaker models and the XLR out puts an sm57 mic model in the signal going to the board. On Power Cab + you can change the mic model. Because the speaker in Power Cab is a guitar speaker with a HF tweeter placed behind it you can actually mic it like a regular guitar cab.
  9. ADBrown

    Stuck on Boot Logo !!

    Sorry to hear that happened, I hope you are enjoying the replacement.
  10. ADBrown

    Can't update HX FX

    If you run into any trouble with a failed update or your unit will not boot up, try powering on while holding the right arrow ">" This will put the unit into update mode and you can re install the latest firmware from there. If that does not solve your issue I would open a support ticket. https://line6.com/support/tickets/
  11. ADBrown

    Line6 Relay G10 transmitter connections

    The TRS plug is used on the G10 so it an charge when plugged into the receiver, as cbrillow mentioned it dos not send or receive a stereo signal. What is the guitar you are using that is not working with your G10? Here is a link to the manual https://line6.com/support/manuals/relayg10/
  12. ADBrown

    Looper auto start

    Spider V currently does not have an auto-start feature, the easiest way to use the looper is to control is with a floorboard like the FBV 3. You can post feature requests at https://line6.ideascale.com/ . End users can vote on your idea and Line 6 product managers do check in on ideascale.
  13. ADBrown

    I've got FBV3 and Spider V 240

    FBV 3 controls are pretty set, aside from moving effects around, there isn't much assignable. The up and down arrow foot-switches let you switch between banks of presets, foot-switches A-D let you access the 4 presets in that bank. FS1-5 control your effects. FS 1 & 5 will always be locked to your compressor and reverb. FS 2,3,4 are all assigned to whichever 3 effects are in the preset (modulation, delay, distortion, etc). The function button lets you control the looper. The expression pedal does have a toe tap feature meaning you can toggle between wah and volume pedal; indicated by the two lights near the heel. You can also assign an effect parameter (ex:Delay mix) to the expression pedal in place of wah.
  14. ADBrown

    Line6 Spider V Iconic Tones

    You can find a list of presets someone previously posted by following the link below. This list is for an older firmware, so some of the presets may have changed. Though I believe most are the same.
  15. ADBrown

    Volume of Spider V 240HC

    Without a cabinet Spider V 240HC operates at 50w. You may be able to get by at practice if your band doesn't get too loud during practice, but otherwise pairing with a cab would probably be best. If your band has a rehearsal space you can leave the cab there and take the head home for jamming and practicing.