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  1. No, I should have phrased "best judged by ear" as "use your ears to judge what sounds best" - instead of going strictly by numbers. You will still need to have knowledge of what frequencies contribute to what type of sound, which is why I posted the reference chart. It's a combination of applied knowledge and using your ears. For example; if you hear your tone has a loose low end, you may want to try cutting frequencies on the low end to tighten the sound. You could use a piece of software to get a visual representation of EQ changes made to a preset, but ultimately you are still using your ears. Hope this helps!
  2. The EQ is applied to the whole preset and settings will vary between presets. EQ can help shape a tone by either boosting or cutting certain frequencies. For example EQ shaping might help add life to a flatter sound, tame muddy bass, or tame piercing highs Determining which frequencies to cut or boost and by how much will vary, and is best judged by ear - though some background knowledge will certainly come in handy. Here's a chart you can use as starting point for reference. Check out the presets that do use EQ and experiment with turning the EQ on and off to hear how it affects the tone.
  3. If you are looking to keep things simple and stick with the presets you've already created in Helix, your best bet is a PA style or FRFR speaker. FRFR = full range flat response. FRFR is great for modeling units like Helix. There are quite a few on the market. Line 6 makes it's own FRFR solution, the PowerCab series. PowerCabs can provide a full range for use with Helix. Powercab also has built in speaker models to give you more of the "amp in the room feel". Essentially speaker modeling lets you disable the cab model in Helix and run an amp model straight into Powercab's physical cab and speaker(s). Powercab + models can also be controlled by Helix via an L6 Link cable. I would look into some FRFR options. Adding an analog amp is a possibility, but IMO the setup can get more complex with 4 cable method. You may want to check out the facebook group "Line 6 Helix Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL" - there's near 30k members, who all hang out and talk Helix and are very helpful. They will definitely share their thoughts on different FRFR speakers and more.
  4. The headphone out can be configured to a line out. Press and hold the home button and set the phones mode to "line". This will send line level signal out of the headphone jack, it will not be affected by the master volume. You will likely need an adaptor to go from the 1/8" headphone jack on Spider V to your focusrite.
  5. As gtrman100 pointed out, no need to buy a Spider V Mk2. You can update your Spider V to the latest firmware and your amp will be a Mk2 as well.
  6. You can use the same remote app to control both Spider V120 and 30. (Just not at the same time). You can also use the app to transfer your presets from Spider V120 to a Spider V30
  7. Hi all, for anyone who is interested, Line 6 recently did a livestream lesson on Spider V Mk2 amplifiers. The video also dives into the app a bit.
  8. With larger Spider V amps you can connect an FBV 3 floorboard to control effects with footswitches and an expression pedal. Spider V 20 does not have FBV support.
  9. I've attached the older 1.05 firmware to this post. You can use the Line 6 updater and the local file option to roll back. a39_1_05.0.svu
  10. You can rollback to 1.01 using the Line 6 updater application line6.com/software Line 6 updater should recognize your Spider V when connected to a computer via USB. Click through the prompts to update the amp, you can manually select an older firmware from the list of available firmwares.
  11. Does the volume pedal effect work when using the expression pedal? The expression pedal switches between volume and wah by pressing down on the toe until you feel a click.
  12. ADBrown

    HX Stomp Dual Amp

    Just checked on my Stomp to confirm, yes this is possible.
  13. The amp and effect models are all the same with the latest firmware. The latest firmware added redesigned presets and classic speaker mode.
  14. The headphone out can be configured to a line out. Press and hold the home button and use the rotary knob to scroll until you find the setting to change the headphone out from phones to line out.
  15. An archtop guitar is a big part of all those players sound. For amp model you'll want to use something cleaner like the Blackface'Lux, Double Verb, or Jazz Clean. I like to use a small amount of plate or spring reverb too.
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