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  1. ADBrown

    adjusting gain with expression pedal?

    In Spider Remote, double tap an effect or amp parameter to assign it to FBV3's expression pedal.
  2. ADBrown

    HX Stomp needs 8 blocks

    From about 18:50 - 20:10
  3. ADBrown

    Preamps... Where are they?

    On Amplifi you don't have access to just the preamp section of an amp. There is a "tube instrument preamp" model under the clean amp category, but that is it for preamps. Depending on your setup and how you intend to use the preamp section, you could always select the "no cab" option and just run the amp model.
  4. ADBrown

    Gigging & Foot pedal

    The FBV3 is the best option as it will give you color coded LED foot-switches, an expression pedal that can switch between two functions, and LED display to let you know which preset you are on. Some older models will work with Spider V, but will not offer as much control or visual information.
  5. ADBrown

    Need Help with Amp Set-Up

    Dialing in and matching tones can take time, but will come more naturally with practice. Matching up amp and effect models to the gear the artist used is a great place to start, then trying to match the actual tone and thinking about how each part is interacting. It may be a bit more difficult to get Hendrix sounds out a Les Paul but the Zeppelin and GnR should be very doable! https://line6.com/tone-templates/ is a good resource for rig diagrams, although the actual settings are not noted. I think for a lot of the Zeppelin and GnR tones the core sound will come from the amp model and less from effects. Alternatively, you can also use the free Spider Remote app to download other user's tones as a starting point or template.
  6. ADBrown

    1950-1960 tremolo

    There's a few different types of tremolos that showed up in the amps of the 50s and 60s. Vox amps, some early Fenders, and Gibson amps typically used bias tremolo. Later 60s Fender amps usually had opto tremolo. And some early 60s brown face Fender amps use Harmonic tremolo. You might also want to experiment with putting the tremolo before and after the amp! Is there a specific artist or song tone you are trying to achieve? A good place to start might be a clean Fender style amp (Blackface Lux or Double Verb) some opto trem and some spring reverb.
  7. ADBrown

    Are tones modeled from the scratch?

    Your guitar signal is sent through the amp model and effects, meaning your guitar will influence and shape your tone. Single coils and humbuckers will both sound different going into the same amp model, as will pickups with different outputs. Higher output pickups will cause an amp model to breakup sooner. TLDR; You are right, your friend is wrong. ;)
  8. ADBrown

    customtone page?

    Most android users have reported needing an OTG adapter to get their phone/Spider remote app to work with Spider V.
  9. ADBrown

    Drum Loop tempo change

    The nonadjustable tempo on the drum loops is a bummer, be sure to vote on ideascale! Another option would be to use the USB or AUX in on the back to play drums loops from an external device or even your phone. There's some really great drum loops apps available now, I really like Drum Genius.
  10. Currently the looper cannot be assigned to another footswitch and is locked to the FUNCTION footswitch. You can always make product suggestions/feature requests at https://line6.ideascale.com
  11. ADBrown

    Real world amp names for modeled amps

    The link below will take you to a pdf of the Pod X3 model gallery where you can find out the real world counterparts. Even though it says Pod X3 this information will be the same for Spider V. https://c3.zzounds.com/media/English-56d23172d2f4f614d378952e9d534c5b.pdf
  12. ADBrown

    Replacement Speakers!

    An equalizer for the aux in would be cool! You can always add the suggestion to http://line6.ideascale.com/
  13. ADBrown

    Hx stomp question- USB Interface?

    HX Stomp is an USB audio interface so that should all work fine.You will just need the Apple Camera Kit to connect Stomp to an Ipad. You can also check out the manual if you have deeper questions about how MIDI might be setup between your Beat Buddy and Stomp. https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a4010c935bb66a4c0c44f/application/pdf/HX Stomp Manual - English .pdf
  14. ADBrown

    Replacement Speakers!

    The Spider V series, with exception of the Spider V 20, all have built in tweeters so playing back music tracks should sound pretty good when played back through Spider V. Changing out the speaker may not be the best choice as it specifically designed to work along side the tweeter. Try messing with the Post EQ to shape your tone, I also recommend checking out the Spider Remote app for smart device or desktop computer, makes editing easy!
  15. ADBrown

    Effects Choices for Replicating This Tone?

    Another cool trick is to run a Leslie or Vibratone effect in place of the cab block/cabinet IR