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  1. ADBrown

    HX Stomp Dual Amp

    Just checked on my Stomp to confirm, yes this is possible.
  2. The amp and effect models are all the same with the latest firmware. The latest firmware added redesigned presets and classic speaker mode.
  3. The headphone out can be configured to a line out. Press and hold the home button and use the rotary knob to scroll until you find the setting to change the headphone out from phones to line out.
  4. An archtop guitar is a big part of all those players sound. For amp model you'll want to use something cleaner like the Blackface'Lux, Double Verb, or Jazz Clean. I like to use a small amount of plate or spring reverb too.
  5. Each Spider V preset has 3 freely assignable effects as well as a compressor, noise gate, volume, wah, reverb and eq that are always locked to you signal chain, but can be bypassed if not desired. Pressing Edit will let you edit a selected effect or the preset's amp model. You can use the rotary knob to scroll through parameters and also scroll to different effects and amp/cab settings. You can access the noise gate, wah, comp, eq, and reverb parameters by scrolling in the edit menu. You can also connect Spider V to a computer or smart device via USB and use the free Spider Remote app to edit your tones with a graphic display of your amp, effects and signal chain.
  6. As datacommando said, ideascale is the best avenue for product suggestions. The tape eater is one of my favorite Line 6 effects, I've mentioned it to a few of the sound engineers once or twice. I too, would love to see it added into Helix.
  7. If you have a Spider 240 amp (which has stereo capabilities), or a smaller combo running out via XLR or USB to a stereo setup you could probably get close to this effect using the Auto Pan effect in the modulations category.
  8. The FBV 2 two button footswitch can't activate the looper in Spider V. It can only be used for preset up or down. FBV 3 is needed to control the looper from a floorboard.
  9. Spider V and Variax are two separate products and technologies. The only was to use Variax modeling is to use a Variax guitar; there is no Variax modeling in Spider V or Spider V Remote. The guitar model is included in the tone template to provide an overview on an artist's rig. Guitar and pickup type will affect the tone, and this gives anyone with multiple guitars or a Variax a good starting point. We don't include individual parameter settings because anyone who endeavors to recreate the tone will have a different guitar, playing style, and playing environment and will have to dial it in accordingly.
  10. There is a pitch block in Firehawk for general detuning and whammy effects, but beyond a step or two it doesn't track multi-phonically very well. To get a whole new alternate tuning you would need something like a Variax guitar.
  11. Yes, you can place whichever pedals after Stomp and go into Powercab from there.
  12. You can try searching for the individual tones using the Spider V remote app or customtone.com . If that doesn't work you will have to install the old firmware and save the tones using Spider Remote. The MKII presets are better sounding to my ears than the older firmware presets.
  13. Variax doesn't actually use MIDI to change guitar sounds. The Variax tech processes the vibration/sound from the string to create the different guitar tones. Sending note data out to a transcription/notation software is not possible with Variax.
  14. ADBrown

    galaxy s9

    Most Android phones require an OTG adapter to connect to a Spider V amplifier.
  15. For blues, I'd check out the Chime or Crunch presets. You may need to turn down the effects on each preset for a blues style. Hit one of the three FX buttons then turn down the amount using the FX knob. Adjust Gain and Tone to your liking.
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