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  1. There is a pitch block in Firehawk for general detuning and whammy effects, but beyond a step or two it doesn't track multi-phonically very well. To get a whole new alternate tuning you would need something like a Variax guitar.
  2. Yes, you can place whichever pedals after Stomp and go into Powercab from there.
  3. You can try searching for the individual tones using the Spider V remote app or customtone.com . If that doesn't work you will have to install the old firmware and save the tones using Spider Remote. The MKII presets are better sounding to my ears than the older firmware presets.
  4. Variax doesn't actually use MIDI to change guitar sounds. The Variax tech processes the vibration/sound from the string to create the different guitar tones. Sending note data out to a transcription/notation software is not possible with Variax.
  5. ADBrown

    galaxy s9

    Most Android phones require an OTG adapter to connect to a Spider V amplifier.
  6. For blues, I'd check out the Chime or Crunch presets. You may need to turn down the effects on each preset for a blues style. Hit one of the three FX buttons then turn down the amount using the FX knob. Adjust Gain and Tone to your liking.
  7. Yes, you can backup a Spider V amp by plugging into a computer via USB and then running the free Spider V remote software. From there you can create a backup of all your presets.
  8. You will need an Apple USB camera connection kit or Android 'On-the-Go' (OTG ) adapter to use Spider V 20 with Spider Remote on a phone.
  9. Hold down the Home button to access the settings menu. Scroll down with the encoder to where it says Factory Reset. Scroll to the right and press the encoder knob to hit Yes. Note, this will erase any user created or edited presets.
  10. HX Effects shouldn't be adding anything to your tone when all effects are bypassed. Check your global settings and make sure the output level is set to Instrument and not Line. For most guitars you'll want the want the input set to Instrument as well, unless you have really loud active pickups, in which case you may want to try Line. More info can be found about global settings and levels on pages 38-39 in the manual. https://line6.com/support/manuals/hxeffects/
  11. Check out the POD X3 Model Gallery (attached below). There's descriptions for each amp, and some of the L6 originals go into detail and explain what they are based on, although some don't. POD X3 Model Gallery.pdf
  12. You're welcome. I would start by recreating the signal path shown in the tone template I linked to in my first comment. You can recreate the signal path in your Spider V, Stomp, or a combination of them both.
  13. Unfortunately, because 2.00 is a firmware update in addition to new presets you will have to download the complete 2.00 update. Be sure to backup any exisiting presets you want to save BEFORE updating ton 2.00. You can update to 2.00 using the Line 6 Updater software, and manage and backup your presets using the Spider V app for desktop or mobile. A lot of the presets are brand NEW, with some really great sounds that were dialed in by Dan Boul from 65 amps, and a lot of tones directly from Line 6 artists.
  14. To download the new presets and classic speaker mode you just need to install the latest 2.00 firmware using the Line 6 Updater Software. Be sure to backup any presets you want to save BEFORE updating, using the Spider V Remote app for mobile or desktop device. The updater and Spider Remote are available at line6.com/software. The presets in 2.00 are all NEW, including presets from amp guru Dan Boul and a lot of Line 6 artists contributed their own custom presets to Spider V Mk2.
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