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  1. ADBrown

    Volume of Spider V 240HC

    Without a cabinet Spider V 240HC operates at 50w. You may be able to get by at practice if your band doesn't get too loud during practice, but otherwise pairing with a cab would probably be best. If your band has a rehearsal space you can leave the cab there and take the head home for jamming and practicing.
  2. ADBrown

    How to Factory Reset with external buttons Spider V 240?

    To perform a Factory Reset on Spider V: Hold down the Home button to open the settings menu. Use the rotary encoder to knob to scroll until you find Factory Reset, select the option and reset Spider V. Be sure to backup any presets you wish to save. You can use the Spider Remote app for desktop or smart device to backup presets.
  3. ADBrown

    G10 and Spider V

    It will auto shut off. I've left mine plugged in for extended durations and it has not affected the battery.
  4. ADBrown

    Drum riffs on Spider V60 amp

    Currently you are not able to download any new drum loops to Spider V. You can always play drums loops from your iPhone onto Spider V using the Aux in or USB.
  5. ADBrown

    Expanding Shuriken Product line(?)

    Check out the Shuriken Guitars Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/shurikenguitars/photos/?ref=page_internal
  6. ADBrown

    FBV3 not working w my 240hc

    I recommend updating the firmware first, the current version is 1.01. Connect your FBV3 to a computer via USB and run the Line 6 Updater program, free at line6.com/software. If updating the firmware does not solve your issue the next thing to troubleshoot would be the cable. The FBV 3 cable is a cat5 cable, so if you have a spare ethernet cable lying around you can test to see if the cable is faulty. If none of this works to fix your problem contact customer support.
  7. ADBrown

    Spider V 60 Amp/USB function

    I don't think you can send audio from the USB the way you are trying. You can configure audio to be sent out of the headphone out jack, hold down the home button and scroll until you find the parameter to let the headphone jack send audio. Also the USB can send audio directly to any DAW, just plug Spider V into your computer via USB and select Spider V in your DAW's input and output settings.
  8. ADBrown

    Jazz/fusion sounds

    I'm into playing similar styles of music; I really like the Kinky Boost, set really low, for thickening up my tone. The Minotaur drive is also really great at boosting and giving just a bit of gain, depending how you set it. The Kinky Comp can be a bit "aggressive", I typically only use it for a really tight compressed funk sound. I like the LA Studio Comp, it's fairly flexible, from a smooth/transparent to actually driving your amp a bit. Check out Brandon Coleman from Cincinnati, he uses a Helix and gets a really nice Jazz/Fusion tone.
  9. ADBrown

    HX effects in the amps loop

    To eliminate potential ground loop hum
  10. ADBrown

    Are they usually this bad?

    Sorry to hear it came out of the box in such condition. I've always found the alternate tunings to work quite well. Going on what you said about the guitar's condition, it sounds like it needs a proper setup. If your guitar is not physically in tune or properly intonated this will directly translate to the alternate tunings. It's also important to make sure the sound of the amplified guitar is louder than the guitar. If not you'll hear the guitar tuned in standard and the alternate tuning coming out of your amplification source, which could clash in a nasty way.
  11. ADBrown

    Are any artists ACTUALLY using the Helix?

    Jeff is also running two Helix Racks in back!
  12. ADBrown

    HX effects in the amps loop

    Yes, you will want to set it up like this:
  13. ADBrown

    FBV 3 won't change LED colour

    Hi Ted, FBV 3 is compatible with the Amplifi series but unfortunately only in function. All the footswitches will function properly, but you will not get the color coded LED rings, just the red as you have experienced.
  14. ADBrown

    Similar amps as the Powercab 112

    Mission, Friedman, and others make their own powered guitar cabinets, but Powercab does do a bit more that sets it in it's own category for now. Powercab can be used like a traditional guitar cab or can be run in an FRFR mode. The speaker models act as if you are actually changing out the 1x12 speaker in the cab for more tonal flexibility an options. And Powercab+ adds even more control with MIDI and digital connections, and IR loading which is pretty powerful and not currently found in any powered extension cabinet.
  15. ADBrown

    Helix Sync Over L6 LINK

    I can confirm the speaker model switching in this video was done via MIDI.