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  1. ADBrown

    Helix IR's vs Powercab Built in IR's

    In addition to what has already been said; even if your modeler can load IR's, using IR's loaded into Powercab can still be useful in freeing up DSP on your modeling device.
  2. ADBrown

    G10 and Spider V

    The amp needs to be on in order to charge the G10t. If you don't want to leave your amp on to charge your G10t, Line 6 makes a USB to 1/4" cable to charge the G10t. https://shop.line6.com/relay-g10t-usb-charging-cable.html
  3. Hi RĂ¼di, mounting your XD-V35 beneath your pedal train, and being partially blocked by the POD could lead to reduced signal strength; which could lead to reduced range and dropouts. Typically you do not want any metal barriers between your transmitter and receiver.
  4. ADBrown

    Anyone have a list of the amps translated?

    Here are two links, one that lists that equivalent model the effect or amp is based on. The second link is experiencing some issues with the text (at least on my end), but it also gives a little blurb about each amp, and offers a bit more insight into some of the Line 6 original amps, which can be modded amps or cool mash of up amps. http://thetoneking.com/wp/line-6-spider-v-full-model-and-preset-list/ https://line6.com/support/page/kb/amplifiers/spider-v/spider-v-series-model-list-r839/
  5. As other forum goers have mentioned, running Variax acoustic through a traditional combo amp will not provide quality results. If you are looking for a cheap combo amp that does both great acoustic and electric tones check out the Spider V series. Spider V amps have a traditional guitar speaker along with a high frequency tweeter. The combination of the the guitar speaker and tweeter means you can plug in an acoustic guitar and expect good results. This also makes Spider V great for audio playback and providing a full range to get the most out of the amp models in Spider V. There are even acoustic presets to get you started.
  6. ADBrown

    (High) gain staging

    Make sure your input levels going into Helix Native are at an appropriate level for later gain staging. A low cut anywhere between 80-100Hz can help tame any low end boomy/woofiness. Experimenting with the high cut will also take out any fizz you are experiencing. I'd also recommend checking out the Line 6 Doom and Badonk models as well as some of the other high gain amps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF9jkFlddX4
  7. ADBrown

    FBV 3 won't change LED colour

    When connecting FBV 3 to a Spider V amp you will get the color coded rings on the FBV 3. The color of the rings indicates what type of effect is assigned to that foot-switch (delay=green, modulation=blue, overdrive/dist=yellow), but you can't customize the color of an effect. The LED colors will change according to what type of effect is assigned.
  8. ADBrown

    what are you using the pre blocks for?

    Most common use I see for preamp uses are when running out the power section of an amp. Though running a preamp into amp is also very common. There are plenty of preamp pedals that are made to be run in front of an amp. Running a preamp into an amp gives you more EQ control before you hit the amp, additional gain staging, and perhaps a different flavor of gain.
  9. ADBrown

    Using Android Spider Remote

    For a lot of Android devices you will need an OTG adapter or OTG cable to use Spider Remote with Spider V.
  10. ADBrown

    Another Speaker/Amp Question

    Running Helix intro your Spider Valve MKii will be a different sounding experience than running to FOH. As jws1982 mentioned, try turning the cab sim off on Helix and running into your effects loop. A lot of players will use the 4 cable method when going this route, using a digital preamp in Helix with the power section of your amp. This also lets you put effects in front of your amp as well as in the effects loop. There's plenty of diagrams online for "4cm" and also a 4cm preset in the templates setlist.
  11. ADBrown

    Powercab IRs

    3rd party IR's well affect the sound output by the speaker. Assuming you would be using an IR with Powercab in flat mode, it would be the same as having the IR loaded last in your signal chain in your modeler. The speaker models are not IR's. The driver in Powercab physically changes and reacts differently with each speaker model. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think you can use an IR loaded into Powercab and a speaker model at the same time. It is either speaker model mode, flat mode, or flat mode with an IR loaded.
  12. All of the effects from the pedals you mentioned are in PODHD500, so if you are just looking for those effects you are already set. If you're interested in adding more effects to your sound or balancing DSP as one user mentioned, check out the M-series of pedals from Line 6. The M-Series takes the DL4, MM4, FM4, and DM4 and puts them all in one box. A more powerful effects option would be the HX effects. HX Effects takes all of amazing sounding effects from the Helix family, plus all the M-Series effects, in one box. It can also load IR's which you could pair with PODHD500 for more tonal options.
  13. ADBrown

    Hx Effects Preset view

    Hi Daniel, this forum is great for getting help with products and interacting with other Line 6 users. For product ideas and requests, check out line6.ideascale.com. On ideascale end users can post and vote on product feature requests and Line 6 product managers do check out ideascale. There's a few posts for the same request you might consider up-voting. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-Effects-6-Button-Preset-or-Snapshot-Mode/926205-23508#idea-tab-comments
  14. Unfortunately, since all the amp and effect modeling takes place in Amplifi, and there is no effects loop, you won't be able to use a looper pedal in front of Amplifi and get the desired results of effected tones in the loop.
  15. ADBrown

    Bypass Spider V effects when using IOS?

    Any audio sent through USB to Spider V will not be sent through any amp modeling or effects. I use my Ipad connected via USB to play drums from the Drumgenius app and it works great.