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Community Answers

  1. For 25 or 6 to 4, I'm pretty sure Kath used a Cry Baby Wah and a Bogen Challenger PA head plugged into a Fender Dual Showman. You could probably sub out the dual showman with a twin model and use a cab or IR with 15" speakers. For the Bogen PA, maybe try the studio tube pre, or another preamp, directly into the twin model.
  2. 128 presets, all presets are user writeable. When using Spider Remote you can save presets to the amp, your computer, the cloud, or both.
  3. The Relay G10t is not compatible with Spider V 30. G10t is only compatible with Spider V 60 and above. If you need a smaller amp that is compatible with G10t you can also check out the Yamaha THR ii wireless. It is also compatible with the G10t.
  4. Not every speaker model has a specific matching amp. You are correct that jensons are closely related with Fender, Greenbacks with Marshall, etc. But something like DINO (cannabis rex) is a custom speaker that I've seen end up in a lot of different amps, for a lot of different styles of music. Typically when running Helix with PowerCab, you'll want to disable the cab modeling in Helix. This lets you use powercab's physical cabinet and digitally switch speaker models. I think matching up amp models with expected speaker model is a good starting point. I've found some cool tones by mixing and matching unexpected combinations as well.
  5. FBV 3 is not compatible with Spiderv V 20. FBV3 is compatible with Spider V 30 and above models. Here is a list of complete compatibility:
  6. Here's a list of all the amp model equivalents in Spider V
  7. There are no HD Amps/Effects in Spider V. The complete model list is available below:
  8. It sounds like you may have found the model list for a different product. You are correct Spider V only has the 4 amp categories. The link below is a full list of the amps/effects in Spider V. Your Spider V can become a Spider V MkII with a simple firmware update. MkII adds new redesigned factory presets and the option of Classic or FRFR speaker mode in each preset. Classic speaker mode disables the tweeter and Spider V functions like a traditional guitar amp. If you do decide to update to the latest firmware be sure to back up any presets you want to save with the Spider Remote app.
  9. For a flat/neutral sound turn off all effects on Spider V and select "No Amp" option for the amp.
  10. Hi Robert, I just sent you an email for setting up a POD Go Skype Lesson. Cheers, Doc
  11. ADBrown

    Tone Spider V60

    If you have the Spider Remote app you can search for user created tones and audition and tweak them on your amp. There are also Line 6 tone templates, which are good starting points for building an artist's guitar tone. There is a tone template for Slash's Appetite for Destruction rig.
  12. To connect Spider V 20 to your iPad you will need the Apple Camera Connection Kit.
  13. If you want to run Spider V flat turn off all effects, and for the amp you can select "no amp" from the clean amp category. If you are running pedals into Spider V I recommend using an amp model.
  14. The Spider PC app is the same for all Spider V models, from the 20 up to the 240. From my previous link, you can use the "All Software" pull down menu to locate Spider V remote. You'll be taken to a download page, just be sure to choose the right OS.
  15. PodGO has a computer editor, but it does not have an editor for mobile device like Spider V/Spider Remote. User created tones can be downloaded from for PodGO. You will find a lot of similar amps/cabs/effects between PodGO and Spider V, but the PodGO uses the same model set found in Helix, so the quality of modeling is much higher. PodGO also has an effects loop so you can easily use it with other external pedals.
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