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  1. Going to need to put together a patch for Josie. I'll end up with one snapshot for most of the song, and one for the lead break (I assume). Anyone have any recommendations how to get the sound?
  2. Man that's really cool of you to put time into this. I posted this thinking someone might already have a patch from having used Helix to cover the song, but of course even if someone did that doesn't mean they monitor this forum. Anyway, have it downloaded and I will bang around with it tomorrow after work. Thinking I might make a lead patch from the Big chords. After a week or so if I have something I think is really good I will share it on the Custom Tone page and credit you.
  3. I'd love to know more about your rig and how you chose it? My concern with most FRFR speakers is they don't respond quite like a guitar speaker. That can be an issue when using the speaker for guitar feedback. An example song was "Possum Kingdom". Once or twice that I've tried a decent powered monitor as my speaker I found that I got very undesirable feedback. Back when I was using 11 rack through my Heartbreaker amp it sounded freaking awesome. I was hoping Powercab would be better for that and I believe it is, but it doesn't have the power I had hoped for and the sound quality (used just as FRFR mode) isn't blowing me away. Had any experience with that? P.S. Honestly I only use Powercab for my own monitoring and for rehearsal. Playing live I run Helix directly to FOH board.
  4. I feel like the first key to Helix sounding good is smart use of EQ (something I'm still trying to learn) and the second is what you play it through (also a work in progress for me). Third might be use of compression.
  5. I was seriously considering Axe FX when I decided that Line 6 had really stepped up the quality of its sounds with Helix. I loved the all-in-one foot unit concept, and I had been playing with rack units and separate controllers and it could sometimes be a PITA. Right now I"m playing Helix through the Powercab 1x12 Plus and to be honest I don't love the sound of the Powercab. I haven't started to explore the use of IRs with it though. I miss my old boogie amps that were brighter and clearer, and had a great overdriven sound. But for what I am doing these days (all cover music) Helix/Variax is just a much better rig. If I were in a band doing original stuff, maybe I'd just go back to tube amps and pedals. Don't know. I don't miss lugging that heavy gear and dealing with tube amp issues and repair costs.
  6. It was a Zoom 9150 rack tube preamp/effects unit that I bought in the 90s. Example: https://reverb.com/item/41916665-zoom-9150-valve-dsp-rack-mount-guitar-preamp-effects-unit Ran it through a Mesa Boogie amp.
  7. I've got a Variax and thus far I have been using a Les Paul model
  8. I need all 3 sounds (I use snapshots). I used to play through some gear that had patches made by Steve Stevens and they all 3 sounded right. One was that 80s chorusey clean sound, one was the overdriven sound and one was a good sound to use for the lead. TBH I always owned Mesa Boogie amps, never Marshalls. Not that familiar with Plexi. I tried starting with someone's "Rebel Yell" patch, but the clean isn't really spot on for this song, and so far I haven't dialed it in.
  9. Anyone have a good patch for "White Wedding" by Billy Idol?
  10. That does look like a fun guitar to play. I have a Schecter guitar with a Sustaniac that I could be using. I got it pretty inexpensively and I admit I do love how that guitar looks and feels. But my current rig is Variax into Helix using DVI and I would like to avoid switching guitars if at all possible. That was one of the selling points of going with this rig. Guitar modeling. Sound like whatever axe I want to sound like. Down side is it doesn't have the Sustaniac.
  11. Thanks for posting that. I enjoy the hell out of these kinds of videos. For my live rig I typically run direct from Helix to FOH, and I have a monitor in front of me or lately it's usually in-ears. The in-ear rig allows me to dial up my own monitor mix, which I love. But I used to play through Mesa Boogie amps, and I confess I miss them. Clark can play feedback off his speaker cab as guitarists have done for many years, but I can't do that with my rig. I did purchase a Powercab Plus which I use when I play in a bigger band and cannot trust that the sound guy can give me a good monitor mix. So I use the Powercab only for monitoring my own guitar playing. But I'm not in love with the Powercab. To be fair I just use it in pass through mode and have not yet begun to experiment with its IR capabilities. Maybe if I did that I'd like it better. Dunno. But it doesn't stand up to the boogies. But I don't want to stop using the amp and cab simulations in the Helix for cover band playing. The flexibility is just too much to give up. So I don't foresee switching back to my boogies unless I end up in a band doing original music. Which would be awesome, but there's nothing cooking on that front right now, and where I live there's not a huge market for that.
  12. I actually do use one of those to get the feedback. I have a guitar with a Sustainiac which I bought so I could play things like "With or Without You". And that does a decent job with this particular song. But my question is not "How do I sound like Possum Kingdom", folks. Just in general, it is quite common to use a compressor to add sustain when you have a signal chain that gives you a sound you like for a song, but does not sustain as much as you need it to. I would like to set up a compressor in the Helix Favorites with particular settings that I can use when all I want to do is add sustain to a patch that's already working in all other respects.
  13. That's a good approach a lot of the time, but in many cases I want to add sustain without increasing the volume (or increasing it very little).
  14. I have an external pedal in a loop for the feedback. Works great. But my question wasn't really specific to that song. I meant it as a general question since it comes up repeatedly in various tunes.
  15. Hey gang. When you just want to add sustain to an already good patch, say for a section of your lead break for example (or maybe your entire lead break) what is your preferred compressor and what settings? I'm not talking about FREEZE here, just massively long sustain? In this particular instance I need it for Possum Kingdom lead section, but it's a common issue.
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