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  1. 12. Swap USB cables. 13. Swap USB ports 14. Try with no USB hub and with hub
  2. Unfortunatelly I am not OSX expert. I guess both drivers are Core Audio. If you can change sample rate it is "downloaded". Class Compliant one os 48kHz and can not be unistalled. If crackling occurs at 512 samples buffer it is no good. It is huge already. Maybe somebody OSX experienced can join the thread and help you.
  3. Crackling noise. 10. Check if setting higher buffer helps. 11. Swap drivers. There are two of them: Class Complaint 48kHz and "multisampling downloaded"
  4. Sure. It can be the case but don't give up yet. 8. All Returns if set to instrument level are equal to guitar input set to 1Mohm. Try to set them to USB, check if they work properly. 9. What kind of noise is that?
  5. Isolate the issue. 1. Deagregate interfaces. 2. Check if round trip on Hx works (DI to DAW, DAW to Helix, Helix to DAW) and how it differs from monitoring direct. 3. Agregate again 4. Check if round trip works while agregatted. 5. Make some conclusions, 6. Change troubleshooting method if not succesfull. 7. Keep the forum informed.
  6. zolko60

    Sync'ing Hardware Helix with Helix Native plug-in

    Sure, it would be nice. One drag and drop instead of export/import the setlist. Automatic syncing through the Line 6 cloud would be even nicer. ;) Some day... maybe.
  7. zolko60

    Sync'ing Hardware Helix with Helix Native plug-in

    I dunno but why not sync manually entire setlist? You can also keep it in cloud in case you have hardware and native in two locations.
  8. AUX input has 10kohm impedance. If indeed Hx Floor mic input gives you too much gain you can try this. It has fixed gain, right? Is it the same as guitar input (10dBu=0dBFS)? But please consider that feedback threshold is not the matter of preamp gain but how loud your monitor is set. It is better to keep about 10dB of input headroom and master volume lower than 40dB of headroom and master volume up.
  9. There are some specs. 2kohm output impedance. Not really low, not really high. Does it only have 1/4" TS jack output? It should work fine with Helix FL XLR mic input even with cold to ground connection. If you have DAW, you can check how loud Helix mic pre can drive it. I don't recommend guitar input or DI box.
  10. What mic? What Helix? Why 1/4-XLR adapter? Why guitar input?
  11. zolko60

    HX Stomp Class Compliance (Linux Audio Interface)?

    There are some problems with Hx class compliancy under Linux. There is a thread about it:
  12. zolko60

    Links for free Impulse Responses (IR) here

    Peavey Revalver has nice set of IRs. Usable after conversion from ogg to wav. https://peavey.com/products/revalver/ Yamaha THR100 utility also installs IRs. I have intercepted 92 pcs. https://usa.yamaha.com/support/updates/index.html?c=guitars_basses&k=thr100
  13. zolko60

    Links for free Impulse Responses (IR) here

    IR Workshop comes with synthetic cab IRs (whatever it means ;) https://github.com/ValdemarOrn/IRWorkshop
  14. zolko60

    3rd party amp packs

    Well... The idea of 3rd party plugins (DSP blocks) would be great. What Line6 claims is what they call "Helix Core" is somewhat Sharc DSP independent. (BTW there are 3rd party plugins for UA Sharc enviroment) Let's face it - some DSP blocks are ugly and far behind the competition and I do not think Line6 programmer team can make them better while there is a push for new ones. There is nothing wrong in closed architecture unless you open it for third party software developers. Line6 at least could at take advantage of Yamaha experience.