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  1. zolko60

    Presets via PC??

    Well, you can call it workaround, however while I have no idea how it works - it works. One drawback is you have to save presets twice, cause Reaper somehow "doubles" or "overrides" Hx presets. To me switching it is no more glitchy than changing presets on hardware Helix. The gap is almost the same.
  2. zolko60

    Presets via PC??

    As I stated in the second post, there is no problem in changing HxN presets in Reaper (and other VST hosts/DAWs) via "Reaper Plugin Presets" automated by Midi Program Changes. Please read my manual and try yourself. It works.
  3. zolko60

    Can Helix be used as a serious Audio Interface?

    So you can report how serious Helix sound quality wise when compared to UA Apollo. I find Helix superior to Digi002, Mbox1, Behringer UMC202HD and NI Komplete Audio 6.
  4. zolko60

    MIDI control over USB via Android tablet ?

  5. zolko60

    Presets via PC??

    I will not tell you why not but majority of DAWs/hosts use plugin snapshots for preset changes.
  6. zolko60

    Can Helix be used as a serious Audio Interface?

    Right. Helix is serious audio interface. AD/DA converters deliver very good sound quality - low distortion and fair S/N ratio. HiZ to amp tests prove it sounds like good analog buffer. The only drawback is high (as for 2015-20 years) latency, but as mentioned - Helix is not marketed as audio interface.
  7. zolko60

    Hum - only on right channel

    Try to use sends as outputs to make sure you are troubleshooting correctly and take a support ticket. Greets! (I remember the times there were no northern Germany - just eastern and western ;)
  8. zolko60

    Guitar Input vs Effects Return

    Inputs called "Returns" have 1Mohm impedance and level when set to "instrument". Acoording to my measurements they have the same S/N ratio as "Guitar Input". Unfortuatelly you can't use tuner with that input.
  9. zolko60

    best I.R'S

    I don't know much about Fishman and what part IRs are playing in their products. Still owning the Fishman does not mean "use its IR" ;) In case of Palmer - it has no IRs, just simple analog "cab sim" made by pretty simple EQ at DI output. Hovewer while capturing IR of IR is not fair, if you mix them and make your own original elaboration... it is like in music ;)
  10. zolko60

    best I.R'S

    Oh please give me a break. How an IR of a preamp, di-box, eq or reverb is 1:1 product of any manufacturer of that product? You are not making a "copy" by capturing its response. We are on forum devoted to amp and fx modelling. No amp or fx model is supposed to nor will ever be 1:1 copy of its hardware original. It can only mimic some aspects of its functionality.
  11. zolko60

    best I.R'S

    Make your own IR. Shoot Dirac Impulse through your Palmer DI box/analog speaker emulator - you will get IR right out with no convolution software. It is legal.
  12. zolko60

    Helix Owner's Manual erratum - Let's help Line6!

    OK. I will try to contact with Mr. Digital Igloo when Line6 Technical Support will not service me. Thank you for your cooperation phil.
  13. zolko60

    Helix Owner's Manual erratum - Let's help Line6!

    OK, but I don't know Ben Adrian and I don't care to any private (edit: unofficial public) posts of any company employees on public forums. What he wrote is scarry for me.
  14. zolko60

    Helix Owner's Manual erratum - Let's help Line6!

    Thegearpage is not reliable source of information for me. I will take Support Ticket to clarify that . From Frank Ritchotte Line 6 official message on Helix facebook group: "(...)2019 is going to be a banner year for the Helix family. Our goal is to get you more tools to make more music and maybe push you to try some things you might not otherwise. I think we will deliver. Thank you so much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Are we prepared?
  15. zolko60

    Helix Owner's Manual erratum - Let's help Line6!

    I tried not to place any scarry information in my erratum. If it is better word, please propose. If something is incorrect please propose your own version. Placing digital attenuator before DA converter would significantly make Signal to Noise and dynamic range ratio worse. This is why unity gain for input/ouput pair is full clockwise and volume knob can not add gain to any controlled outputs. Thank you for your cooperation in the project!