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  1. If I'm running my Helix, minus cabinet sims, into the front of my tube amp should my output be set to line or instrument? Will there be any sound difference between the two? I'm on the road and won't have access to it for a few days so thought I'd ask.
  2. overdub is set at 0 db as i've always had it. i typically don't overdub. I just use the looper to jam over my rhythm part
  3. i'm running firmware version 2.20.0 is there any good reason why all of a sudden my looper playback level is lower than that of my incoming guitar signal? i haven't changed anything. typically i have the looper post-amp/effects,at the very end of my signal chain. tried turning playback up but it maxes out at 0.0
  4. OP here. yep. i see a Comic Book Guy (or two) has already arrived. apparently i forgot that on these forums one needs to choose their words very carefully otherwise some condescending virgin...i mean, expert, is going to call you out on it. "FRFR fail" was merely a way to possibly get someone's attention who might be shopping for one and to let them possibly take from my experience and learn that maybe they don't need one. in no way was i universally implying that FRFR wasn't the way to go and i clearly stated that what worked for me might not work for others. i just thought it was worth bringing it up because a lot of people (like myself previously) wouldn't have considered putting an amp simulation through a real amp. so like i said before- YMMV, but give it a shot before dropping 800 bucks (possibly) unnecessarily. so there. hope it wasn't too emotional. ;)
  5. exactly, and i've always been reluctant to try it that way (helix into an amp preamp) because to me it would be somewhat of a "caricature" in that i'd be putting an amp through an amp...but it works. doing it this way has an immediacy and added realism that simply doesn't exist going FRFR which is strange given how well it works going through my near field monitors when i record. maybe it's a lucky, happy marriage so to speak between the Rivera and the Helix...maybe they somehow like each other? i'm curious if others have had similar results with their amps? FWIW i'm not new to this. been playing and chasing tone for well over 30 years. i've owned virtually every mesa ever made, fender custom shop amps, a friedman ss, various carr amps, orange...you name it, so i'd like to think i know good tone when i hear it. this just works.
  6. shortly after purchasing my helix i purchased a QSC K12 as it's always been my understanding that modelers sound best through these kinds of speakers. one day for sh!ts and grins i decided to see how my Helix sounded through the front of my Rivera Venus Deux, which is Rivera's "pedal" platform amplifier. i called up some of my favorite patches, turned off any IR's and/or cab sims and plugged it in to the Rivera. wow. just, wow. sounded absolutely incredible. even through the Rivera's single 12, there was more "oomph" and resonance than what i'd experienced w/the cab simulations through the QSC. to be fair, the Rivera is a hell of an amp and its enclosure is a bit larger than the average 1X12 combo, but still... after about 15 minutes i plugged back in to the QSC which left me even more floored as to how much better the Helix sounded through the Rivera. who knew? i suppose YMMV as they say, but for me it's a no-brainer. the QSC is now on CL. i would encourage any one who has a good tube amp with a nice sounding clean channel to try what i did before plopping down a good chunk of change on a FRFR. you may be very pleasantly surprised...or not, but it's worth a try before you buy.
  7. i used Ignite Amps' NadIR1 mainly because that's what 3Sigma used themselves...although i noticed they were using PC platform whereas i use Mac. i loaded it per their instructions as a VST. i'm running ProTools 10 on my macbook pro but when i opened a session and looked for it, it was nowhere to be found among my plugins, AND protools started locking up/crashing on me which is something it never did before. I also tried loading/installing as an AU, but that also failed.
  8. my plans just got cancelled so i'm sitting here with my helix and sure enough it works, but i think i'm doing something wrong because after summing the two IR blocks to mono, the only option i have for a reverb block is STEREO. I don't want stereo because if i have one IR blended significantly lower in the mix i'm going to wind up w/more volume on one side, and less on the other. maybe it's the A/B thing you're talking about. i'll have to figure out how to do that.
  9. i recently purchased 3SigmaAudio's acoustic IR'S and would like to blend two different IR'S within a helix patch. does anyone know if it's possible to run 2 IR's in parallel? maybe there's a better/easier way? 3SigmaAudio suggests downloading a 3rd party IR loader (capable of loading two IR's to blend) and opening it in my DAW (protools 10), blending the two IR's within protools then bouncing the blended result into a single IR and then sending to helix. this worked poorly for me as the IR loader, Ignite Amps' NadIR1 wouldn't show up in my protools plugins, AND caused PT to crash. this is what got me thinking about my question above. not going to have access to my helix for a couple of days so i figured i'd ask here in the meantime. i'm guessing the helix may run out of processing power. given that the patch is soleley for acoustic simulations, i'd only be running the two IR'S and maybe a reverb and that's it. maybe this would allow me to squeak by with just enough processing power? anyone?
  10. do Line 6 staff ever chime in on these forums? i'd like to hear what they think. maybe i'll reach out to support.
  11. OP here. it almost sounds like settling cracks which may be contributed to the temperature changing in the unit. just a guess. they're not uniform in volume or very loud. i could be playing an acoustic with the helix at my feet and i'd never hear it.
  12. i got mine a year ago this past october so i'm guessing mine is one of the original batches as well? the clicks can be minutes apart, certainly not a steady thing but they're definitely there. mine runs rock solid so i'm in no hurry to send it off unless it were to get totally buggy on me. good to know i'm not the only one.
  13. does Helix utilize some kind of mechanical relays or anything else that could make noise? i use my helix as an external clock for my protools rig via spdif and i frequently hear "clicks" coming from the inside of the helix. understand that i'm not talking about clicks coming through the speakers. i can't say whether or not the helix only makes these noises when it's sync'd to protools because when i'm playing my guitar through it (not connected to PT) i'd never be able to hear the clicks over the sound coming out of my monitor.
  14. just wondering if there's any general preference of one over the other, and what the likes/dislikes are with either.
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