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  1. Probably Sweetwater trying to drum up headphone amp sales then, as they particularly state that "generally" open-back cans run at impedances that may require a headphone amp more so than their close-backed counterparts.
  2. In an effort to (hopefully) quell ear fatigue when using headphones w/my LT for long periods of time, I’m considering a pair of open, or semi-open headphones but it’s my understanding that many of them come w/the recommendation of a using a headphone amp. I don’t want to deal with that so I’m wondering if anyone can comment on the Helix, particularly the LT, as to how good its ability is to drive a pair of open back headphones without the help of a headphone amp.
  3. Would anyone here know if it covers 3.0? The timeline would dictate that it more than likely does but sweetwater doesn’t say either way
  4. Is there a manual out there that describes what each parameter knob does specific to the selected effect model, for ALL effects? Obviously this isn’t needed for models like tube screamers and other self-explanatory effects, but there are many that I wish had manuals specific to them.
  5. I oh so carefully shaved about a millimeter of rubber off of each rubber bumper under the expression pedal to make it easier to click the toe switch. It worked well but I may still try it with the percentages as triggers
  6. Trying to find out how, when I turn on my LT’s wah via its toe switch, to simultaneously turn on a delay.
  7. The notion of a single enclosure that can (supposedly) do stereo has piqued my interest. Are there any owners who can say how good/bad the stereo spread is? I get the whole physics aspect and know it’d never be as good as two individual cabs, but L6 were boasting something to the effect of digital trickery that can create a wide stereo effect. I’m skeptical but hopeful. Anyone?
  8. Right, I’m aware of that. Only mentioned the H9 issue to illustrate, from a previous experience, why I was concerned with putting stuff in the Bad Cat’s hot effects loop. I’m not looking to use the H9 with the LT just yet but I’m sure it’ll happen eventually
  9. My H9 input peak light was clipping/flickering virtually all the time in the Bad Cat's fx loop. Eventide said that flickering was an "early" warning of an actual, audible clip and not to sweat it...then in the same breath said that if the peak light was solid more of the time, rather than just flickering, that it could damage the pedal. My peak light was flickering a lot but when i kicked in an overdrive pedal, the peak light would indeed stay solid. Well known and documented w/the H9. They designed its input for a guitar signal level. I don't know what the hell they were thinking, especially given that it hosts a lot of time-based effects and we all know where those like to live. My Bad Cat's ridiculously hot effects loop output is equally to blame for the issue. I can run my H9 in other amps w/no issues but the Cat sounds SO good, it's a shame i can't put the H9 in its loop.
  10. Right, I just wanted to be sure the voltage can’t do any “physical” harm at the input, before any attenuation. Maybe that’s not even a possibility but I know next to nothing about electronics so…
  11. i was given the 10 volt peak to peak value by Bad Cat. They said that was the number they got "with the amp gained up" so i'm assuming they meant w/the preamp dimed, or close to it. i generally don't go past 1 o'clock on my preamp volume of the amp so maybe i'd be okay? They're actually working on a fix for this but if i can avoid shipping my amp from coast to coast...
  12. I have an LT that i'm considering using with my Bad Cat Cub via 4CM. What concerns me is that the effects send of the Bad Cat has a peak-to-peak output of 10 Volts. This factor always had my Eventide H9's input in the red, and although i couldn't "hear" the clipping, it was still concerning to me as i was told by Eventide that if i was constantly in the red that it could damage the pedal. to be fair, the H9 is an instrument level only input (it's only real major flaw to me). Does anyone know if the Helix LT can withstand the 10 volt peak-to-peak output of my amp's effects send? i would imagine i could pad it internally somehow but i'm still a little concerned until someone can confirm or deny that my concern is warranted.
  13. I’m pretty sure Boss pedals won’t pass signal unpowered. One way to find out though.
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