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  1. I run my Helix in stereo into two bad cat amps' effects loop returns, bypassing speaker modeling of course. a lot of the time i find that i get the best sound results keeping the power amp modeling section in place (verses preamp only), even though i'm going into a real amp's power section. and yes, TOTAL amp in a room experience. None of that lifeless FRFR sound.
  2. My fix for this was very carefully shaving equal amounts off of the two toe-most rubber bumpers under the expression pedal. worked very well, but then a few days later i learned of Helix's ability to auto-engage based on parameter based on the pedal's position.
  3. boynigel

    New Manuals

    Has a 4.0 thread already begun here or elsewhere? If so i wonder how many pages it's up to. don't wanna know, but then maybe i do?
  4. Agreed, and I'm sorry but i wouldn't have a lot of faith in the reliability/longevity of those things.
  5. I went down this rabbit hole when i got my Helix Floor back when they first came out, and wound up getting rid of it for the very reason you cite- no amp in a room experience. Tried it with the Friedman ASM, and QSC stuff, but still the same experience as you. years later i got the Pod Go for quiet, late night practicing. One day on a whim, i plugged the Go into the FX loop return of my Bad Cat. BAM! there it was. This was my gateway back to an LT and i haven't looked back. Unless your amp setup is a head and a huge 4x12 cab (mine's just a 112 combo), i would suggest giving it a try. You'd still be carrying an FRFR speaker to a rehearsal/gig, why not make it a combo amp instead? same footprint, and you can still feet a PA while you hear yourself through an actual amp...obviously just be sure to not have cab blocks going through to your amp. worth noting is that, at least with my amp, I get better sounds keeping the power amp modeling in place, versus using a preamp block only. YMMV
  6. boynigel

    New Manuals

    Hey, you tryin' to start something? ;)
  7. good to know, thanks. As someone who likes to be PRO-active rather than Re-active, yes, I tend to overthink things. It's a double edged sword that's saved me lots of money over time, but surely wasted some of my time too!
  8. I cover it up but fur still gets on it over time as it falls off the bottom of my feet onto it while in use
  9. I've a dog in the house. at least weekly I have to dust fur off of my LT and it got me wondering how much hair has made it's way inside the unit, via the openings for the EXP pedal hinges. I consider myself pretty handy, as I've done many electronics repairs and mods to my pedals, guitars, and amps over the years. I'm just wondering how much of a "project" it would be to blow out any accumulated dust/fur inside my LT. Has anyone done this? I'm wondering if in order to do it properly, I'd need to remove multiple PCB's, and if there's any general words of caution from anyone who's done this before?
  10. I would have except that the very first comment by phil_m makes it out to be mac-specific, and my friend is on a PC. I will now tell him to do it anyway. can't hurt. ty
  11. I told him to make sure he wasn't too many versions behind, before he updated. Pretty sure he said he was already in the 3's, version-wise.
  12. asking for a friend who uses windows (i use mac, so i couldn't help him) He has a Stomp. over the weekend he did the 3.5 update. said he updated HX edit first. After completing both updates he's saying that he sees the Vitriol model in his Stomp, but not in HX Edit when he has the Stomp connected. Not sure if it's worth mentioning but given that my personal LT took all of the 45 minutes L6 said it would, his Stomp updated in around 5 minutes. not sure if that's because the Stomp has less going on than an LT, or if this is a red flag to his woes? Suggestions?
  13. If you want to find out on the cheap, i'll sell you my Ownhammer collection at half price.
  14. Don't need to when I'm living inside your head rent-free.
  15. said it sounds good because it does. also mentioned that it sounds good as to not butt-hurt anyone and not come off as hostile or mean spirited, which I wasn't. does it sound great? that's subjective. Why? are the two amps on my wish list horrible? I'm not a gambler but I'd bet if a poll were taken on an non-L6 forum, and the Sunn, along with the two amps from my wish list were on a list with 10-20 other amp models, and people were asked to vote on which ones they'd want in a modeler, I'd be willing to bet the Sunn would get less votes than either of the two I suggested. FWIW, I made a similar comment elsewhere on the interwebs and got a lot of amens, and saw posts from others questioning the Sunn choice as well. But yes L6, don't listen to me because codamedia said not to. I'm just a guy who's money is as green as the next guy's, who made a comment/suggestion. the nerve of ME. ;)
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