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  1. Hello you all. Yesterday i was creating a preset with a stereo effect chain, both with the simple pitch effect on it. Both at the same setting, on 4 steps down. Suddenly, i think it was the pitch effect, i was getting a phasing effect. Both effects wasn´t "working" at the same rate. Any Line 6 to help me with this?
  2. Yes...it is a simple fix. Forget about my complain, lol
  3. No tuner??? I am using an extra block of audio with pod farm just to use a tuner... Please, could you guys add a simple tuner to it? Great effort on this software! Congrats for the team!
  4. http://www.prosoundnetwork.com/new-products/line-6-debuts-helix-native/47777 It says it was released today but no update on website :/
  5. Do you guys have a estimative on when it is going to be released?
  6. Ok....spring is over...where is it?????
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