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  1. yes some boosts add noise and worse, overdrive. the spark really does a neat job of adding volume w/o noise and overdrive. hopefully you and I won't blow a speaker or over-tax the powercabs (I have a feeling we will be ok)
  2. there is no l6 link or editing capabilities on the PC standard.
  3. thanks for the reply. Somehow it turns out, after getting the pc standard - it was not loud enough. I manually went into each tone and set each one louder by about 7 db. that seemed to help. I am also going to use a tc mini spark. From the output from the pedal board (which includes the hx-stomp) right into the booster and then into the powercab.
  4. sorry this place is so quiet and you did not receive a response. I am in the same boat - I am using the hx-stomp and the standard powercab and I am having volume issues. I made each of my presets louder by about 7 db and that should help somewhat. I am not sure if you can do that with your Mooer. However, I just ordered a tc spark mini booster. I already have one on my pedal board for boosts but the new one will be dedicated right in front of the powercab and it's sole purpose will be to lift each and every tone, to a louder level. I find the tc mini spark is a great value and absolutely increases loudness without changing tones or adding drive or distortion.
  5. thanks! Many pc + users have complained that the pc + comes set up with a huge negative db setting, that makes the amp out-of-the-box set at a lower volume. Since the pc standard does not have editing capabilities, can anyone confirm that pc standard amps are not set with a low db setting and should not have the loudness issue that pc + users have complained about? thanks
  6. So, if I am 100% happy with my individual helix tones, and do not wish to modify them playing live, then the Powercab 112 will be fine?
  7. perhaps the power plug attached to the unit is loose? Or the power wire on the adapter has a bad connection? Kind of like when headphone plugs get damaged and you twist the wire and one of the channels on the head phones cuts in and out? Perhaps you're losing power for an instant so the system reboots randomly as the power gets resumed an instant later.
  8. talonmm

    Helix 2.9 Update

    Great point! Just skip right over it and move along to a topic of interest! Not just here at line 6's great forum, but it seems every forum on every subject from music, to sports, to what-ever-else, is filled with nasty argumentative chatter. No need for this.
  9. talonmm

    Helix 2.9 Update

    I understand, thanks for pointing that out as I missed it the first time around. I know these discussions about future updates and their schedule get monotonous and out of hand, but somehow I do enjoy them. Kind of like when we were kids waiting for holiday presents.... Things leaking out in the past such as DT amp integrations and perhaps improved polyphonic abilities to come, keep things really interesting....
  10. talonmm

    Helix 2.9 Update

    Before you and others jump on the op, we were told over and over again, that the new way of coding future Helix updates would really speed up future updates. I don't feel that a polite inquiry after five months (if it's really been that long) is out of line - especially given the announcement from line 6 about faster updates coming our way. Yes I know - we are not entitled to any updates ever again, yada yada yada; and many updates (and the news associated with them) is "Top-Secret" like area-51 stuff, but this discussion and question should not be mocked.
  11. sounds like a great mod!
  12. I totally agree, and was thrilled to pick one up with a broken reverb tank for very little money. It works great with pedals and a helix (and the helix can help with reverb now that my amp's reverb tank is broken) but when starting from scratch when creating a helix tone, and having tons of amps to choose from and tons of cabinets with celestrian speakers, I was surprised that the op choose a bandit IR.
  13. I can't imagine a peavy bandit being the go-to choice for clean tones with so many other amps to choose from, but thanks for the ir library link. I purchased an old Bandit a couple of years back and use a clear tone and have my helix go right into the input jack on the front. It's not my favorite amp solution when using a helix, but it works well when I want to travel light.
  14. I tried going this route several years ago and was surprised how poorly acoustic guitar amps worked. There are some good-to-great deals on used L2 and L3 stage source powered speakers out there - you will be much happier with a FRFR solution.
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