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  1. talonmm

    acoustic guitar amplifier with Helix

    I tried going this route several years ago and was surprised how poorly acoustic guitar amps worked. There are some good-to-great deals on used L2 and L3 stage source powered speakers out there - you will be much happier with a FRFR solution.
  2. talonmm

    Should us "hobbyists" be doing so many updates?

    sorry, I truly had no idea
  3. talonmm

    Should us "hobbyists" be doing so many updates?

    Glad to hear the bricks can be fixed without sending the units in for repair. I think sometimes the treads end (or start) when the unit is frozen and not responding to roll backs or additional attempts to update again. Thanks!
  4. talonmm

    Should us "hobbyists" be doing so many updates?

    We see this differently. I meant if a gigging musician updated to 2.8 and he discovers like some did, that the la comp is causing loudness issues on his tones, he is going to have to upgrade asap to 2.81. Although you feel that dot releases are the ones we should update to with the least hesitation, there are some on this forum site that had their systems brick going from 2.8 to 2.81. So that's why I stated this thread asking if marginal updates are worth it to those of us who do not gig much with our helix. Then you ask why wouldn't I upgrade? I am just wondering if a possible bricked unit (yes I know the chances of this are low) and the headache of sending the machine in for repair are worth it? I'd like to hear what others think.
  5. talonmm

    Review of the Kemper Stage

    I don't care about this video or comparrision, but I'd like to just add that the EVH striped Helix cover is really cool!
  6. talonmm

    Review of the Kemper Stage

    Wait a minute - grand and a half for a unit with that screen??? Does it take floppy disks too?
  7. I love the helix line - these free firware updates have been wonderful. With the updates, and the tone downloads available, my sound is getting better and better! With that said, I was quick to update to 2.8 and like most others, did not have an issue upgrading. But some did, and then when 2.81 came out, it seemed like it the new firware fixed some bugs, but not all; and perhaps added some new bugs too. For the first time, I was very hesitant about upgrading again to the latest firmware update (2.81). I have no upcoming gigs on the calendar, so if I discover a bug or a problem, it won't affect me much (playing out is another matter, and that's why I titled this thread with "hobbyists"). If I upgrade these small-incremental updates successfully (ie. going form 2.8 to 2.81, the improvement is marginal at best, and if I encounter a problem and my helix becomes a brick and unresponsive to rollbacks or repeated attempts to redo the upgrade, I have a headache that would probably require shipping the unit somewhere or driving 30 miles to a service center and who knows how long it will be out of commission. The good news is the chances that so many updates will work as they should is quite high. The bad news is that the downside of a failed update could be huge. And these secondary updates to fix some bugs are so marginal in improvements, I am wondering if it's worthwhile to keep up with the latest updates versus only doing them if my unit is affected with a bug. It seems like we're all playing Russian Roulette. One last thought: I believe as a frequent down-loader to the free helix tones, there's no need to jump from 2.8 to 2.81 - as the custom tones should all work with 2.8 and/or 2.81? Is that assumption correct? I'd like to hear from other "hobbyists" how they feel about this, since I totally understand the need to upgrade if you are a gigging musician with your Helix.
  8. talonmm

    Review of the Kemper Stage

    oh my - that lcd small screen reminds me of the days of the hd500 line!
  9. talonmm

    DT Amps FB Users Group

    I thought the integration was amazing, but I am far from a whiz with the DT amps and Helix. Are there issues or challenges with the integration of these two products that I and others might not be aware of?
  10. I wish I could give you a specific link, but I don't have the time to search for it. Go to the variax section of the line 6 forums and search the first few pages (sorted by most recent). You are looking for a subject titled something like "plink" or "plinnking" or "low e string problems". The giveaway will be that there are many many more responses to that post than any others. That post was started a very long time ago. go to the last few pages of the post (the most recent activity) and you will see some specific mentions where the variax community either stated, or proved that Line 6 does not know how to fix the problem. If line 6 knows how to fix the problem, then why are so many people still unable to get their low e string to work after trying so many different remedies and replacement of parts?
  11. My plank issue was with a JTF-89F guitar. Great guitar - I still can use it with the conventional pickups. I believe the plinking issue happens across most (if not all the newer models). Many have said some guitars never get the low e string plink, and some do, but no one is sure why. I have a friend that's a guitar tech and he tried to repair my variax (even getting parts from Line 6), to no avail. I have tried cleaning various things and put thicker strings (thicker strings worked for some). Nothing helped. Many other people found no fix and if you visit that part of the forum, it has been acknowledged that Line 6 has admitted they don't know how to fix this problem.
  12. I don't want to appear too harsh on line 6. I love many of their products. Hopefully the people who have purchased amlifi amps have found a way to get them repaired. It's good to know Line 6 has not abandoned them. I had purchased a used HD50 2x12 amp and it never stopped working, but it turned out to have been built with one of those bad power supplies. Although used, Line 6 honored the original warranty and switched out the part(s) for no charge. No one is perfect and they have had some misses in their history and some big hits. I really like Line 6 company and many of their innovative products.
  13. I agree. However, it was mentioned that line 6 is still promoting the ampli line. if you check out the amplifi area (an update has not been provided by line 6 in years, there have been posts that parts are not available for the amplifi models anymore, and there is no support for the models)... here is the link:
  14. The Ampli Reading posts in the Amplifi area, it appears Line 6 has abandoned support and the amps they produced. There are some line 6 items like the amplifi amps, the g10 wireless (prior to the new g10s) that had design issues that were never corrected. On the variax front, some players found ways to fix their guitars, many didn't. and why would their style make the low e string not work, but allow the a string and the four others to work ok?
  15. Line 6 certainly have had their successes - but also a lot of disasters (amplifi and Variax come to mind) I have a Variax with the dreaded low E plink string. I heard the helix firmware update gave some new options for Variax users. Has anyone been able to add volume to their low E string or change any parameters with the new firmware to improve this problem that Line 6 admitted they don't know how to fix?