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  1. talonmm

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    I did some research on this, found and ordered the M-Audiosport Uno. That cable has one usb end to pllug into a computer and then two midi ends. if the amp has one midi jack, will this cable work by itself? or do I need something else? This would explain why over the years with the helix, the midi commands never seemed to do anything!
  2. talonmm

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    Another question, I'm at work and not sure what my dt amp firmware is at the moment; but for those of us who find that they need to update the dt firmware: It was mentioned that you need to have a specific midi to usb cable, as some cables don't work. If some of us have to update, and we are not sure if our midi to usb cable is the correct version, will we brick our amps or will the update just not work and the amp will be no worse off if we have an incompatible cable? I hate to have to purchase a new cable if I find that I have what I believe might be the correct cable. thanks
  3. talonmm

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    Brue58ski, you said earlier, there was a dt update from May 2018. Can you please confirm which is accurate? Thanks!
  4. talonmm

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    I don't recall that an announcement was issued that a dt upgrade was created or needed? Can anyone confirm that there is a dt upgrade and that's it's needed? thanks
  5. talonmm

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    thanks for the quick reply. Unless I did something wrong, it appears the preamp is not being bypassed. I was able to raise gain and change voicings, and all other preamp functions on the amp when the helix was connected with the L6t link. The preamp functions changed the tones quite a lot. The screen you are showing looks like it is not a seamless link, as the preset shows topology, channels, and many other options. I guess once the editing is done, clicking the global button means that every preset will follow those exact parameters? But doesn't the topology and other settings change clean tones and dirty tones quite a lot which means this is not a seamless integration? And if I download a tone, and someone has modified the dt output using "global", does that conflict or change my global dt settings?
  6. talonmm

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    Prior to ver. 2.8, I still used my dt amps with the L6 cable connected to the Helix and dt amp. With the gain down, I found the amp and helix worked well together, and I was quite pleased with the various tones they produced. The clean tones, light overdrive tones, and heavy overdrive tones all sounded fine without having to send midi codes to the amp. I was looking forward to the 2.8 upgrade to see the two units work even better together. Now that 2.8 is here, when I hook up the Helix and DT amp, they sound fine, but the amp's controls - such as gain, class a/b, pentode/triode and the I-IV voicings still are able to be modified on the amp controls. I thought that 2.8 helix firmware would take control of the amp in the way the old hd500 hardware did. Yes I realize the architecture in the Helix and HD500 hardware are very different and exact integration in the Helix is not possible, but am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to disable the amp's preamp functions for better integration?
  7. talonmm

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    This is so funny (and true! :)
  8. talonmm

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    OK, I am sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were calling guitar players who try to emulate others "the fools". it's all good. Thanks for the clarification and for editing your original post. While we are on this topic, I just want to say, that the Helix, and the contributors on custom tone at this website are amazing. And sometimes I swear, I sound just like the recordings I hear. I know we can debate amps in the room, and what the original recordings sounded like, but when I fire up my helix, and play Van Halen or Led Zep songs I achieve those incredible tones! I am not disillusioned - I'm no Jimmy Page or Eddie, but the sound and tone are there and that's thrilling! And I've played out in bands at bars and have been complimented on my tones and how quickly I can switch them up (thanks to the Helix and the tones I've downloaded and modified for my needs). So, yes I will never sound exactly like Eddie, or Jimmy (or Jimi H.) but others will, and thanks to this technology, I'm closer than I ever dreamed I'd be. Now where the heck is the 2.8 update?????
  9. talonmm

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Oh boy, someone's a little grumpy..... Have you ever seen a tribute band or a really good guitarist? Besides, my post was done tongue in cheek - please relax.....
  10. talonmm

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    The correct answer is "Yes they will, if they use a helix with the 2.8 firmware update!"
  11. talonmm

    Def Leppard Hysteria Snapshot Tone

    awesome! thanks guys!
  12. talonmm

    Def Leppard Hysteria Snapshot Tone

    The other day, while in the car, Def Leppard's Hysteria came on the radio. As I listened I heard different guitar parts, and each had unique and killer tone. I thought a helix custom tone, with multiple snapshots of this song had to exist, and if not, there must be a Helix custom tone of Def Leppard. Searching this site there are slim pickings of Hysteria and/or Def Leppard custom tones. The few that exist have poor (or fair) reviews. With some of the great sound designers that upload helix custom tones, and the power and versatility that the Helix offers, I'm surprised that there doesn't appear to be a custom tone that captures these glorious tones in a single custom tone with snapshots. Does anyone know if what I am looking for exists? Thanks!
  13. talonmm

    Am I the only DT/Helix user checking daily....

    No you are not alone. I am a DT/Helix user too. I never quite understood all the midi codes needed to integrate the two products so I am thrilled about the new features promised. Yet somehow, using the existing L6 plugs, I found the DT and helix sounded quite good together anyway (but with this update, it should sound even better) To me, this was a no brainer as this makes the DT line relevant again. Do I check everyday? Yes, but I am more excited about improved tone and multiple note shifting that may occur sooner or later. er and should have been done sooner, as it makes Line 6's DT amp line still relevant.
  14. talonmm

    HD500 as Controller for HX Stomp?

    wow, this thread just got very interesting.... so if I have a pod hd500 just laying around and I have a hx-stomp, what can I do to enhance my hx-stomp? can I use the foot pedal on the hd500 as an external wah pedal? can I use my current 2 button external footswitch to continue changing tones up and down and at the same time use the hd500 to either turn on/off stomp effects or access three snapshots?
  15. talonmm

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    Thank you for trying to show me the way - but this is way too complicated for me. Where in a helix patch do you set the dt to a model + defaults. and what commands to you use?