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  1. talonmm

    HD500 as Controller for HX Stomp?

    wow, this thread just got very interesting.... so if I have a pod hd500 just laying around and I have a hx-stomp, what can I do to enhance my hx-stomp? can I use the foot pedal on the hd500 as an external wah pedal? can I use my current 2 button external footswitch to continue changing tones up and down and at the same time use the hd500 to either turn on/off stomp effects or access three snapshots?
  2. talonmm

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    Thank you for trying to show me the way - but this is way too complicated for me. Where in a helix patch do you set the dt to a model + defaults. and what commands to you use?
  3. talonmm

    Does such an amp exist?

    you could purchase two frfr's and separate them with long cables a good distance apart from each other. delays and chorus would sound fantastic!
  4. talonmm

    Recreating JangleBox effect with a helix

    Understood, thank you so much!
  5. talonmm

    Recreating JangleBox effect with a helix

    Codamedia - thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to help me achieve this tone. I've been holding off on downloading new tones as we all wait for Helix 2.8 and it sounds like I should continue to wait as the Tilt EQ sounds like it could be a big help. Just a few basic questions. You mentioned there are many Dyna Comp options in the Helix. Does this mean to concentrate on the Red Squeeze compressor instead of the ones you mention later on? And then perhaps if I can't get the sound I want, at that point try other others you mentioned, but I am better off trying the Red Squeeze compressor first? Is tilt eq a concept or perhaps a technique when applying eq, or is it a specific pedal? Poking around the internet I see a VFE Pinball Tilt EQ pedal is available. Is line 6 modeling this pedal in the next update? thanks again!
  6. I hear great things about JangleBox effects. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use some of the existing helix effects to get close to a JangleBox Compression/Sustain pedal? Or would anyone know of any tones on this site that already exist with this effect? thanks!
  7. talonmm

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    In response to DI's comments on TGP. I am just a simple man.... In the old days, I hooked up the HD 500x to my dt25 or dt50. I'd create and/or select a tone from the HD 500x, and using the Line 6 link connection, I would hear that tone through the dt amp. The amp and tone sounded amazing together! No matter what tone I switched to, the HD 500x and amp worked great together. Somehow the HD 500x would figure out what voice and channel was needed on the amp to match the tone. When the Helix came along, some knowledgeable users were able to manipulate settings on the Helix to achieve similar results. I was never able to get it to work. However, hooking up my dt amps to the helix using the Line 6 Link connection seemed to work fine and the direct link produced great tones. However, as good as it sounded, I knew the Helix was not optimizing the amp for the best possible sounds. So in English, can't the upcoming Helix update just determine the best dt configuration to match the modeled amp? I am not sure after reading the above passage from DI if an automatic command or commands sent to the hd amp will be offered, but it sounds like it won't be.
  8. talonmm

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    Not sure how this will make many of you feel who have invested in the line 6 g10 system and have to deal with such a poor power design that often breaks. Line 6 has a new G 10 coming out that will run on 9v power and be made of metal. I hear it's designed to work well on a peddleboard. The transmitter looks very similar to the existing g10 transmitter. It's possible the transmitter is identical to the existing model, but from a photo I saw, it looks like it could be slightly thicker. I am not sure. The base is definitely larger. I also believe it will be priced higher than the current g10 system, but if it's made with metal and uses a 9v, it will be a substantial upgrade. So are you pleased there is a better solution offered by line 6, or annoyed they did not come up with a fix and allow us to send our units back for a warranty repair (similar to what you see on a factory recall)
  9. I have an old 1980s Peavey solid-state Bandit 65 watt amp. The speaker in these old amps were heavy duty 12" scorpion speakers. Back in the day, these amps sounded pretty good for a solid state amp. These days my amp does not get much use and the reverb no longer works. So I hooked up my HX-Stomp to it, and thanks to some of the great tones found on custom tone and some tweeks I made, my Peavey amp came roaring back to life and never sounded so good. IN fact it sounded incredible! While the reverbs in the Helix are sometimes complained about, it was great to hear a reverb sound out of my old amp. The combination of modeled tube amps, cabinets, delays, reverb, chorus effects, and so many other things, including the built in noise gate make my old Peavey not only a keeper, but a good choice when gigging out at a small venue. Thanks Line 6 - this is a tremendous product!
  10. I love the Helix and the HX-stomp but while we are talking about some of the HX-stomp shortcomings: I realize those high-end computer chips are expensive and giving us one in a $599.00 piece of equipment seems like a good deal and a compromise to get the cost to this price-point. However, isn't memory cheap enough that the engineers could have given us more than one set list? What if we are in two bands with distinctly different tones for each band, or we play two different kinds of music styles or have two different rig set ups? The POD 500 and the Helix always accommodated multiple set lists, I wish the HX-Stomp did too.
  11. talonmm

    Preset Viewer

    Dipendra Bagchee is working on software to do exactly what you want. His desire to accomplish this stems from wanting to document and recreate some helix tones onto the HX Stomp. Currently his amazing program works on single tones, and the project is a work-in-progress. I had asked him and he's looking into setlist backup files as a possible enhancement. Check out his website: https://dbagchee.github.io/helix-preset-viewer/
  12. talonmm

    Airline Travel and Pod HD500

    wow, great advise! One last thing, honestly is the best policy. at the small airport I fly from, I often see the tsa person take the luggage. I'll mention I'm flying with an old piece of hardware in case they are suspecias as we all know the pod is heavy, electronic, and not often seen in suitcases. Pianoguyy - great suggestions on a backup file, just in case it gets zonked. Ill throw the power supply in a carry on. thanks!
  13. talonmm

    Airline Travel and Pod HD500

    I'm thinking of packing my POD HD500 in my suitcase and flying. The suitcase would not be a travel-on, it would be turned over to the airline for the trip. Do you think this is a good idea? Would security allow this bulky electronic device to be in my suitcase or would all kinds of red-flags go off? thanks!
  14. talonmm

    Helix editor on iPad!???

    I think I know a way to do this... I have a mac in my studio but it's a pain to stand up and do lots of work on it for long periods of time so what you can do is use a mac (or you can use a pc) and run the helix edit as you normally do. while running helix edit, you can run either Teamviewer (or a competing product to team viewer) which allows other computers or an ipad or iphone to control your computer remotely. It's a remote control program and it works great. a smart phone screen may be too small but in theory should work.
  15. talonmm

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    Please do a review when you get it! Some concerns I have: 1) the battery looks larger and Boss says it will work longer before a recharge, but the transmitter is larger due to the larger battery. 2) the charging device looks clumsy, charging from the top like the g10 seems easier to do Another concern I have about he g10 and I've never seen it mentioned here. I gig out playing small venues and often the stage is on the floor. if the bar is packed it's possible someone (usually someone dancing) can step right on my peddle board and we all know what would happen to the g10 if it was stepped on. So I never use my g10 unless I know the stage is off the ground and well protected. The boss device too, looks like it's base is made of plastic so I would have the same concerns when playing guitar on the floor where patrons can walk and dance.