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  1. Sounds good! Did you do this completely solo? I'm no professional professional but it seems mixed very well. And the songwriting is good.
  2. Some people like to hook random things to their bags. I don't use it for anything, but you could use it for bulky items, i.e. cables.
  3. I agree with rd2rk, don't try to use Bluetooth, the latency will be too high. Perhaps try a gaming headset that uses RF to achieve low latency, such as SteelSeries Arctis Pro.
  4. I think its a global setting that got reset
  5. @john0255 Toggle over to the rightmost block, it looks like an arrow pointing the right. That is your audio out. Make sure it is either going to Multi or Digital. My guess is it is only going to 1/4" right now. Edit: P.S. Page 15 of the Helix manual
  6. I think you can connect Helix to 212 via L6 Link without the update and play, but the update will allow you to control the 212 parameters from the Helix. However besides that there are a lot of other features you get from the update, why not do it? P.S. You don't need to buy the proprietary "L6 Link" cable, which seems a bit overpriced... it uses a standard protocol called AES, so just get any AES cable (make sure its not an XLR cable , they look the same but operate differently).
  7. I don't believe so... I think the only solution to your problem is to run both your devices into a mixer and plug your headphones into that... or get master volume about where you want it and then tweak your guitar volume some other way, i.e. dbs on output.
  8. You know, Boss just came out with modeler headphones... so you're not too far off! :)
  9. It is nice to have, but that can be purchased down the road. But that's the nice thing about modeling - play into your computer speakers, play into your studio monitors, turn off cabinet modeling and play into your amp, play direct to Front of House. You have a lot of options, do what you can for now, expand later if you so choose.
  10. If you want to do modeling, and you want to do it with Line 6, save up for a Helix LT. Figure out a way. Otherwise, there are less expensive alternatives out there, ex. Mooer GT-300. Also Boss, Headrush, etc etc.
  11. If I understand your idea correctly, I think its good... might require more details on the idea scale page though. Plus you have a typo: "This way if you ???? any of the six knobs"
  12. Yes because they are equally irrelevant, however vinyls have the advantage of being cool.
  13. A power strip... But seriously, that's probably what you gotta do. While you're at it, think about getting a power conditioner such as this one. It will eliminate potential hum from the power source, as well as give your gear better protection from surges that a standard surge protector. It works well for me and fits in the Helix Backpack. Other than that... you could power the G10S via USB from a power bank. I've never done it with the G10S receiver but I have done it with the G10 receiver. Just make sure that the power bank can output enough amperage for the G10 (I think its 2.6A?)
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