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  1. Are you able to do anything that will replicate the problem and make the sound cut out?
  2. Not sure if this applies... but I just did a setup where I play guitar through Helix Native, I connect the output of my audio interface to the Line-In on my PC's soundcard (couldn't figure a way to do that virtually). It works! Maybe connect one of your Helix's output to your PC's Line In?
  3. chasingMango

    cable question

    Both TRS and XLR are balanced so theoretical quality is the same as far as I know. I believe the reasons of using TRS to XLR cable is because Pod Go only has a TRS output, and most snakes are XLR. Theoretically if the stage had a DI box you could connect with a normal TRS-TRS cable and the quality would be the same as a TRS-XLR or XLR-XLR cable.
  4. I don't think you will be able to do anything usable because latency will not be low enough... best you can do is pass around a recording session and add tracks to it remotely... playing live together would be impossible I think, at least via internet... if each of you each had a radio tower you could probably do it via RF haha.
  5. Oh?? Do you know of an example? I play through Native when jamming along to YouTube or an online lesson... I load up a template in Cubase which is fine, but it would be nice to have a quicker/simpler option.
  6. I did not try to open the base. I did also try prying out the two prongs on the male end of the micro usb cable. That helped a little bit... those two prongs are what maintains the connection, more so than the female side of the connection in the base. The prongs get worn out over time and need to be bent back out. You could also try using a brand new USB cable to see if it stays in better. I bent the prongs out and then inserted the cable and glued it in, no charging issues for me anymore.
  7. If you don't mind semi-permanently attaching the cable... this can be done with hot glue. Hold the cable in place so there's a charge connection, then get all the glue up in there. Worked for me. The internet assures me that hot glue is safe for electronic connections.
  8. Its oddly refreshing to have a danger other than Corona to worry about.
  9. Then again... resale value of the Helix is pretty good (or bad, if you're buying), it might drop a little after Helix 2, but an investment now wouldn't be a total loss, even if Helix 2 came out one year from now. Treat it like a baby and sell it as "Mint condition".
  10. I am guessing your trim setting on your interface bringing your dry guitar signal to a different level than the Helix's input... Have you tried using your Helix as an interface to get your dry guitar signal into Native? If the problem is fixed, then you have verified the issue was with your interface... if you get the same volume drop, then its something in Native.
  11. Can you verify that your input signal strength is the same? What audio interface are you using for Native?
  12. Read as: resale value of my Helix just went up. Yay! (sorry not sorry)
  13. At this point in time, wouldn't it be better to wait for the Pod Go? Seems like a far better solution if being used as more of an all-in-one solution, and cheaper than the Stomp, too.
  14. Probably your best bet is to buy a new one, unless it is still under warranty :/
  15. I don't have tons of recording experience but I would think that you want studio monitors for mixing. Electronic instruments should have their own amps/speakers, no? If the purpose is for everyone to hear themselves while jamming live, then get PA speakers. Not sure what your intent exactly is.
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