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  1. The last two comments are very refreshing to hear. I feel confident buying a product that will continue to grow and be supported vs growing old and needing replaced in two years because software upgrades stop happening. I looked at all the options in modelers and profilers and probably can't go wrong with anything at this point but the Helix just looks simple and fun to use as well as being on the arc up in growth and capability.
  2. Total random, curious question. I am likely to buy a Helix Floor in the next couple of months. Been researching for too long now. Thought about Kemper, Fractal or buying a tube amp, etc. How long do you think it will be before Line 6 says we need a new Helix version, like a Helix 2? Thanks
  3. Kilrahi, I agree with you. I am a child of Nirvana, 4 pedals and an amp! I play rock music and have never envisioned needing to create an 8 block clean tone. I see the Stomp as an amp switcher for me. Clean Fender Twin, Bassman, JCM 800, 5150, etc. I do get inspired by the Helix though with what I could create. The Dustin Kensrue videos are cool with he does for Thrice.
  4. I have been studying buying one of these products for my home playing through my PA. I do know the differences between the two units in principle. I was leaning towards the Stomp because I already have a nice collection of pedals I have been using for a long period of time. The Stomp would fit on my Temple Board and provide me my amp and couple effects I don't have. I don't own an amp beyond a small practice amp at this time. The size of the Stomp would be perfect for a small acoustic effects unit as well if I needed something for an open mic. Cost aside. Adding the Helix also adds another 2 feet of width to my floor because my pedal board is about 2 feet wide. But for home use what do you gain by having the Helix compared to the Stomp, i.e. Do the dual amps add such a tremendous joy factor that I would wish I had a Helix several months after having the Stomp. I plan to buy 3rd party IR's as well. Thank you
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