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  1. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    Where did you see these notes?
  2. Do we know if the "miscellaneous bug fixes" (from the patch notes) includes the fix for the Rat pedal that they broke in 3.0?
  3. They obviously don't invest much of their resources to the software/web elements of their business.
  4. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    Yeah, it sounds like Daz3D is not doing a very good job. Adobe, however, seems to be doing pretty well. Their stuff is running on Big Sur with minor issues... they have openly listed specific issues, which seem to be pretty small and possible workarounds... also, they only ask that customers not upgrade if they are in the middle of a project (which seems very reasonable)... and they already have betas that run on M1 silicon (which is even more recent than Big Sur)... overall, I think they are doing pretty well considering their software is light years more complex than Helix Edit. I've been running Photoshop without issue.
  5. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    Yeah, that is completely true, but it's also the point of the developer beta... so that they can be ready. Now that the final release is out, you can see what companies invested resources in getting their products ready.
  6. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    So, you believe that Microsoft and Apple are lining up all the many, many producers of software when there's a new beta OS update and one by one, in some kind of order of importance, "fixing" the problems that their software is having with their OS? And that Line6 is waiting for their turn to get fixed? I'm just trying to understand.
  7. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    Here's a specific example of a company who had an incompatibility with Big Sur early in the beta... Dropbox. Dropbox would simply crash when you opened it. Instead of telling their customers not to upgrade their OS, they fixed the incompatibility, released an app update and everything was resolved. That is how it works. OS updates break app compatibility all the time... the companies update their software. Line6 and other audio companies that make software simply as an afterthought so that they can sell their hardware as "works with Windows and Mac" don't put much resources into keeping things up to date. Also... I haven't insulted you at all.
  8. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    Nothing in the article you copy/pasted answers the question I asked... What is the "bug" you are talking about in the update that is causing Line6's software to run with problems?
  9. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    What is the "bug" you are talking about in the update that is causing Line6's software to run with problems?
  10. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    Sure... you are right. Probably the Adobe stuff (or something like that) and a very limited number of high profile things, but an unmeasurable percent of the software out there.
  11. I think the more people who are on these forums encouraging them to update certainly can't hurt. The thing that hurts is many people excusing them from the responsibility of keeping up to date. I'm also hoping you are right.
  12. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    Ok... so, neither Microsoft or Apple or any operating system developer is testing the many thousands of individual pieces of software that are out there on their OS updates. To think that they could or would do that is absurd. The way it works, in general, is they release betas to the developers before it hits the public, and software developers, like Line6 have an opportunity to get their software ready to be compatible with the new OS. Some developers take advantage of this, and some, like Line6 do not. There are certainly and frequently problems with all sorts of new OS versions, but that is not what we are talking about when we have a discussion about third party software compatibility. You are not talking about the same thing.
  13. There's a whole new wave of Mac hardware that just came out that will have Big Sur installed out of the box. So, while I would agree that the base is pretty small right now, it's not like widespread use of this stuff is years away like Line6 would like people to think.
  14. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    So, you think that Microsoft and Apple, etc... are going through all the many thousands and thousands of pieces of third party software to test them and make sure they are compatible each time they issue updates to their operating systems? I just want to make sure I understand what you are suggesting.
  15. Drybonz

    Big Sur

    Any luck with Helix Edit? It's running with a good bit of lag for me and a couple other people around here.
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