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  1. Got my Helix on Saturday, first thing i did was update to 2.0 went smoothly with no incidents. Although I followed the on screen instructions and rebooted holding 7 & 8. Later rebooted again holding 9 & 10, all seems to be working normally.
  2. Update in case it helps anyone with a similar issue, I've just gone into Windows task manager and disabled something called Realtek HD Audio Manager from starting with Windows, rebooted and the Helix app seems to be playing nicely. Guessing as it's obviously audio there was some conflict with the Helix app. No idea if I ever used the Realtek thing, but I can always enable it again when I know I won't be using the Helix app. ​Fingers crossed that is indeed the answer.
  3. Running Win 10, but I'll give this a try
  4. Having the same issue. New unit, bought at the weekend, first thing i did was update to 2.0, did the 9 & 10'restsrt. Editor crashes every time with the message that it's stopped working.
  5. I'm downloading it from work PC, that's currently running Win 7, using Chrome, don't suppose it'll make a difference but worth a shot. Will delete everything Line 6 from my PC, reboot and start again. If that fails, I'll try my wife's laptop. Weird thing is, after I'd update on Saturday, but restarted using 7 & 8 as that's what it said on the screen and Helix Edit was working then in the brief time I tried it. Since then, all I've done is reboot the Helix doing the 9 & 10 thing. Didn't touch the PC, so nothing has changed that side, all that's changed is whatever the Helix does differently between 7 & 8 and 9 & 10. Tried it last night and got the crashing.
  6. Yeo, did all that. Editor shows version 2.00.1 Didn't have any presets to back up or reload as it's a completely new unit. Bought it Saturday and all I've had time to do with it is update the firmware to 2.0 and try out the factory presets. Going to try downloading the Helix software on my work PC, on the offchance it may make a difference.
  7. Tried deleting everything, downloaded again using chrome and reinstalled. Also tried putting a blank preset on the Helix before starting the app and also disconnecting everything from the Helix apart from the USB before starting the app. No good.
  8. Yep, crashes whether Helix is plugged in or not. Tried two different USB ports.
  9. Yep, updated the Helix app, it's at version 2.00.1
  10. Got my Helix on Saturday, updated the firmware to 2.0, all good, working as it should. If I try and run the Helix Edit app on my PC, it'll run for maybe 10 seconds, then a box pops up saying it's stopped working and closes, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no difference. ​Any suggestions? Running Win 10.
  11. Currently running the Dream Rig, JTV 59, HD500X, DT25. This is purely for home use, great as it is the HD500 is way more complicated than I need. Was thinking of switching to the Firehawk, the only thing that's stopping me is the HD500 and the DT25 obviously work great together with he Line 6 link. What would I be missing out on if I switched to the Firehawk?
  12. If the light is steady, it's charging. If it's blinking, it's fully charged.
  13. Rocksmith works great with a Variax. Brilliant for all the alternate tunings :)
  14. Once you navigate all the way through the previous pages, 5 or 10 at a time, until you get to page 146 :) Even a "go to page whatever" button would be a big improvement. At least you'd be able to browse few a few and continue where you left off the next time.
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