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  1. Hi all. I recently bought a second-hand JTV-59. I was hesitant about buying it given they seem to be largely discontinued now but decided to take a chance on it. Worked great for the first two weeks then this week the Piezo for the high-E seems to have suddenly died. If I tap it, I'm getting no signal at all compared to the others which have an audible tap. I've read a few threads here today and see some people suggest using contact cleaner which I'll try, but to be fair the guitar is spotless and was largely unused by its original owner. The only supplier I can find for a replacement piezo is Full Compass which gets mentioned here a lot. However the part is out of stock now and regardless, they only seem to ship to US destinations Is there any European supplier for this part these days? Or even a full saddle? I'm based in Ireland so we don't even have a Line6 service centre here. I'm concerned by the amount of threads on this subject though - it seems to be a very common issue with them. Though I don't see too many people replacing them in a '59. Thanks, J
  2. Hi. I just purchased a used James Tyler Variax and a POD HD500x. I haven't used Line 6 stuff in 15 or more years (Pod XT Live). There's a lot to learn! I want to be able to change guitar Tone and Volume (and maybe Model down the line) on the guitar itself. But when I use this preset, I can't control any of these despite selecting the Unlocked option. I have created a Preset in the User 1 Setlist. I have these Mixer settings: Input 1 Source - Variax Guitar In-Z (?) - Auto Input 2 Source - Same Input Setup - Preset VDI Input - Tyler Variax Model - U: Spank-3 Local Control - Unlocked Variax Control - Preset Variax Tuning - Don't Force Tone - 100% I read that you can assign the Volume, Tone, and Pickup switch as controllers. If they are controlling any effects I'm not noticing it, but if the previous owner did so, I guess I need to know how to undo it. Any ideas? I appreciate the help.
  3. So, when is a variax not a variax.....? For sale in my part of the world is what appears to be a JTV59 without any variax electronics installed - just a wraparound tailpiece, and two humbuckers, with no sign of extra routed compartments on the back. I haven't been on this forum for years, and I'm sorry, but I had a quick search and couldn't find anything about this particular anomaly, so here goes a question to the JTV59 hive mind. I wonder whether this could simply have been a mistake with a Variax headstock veneer being added to a James Tyler LP style build? Could it even be a prototype that made it out without the variax guts?
  4. Just wondering if any JTV59 owner has actually replaced their entire bridge assembly with an alternative - and if so which one and how did they do it and did the replacement perform better than the original? Pictures too would be great. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I bought JTV-59 this month. The modeling sound works perfectly on Helix, and there were no other hardware problems(maybe) But the problem is, I can't connect to Workbench HD. My USB interface has a green light on my PC, but Variax in side has a red light.(blinking..) I think there is a problem with the USB interface because the modeled sound is coming out well in my Variax with Helix Has anyone experienced the same problem as me? Please give me some advice. Summary 1. JTV - RJ45 cable - USB interface - PC, but Variax in side is blinking with red light. 2. The JTV turned on the power using a 1/4 jack. 3. The volume is 10. 4. All firmware has been updated, but Flash memory is not visible (probably because it is not connected to Variax) 5. We connected the extra CAT5 but it still doesn't work. 6. The modeled sound of the guitar comes out perfectly. 7. I can set up JTV in Helix Edit and POD500X Edit. 8. USB interface is a black model/ 9. When the Workbench is operated on a PC through JTV-Helix-USB, the following phrase pops up. <The connected Variax is not compatible with workbench HD. You must use a James Tyler Variax version 2.00 or higher. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. I've been trying to round out the guitar collection to cover all the bases, humbucker, p90s, tele sounds, all of that. I was toying with the idea of getting a JTV59 to just model everything and be done with it but I've also really wanted an LP-like shape with Fishman Fluence vintage pickups in it. Has anyone tried to change out the magnetic pickups in a JTV59? What do the electronics look like? All proprietary PCB, or could I rip out the pickups, wire in the Fluences and still use the piezo/Variax side of it?
  7. I'm interested to know if anyone else using a JTV Variax guitar into Helix experiences issues with the Helix 'forgetting' patch information when Helix updates. This has happened to me every time I've done a Helix update, and even again on the 3.10 update this week. I normally use the Variax mags as my preferred pickups, but on occasion for as our setlist requires it, I set up for a drop D or open G tuning or move standard tuning steps up and/or down. The have to be done with Variax guitar models. These patches will also sit alongside patches where I am not using tunings or Variax guitar models. I find I have to go back in to each of these patches and persuade them to remember the Variax aspect of the patch. It particularly seems to affect patches where I have altered tunings. So, I'm interested to see if this is just me, and I'm missing some little trick in my set up, or if others experience the same, and if they do, why can this not be solved as part of the software/firmware update?
  8. I have had my JTV59 for several years and until a year ago, I played regularly a couple nights a week. I have always been very pleased with the sound I get. I haven't played it for a few months (been playing my Taylor acoustic and don't play live anymore) and I went to try to learn the solo from Still Got the Blues by Gary Moore tonight and my 3rd string, G, has no volume compared to the others and sounds kind of like a toy guitar. It is only that string and only when I have the modeling turned on. If I turn off the modeling and just use the straight pickups, it is fine. Anyone got any ideas what I can do to fix this? I don't want to replace it and can't justify it since I am not playing live anywhere right now. Thank you all for your help.
  9. Hi, I currently play on a Yamaha Pacifica that I like a lot, it's a guitar really easy to play for me (I have quite small hands). I'm interested in buying a Variax for the limitless capabilities that this system offers. As they sound all similar with the same electronics, I'm looking at the JTV-59 as I really like the design and it would be complementary with my Pacifica which is a "strat style". But I've never played on a Les Paul style and I see 2 opposite camps in the forums. Some people love the comfort of the 59, some others hate it and have sold their guitar for this reason. Can anyone provide a feedback on this guitar and an advice in my context? I know that alternatives more close to the Pacifica neck would be the Standard or JTV-69, but it's hard to tell when you can't try it in a real store. Thanks in advance for your tips ;-)
  10. Had some extra pandemic time on my hands. Made a stand for Amplfi 30 and JTV-59.
  11. The electronics in my out of warranty JTV59 are dead. Has anyone gone thru the process of getting a Variax guitar repaired in Canada? Are parts available? It probably needs a new main board, something I could easily install myself.
  12. Needed an upgrade ==================== Bigsby B7 Vibrato. Neck Pickup: Gibson Burstbucker Pro Neck Humbucker IM59A-NH Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan SH 11 Custom Custom. Schaller Locking Guitar Machines. Big Bends Nut Sauce.
  13. JTV-59 & POD HD500x users: How do you use the "Guitar in pad/normal"-switch on the POD HD? I feel and read that the PUps on the 59 are very hot, so I use "pad" to prevent peaking the gain-stages at the POD.
  14. Hi All I currently play a JTV59 amongst other guitars through a Zoom G5 into a Mesa Nomad 45 with a programmable EQ in the FX loop. I'm looking at getting rid of the EQ and the Zoom in favour of running a HD500X using the four cable method so I get the EQ after the pre-amp when I need it. I'm in a covers band and also sing BV and some lead. What I am wondering is if the below is possible. It's not a big deal if not, just curious. With the JTV can I set up some patches that will go from guitar to POD, then to the Mesa pre-amp, back to the POD and then out through the power amp (4 cables) whilst also having some Variax acoustic patches that go from guitar to POD then out to a PA mixer? I don't think I want acoustic patches to go to the Mesa power amp and then out through the Mesa speaker as it would sound odd. If the above is possible, can I add one more level of complexity? Can I pug my mic into the POD and have that running through the POD basically unaffected to the mixer for most songs but be able to put delays and harmonies etc on the vocal signal for some songs? Essentially can I split the Variax signal so that sometimes it goes to amp and sometimes to PA? Whilst also having a mic plugged in that also goes to PA? In case you are wondering why I'd want to do this, we regularly gig pinball wizard which needs the acoustic and electric sounds. It would be great to have the switching running from just a foot tap on one unit instead of hitting an A/B box and the Variax button on the guitar simultaneously like I do at present. We are also putting Queen's 'Don't stop me now' in the set with it's 5 part harmonies. I know there are plenty of vocal processors out there - just wondering if this is all do-able from one box rather than having two? Thanks
  15. I got my JTV59 soon after they were first released - probably within 6 months - and I have used it regularly but as I am a hobby player it has probably only been played on average about 3 to 4 hours a week over last 6 years, and there have probably been weeks at a time when it has not been played. Bottom line is it has not been heavily used like a professional instrument would have been in that time. I noticed that the tops of the piezo's on the low 3 strings seemed to have a copper colour reflection and looked a bit dull and so I got out a magnifying glass and had a good look at them. I could see that the silver covering had been completely worn away, showing a copper and metallic inner layer on the crowns of the piezo's. When I moved the string out of the slots, I could see that the string windings had left an impression behind in the groove on the top of the piezo. I rest my hand on the bridge when I play but I know that I do not sweat acid as my strings never rust and last for weeks, so the only thing coming in contact with the top of the piezo's is the skin on the side of my hand. That skin is not made of sandpaper and I can't see how that contact could cause the covering of the piezo to wear away in that way - even if I spent weeks just rubbing the top of a piezo with my finger I would not expect any material to get worn away. Also, I can't see how the string windings of the LOW E could cause an impression on the surface of the piezo. Just how soft are they? My piezo's appear to be working perfectly well - although all models seem to have a metallic overtone that I have never managed to remove regardless of what I have tried - sometimes I have reduced the metallic overtone but never eliminated it. The plain strings have also bitten into the body of the piezos which may explain why they sometimes don't ring cleanly on the modelled sounds. I am concerned that the strings biting into the piezos may be the cause of the metallic overtones I hear on the models and would love to resolve that if I can - but I can only think the solution would be to file out the grooves which would only be temporary because as soon as I restrung the guitar the new strings would start creating new grooves. I am also concerned that eventually this gradual wearing away will cause the piezos to fail at some point. What are the piezos covered with? Is it normal that this covering should wear away just from skin contact? Remember I don't sweat acid and never have problems with strings rusting or going dull quickly. Is it normal that the strings bite into the piezos and create their own grooves? Although certainly that must create problems when changing string type or gauge because if the new wound strings don't match the existing grooves then artefacts will get picked up and transmitted through to the modelled sounds? Maybe that is why the metallic overtone on mine has got worse over the years? Each string change contributing to the problem? I am attaching a picture taken using the magnifying glass and my mobile phone for everyone to see the problem. Although I have to reduce it's original size due to the file size restriction - I only have 339 KB left and the image is 1.7 MB ! Hopefully it will be good enough to demonstrate the problem.
  16. I have an issue with excessive hum and the jtv59. I'm running guitar via VDI cable into a HD500. I'm using the magnetic pickups and the modelling at the same time and using a panner to switch between them. For example: Acoustic jmodels and panning into a heavy magnetic-based tone. I'm running XLR right out to a EV monitor on stage and XLR left out to board. I'm getting a horrible hum now. It has happened before but seems to have gotten worse. I switched inputs in the presets in the pod to just the variax (right before the gig in a panic) and the buzz is gone. Trying to brainstorm causes and solutions. The hum sounds like a typical ground loop. I've tried the ground lift on the pod and it seems to have no effect. This venue has bad power (as does a lot of places we play). Getting a few furman SS-6B filtering power strips that may help. I could just run to the board and the send guitar back to wedge. Thought about getting the pyle PHE400. Thought that is maybe a grounding issue in the JTV. If this was a normal guitar, I would gut it and foil and ground the pickup cavity. I'm a little hesitant to dig into it but will likely crack it open soon and take a look. I saw the pickup diagram that is flowing around. Afterthought: I don't know if switching to the magnetics would bring hum back. That would be a great test. Any help would be most appreciated.
  17. Hi. Just in case anyone like to have models of JTV-59' magnetic-pickups, here is my first try. This gives you the possibility to switch to custom-tunings with the sound of your mags. Of course the tone-results may differ from guitar to guitar, but with my '59 I am 95 % there. 2017-01-01 content of the ZIP-file are three presets, no bank or bundle HAPPY NEW YEAR :)
  18. Thanks for viewing my Post. Heres my issue with as much detail as I can possibly Muster. I have started this specific thread because I am connected only to a MAC computer (compatible SierraOS) I DO NOT have a POD, or any other connected device and only seem to find threads with issues to connect to other devices or threads that get derailed / go nowhere. Trying very hard to be Patient as the Guitar plays like a Dream just doesn't Model ;) Here we Go: 1. I have a New JTV59 with the Included Battery, Charger and USB interface (VDI?) and accompanying "ethernet" cable, Pilots Handbook, Allan wrenches etc... 2. I have Charged the Battery Fully (Over twelve hours with slow red blink on charger) 3. I have 4 Green LEDs on the back that stay on for 3 seconds and disappear when the Battery is placed into the Guitar. 4. I have Sound working with Magnetic Pickups only (like any regular guitar would) through 1/4" jack 5. I have Monkey Recognizing the USB interface 6. I have Installed the Latest versions Monkey and Workbench HD (as monkey prompted me to) 6. I have the 1/4 inch Jack and VDI "Ethernet" Cable attached to the Guitar Despite attempting all the different suggestions on this Forum 1. I do not have any LEDs lighting under the Modeling or Alt-Tuning Knobs 2. The Four Green LEDs on the Back flash a few times when pressing the little Circular switch then turn off 3. Monkey Does not recognize the Guitar 4. WorkBench HD does not recognize the Guitar 5. USB interface Is Green (computer side) and Flashing Red (Guitar Side) 5. I do not hear any "Relay Click" when the 1/4" standard guitar cable is connected (With or Without VDI connected) 6. I have no Modeling sound whether through an amp connected to 1/4" I have tried adding pieces of Paper to the inside of the Modeling Knob (Which 1/100 times will "Click" when pressed down) I have tried Switching the "Tone Switch" to Position 3 and 5 with Modeling knob in position Custom 1 I have tried to wear the battery down a bit and reseat it numerous times. I have tried to check the internal Contacts of the Battery Case with a multimeter and see expected voltages being provided by the Battery. The three contacts from battery to case are firmly seated. I Have tried using a different "Ethernet" Cable (This is the last thing I've tried) I am in Mexico for two months and do not have the ability to simply return the Guitar for a replacement. Happy to provide any further information / Photos / Video!!! Truly Hoping someone on this Forum can help a Guy out! :D Much Appreciated :D
  19. Just received today, took an early lunch to go pick it up from fed ex, went back to work and brought the charger and battery inside to charge so I can go home after work and be ready to play. The red light came on for 30 minutes or so then went out. I thought it might be charged and went out to the car and put it in the guitar and it is only showing 2 green LEDs out of the four. Might have a faulty charger? I then came back in and placed on the charger again and the red light only stays on for 10 seconds then goes out, does not blink as the instructions say it will (due to not being charged fully I am sure). I have tried and checked all connections, plug, jack, remove and replace battery etc, still won't stay on... Disheartening, this is my first line 6 product other than the old original pod back in the day. I did put in a ticket and am sure I will hear something soon but wanted to know if any of you have ever come across this exact problem? only pic I have of her yet as I haven't made it home yet. BUMMED!
  20. My setup: JTV59 -> VDI -> HD500 -> l6link -> l2m I gig occasionally and my L2m is not used that often and when transported it is carefully carried and placed in the boot of a car and it has a protective padded cover. I have had the l2m for 2+ years now and not had any issues with it other than the well documented vibration problem when I first got it which was fixed under warranty. The problem: The last two times I have taken the L2m out to a gig and a rehearsal, and connected it up as shown above, when I first play a chord on my JTV59 using a patch on my HD500 for a clean guitar sound, I get the guitar sound plus a distorted fuzzy sound which sounds like the l2m speaker has blown or is about to die. I then switched the l2m off - and only the l2m, leaving the HD500 still plugged in and connected and the JTV59 connected to the HD500 - and when I switched the l2m back on it had cleared the problem and I was getting the expected clear sound from that patch. Also at this point I haven't proved beyond doubt that it is the L2m at fault but I do know that switching if off and on does resolve the problem so it does point towards the L2m being the issue. ​ This has now happened twice. I will test it some more over the weekend but meanwhile I wanted to ask whether anyone else has had this problem or a similar problem? And whether or not they resolved it or if it got worse and had to be sent off for repair? Thanks
  21. Does anyone else think that the Variax edit workbench takes too long to initialize and update? It takes forever to initialize and update here. I have an 8core CPU that is lightning fast. The workbench acts as if it is being strangled. I have reinstalled it twice and still no joy. I have the dream rig and I am using the HD500 for the interface. I am also using the JTV59 Thoughts?
  22. I have seen several JTV59 owners report the problem of the piezo elements moving within the saddle casing of the JTV59 bridge and several people have reported fixing it by applying glue or wrapping plumbers ptfe tape around the piezo. I can see that my piezo elements move just by tugging on each string laterally just in front of the bridge, so I would like to know the best way to address this problem and exactly how to fix it. I have never taken the bridge apart so have no idea how the piezo elements are fixed in or how they come out. So please could anyone that has hit this problem and addressed it, add their solution with detailed steps to this thread? That way anyone that hits the problem in future will be able to easily find the suggested solutions all in one place. Thanks in advance everyone! :)
  23. I have a JTV59 that had some serious fret rattling in the low E & A strings above the 2nd fret and through the 13th fret. Went over to a friends house to jam, and brought it along with me because this friend has lots of luthier tools/supplies, including fret leveling tools. We found my 12th fret to be pretty significantly high. So, we destrung it, filed it down, recrowned it and polished it up again and Viola! The guitar now plays like a dream with zero fret buzz. So good in fact, I never even broke out my MIA Telecaster which I had brought to play, nor did I even turn on the modeling on the Variax. I just played played it straight through the mags into a Princeton Reverb and loved it. The guitar now has a new lease on life again, all because of a very simple procedure. So if you have a similar problem, find a luthier with the right tools and it can likely be fixed too. Made a HUGE difference in how bad I want to play my Variax, no doubt. Gotta just break down and buy some tools myself....
  24. Sob stories are coming. Trying to use my dream rig (jtv59, hd500x, and l2m–connected via l6 and variax cables) in garageband on my new macbook and it refuses to work. Everything is updated on the hd500x and jtv59. But when I hit record it says "No input source selected," though it is all set as it should be in preferences, the correct track is selected, etc. I bought the dream rig right around the time my first semester of school started because I love having gear that I can't use for months (not), and I finally started trying to mess with it recording in garageband–which I have used quite a bit before–and I have tried everything I can think of. I am. Stumped. Pulling my hair out. Can someone please help? –C
  25. I am just wondering ifanyone here has already built a nice jazz rig using a JTV59 and POD HD500?
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