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  1. Hey all, I'm trying to go from electric to acoustic sounds at the touch of a button as demonstrated in this video from Anderton's (explained at 37:22, demonstrated at 38:45): In the video, they say, "you can do that w/ the HD500," but I haven't been able to figure out how. I'm going from the HD500X to a DT25 by L6 link and to an L2M by 1/4" TRS. Help me, Line 6 community, you're my only hope.
  2. Sob stories are coming. Trying to use my dream rig (jtv59, hd500x, and l2m–connected via l6 and variax cables) in garageband on my new macbook and it refuses to work. Everything is updated on the hd500x and jtv59. But when I hit record it says "No input source selected," though it is all set as it should be in preferences, the correct track is selected, etc. I bought the dream rig right around the time my first semester of school started because I love having gear that I can't use for months (not), and I finally started trying to mess with it recording in garageband–which I have used quite a bit before–and I have tried everything I can think of. So...here I am. Stumped. Pulling my hair out. Can someone please help? –C
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