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  1. Hello, I recently purchased a Helix Floor and Helix Native license and am just getting started with using them with my MacBook Pro. Although they are both overkill for my playing/recording needs, I was originally in the market for some high-end effects pedals an Apogee GiO guitar interface, so buying a Helix Floor seemed like a better move so I can take advantage of all of the effects in one portable unit (not to mention all of the other features). The Apogee GiO is an older floor-based guitar USB interface for Mac that has programmable effects stomp buttons along with transport control buttons. It's a plug-n-play device for Macs using Logic Pro X, MainStage, and GarageBand. I ultimately chose the Helix Floor and Helix Native so I could do all of that plus take it with me for use with my Marshall combo amp. I have played around with the Helix Floor and the Helix Native plug-in and I love the common interface and ease-of-use. I have watched several YouTube videos on how to create your own macro buttons so I can use the Helix Floor to Record/Stop/Play, etc.;however, most of what I have seen are running older versions of the software, so the menus are somewhat different. My hope is that someone has built a template that I can use similar to what Apogee offers for their GiO product (they offer pre-built, downloadable templates). I understand how the Helix Native plug-in works with the Apple Pro Audio apps; but I need some help setting my my Helix Floor for basic, home recording use. MacBook Pro running High Sierra (10.13.2 Developer Beta) LogicPro X (10.3.2) MainStage 3 (3.3.2) GarageBand (10.2.0) My needs are very basic as I am just playing around at home. I am running the latest builds of the audio apps and appreciate any advice or feedback you can provide. Thank you so much! David
  2. Hello, I am trying to re-amp a dry signal recorded on GarageBand with the HX Stomp. I understand that Garageband output and input must be set to HX stomp, the dry signal send to output HX Stomp via USB 5-6 and the re-amp will be recorded on HX Stomp USB channel 1-2. I set all that. I have also changed the input of the HX flow to USB 5-6 as per explained in the manual (circle before the first block on the stomp itself) Here is my issue, the sound comes from GB (I can hear the dry guitar in the headset plugged into the HX stomp - only the usb is hooked to GB) but it doesn't sound like the signal is passed to the effects chain (no parallel split in my chain). Nothing is getting back to GB and again the sound in the headset is the dry sound. I found several videos explaining the output of the dry should be set to USB 5-6 but GB doesn't let you select that (I can only select HX stomp). Is there a way to do it? Any idea what could be set improperly ? Has anyone had any luck reamping with Garageband and HX stomp ? Thanks for your help Pat.
  3. I am super new to this, so please bear with me. I just got the Spider V60 and connected it to my MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.7 via usb cable. The mac recognizes it and so does Garageband. I set the input preferences to it and when i pluck a string initially, there is some delay but I can hear the tone of the string. So it seems to be connected properly and working, idk. Then I hit record and start playing (just random notes to confrm I am recording) and I get this (hear attached mp3). That's about all I know. How do I get it to record guitar sounds? I looked at the FAQs and Forums and did the basic checks reccomended, but still R2D2. Any help would be great, thank you. UPDATE: No more guitar souds ever. Just R2D2. I changed cables, checked drivers. unplugged everything else. rsd2.mp3
  4. Update: I've solved this. Asked my wife to plug her electric guitar in instead of my acoustic ukulele, and the signal was much stronger. Turns out that as the batteries drain in the piezo pickup in my ukulele, its output signal gets weaker and weaker. I thought it would stay the same and then just stop working when they went flat. I put in a fresh set of batteries and the signal level came up to be pretty much the same as the electric guitar. Leaving this here for anyone else who encounters the issue and doesn't think of the obvious answer! Trying out recording the amp for the first time. Everything works, except the record level into Garageband is extremely low. Even with the amp's Drive knob at 100% and my instrument's output volume at maximum, the waveform barely registers in Garageband. It sounds plenty loud from the amp. I've tried several of the presets and they all suffer from the same problem. I looked at the Sound Preferences pane for the V20 but it has no input level control, so it's not that, and in GarageBand, the record level slider is also greyed out. What am I missing?
  5. Deutsch Français 1: Connect the Mobile In to your iPhone or iPad using the 30-pin dock connector. 2: Connect your guitar or other audio source to Mobile In: Connect the 1/4" Tip Sleeve side of the cable into the output of your instrument, then Connect the 1/8" Stereo Male end of the cable to the 'GUITAR IN' on the Mobile In adapter. Connect both of the 1/4" Tip Sleeve cable connections to the left and right outputs of your audio source, then connect the 1/8" Stereo Male end of the cable to the 'LINE IN' on the Mobile In adapter. 3: Launch GarageBand. From the Instruments Menu, select the Guitar Amp. From the Guitar Amp Screen, tap the guitar cable button in the upper left hand corner and turn the monitor on. From the Instruments Menu, select the Audio Recorder. From the Audio Record Menu Screen, tap the guitar cable button in the upper left hand corner and turn the monitor on. From the Instruments Menu, select the Sampler. From the Sampler Screen, tap the guitar cable button in the upper left hand corner and turn the monitor on. For more information on using GarageBand checkout the the User Manual Here. For a Video on Mobile In Connections, . Handhabung des Mobile In mit GarageBand für iOS: 1. Verbinden Sie Ihr Mobile In mit Ihrem iPhone oder iPad anhand des 30-Pin Steckers. 2. Verbinden Sie Ihre Gitarre oder andere Audioquelle mit dem Mobile In: Stecken Sie den 6.35mm Stecker in den Ausgang Ihres Instrumentes und dann den 3.5mm Stecker in das "Guitar IN" des Mobile In Adapters. Stecken Sie beide 6.35mm Stecken in den linken bzw. rechten Ausgang Ihrer Audioquelle und verbinden Sie dann das 3.5mm Ende mit dem "LINE IN" des Mobile In. 3. Starten Sie GarageBand. 4. Im Instrumente Menu, klicken Sie auf Guitar Amp. 5. Von diesem Fenster aus klicken Sie oben links auf das Gitarrenkabel und schalten Monitor an. 6. Im Instrumente Menu, klicken Sie auf Audio recorder. 7. Von diesem Fenster aus klicken Sie oben links auf das Gitarrenkabel und schalten Monitor an. 8. Im Instrumente Menu, klicken Sie auf Sampler. 9. Von diesem Fenster aus klicken Sie oben links auf das Gitarrenkabel und schalten Monitor an. Für weitere Informationen über GarageBand sollten Sie das Benutzerhandbuch zu Rate ziehen. Für ein Video über die Mobile In Anschlüsse, klicken Sie dann . L'utilisation de Mobile In avec GarageBand pour iOS: 1. Connectez votre Mobile In à votre iPhone ou iPad en utilisant le connecteur 30 broches. 2. Connectez votre guitare ou source audio au Mobile In. Connectez la prise 6.35mm à la sortie de votre instrument et la prise 3.5mm au "GUITAR IN" du Mobile In. Connectez les prises 6.35mm à la sortie droite et gauche de votre source audio et la prise 3.5mm au "LINE IN" du Mobile In. 3. Démarrez GarageBand. 4. Sélectez "Guitar Amp" dans le menu Instruments. 5. Dans cette fenêtre, tapez le câble guitare dans le coin supérieur gauche et activez Monitor. 6. Sélectez "Audio Recorder" dans le menu Instruments. 7. Dans cette fenêtre, tapez le câble guitare dans le coin supérieur gauche et activez Monitor. 8. Sélectez "Sampler" dans le menu Instruments. 9. Dans cette fenêtre, tapez le câble guitare dans le coin supérieur gauche et activez Monitor. Pour des informations supplémentaires sur l'utilisation de GarageBand, utilisez ce mode d'emploi. Pour un vidéo sur les connexions Mobile In, .
  6. I am trying to record using some of the awesome Helix panning effects in Garageband.I am using Helix as the recording interface but Garageband defaults to mono. Does anyone know to get Garageband to record stereo direct from Helix? Thank you,
  7. I want to record the cleanest possible tone into GarageBand. This is where I will apply amp effects. I find the Line6 app to be confusing, so haven't yet figured out how to get a clean tone. I can't be the only person wanting to do this. I figured there would be an FAQ but couldnt' find one. Any advice?
  8. Hi, I'm pretty new to music hardware. I got an e guitar and I want to record on my MacBook in GarageBoard. I'm interested in buying the Pod HD 500, because it has an audio interface and pedal controls, but I don't know if I can use those to toggle effects on the virtual pedal board in GarageBand itself. I know the Pod HD 500 offers own effects, but I would prefer to use software effects to bypass any limitations like limited RAM on the device itself and I'm not interested in live performances anyways. I know that the foot switches can send MIDI signals and I found some indication that this should be possible in the manual, but I seek confirmation by any experts before I buy it. It would be very helpful to get fairly simple explanation how this can be done. Thank you so much!
  9. I'm wanting to connect my Line 6 KB37 toneport to my iPad Air 2 so I can use the midi keyboard to control the keyboard sounds in garage band & use the line inputs. Has anyone got any help / experience / advice? I think I'm going to need to Apple camera connecting kit but not sure if this will do what I want it to. Help please!
  10. The firehawk used to connect to older ipads having lightning port using the Camera connection kit and you could use the same to record in Garageband on iOS. How to achieve the same for the newer generation iPad Pro's which have the usb c port? Also, apple no longer sells the camera connection kit for iPad's.
  11. Hello, I just recently sold my ZOOM G5 and bought a Line 6 POD HD500X instead. The way that I would record using my ZOOM G5 is I would plug the USB into my macbook pro -> Open Garageband -> Input preference: ZOOM G5 -> Output preference: Built in Speakers. I was hoping it would work out the same with the line 6 but all I experienced was errors after errors: 1) No automatic detection I had to update everything through Monkey in order for the macbook to detect a USB input 2) Although the Macbook detects the MIC (Input sound of the POD HD500X) Garageband seems to have no signal what so ever, even if I have input set to the POD in preferences 3) I tried to solely use the POD HD 500X as both input and output and NOT even then the garageband detects the input signal. I have Macbook Pro macOS Mojave 10.14.1 (13-inch, Mid 2012) !!!!!!!!POD HD500X Edit is not supported for this OS!!!!!!!!!!!, Processor 2.5Ghz Intel Core i5. Please help, I am very frustrated it's been only a few days since I bought this and I'm wishing I never did.
  12. I'm using Helix Native 1.71 on trial. It works fine for the first time. The next day when i choose Helix Native as plug-in in Garageband or Logic Pro x, both program stopped working( not responding, after 10 mins waiting, had to force quit ), as shown in screenshots.
  13. I'm a relative novice when it comes to recording guitar and amps. Up to this point I've been recording my guitar/amp with an SM57 & USB Interface direct to Garageband and am happy with the results. I've been messing around with recording the Helix and the tone is different compared to what I'm hearing out of my amp (DSL40C). It doesn't matter if I'm using my amp, or using a preamp in the Helix and going directly into the FX return, the recorded tone is always brighter and slightly fuzzier. I run the audio out from my mac into a Kenwood receiver and I have Bose speakers so it's not like I'm listening through the bullt-in computer speakers. Also, I don't have this problem when I record with the mic - so I'm pretty sure I can rule out the Mac and speakers. I'm less concerned about adjusting the settings on the Helix to get a good recorded tone as I would imagine I should be able to do that with some tweaking. I'm more concerned if I'm playing live using my amp onstage and also XLR to the FOH (If I'm mic'ing the amp, no worries). If I set my tones based on what I'm hearing from the amp, is it going to be bright and fuzzy through the PA? Or, if I adjust for the PA, am I going to have a more muted sound coming from the amp. I guess one solution is setup parallel paths - one for the amp and one for XLR - and put EQ's at the end to adjust each path separately. If I can I'd rather avoid that so that I'm not tweaking a bunch of patches/snapshots each time I play somewhere. I'm currently not playing out, however, I may have something in the works so I'd like to get all this ironed out before that starts. Is this common or is it something I'm doing, or not doing?
  14. Hey guys! I'm a MacOS user and I've been happily recording and practicing through my Helix using GarageBand. My band is about to record a song and we decided to experiment a bit recording techniques and use my Helix to lay all guitar tracks. To better prepare I wanted to try re-amping. This can't be done in GB as I can't route track output to Helix's USB inputs. I installed Reaper to try it. It sees my Helix as an audio device, is set to record it but it doesn't. When I play on an armed track, no signal shows up on the volume meter. Same thing in Cubase 8 LE. I can open Repaer and get no recording singal, then Cubase and get nothing. When I open GB everything works as expected. Could you help me troubleshoot this thing please? I can provide screenshots of config screens if necessary. I think that the DAWs are pretty much the same interface-wise across OSes ;) PS. If that's important I'm on a mid-2015 MBP with Mojave 10.14.3.
  15. Apple's new OS Mojave 10.14, has implemented a new security feature that can block input signals if not allowed access. Once a user has launched a DAW or stand alone plugin for the first time after the Mojave update, they will prompted to "allow mic access." If mic access is denied, user will not be able to receive an input via the specified software. To manually approve your software navigate to: System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Microphone From this menu, user will be granted the ability to approve any software that was previously denied.
  16. My intention is to use an HD500X as an interface into GarageBand on a MacBook Pro. My dilemma is how to record guitar using the POD amp simulations but bypass the GarageBand simulations. I have yet to discover how to record a guitar track without it being colored by the GB amp models. There doesn't seem to be an option for injecting a guitar signal straight in while bypassing GarageBand's amps. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  17. OK so I've read a couple of posts about people recording HELIX output using the CCK and an iPad or iPhone. Tried this myself last night and ran into a bit of a snag. iPhone 6s running iOS 10.3.3. connected to HELIX LT 2.21 monitoring thru headphones connected to the helix headphone OP. Opening Garage band on the iPhone with a backing track on track 1. Added a 2nd track and select input 1 + 2 as the input. On the HELIX I can hear both the backing track and the 'live guitar' I get no signal level from the HEMIX on track 2. This is confirmed when I record and there is just a blank region. Oddly I can record into other apps, twisted wave audio editor , loopy and AUM see a reasonable level on the input monitor and I can record and play back no problem. So I'm pretty sure everything is setup physically OK. I tried changing the sample rate of the HELIX to 44.1 as well but made no difference. I managed to get a little tiny signal into Garage band by pushing the HELIX through AUM and then feeding the output of AUM into the track but the level was miniscule. What Gives? Is there a setting GB that I missed? Never had any issue recording into GarageBand using the Roland Duo EX.
  18. Sorry if this is a simple (stupid) question ... I previously used a Line 6 POD xt Live (awesome pedal btw!). I used the stage feature in GarageBand on my Mac to create a "band" for me to play along with. I connected my Mac to the pedal using a USB cable and set the Audio Output on the Mac to be the POD as it appeared in the devices list on the Mac. Fun times! However, change is inevitable and downsizing a must! Now, I have Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) on a MacBook Pro, an iPad runing iOS 7 and a shiny new Line 6 Sonic Port. I also have a Blackstar HT Club 40 tube amp. It only has the one 1/4" input jack. Is there a "proper" way to connect all this up so that I can use my Sonic Port, manipulate all of it's great features, and still play along woth those "bands" I created? I don't imagine there is a Mac interface (software) for the Sonic Port as there is no (obvious) way to connect it's iPad cable port to the Mac computer. Nor could I likely now connect the Mac to the amp. PS: I have not yet found a way to do the stage thing in GarageBand on the iPad. If there is one, this might solve this issue. Does anyone know if *this* is possible? PPS: by "stage thing" what I mean is illustrated in the attached screen shot.
  19. Hi, I have been using my old ux-1 to record with my windows notebook using Reason software but recently have been checking out apple garageband v10.1.3 and wanted to try recording my guitar using the ux-1 but with no luck. I have successfully downloaded and installed line6 monkey and gearbox (not sure I need it?) onto my macbook, and the monkey says my ux1 is all updated, but I still cannot get any sound with garageband, whether or not I turn on gearbox. My guitar is plugged into the ux1 and I am listening with headphones in the phones jack on the ux1 and I have selected in garageband preferences>audio the ux1 as both input and output and all other possible combinations yet cannot get any sound when I play the guitar. I also cannot get any sound just using the gearbox with my macbook. Garageband is not launched, but the gearbox is, and the ux1 is plugged in, but I cannot hear myself play guitar, again using headphones. This works with my windows notebook. Any ideas?
  20. I was about to buy a Pocket POD or POD 2.0 but want to first be sure they work with Garageband on an iPad. I currently plug directly in using an Apogee Jam 96k interface. I'm not very tech savvy and just want to get better effects than what comes with Garageband, without using an amp. If POD is not ideal for this, what other Line 6 products are. Thanks!
  21. Fowney

    No sound

    So, I connect everything as per the manual, but I can't get any sound on the Mobile Pod. Can't even use the tuner. Nothing. Even more frustrating having just paid £15 for an in-app purchase, not that I have any idea what I have purchased. So much for "free app with a Line 6 sonic port"!!!
  22. Hopefully someone can tell me where I can find the gate.. When I add gear theres no gate stompbox ? WTH Im getting really bad feedback even with the gain on my irig 2 turned all the way down, volume on the phone is down ,
  23. Hi All, I'm having a problem with using my POD HD Pro for recording into Garageband that just recently began to persist and I have yet to find a solution for it. I'll describe my situation below, please help me if you can. Thanks! Setup: POD HD Pro Rack Garageband Macbook Pro (late '08/'09) OS X v10.10 (Yosemite) I normally record guitars and bass through my POD HD Pro rack and have just recently run into a problem with it. Usually, I'll plug in my POD via USB and in Garageband, it'll play through both sides of my headphones. Then, just a couple days ago, when I would pop the tuner on, tune up, then tap the tuner back off, the sound would be completely gone, not monitoring at all when there was just sound. So I would close my session, power off my POD, unplug, replug and turn it back on. Then it would work until I used the tuner again. I repeated this process a couple of times and then my POD began to only monitor through the right channel of Garageband. If I would pan the track hard left, there would be absolutely no sound. If I panned hard right, there would be the same amount of sound on the right from 100%-0% pan. Additionally, I removed the POD from the audio track and switched my input to the laptop's microphone and it monitors through both headphones as normal. Any ideas on why this is happening? I've plugged my headphones into the POD directly and it monitors through both sides of my headphones perfectly. Any help on this issue is much appreciated. Is it possible that a USB output setting on the POD glitched off by accident? Thanks, Erik
  24. Hey guys, Check out my latest video showing a song I created using the Firehawk and my iPad.
  25. I've just bought the SPVX and started using it with GB in a MBP and a Taylor GS Mini. It sounds great. BUT, I have a delay, very small, disturbing delay. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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