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  1. @ rd2rk Thanks, but I had a lightbulb moment and managed to fixed the damned thing myself :) So what was wrong you may ask? I said "no" when Repaer and Cubase asked if they could access my microphone when I run them for the very first time. Even though I didn't use a microphone as a sound input, it seems to have blocked all inputs altogether. I allowed both Reaper and Cubase to access the mic in the privacy settings et voila!
  2. Hey guys! I'm a MacOS user and I've been happily recording and practicing through my Helix using GarageBand. My band is about to record a song and we decided to experiment a bit recording techniques and use my Helix to lay all guitar tracks. To better prepare I wanted to try re-amping. This can't be done in GB as I can't route track output to Helix's USB inputs. I installed Reaper to try it. It sees my Helix as an audio device, is set to record it but it doesn't. When I play on an armed track, no signal shows up on the volume meter. Same thing in Cubase 8 LE. I can open Repaer and get no recording singal, then Cubase and get nothing. When I open GB everything works as expected. Could you help me troubleshoot this thing please? I can provide screenshots of config screens if necessary. I think that the DAWs are pretty much the same interface-wise across OSes ;) PS. If that's important I'm on a mid-2015 MBP with Mojave 10.14.3.
  3. EooN

    Helix 2.30 update experience

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thanks to the wonderful people at Line6 who worked on the update :) I am in love with how easy it is to update the unit now! The process is dead simple, especially if you had your unit on 2.20 or 2.21. I haven't played any of the new models yet (my LT just finished updating and I'm about to take my guitar out of its case), but I really appreciate the fact that you guys keep adding more stuff to the unit for free. Also, the new editor looks slick :) Kinda tiny though, I wish you could resize it a bit... but hey - here's something to look for in future updates. Love ya, love the product. Cheers!
  4. EooN

    Triple Rec. 4cm Helix - help..

    With the old triple recs you have to fiddle with the FX loop send and return levels on the back of the amp. Read the manual to get a general idea and then tweak with your ears. I'm afraid that you won't be able to use helix's preamps with the triple rec as the amp doesn't really allow to set the loop to be 100% wet (there's always some dry signal coming through). I managed to get my triple rec working with TC Flashback and HoF and as of now I'm running them in their normal mode, not killing the dry signal (which is the suggested way to go when you have a parallel loop).
  5. EooN

    Question about preset mode vs stompbox mode

    You can assign the FS using the editor, but it's much more fun to do on the unit ;) If you haven't turned off the capacitive footswitches: 1) Select the effect you want to work with - move to the block using the joystick controller. 2) With your hand, touch the footswitch you want the effect to be assigned to. Touch, don't press! Keep touching for a few seconds. 3) When a menu shows, you can have a look at some additional settings that allow you to customize the footswitches. But if you just want to assign the stompbox to a switch, click the rotary knob under the green "OK" square. 4) Enjoy! This procedure is described in the manual and has been covered in multiple Helix video presentations. You can always refer to these sources if you have any doubts.