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  1. You mean we cant sit in a chair like Neo and just have that stuff "LOADED" into our noggins? ; )
  2. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    No, I'm really not upset. I enjoy Helix as it is. I just wish once Line-6 would change their silence ways to such a degree of posting "something" on their own page. That's better than nothing at all. But Like I said at the first of the message I didn't really expect them to. They make great stuff, but frankly (virus or no virus) their communication dept has always sucked. I had hope when D.I. was here for a while and let us in on some kewl things to come, but I have seen nothing as of late. Maybe I just missed it? If not then that's actually a shame and not because I requested it, because it just is. So no, I'm not in a "situation", Im not blowing snot-bubbles- I just wish they would change their ways a bit. ; )
  3. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    No wonder they all moved to TGP.... lol
  4. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    OK, Im probably pissin up a rope but here goes-, It would be real nice (now that most of us are at home for a while because of that nasty virus) to learn and play with a new update on Helix. Since most if not all the devs/writers of that code are probably at home as well, it would also be nice if they could comment here on a current status. I'm not asking for specific details, but just a ballpark idea of timeframes on where they are. Yea, I know that doesn't happen much here (maybe at TGP) but it would be real nice of them if they could/would do this here, or anywhere else for that matter. FWIW, Thanks for your consideration.
  5. Glad it worked for ya- Think you could change the "Joke" comment to "solved" in the topic now?
  6. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    Damn I missed all the fun again... That would take someone from Line-6 being here lol lol ...
  7. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    The one in the editor? Oh wait..... ; )
  8. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    Using your ears for tone and stage volume doesn't usually require a meter, but getting a 0db level out on multiple tracks sometimes does. Digital clipping occurs and then you are trying to "band-aid" that once in a lifetime track. In other words, "perception" of the volume levels wont work in this regard. Yes, compressors & limiters on the master bus helps during mix-downs, but if you can put everything on a track @ 0db (or less) & without too much "tweaking" involved, it usually works out better with less effort later. As always, YMMV. ; )
  9. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    Yer welcome, and BTW....
  10. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    "Ubur" ? I think you meant "Uber"- denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.
  11. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    DI says at TGP, that 2.90 adds output and gain reduction meters to Helix Floor, Rack, and LT. He also said: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-2-9.2053030/page-67 Not that anyone asked or should care, but here's my take: Line 6 is the most transparent company in this industry, sometimes to a fault. Anyone who thinks we're not sharing enough might as well say "Amazon isn't big enough!" or "B$%#&@ger needs to copy more!" At NAMM, we knew what would be in 2.90 and decided to share this inside information—and beer/wine—with some friends. (We also showed a ton of early Helix and HX Stomp design prototypes and Ben discussed details on our modeling process.) And we have plans to do it again next NAMM Hence, there's been no official 2.90 announcement As of this writing, 2.90 is ahead of schedule I just want to design gear. Other than my family, friends, and dog, it's pretty much all I think about. The only reason I pay attention to sales is that if a Helix/HX/POD box sells well enough, YGG lets Team Helix take greater risks when designing the next boxes. And at the height of the 2.80 madness, when everyone and their mom was screaming for an update, sales of Helix/HX products shot UP. So yeah. Please. Complain away I say we make um richer and start bitching more... ; )
  12. spikey

    Future Helix 2

    I was wrong in predicting that Helix 2 would hit the ground running in December 2019. It never happened. It was actually fun in doing so even if there's still no tuner in the editor... ; ) Oh Its still on the drawing board (Duh) and at some future Winter NAMM they will announce it in all its glory, but I also believe that we will be getting at least a couple MORE big patches in Helix 1st beforehand. It would be stupid to invest time in that programming knowing it will be replaced any time soon Im thinking. But then, Ive been wrong before ; )... Either way, It good to be a guitar player these days with all the choices available- So you expect them to be "fair" about the costs of making an updated Helix? Can you give examples of companies that charge "less" for a new and updated more powerful product? I cant. For example; MRI's have been around for 30+ years now, and the ole (and new) R&D on them has been paid for a thousand time over, yet getting one is still costing the patient (or their Insurance) over 2 grand to get one. So good luck getting a full blown Helix 2 for less than $1399.00. Not saying that I hope your wrong, I just don't see that happening, but...., well, you know... ; )
  13. Post at TGP, they may have an answer for ya over there...
  14. From TGP- https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line-6-powercab-112-and-powercab-112-plus.1931154/ What’s the difference between Powercab 112 and Powercab 112 Plus? Powercab 112 Plus adds the following: 2-inch, 128 x 32-pixel LCD display 128 user preset locations 128 user IR locations MIDI In and Out for recalling presets, IRs, and most parameters (can also be recalled via USB) AES/EBU | L6 LINKTM digital In and Out Additional input for use as an FOH monitor (post-DSP) Powercab Edit connectivity USB audio interface for jamming along with or monitoring backing tracks from your Mac/PC/iOS* device User-selectable mic modeling and distance on the XLR output (Powercab 112’s output uses an SM58 model only) Powercab 112 Plus is about 2 lb (1 kg) heavier
  15. I have multiple avenues to listen to Helix on, but the two main ones are a couple of Power-cab +'s running back to the mixer (and audio interface) and into my near-field Mackie HR 824 monitors. The other way is using the built-in cab IR's in Helix straight into the HR-824's. With the Power cabs I can change the settings on them "per-patch" with Helix, for example from a Fender Jensen speaker on a Deluxe, to a Marshall green-back on a Marshall amp patch. I recommend them !
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