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  1. I use a midi merger (Midi Solutions) hooked from my midi-sport 4x4 (for the Nixie software on the Mac) and from Helix midi out, merged, and then going to my 1st Strymon pedal Midi input. In this configuration I can control the 3 Strymon (all set to their own Midi channel) pedals either from the Nixie software on the Mac, or from Helix via the control window in HX Edit.
  2. Im really having fun sending my KPA out to a pair of Power-Cab +'s, and then controlling the KPA and what speaker simulation I want with both the Kemper and Helix Editors!!! I just turned off the Cab on the KPA and let the PC+ be the Cabs (and Mic's and distance per Mics). Then using both the Remote on the KPA and the Controller on Helix, I can change settings by a push of a button! It sounds really nice to my ears too- what fun !
  3. Best wishes & hope you all get the guitar/pedal/amp/cab/dishwasher/Cactus/Oculus-Quest/iPad/winning lotto ticket/ of your dreams! ; )
  4. Those "after warranty diodes" are everywhere man!!!
  5. spikey

    Helix 2.9 Update

    Just thinking out loud here- You only live once, is a great saying. And, you don't need money growing in your back yard (or outta yer ARCH) to have a Helix, and another nice modeler. You just have to want one and get out of the punishment jeans society has put us all in. Today there are ZERO percent 12 and 18 month payment options and if you want one bad enough and don't want to pay it out like the example above, just save up for 6 months or so and pay for it. Im not saying to buy more than you can afford but Jesus, it's not like buying a new car. You're not being selfish to have more than one modeler my friends and it's not a sin to enjoy life and kids/life at the same time. And, more options and tones available are where it's at for me. And finally, cant take it with you- not that this is what you were saying brue. Heh- I remember My buddy had a term for people who think that they are going to take that $$ with them. He said- "they are so tight that every time they let gas they have a nose bleed". ; ) Not picking on Brue and not pointed at anyone, just saying- and as always YMMV and thats ok too. ; )
  6. spikey

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. spikey

    Helix 2.9 Update

    Ok bucko- whadda ya mean by knowin what I mean? Know what I mean??? Hummmm???? ; )
  8. This is not because I run Line-6 stuff on a Mac, but Ive noticed "MANY" people here saying they use Windows 10 and are having issues with the later Helix update/Editor software. Im not including those that cant or wont follow installation instructions either. There seems to be something in the Line-6 software, and/or Windows 10 that just doesn't seem to get along with each other. And yet, there are some that run this same setup with no issues??? So is everyone who is having an issue, happen to be running with the same motherboard, or graphics card? And is it something like this specific hardware or software on the PC that Line-6 software has problems with I wonder? Some weird driver for IO/USB causing this?
  9. spikey

    Helix 2.9 Update

    It's the most wonderful time of the year Wheres the 2.9 update? The patch seems to be late Can someone please hold my beer.... It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's the hap-happiest season of all! But where are the updates? We don't mean to berate But new stuff has slowed to a crawl... It's the hap-happiest season of all! It's the most wonderful time of the year There'll be snot-bubbles blowing Tempers will be glowing when no Helix patches are near It's the most wonderful time of the year!
  10. A bird in one hand is never worth the two in the bushes... As always YMMV. ; )
  11. spikey

    Helix vs Axe-Fx III

    Get both they're small.
  12. Ouch! Hope u get better soon!
  13. spikey

    hx effects

    Actually you use exactly "2" more cables doing the 4cm. Thats it. And as far as having less options, yes it requires using a total "1" aux send and return (out of 4 total), and using the 1/4" output. You still have the XLR outs for your output. The reason to do this is because the front end wah & drives are where they need to be, and the delays and verbs are where they need to be in the chain (after the amp). Being unconventional works too, but for the majority the 4cm is the norm.
  14. Thats unless you are doing "merged" profiles. In this case the Amp profile is separated from the Cab (so you can swap them as desired). ; )
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