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  1. spikey

    Back it UP NOW- boys and girls!

    Go into the Helix editor, click on file- "create backup". Do it now so when the 2.8 patch hits today or tomorrow you won't have to remember this important step! I have a feeling it will drop on "Tuesday" which happens to be the busiest day of the month for me- (pure speculation on when 2.8 drops).
  2. spikey

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Spring is no longer a future date in "any" situation regarding the 2.8 patch release, and obviously, they need more time. That's a good thing for us cause I for one don't want a half-baked patch released.
  3. spikey

    Helix and H&K GrandMeister 40 Deluxe

    Sorry, I sold my GM40 dlx a while back.
  4. spikey

    "-28" error?

    Computers don't usually weird-out on their own. Yes, the hardware design can be a problem sometimes. Power supplies can and do fail after a while. And, they have lots of help with that from the code (software) running in them. But the computer itself is just like a car, or an engine, or even a gun for that matter, in that it will sit there on a table(or in a garage), all by itself for decades and decades without ever doing a single thing wrong, until one day when a human tries to fool with it. Maybe it is "us" that is buggy? After all, weren't we the last ones to touch it? ; )
  5. spikey

    TS 1/4 outputs

    Good luck in your efforts zolko60. I wish you success in getting a re-written and correct manual. ; )
  6. spikey

    TS 1/4 outputs

    Besides the deadlines and commitments and me being a Negative Nancy" about how things got written in the past, It takes time to write stuff in a way "everyone" understands, or try to. Almost impossible to do. In the meantime just use regular T/S cables on the outputs and aux ports because they seem to work for everyone. Why? Because as it states in the reference above- "Although all the outputs use TRS jacks, they are not true balanced outputs. They are only impedance-balanced." . ; )
  7. spikey

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Until fall... ; )
  8. spikey

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Depends on how big your tuner is and if its located in the editor or not....
  9. spikey

    TS 1/4 outputs

    From the manual- I don't understand why this info was worth a down vote?
  10. spikey

    New Speaker Models?

    Given that L6-Link is to be updated on Helix, I would think that the PC+ firmware will also be updated, but have no information on this and guessing atm.
  11. spikey

    Vetta II user considering a Firehawk 1500

    The iPad editor for the FH-1500 is very well thought out and once paired with your FH-1500 you will wonder how you did without it. Also, get the FBV3 foot controller- and u will be in heaven!!!
  12. spikey

    oops.... I bought an Axe FX III.... but...

    Nice of you to say that D.I. And that also makes Line-6 and the competition stay on their toes (which is good for all of us)!
  13. spikey

    TS 1/4 outputs

    Yea they are 1/4" T-S (and no ring) unbalanced line outs, right next to the 2 XLR outs.
  14. spikey

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Not sure how gas relates to mental energy, but whatever works. I Got to wondering just where is that "mental gas" of yours located Cru, and do you get that problem after a bowl of beans? ; ) Hey maybe that is where the stupid firmware becomes SMART firmware! I won't go over the process but thanks for the ideas!!! Now, where are those beans....
  15. spikey

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Grabbed this from TGP this morning- yesterday @ 12:19 pm D.I. wrote: