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  1. spikey

    PC+ Loud Pop when switched off?

    Is there any way to stop the loud "POP" when powering off the PC+, other than turning the volume down before switching off power? Or is this normal?
  2. spikey

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

    Yep, my bad didn't read it correctly so I hope you sell a million of um! ; )
  3. spikey

    Powercab Strange Power-on Behavior

    Yes, I am. And I also have to restart the right PC+ to get any sound sometimes. It will have sound, then pop and no sound on right PC+. Once I restart it, it comes up ok most of the time. Acts like a midi conflict of some sort causing this, but each PC+ is set to its own midi channel.
  4. spikey

    What's next?

    No Joke- I need MORE lightning bolt instant action icons in the Control Center.
  5. spikey

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

    Actually no, $40.00 US is a bit expensive for me. So if I buy 2 @ $80.00 and the 3rd is $20.00, that equals a hundred bucks. Hit me up at the Christmas half-price deals, and I might then. ; )
  6. spikey

    10" FRFR Speaker?

    Power/volume wise you are correct, but if "stage dynamics" is used properly (in most cases and depending on room acoustics) by all the band members this wouldn't need discussion. I have played with a few excellent people in the past who knew how to do this well, and it makes for a fun time on stage (because everyone can hear everyone), while the FoH does its job for the crowd.
  7. spikey

    Amp that goes well with HX effects

    What kind of worship music do you play? I mean is the music mostly clean, or is it distorted, metal, grunge, etc etc? That would help a lot in deciding if you needed a Fender Dlx or a Marshall stack...
  8. spikey

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

    I wish you would say the same for the pricing as well ; )
  9. spikey

    No Volume Control with Helix as Sound Device on Mac?

    Good, glad it's working now Maestro77. Could you change/add to the topic "Solved" now? Thanks.
  10. spikey

    Surfin’ with Helix

    HA, you just haven't heard the spiffy playing that Silver and I can do!!! ; )
  11. spikey

    Helix routing. How can I do this?

    I ran my DSL-100H into Helix using the 4CM, and also fed 3 Strymon pedals (BigSky, Mobius and TimeLine) for FX to color the DSL where needed, turning each of them "separately" on and off via the Control Centers midi setup for each Snap-Shot. Sending the DSL's speaker out to a "Captor" load box I could line out into a daw and use any IR or the built-in speakers in Helix, or the cab simulator in the Captor, or send the output to a 1960a. Now understand, that was all in just ONE patch. I could always just go to another patch and use and modeled amp into FRFR as desired. And when 2.8 update hits, I'll also be controlling 2 PowerCabs via L6-Link. So yea, Helix will be the center of your Studio should you decide to go that route.
  12. spikey

    Using FRFR Behind You On Stage

    Old school I guess, but I've seen lots of bands that still use monitors in front of them (or behind). Mixed right its a tried and true method that works well. And, As a guitar player i "want" to hear a little of what the FoH is getting.
  13. Is there a way to have the Instant action (lightning bolts) inside the Command center to do a "double duty"? I'm needing more of these little jewels, as the Mobius, Timeline, and BigSky are using all of them currently (for CC and Program change per midi channel each), and I need some space for the 2 PC+'s cabs. Id like to be able to change the cabs on both PC+'s AND the settings on the 3 Strymon pedals per snapshot, and I've run out of "midi-room" on the lightning bolts. I have a workaround by using a Damage Control DMC-6 gen3 for the midi on the cabs, but Id rather be using Helix for all of this. Or do I just have to wait for 2.8 for all this to work? Thanks.
  14. spikey

    Using a Windows 10 tablet to run HX Edit

    Thanks for sharing that one!!!
  15. spikey

    Surfin’ with Helix

    So, all the sound is not coming from just Helix? There's different guitars and fingers involved too? So I guess Helix cant do Andy Summers after all then... Who woulda figured... ; )