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  1. The opposite happened to me Cru- I made the mistake of trying to mix with my headphones for the 1st time the other day, 1st time for everything i guess. Using the DT-770 Pro's (80 ohm) I thought they would be "flatter". Boy was I surprised when I took them off and compared the mix with my Mackie 824s. Too many highs, almost brittle sounding ( the headphones added Bass) from the mackie's then, and too much verb in places I didn't hear with the phones on. The brittle snds may have enhanced the verb using the 824's. Its ok to still track with phones (esp with using vocal mics- you almost have to then in smallish studio's), but for final mixing/EQ I'll stay with the flat monitors (or invest in a much better set of headphones). My two cents.
  2. spikey

    Future Helix 2

    Of course not. Its not even called "official" until after its released ; P lol....
  3. I appreciate your efforts Cru, but isn't this like explaining to the Chicago Gangsta why he shouldn't shoot you? Maybe a poor example but I mean, either this is common knowledge for anyone who has done their research (reading-studying-watching-learning- and then repeating this concept) 1st hand before taking the plunge, or it never will be for others that don't. FYI, no fingers pointed and no one specific in mind, just a general observation after reading decades of posts here. ; )
  4. Excellent read folks! Thanks to all for the information (I thought I knew and didn't know enough on).
  5. I honestly dont know. I do know that most Electronic Design Engineers are smarter at that design work than I am.
  6. No, He is like me and has to be right all the time ; ). Next he will be telling us how the tuner in the editor is not working right..., err....
  7. Ive been playing out off and on since the late 60's, so don't go there. You seem to judge people you know "nothing" about. Sure, certain jobs don't need a huge mixer- DUH. So yes Mr. Obvious small mixers don't have individual channels with Phantom power. Use a direct box that blocks the 48 volts. Done! I don't disagree with this, but that doesn't mean it's broken, it just means it was designed that way. Who knows why that is. Im sure they will address this in Helix 2.0. That said, You seem to declare there is something very wrong with Helix design wise as a show stopper issue, when there isn't. Could it have been designed better? Sure, like everything else that you and I both own AND don't own (that's me being Mr. Obvious now ; ) ). That doesn't mean Helix is broken. But, even if Helix was able to take the 48 volts without ANY issues at all, Id still run with a direct box just to be pro-active for protection purposes if nothing else. That goes for my Kemper, Axe FX and others as well. That cover all the bases? Good. Oh yea, as far as running Helix in the summer Sun, Id try hard not to do that if at all possible just for the heat build up if nothing else.
  8. And I explained the situation already, too. What's so tuff about following directions? Besides, "most" mixers have a switch next to the power button for phantom power, and you don't "have" to use it if you dont wish to. And If they (the musician) tells you NOT to do something then don't do it, just follow their instructions. And FWIW If u have a small console with global phantom power that wont switch off and you are running sound with that you need to move up in the world mixer wise (get Phantom power per channel), or get a day job. And one other thing, if the sound guy is a jerk and doesn't care about the people/equipment he/she is mixing for then you need to FIRE them and get one who does. Why? Because if they could care less about your equipment then they don't care much about how good you sound either. Or heres a "novel" idea, just run a direct box. Then it doesn't matter if your sound guy is coherent or not.... ; )
  9. If I tell the sound-man not to hook up 48 volts to my Helix and he does anyway he's not worth his own salt. There are rules to be followed when the equipment does not belong to you. He can hang a mic over the cab, and thats been done since the late 40's early 50's.
  10. I "never" run 48 volts anywhere near my Helix in's or out's, but that's just me.
  11. Create another ticket robiox. I assume since the Mainboard and DSP board was changed by L6, there's a good chance it's still in warranty if its only been 6 months. You kept the receipts, right?
  12. Also- Don't use the midi connection to switch the PC+ speaker simulations (if that's what you are doing). Use the L-6 Link cable from Helix to the PC+. Then use the editor's "Output" area to pick the speaker u want for the patch. U will see a choice there for the PC+ speaker and Mic choices.
  13. Without looking all this up, It "might" work with the right gender plugs, I would use ojai for what it was intended, Strymon pedals.
  14. I own and use a Helix, HX Effects (this one is FX only- no Amp Models), and a Kemper. Luv um all. Ok - 1st off you are right, you could always use a pedal board into a nice amp as this works well for millions of players. Here is the real thing about Helix, a Kemper, an Axe FX or any of these boxes. You have to put some time in to get results. Once thats done, they pay off in musical spades for ya. This 1st route (a pedal board into an amp) is easier, but it's more of a one trick pony compared to Helix. So, if you are ready for a learning curve (its not that bad or we all wouldnt be here) Id say get a Helix, Kemper or Axe FX. Which one is the best (Im clairvoyant btw ; ) ) is really up to you. So start reading. And GL!
  15. spikey

    New FRFR day...

    Glad you found something that u like!
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