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    Capture your own IRs? What are you using?

    Thats unless you are doing "merged" profiles. In this case the Amp profile is separated from the Cab (so you can swap them as desired). ; )
  2. spikey


    The tuner in the editor fixed it.
  3. spikey

    Helix strobe tuner accuracy in cents

    One you know what to look for Im sure it would get you in the ballpark, but Im not sure if you could get it to read down to .02/100th accuracy. Actually Im just glad the nervous glitchy jumpy-ness is gone.
  4. spikey

    input level calibration?

    77 u are not the 1st one that has asked for meters. Bottom line is that you don't want to clip the inputs or outputs, and since we tend to create with our eyes rather than ears, this lack of visual kinda suxs. You could always run Helix L&R outs into the mixer (or other DAW Interface) and use its meters (as long as you know where 0dB is on the scale).
  5. spikey

    Helix II

    Which got me wondering, just how much memory space/room is left in Helix for adding more stuff? Anyone know?
  6. spikey

    Ah the Helix... three and a half years in...

    Oh I dunno......, almost said it lol.... ; )
  7. A good used pair of Mackie HR-824's- cant go wrong with these.
  8. spikey

    Setting Tuner for 1/2 step down

  9. spikey

    Helix II

    It came out last December, did'nt you know? It's the one with the Tuner in the Editor.
  10. spikey

    Helix/HX 2.82 Out

    I know what you are getting at and yes it did need to be more toward the top, but I disagree about the text being trivial. After all the issues in updating I would think that the patch notes need to be "exact" and at an 8th grade reading level. That said, after thinking about it if you are not gonna read it anyway.... sigh...
  11. spikey

    Helix/HX 2.82 Out

    Yea this was rushed a bit but hey Im sure I don't want the blood pressure levels some of these guys are under. Not having or taking the time to proofread the patch notes, given that after all the errors that were made on the consumers side (by not reading or using Windows or both), does not tend to help (even if the patch is mucho appreciated). So Please tell D.I.'s boss to take a freekin valium.
  12. spikey

    Helix Effects Corrupted Preset?

    Easier said than done Im sure, but (if not done already) the software needs to be rewritten so that if it see's a bad code (IR/setting/etc.) instead of accepting it and then locking up, to reject it completely. This may already be in there and maybe it just needs tweaked some. OTOH, it may not be the IR or setting at all and the whole executable/code itself needs more fixing and debugging. If so, someone needs to grab the QA dept, bean counters and time restraints & Contract dates Lawyers by the short-hairs and go HEEEEEYYYY let um fix me before you ship me (I know- fat chance)... Of course then you just have to ignore the masses going "why hasn't it shipped yet". ; )
  13. Great read- thanks all!
  14. spikey

    HX Stomp 2.81 links broken?

    It should work, but it doesn't. Therefore, it doesn't work. Whatda u want, a rubba biscuit? ; )
  15. spikey

    Power Cab vs Combo Amp

    Until you actually hear the speaker simulations in the PC PLUS, you wont know. Go listen to one. You can thank me then.
  16. spikey

    Helix Guitar Tuner

  17. spikey

    Helix Guitar Tuner

    Someone suggested putting a tuner in the editor...
  18. spikey

    cant update 2.81

    Well, there you go again telling us we gotta go and read something!!! ;P
  19. spikey

    The 4 cm is too messy

    Velcro strips are your friend. I have um and use um all the time. Being neater about your layout is good, but obsessive (anything) OCD or just weirdness stops you from spanking the plank. BTW- I have OCD and speak from experience here- and FYI there's no tuner in the editor so don't even look for one! ; )
  20. spikey

    2.81 Should I wait?

  21. spikey


    Read? Read???? I don need to stinkin READ!!!
  22. spikey

    Amps won’t clean up on helix.

    Jasons videos are just great & this ^^^^^ guy knows is stuff.
  23. spikey

    2.81 Should I wait?

    I saw nothing but complications for the most part on 2.80 as well. This was mainly due to folks not reading the directions beforehand, altho there were some software bugs as well (mostly from Windows 10 users) as expected at least by me. Why? The registry suxs no matter what happens. Anyway- 2.81 was for some fixes for 2.80 IIRC. The success you are looking for (complete success and with zero bugs on any software) has not arrived yet and probably never will. So why not update?
  24. spikey

    Amps won’t clean up on helix.

    I'm now thinking that you are hearing your guitar raw buffered signal along with Helix's tone, at the same time. Guys???