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  1. FYI- A new video that shows more of the menu section. Very nice. Now I dunno if I want to incorporate an HXFX or Helix. I may just run this bad boy via a Morningstar MC-8 midi controller and call it good. ; )
  2. Depends... How much of a douchebag is your Bass player? ; )
  3. I still own the "1st Variax", and a JTV-69. I pull them out on occasion, play them a while and then put them away. My ears can't seem to get past the artifacts introduced, but I know it's just me because most rave over the features it has, and they are all impressive. I wish there were a way to limit that strange "after" effect noise I hear/feel, and Have tried many things including string sizes both smaller and bigger. It's like drinking a diet coke for the first time after years of drinking regular ones lol. So, in a few weeks/months I will pull my JTV-69 out again. ; )
  4. Yea I know, they need to add a few more of the "major" ones so that we can tell at a glance without having to hover over it-etc. Oh no it won't be just for captures. Like always and forever I am, after 50 years of playing the guitar, still looking for the Holy Grail of tone. Im closer but not there yet. By combining units, removing them and then recombining them "again" I "learn" from the mistakes, and hopefully will get my tones to the next level. After all, what else is there? ; )
  5. Very nice! A blue sparkly!
  6. Thanks all, and esp Honest for the long post! The Editor is coming soon, and along with it the ability to locally save backups to your PC/Mac without the Cloud. Mine will be a "Desk-top" unit. No way am I stepping on the rotaries... Ya know, I could always leave the HX Effects on my Marshall DSL (where it is now) and use an Aux sends from Helix into the QC ; )
  7. As always, YMMV and that's ok
  8. Anyone here thinking about getting a Neural Quad Cortex??? https://neuraldsp.com/quad-cortex I plan on it at some point, and also thinking about hooking it into an HX Effects using the 4 cable method. I could then use all of the new Helix drives in front of and FX in back of the QC, with the power of the QC in the middle. This should to be a monster! Just hope its not too convoluted lol.
  9. spikey

    HX Edit 3.01

    HAL 9000: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
  10. spikey

    HX Edit 3.01

    I hear that 3.10 has a tuner in the editor....
  11. I am "one of the few" holdouts that have not purchased the Stomp yet... Thanks for the ideas!!!
  12. Thanks Phil for the answer. I didn't know that myself.
  13. I'm pretty sure it matters to rosskoss or he/she wouldn't have asked. Having a bad day rd?
  14. spikey

    Derek Trucks Sound

    "Getting close is good enough". What I mean is, we could all play thru Mr. Trucks current rig, and it wouldnt sound like him. Why? Because we don't have his hands and technique. That is part of the tone's unique to him. So getting close is good enough. ; )
  15. I feel the same about my Toyota Camry. It runs great and gets me to my destination, but it just doesn't accelerate like the Kia Stinger twin turbo does... ; ) All kidding aside, any suggestions on Improving Helix from what it is right now are more than welcome.
  16. Quote of the month! In fact- in most cases It's not the modeler, or the speakers either. Its "people"..., That group always throws a wrench in the works. Get rid of them and enter toneful bliss.... ; )
  17. To be fair, any "limitations" (requirements) of Luna were stated up front, and as stated, are dependant on what we have and use to run it. UA built "Luna" the way it is, "on purpose". It wasn't any accident that it requires and uses a "Thunderbolt" interface only as its hardware interface "host", and a "set" of proprietary plugins (even though it will run other VST's just fine too). So its limited only by our perspective and $$$, as in if you own all the plugins for Luna from UA and have a Thunderbolt interface (as I do), it's a pretty sweet rig. Using a pair of "audio inputs" from Helix (on any recording device) is not a limitation or setback. If it was, there wouldn't be any "Beatles" albums lol... Like a fast "sports car", you don't need one to get where you are going, but the option of having one is a nice... ; )
  18. Adding to what Cru is talking about, a picture is worth a thousand words. ; )
  19. Just woke & read this- Looks like I need to re-visit what version firmware is inside my PC+ pair... Reverb huh? Latest update I see is v2.xx and I didn't read anything about reverb blocks there, but i did not read the newest manual yet.
  20. Just throwing this out there... I updated just fine with a Mac using the "Catalina" OS. El-Capitan is a 2015 OS release, almost 6 years old, and altho I have no proof it wont run Helix 3.01 correctly, Id still upgrade. But that's just me...
  21. OK where is your toilet Cam!!!>?!?!?!?!? ; )
  22. spikey

    Big Sur

    "Catalina" is and will be a "Windows 2000" for me until my next Mac purchase, sometime in 2 or 3 years or so. By the time I update Mac OS's again it may be "WAP Big Purrrr papa mowmow" lol...
  23. If you are going to spend the $$$ get the rack AND the controller. This way you arn't stepping all over the expensive part.... ; )
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