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  1. For my birthday I splurged and bought a pair of the Deuce Deluxes. These were affordable to me. Both look really cool (like little amp cabs). They are FRFR and have a tweeter that can be switched on or off. Included is a of and hf cut. I will need to tweak my presets, but really like what I am hearing.
  2. Hello I have a Epiphone houndog dobro guitar that I want to run through the Helix. Are there any irs for resonator guitars? If not can I use an accustic guitar ir and just let the resonator tone make the difference. Just asking
  3. Another 4 cable method posting. I. Am using a Trademark 60 in 4 cable method (Fender HRDlx in shop). I set up amp to my liking. I was able to balance the signal to amp with helix to amp. Then I put a Essex AC 30 preamp in chain by affects S/R. I was not able to balance the volume between preamp model and the amp (turned up return gain did not help). Then use Ac 30 amp and now was able to get close by using channel volume. I did not want to increase drive to raise the volume. The amp without cab sounds good thru the TM 60. Am I on the right path? Any tips?
  4. I was wondering if there is a way to simulate an accustic guitar with my Fender Strat. The Boss GT 100 had this feature and it was cool.
  5. I am wondering it I should use a cab when plugging into T21 PE or should I just use an amp model. What are pros and cons of using a cab vs not using one? Thanks
  6. purptiger

    EC Badge

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to set up a preset for Eric Clapton’s song Badge? I am especially looking for the part that George Harrison wrote with the Leslie effect and I am assuming wah pedal.
  7. No I am not using it to toggle channels. Just to run HRD in the s/r and have aHelix model (Marshall Plexi Bright). I am working on an Allman Brothers from Philmore East sound).
  8. I am playing a Gib LP Classic Premium Plus into the Helix and I am using 4 cable method into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. i am getting great sounds. Today I noticed that I am getting hum when I turn on the s/r and use the Fender amp. When I look at the return level and lower it the hum goes away. Of course now the Fender is quieter than the Helix amp model. I checked the cables and they seem ok. What are my options? Thanks,
  9. I have a Helix Floor and wonder if I can use the amp connection to change channels on HRD. The HRD also has a more overdrive switch. So can the Helix switch channels and then switch more dirt/less dirt part also? Also how do I do the channel switching? Thanks
  10. Everyone is probably tired of seeing questions about the 4 cable method, but here comes another one. I have the cables all plugged in correctly into the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I have the send/return right before the amp model in the Helix. I have hardly any volume when I try to switch between the Helix model and the HRD. I have one FS toggled to turn on the S/R and then another FS to toggle on the Helix model. I have not figured how to do it with one press of the FS. I am still trying to figure out the assigns. Also there appears to be much hum and hiss when trying 4 cable method. Anyone have any advice?
  11. I have had the Helix about two days and I have some questions about it: I am using it with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with and without 4 cable method. Therefore, I mostly use mono effects. So wonder if I am using a mono amp can I sometimes use stereo effects? I like the stereo chorus and the rotary speaker. I don't understand the parallel routing and wonder if I will use it much since I going into a mono amp (return loop). When and why would you route this way especially with my setup? I am coming from a Boss GT 100 background and miss things like touch wah , auto wah, accustic simulator, and ability to mimic different types of pickups. I am happy so for I have put in two programs for EC's Badge and Pretending. Since I am using a mono amp in return loop and 4 cable method should I primarily use the preamp models or should I look at amp and cabs? Also I find the scribble strips too bright sometimes and wish there was a way to adjust the contrast and brightness. Maybe this will be a future addition. Still rockin and liking the Helix so for. Thanks for any tips and advice you guys can give me. By the way I am visually impaired so that is why I hope for changes in the scribble strips.
  12. I have 150 and plugged my dobro hound dawg and used tube instrument preamp. I tried to put levels as loud as I could get and bam I received feedback. Is 150 not able to handle acoustic guitar? I tried to use noise gate and this somewhat but not much. Does anyone have ideas to try this Amplifi with acoustic guitar? Thanks,
  13. Thanks for your help
  14. purptiger

    Stomp settings

    In amplifi app, stomps have gain and drive. What is the difference? How do I use these two settings to get a variety to stomp sounds? I am new to Line6 gear. I have Amplifi 150. Thanx.
  15. Okay I have a GT 100 that I am trying to run through the auxiliary input. When I set the levels to about 12 o'clock on the 150, and play my strat plus I notice there is some speaker static and slight clipping. Can the amplifi handle the hot signal of a multi effects unit if run hot. I called 2x line6 and one employee said yes it is an amp so can handle signal. Another said that smaller speakers (when stereo effects are used) may not handle signal. Could I gain stage it by turning down got aux signal and then boasting master volume?
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