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  1. Just wondering what it might be like to add an HX Stomp to a pedalboard that already has an HX Effects.
  2. I want t get an idea if the HX Stomp can fit in the pedalboard position that my M5 currently occupies or if I would have to reconfigure.
  3. Just finished wiring everything in except the two Boomerangs, expression pedals, and Behringer FCB1010. I needed to call it a day and decided to close the day out with a little ditty. For the purpose of this test, a single two bar guitar loop is prerecorded into the Wally then slowed as far down as the Wally will allow from dead center. I slowly raise the loop speed up to normal and the guitar loop plays back at regular speed until the end when it's slowed back down before the fade out. The "ambiance" is nothing more than the wet side of the guitar loop, highly effected. It was recorded on a Tascam DP-008EX using it's built in mics and quite frankly I didn't go to any great lengths, none at all really , to optimize any fidelity; the low level digital clipping is quite obvious, not so low level toward the end, and the mics picked up my switching. The Tascam does much better, as do I, with a bit more effort.
  4. It won't help now but insurance would be a good idea starting now.
  5. So the Helix hardware is now a subscription gateway to the software. If this is true I'm still within the return window. I stopped upgrading Adobe Creative Suite and buying Adobe products over their transforming into a subscription service. There comes a time when people have to simply not support this kind of business behavior.
  6. Absolutely. This was the first thing that stood out to me as an unfortunate UI choice. If I want modulation I just want what sounds good for the song, I don't care where in the Line 6 history the effects came from.
  7. Soundog, Codamedia, thank you both for an explanation that can help folks determine if their unit is one of the 1 in 200. I still wonder about the mysterious and vaguely described, "unsavory audio artifacts". I'm a technician so vagaries are anathemas.
  8. If someone gains some experience over time and learns in several months (say, 25 months after purchasing) how to recognize the "other unsavory audio artifacts", specific details of which are unfortunately absent in the announcement, what then? It seems that embedding an audio file of the "other unsavory audio artifacts" in the notification posting would have been proper.
  9. Yeah, the bread and butter are more than well represented at this point.
  10. It would be interesting if Line 6 hired someone with modular synthesizer modeling expertise who could do just that. Being able to route various parameters from one effect to another would be game changing stuff. I'm not sure hardware DSP is powerful enough yet for that sort of thing, though
  11. EHX Flanger Hoax (with expression pedal functionality). That darn thing is almost as big as the HX Effects. EHX Blurst Dr. Scientist Bitquest EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine See a pattern?
  12. Not very many pictures for a thread with "post pics" in the header. So... Assessment, reconfiguration, assimilation, and integration are currently in process... The HX Effects is a keeper... That of course has necessitated some changes; some culling, and, as is usually the case, a couple of additional additions beyond the HX Effects. My EBS SC pedal is now where it belonged in the first place, on my bass pedalboard, a Black Cat Tremelo was made redundant a while ago when I got the Adrenalinn III and doubly redundant now that I have the HX. The BC may end up on the bass pedalboard as well, though. The additions are both from EHX; a "Flanger Hoax" which is almost as bloody big as the HX Effects, and a "Blurst" with an expression pedal. The Blurst, a well proper filter full of wacky and then some, replaces the more traditional EBS. The HX takes two expression pedals so two more are in the mail but I may just pony up for a dually from EHX or Boss. The M5, Bad Stone, and MXRs might be on the chopping block after a few performances to make room for a few more boxes brimming with weirdness. It's pretty much a complete reconfiguration so I'm taking the opportunity to make custom patch cables using Canare cable (same brand I use at work) and Switchcraft pancake connectors. I added another power strip to the front of the pedalboard and I still need to add another power distro to the underside but the pedal layout is pretty much locked in. A full day of measuring and soldering is in my future after Thanksgiving.
  13. I purchased mine new from GC for $509; well worth the return policy and security of knowing how much stomping it's been subjected to.
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