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  1. thank you! seems like it makes sense, I'll try it tomorrow in the studio. but I'm a bit confused, cause on one of the previous posts the picture they posted suggested to split the output?
  2. Hi! I finally received the HX stomp, but when I tried to make the stereo sound, it comes only form one speaker while the other doesn't (not a problem with the speakers, I tried them both.) What did I do wrong? here is my path, I split the end in two separate outs as you can see and I would want the first amp to go to R and the second to L. But, seems to me that the second one is going into send instead of main L? I have a gig next weekend and it would be nice to solve it by then... Thank you in advance!
  3. Thanks a lot guys! Awesome advices, but we will stay as a 2 piece band, we’re pretty established already :) (if you’re curious, check Socks and Ballerinas ) Any advice on some speakers for the practice room that would work well with this setup? We don’t have one as we never needed them... I heard lots of good things about EV ZLX12P, although they seem pricey
  4. Man you’re amazing! Thank you for the pictures and clear explanation! gonna order the pedal even today then :) Here is a shot of my board, gonna try to squeeze the stomp somewhere Thanks a lot!!
  5. Hi everyone! first time posting here :) I've done some research but I found contradictory statements online, so I wanted to ask you guys. If what I ask is an obvious known thing, I'm very sorry in advance! I play in a 2 pieces band (guitar and drums) and to make the sound "fuller" I play with 2 amps at the same time: a fender hot rod deluxe and a fender bass amp (can't recall the name atm) As you can imagine it's heavy to bring both amps to gigs (on top of my massive pedalboard) so I was thinking to get a a Helix Stomp to replace the amplifiers and go straight, stereo, to the PA. So, is the little guy strong enough to do that? I would just use it to emulate a guitar amp and a bass amp (both with cabinets) simultaneously in stereo parallel and, if there is still enough power, I'd use some of its effects as well, especially EQs. If so, would it also be possible to insert my whole pedalboard in the helix digital chain? so that I can occasionally put helix effects before the board or after (while still working as dual amplifiers). thank you in advance! leo
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