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    Guitar, Music Hockey, Music..............Did I mention Music? I'm a Toronto Maple Leafs fan who lives in Alberta, direct Import from the T-dot herself, I love Punk, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, some pop, Grunge. Some of my Favourite bands/artists are: Wovenwar, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, RED, Switchfoot, Lifehouse, Relient K and Hawk Nelson (Pre Pop)
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  1. Not free.... but. ez drummer is fantastic! totally worth it. spend some cash now, and the amount you'll use it will be worth much more than the cash you'll put up for it at first. you can get expansion packs for it as well, they have some good deals check it out! https://www.toontrack.com/product/ezdrummer-3/ if you do recording as well, this is a great asset if you don't have a drummer on hand!
  2. I scrapped this idea for now, bought a Fender Player Telecaster, real nice guitar.
  3. Pete and Meat modded amps Billie Joe Armstrongs amps
  4. it's the internet, people are animals behind the screen, but yes line 6 manual is very easy, the modal types are very easy to read and understand. but yes Brit J45 (JTM45) Brit Plexi (Super Lead / Plexi) Brit 2204 (JCM 800) Line 6 2204 Mod (Alternate JCM 800) I'm hoping they add billie joe armstrong's modded amps to the list,
  5. Ok, so. I'm looking at buying a semi hollow telecaster kit, I'm a big tele guy, I got my first one last year, which was a jim root telecaster. it has all I want for a great metal or pop punk tone, now i'm looking to expand my sounds and get a tele with single coils in them, I'll be buying the kit and a set of fender vintage tele pick ups. but where I'm lost is the finish. my jim root has a black satin urethane finish, I want to replicate the look, and some of the feel of the satin finish on it, what is my best bet for a product for the finish?
  6. update: I tweaked the Bass to 4.3, treble 5.8, mids 5.3
  7. If you have time for during a lunch break, Rabea is great!
  8. I got the MXR Dookie drive the other day and was experimenting using with the amps and cabs. before jumping in, i wanted an amp that wasn't going to be driven into a gainy crunch by the 'pete' side, and i needed to have a marshall cab. I tried using a Brit Plexi Brt model with the gain all the way down and everything at 5, i thought that was a good sound, but I needed all volumes at 10, with the cab DB to +6 and a gain block, I don't like having to do that. then i kept experimenting. I came Cali IV Rhythm 1 with the same settings, into the 4x12 1960 T75 with the 57 Dynamic. it sounds pretty good. I was also using my Jim Root Tele. Next step is to tweak it through studio monitors! And, if you have the dookie drive and the stomp and try these settings, don't attack me. tone is in the ear of the beholder! Vote here if you think line six users should deserve to have pete and meat!!! https://line6.ideascale.com/c/idea/1037897
  9. I say when they max out the capability's and have every single guitar effect, amp and cab, then they make a new series.
  10. Lol, sometimes i think people just make it up to gain attention.
  11. I feel like this question is asked often.... too often
  12. If that doesn't work try a different cable, I have a noiseless cable that when connected to stomp and out to a monitor it cut's out sometimes, but when I use it with the stomp wearing headphones it's fine. also when I'm near my electronics it creates a bad noise, is this apart of your problem?
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