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    Guitar, Music Hockey, Music..............Did I mention Music? I'm a Toronto Maple Leafs fan who lives in Alberta, direct Import from the T-dot herself, I love Punk, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, some pop, Grunge. Some of my Favourite bands/artists are: Wovenwar, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, RED, Switchfoot, Lifehouse, Relient K and Hawk Nelson (Pre Pop)
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  1. I say when they max out the capability's and have every single guitar effect, amp and cab, then they make a new series.
  2. Lol, sometimes i think people just make it up to gain attention.
  3. I feel like this question is asked often.... too often
  4. If that doesn't work try a different cable, I have a noiseless cable that when connected to stomp and out to a monitor it cut's out sometimes, but when I use it with the stomp wearing headphones it's fine. also when I'm near my electronics it creates a bad noise, is this apart of your problem?
  5. I just use standard 9 gauge, then use a bigger number as I use lower tunings etc. drop B = 012's
  6. So I guess your silence means I don't get your stomp
  7. Since My original post I've moved from Punk rock to a Symphonic Hard Rock/Mock metal sound, Since July-ish I've recorded 20-30 Demos full fledged instrumental demos that need vocals, (a few with lyric written) also 12 30sec songs that have a music idea or riff. so that's my life story so far. Lol Since the original post I've added a Jim Root Tele which sounds kicking hard! neck is awesomely fast. I've also added a Boss Katana 100 212 really good amp, the tube emulator tech sounds pretty good, I normally just plug my Hx Stomp and use an amp modal with the cab. So far pretty good Here is some stuff I'm looking at in the future Studio Mic. Audio Interface, Premium headphones, Studio Monitors, pop shield, stand and xlr canles Guitars PRS SE Baritone Squier Jim Root Tele (THE BLACK ONE! That why i've got two, one drop C One drop D Amps PRS MT15 Traynor 2x12 V30 cab Misc. pedal board supplies
  8. Here is my profile feel free to vote on any of the ideas i have out out! https://line6.ideascale.com/a/pmd/1126579-23508?
  9. I am a guitar player first and have better times finding good tones for my guitar, but when it comes to bass it's a bit harder, so my question is, If you were to play Some Punk, Hard rock and Metal with a Fender Jazz bass or a similar bass, what settings would you use with Hellix or Hx Stomp. If I could get 3 tones, Clean, mid dist, (just with some growl, and Distorted tone. Thanks!
  10. I hope the HX Series gets some more Revv stuff
  11. To touch on helping others countless times for the same thing, this was my first post here on the site. Twenty minutes in and I was a pro at telling people to update the whole thing! I at first had the same problem, but instead of asking someone for help I prefer to be able to fix it myself. that's what is missing from a lot of people nowadays is a drive to do something for your self and to understand what it is your doing before you do it (fellow teens this is directed at you too!)
  12. Remember to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE UPDATING FIRMWARE!! Some people devote themselves to helping people (which is what the forums are for!) but people need to read the instructions to know what they are doing by themselves!
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