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  1. I get noise from my stomp with high gain presets until i plug the usb in to my pc, can't really have my pc next to my pedals on stage. I may stomp my computer!
  2. It may be smart to re amp that way you can get your original performance than you can play with the amp settings afterwards a find what you like to be able to have the best sound possible without muddiness.
  3. I see, so I'm gonna have to use 2 outputs. No, I haven't fried my stomp.... yet. I do my research so I don't blow things up, I've waited quite a while for someone to answer that question!
  4. https://www.fluidsolo.com/patchexchange/patch/guitar-and-mic,83 Here is a patch to help you see how it's configured, Just download it and and swap out some stuff
  5. Does Anyone know if using the 18 volt slot on a pedal power supply will damage the stomp? I know that people use a voltage adapter to link two 9 volt slots to convert to 18 and 3A, I ask because I don't see anyone doing that online.
  6. For My Situation I'd go HX Stomp and put a couple Drive pedals and a comp on a NANO max pedal board, when the 3.0 update comes out you can have an entire rig in the stomp, if you use mono effects that is, and lower dsp effects.
  7. No it doesn't, but It is more of an all in one unit so using it as an effects modeler won't be using it to the full potential, but it can be done. You can do 4CM, but you can plug the amp out direct to the amp.
  8. Nylander88

    JCM 800 Model

    I like Setting the amp at 5.0 and drive at 4.0, then I live Channel vol at what it is and everything else stock, then I pop A TS-9 Modal with settings set like: 0, 10, 10.
  9. I just bought a Katana to use with my Stomp, It's awesome! I plug straight into the power amp in, I tried using the preamp blocks but didn't like what I got, Tried using only an amp block and sounds sweet!! Would recomend the combo of Line 6 and Katana.
  10. Will an 18v socket power the hx stomp byitself or do I have to have a voltage adapter to chain together two 9 volt sockets.
  11. Nylander88


    How many Effects can go in a patch? can someone show me what the edit software looks like?
  12. The Line 6 power-cab is a good shout, If you get 2 of them it would work.
  13. If your band ever gets another guitarist and you can't bring your entire board to a gig you can use a midi controller to make a mini board and use the stomp only, at some point in future firmware updates the stomp is going to have up to 8 blocks. so you could run a mono board and have: 1. Dist 2. Dist 3. mod 4. mod 5. Mod 6. Amp+Cab 7. Delay 8. Verb I recommend getting the morning star MC8, it will be fun to have and work when you just want to use the stomp
  14. Yes, only a portion of the screen though @optofonic. glad to help @kalaleo! you'll be able to do a lot of stuff within HX Stomp and your board, tapping into the midi on the stomp will be fun for you as i see a couple of fun pedals on your board!
  15. This how you separate the amps main L/R to pa and send L/R to pa, because there are two amps it takes up quite a bit of dsp but if you stick with mono effects you should be able to have an effects loop before the amps and some effects. stereo amps are nice but it takes up a ton of dsp and you won't be able to have reverb or delay after unless you have two analog/digital delay pedals with midi controlling so you can control bpm.
  16. You totally can do, it I'll snap a couple photos and show you how I do it
  17. Though depending on your pedalboard size now (and budget!), it would be wiser to get the LT because the pod go restricts you a little. Pod go 1. volume locked 2. wah locked 3. maybe a distortion 4. maybe a chorus 5. Amp locked 6. maybe reverb 7. maybe delay 8. eq locked It's a little tight... not a lot of flexibility and the both can do what you want with the expression pedal
  18. Yes I change the cab for the britt 2204 with a cali v30 and I liked the sound I came up with, and yes I think I miss-read the title of the thread... lol
  19. I would get a Helix floor, cause it makes a great audio interface, if you want to record songs you can use the mic pre on the floor to record vocals, acoustic (You can mic and also go DI), acoustic drums and you can hook up electronic drums via midi. It makes a great unit. I'd get it over the LT. even if you don't record or won't in the near future buy it any way.
  20. I like the Archetype, Cali Rectifier, brit 2204 and brit plexi. I set the gain a bit lower than normal and then boost it with a scream 808. than to get a super distorted tone I add a Minotaur and both gain pedals are set to stack. than I normally have 3 mod effects a nice plate vverb and maybe a vintage digital delay.
  21. I'm a big user of the Britt 2204 or Plexi with the scream 808. I like it set with gain 0 and level 10 along with tone at 10. that's my bread and butter sound, I could play with for hour and hours.
  22. https://www.morningstarfx.com/ they have really nice midi controllers that would work nice. MC8 is what I'm going to buy at some point, MC8 is about the same size as the stomp, just a foot-switch wider.
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