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  1. Hi fellow musicians I’m having som problems getting a softer kind of sound for my vocal recordings. I’m using pod farm 2,5 and yes my microphone is on the lower end of the budget but still works fine. I do have some issues getting a softer, less bathroom kind of sound when recording. I don’t use much of reverb but im thinking that I may not use the right settings or amplifier? So does anyone here have some suggestions for a good more softer setup for vocals it would be very helpful. all the best tim
  2. Hi again finally got it to work :) thanks SO much for your patience and all the help. Will bother you again if anything else comes up :) cheers and have a great weekend tim
  3. Hi ok so I’ve messed around about with it and tried to record in Mono witch I like, got two tracks one for dry and one for wet. Didn’t see the 1-2 and 3-4 choices. I took some screen prints ( well on my phone) so maybe you can see what I missed?) cheers tim
  4. Awesome well I have some free time tonight so I’ll go ahead and buy it and try to understand it and get back to you if or if I not succeed:) cheers tim
  5. I’ve managed to make them active but im not getting the option to choose input in cubase when I create tracks. Yes it’s when I record and if I have track monitoring on. Seriously thinking of changing daw but I’m on a pc laptop which is good but I can’t have a daw that used to my ch cpu etc. any suggestions? Heard good things about reaper. cheers tim
  6. Hi again so i tried the setup suggested. i can now here both the wet and dry signal but it’s just recording the dry one. The second input (b I guess) in podfarm 2 is not active. And on cubase it looks like this in the device setup. cheers
  7. Hi triryche thank you! and thanks for the instruction for dummies haha that’s what I needed, off to work now but I will try it when I get back. Thanks again for taking the time explaining it and the screenshots it will make things A LOT easier for me, I let you know tonight how it worked out for me. cheers
  8. That would be so much appreciated and very kind of you, just had a son so I’m trying to find any time I can between diapers and vomits to get to the bottom of this cheers
  9. I had a quick look at it but didn’t get how to configure the stand alone mixer. Could you if you have some time explain it in detail what I should do, and is this to use pf as stand alone? cheers and thanks for the patience
  10. Trityche, I’ve now tried as a plugin which I kind of liked but it voided some latency which I didn’t like hehe. I would prefer to use it as a stand alone but still be able to record a dry and wet signal cheers tim
  11. Hi fflbrgst Haven’t had the need to choose anything I just have started a project, chosen a mono instrument track and then after that started the podfarm and chosen a sound that I liked and recorded. When bouncing the file I choose wave and it sounds like the sound I played with.
  12. Hi and thank you so much for the help, yes I forgot to mention that, it’s a ux2 toneport that I use. Ok well I’ll give that a try tomorrow and see if that will do the trick, I let you know, once again thank you so much for your help.
  13. Hi musicians i have recently start working with POD FARM 2.5 some software and it’s a great plugin. When I decided to send my waves to friends who like to mix they ask me to also send them with the dry signal. I’ve searched quite a bit around the Webb and I haven’t found an explanation on how to either switch between dry/and wet OR how to record both. I’m using Cubase 5.0 ( I know it’s old but works for me) so I’m taking a chance to see if anyone here knows how to do that. cheers tim
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