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Found 133 results

  1. I don't spend too much time on the forums so I'm not exactly sure where people go to share things like 'wish lists' for possible added fx models in future firmware updates.....so I thought I'd add one here! I just watched a presenter demo the Mobius (from Strymon) and I LOVED the 'Destroyer' setting!! It lets you tear apart the regular, pristine signal at your selected bit rate, also lets you dial in or out some 'crackle', and then you've got a tone that sounds exactly like it's coming out of an old vinyl record player!!! I don't know why but lately I've been digging all those lo-fi type effects for some reason. I love the contrast they can give to all the great, clear tones you can get out of the Helix....doing something like that can really wake the audience up! Of course, I'm fairly new to the Helix so maybe there's already something in there like that so maybe someone can point me in the right direction, but if not, that might be a cool model to add in a future firmware update. Keep up the great work Line 6!!!!
  2. Yesterday i tried to update firmware on my DT25 but without success. First I tried with cheap ebay midi coverter but with no succes. Today I bought M-Audio Uno but again with no succes :( I just followed steps from user manual. I even tried powering in safe mode but again same problem. Every time I get this message Code 8000000A error. My operating system is Windows 7 64-bit. I tried same thing on different notebook with Windows XP but again I get same error message. Anybody knows what is going on?
  3. Hoping someone can assist on this. I tried updating the firmware on my Amplifi 30 the other day. It appeared to succeed but afterwards, the amp now emits a loud screeching hum which cannot be controlled by the volume, and with no instrument plugged in. Any controls on the app does not affect the sound. Scrolling the tone bank does not affect the sound. Nothing affects the sound - except when I plug in a headphone to cut the speaker output. But then it is in the headphone! Has this thing been bricked? Anyone else have this type of problem? Thanks in advance. Pcho73
  4. I am trying to update my JTV 89 F using my Helix as the interface through line 6 monkey. I have both the line 6 cable and the quarter inch jack connected to the guitar. Every time I try to update the firmware from 2.21 to 2.23 I am getting the following 2 errors (screenshot attached). Can anyone help on how I can get over this issue? ryi
  5. Line6Tony

    Latest Helix Firmware (2.60)

    Helix/HX Firmware 2.60 “The Spring Cleaning Update” New Amp Models (2—Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only) Cali Texas Ch1, based on* the clean channel of the MESA/Boogie® Lonestar Placater Clean, based on* the clean channel of the Friedman BE-100 New Effects Models (4) Distortion > Deranged Master (Mono, Stereo), based on* the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster—WARNING! Like the real thing, this model can take your head off! Works best before a distorted amp Distortion > Deez One Vintage (Mono, Stereo), based on* the BOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (classic Made-in-Japan version) Distortion > Deez One Mod (Mono, Stereo), based on* the BOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (Keeley mod version) Looper > 1 Switch Looper (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 original (doesn't leave Stomp mode) * All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. Using the 1 Switch Looper: Add a Looper > 1 Switch Looper block to your preset and assign it to a stomp footswitch. (Adding a 1 Switch Looper to HX Effects from Stomp view automatically assigns it to the selected footswitch.) Press the 1 Switch Looper switch. The LED lights red, indicating the loop is recording. Press the 1 Switch Looper switch again. The LED lights green, indicating the loop is playing back. Press the 1 Switch Looper switch again. The LED lights amber, indicating the loop is in overdub mode. Subsequent presses of the switch toggle between play and overdub mode. While the 1 Switch Looper is in play or overdub mode, press and hold the switch for 1 second. The most recent recording is undone. Holding the switch again will redo the recording. On Helix, Helix Rack/Control, and HX Effects, “UNDO” or “REDO” briefly appears on the scribble strip. On Helix LT, “UNDO” or “REDO” briefly appears in Performance view. Quickly double-press the 1 Switch Looper switch. Playback/recording stops and the LED lights white, indicating a loop is in memory. While Looper playback/recording is stopped, press and hold the switch. The recording is deleted and the LED lights dim white. Improvements/Changes The most recent new HX Reverb models have been tweaked to sound notably wetter (see Known Issues below) When changing the Time parameter, Legacy delay models now exhibit a more organic behavior (more like DL4 and Echo Pro) The Looper block is now called “6 Switch Looper” (see Known Issues below) Synchronizing to incoming MIDI clock has been improved The Mix parameter defaults of both mono and stereo HX Reverbs are now consistent When loading a preset, its default MIDI program change message would be transmitted after the preset is loaded and any Instant commands were sent. This PC message is now sent immediately when the preset is selected Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: Shuriken Variax bank names now appear in the Input > Multi and Input > Variax block without requiring connection to Variax Workbench HX Effects only: On the Signal Flow page, if the Split block is selected and bypassed, it now appears with a different icon than when it’s enabled Many under-the-hood improvements Bug Fixes The Filter > Legacy > Obi Wah model is mono (should be stereo) — FIXED Modulation > Legacy > Analog Chorus > Mode parameter was mislabeled “CH Vib” — FIXED Pitch/Synth > Legacy > Smart Harmony > Key parameter was mislabeled “V1 Key” — FIXED Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: After selecting a different preset, the Tempo > Preset BPM value display would not be updated — FIXED Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: While the Looper (now 6 Switch Looper) is in playback mode, the LED on FS9 (Play/Stop) will go dim when exiting and then returning to Looper view — FIXED Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: When the Tuner > Output routing is set to USB 5/6, the audio can instead be routed to USB 3/4 — FIXED Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: If an Input block on Path 2A or 2B is set to “None,” its Input gate remains active if previously engaged — FIXED Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: If Global Settings > EXP Pedals > EXP 1 Polarity is set to “Inverted,” EXP 2 Polarity could be affected — FIXED Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: If a single Stomp mode footswitch is assigned to a block bypass and more than one parameter assignment, repeatedly touching the switch may not cycle through all assignments — FIXED Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: Saving a preset with a Command Center Note On command can reset the note value to C-1 when quickly changing snapshots — FIXED Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: In some cases, Command Center CC Toggle messages are not sent when selecting snapshots — FIXED Helix Rack/Control only: In rare cases, if the current preset in Helix Rack is particularly DSP-intensive and an expression pedal is connected to Helix Control, recalling a different preset or snapshot can cause Helix Control to freeze — FIXED Helix Rack/Control only: In rare cases, while quickly navigating presets, the preset name displayed on Helix Rack can sometimes not match that on Helix Control — FIXED HX Effects only: The Delay > Stereo > Multi Pass block in some factory presets appeared only with the left channel active — FIXED HX Effects only: Looper (now 6 Switch Looper) playback/recording can sometimes stop when changing presets, even if the target preset has the same type of looper (mono or stereo) — FIXED HX Effects only: In some cases, the Looper (now 6 Switch Looper) can continue to play when selecting an empty preset with no Looper block — FIXED HX Effects only: Selecting the Distortion > Thrifter Fuzz model can result in a brief thump accompanied by a high whine — FIXED HX Effects only: If a controller is assigned to a Modulation > Pattern Trem block parameter and the min value is greater than the max value, moving the controller can cause HX Effects to freeze — FIXED HX Effects only: Under rare, specific circumstances, parameters assigned to Note values could sometimes reset when recalling snapshots — FIXED HX Effects only: Loading certain presets can cause some model blocks to appear as None blocks — FIXED HX Effects only: Copying and pasting a block with many controller assignments can delete all controller assignments (and cause subsequent errors) after saving and then recalling the preset — FIXED HX Effects only: When Global Settings > Switches > Stomp mode is set to “4 Switches,” the Looper (now 6 Switch Looper) could sometimes fail to display Record and Undo switches — FIXED HX Effects only: After a factory reset, recording a loop and then saving the preset could result in the loop being cleared — FIXED HX Effects only: The Split block’s bypass state could sometimes not be recalled via snapshots — FIXED HX Effects only: Receiving MIDI CC69 messages to recall snapshots can sometimes result in unpredictable block bypass states — FIXED HX Effects only: Attempting to assign a block to a footswitch that already has eight assignments can result in clearing one or more original assignments — FIXED HX Effects only: In rare cases, assigning the same EXP pedal to the same parameter twice in a row via Learn Controller can cause a scribble strip’s contents to disappear — FIXED HX Effects only: Adjusting a parameter with an expression pedal while holding TAP/TUNER can result in the block’s parameters appearing in Tuner view — FIXED HX Effects only: When receiving an MIDI CC52, CC53, or CC54 message, HX Effects does not respond as expected — FIXED HX Effects only: When a Send 1/2 Output block is selected, parameters in the Controller Assign are incorrect — FIXED HX Effects only: After assigning a controller to the Pitch/Synth > Simple Pitch > Interval parameter, it appears as “-2147483” in parameter spill view — FIXED HX Effects only: Certain parameters with both positive and negative values can sometimes cause the Controller Assign menu’s Min Value and Max Value parameter sliders to not reflect the correct value — FIXED HX Effects only: After assigning a footswitch to parameter control via Controller Assign’s FS3 (Learn), relearning a MIDI CC message results in HX Effects automatically applying CC4, regardless of the CC# received — FIXED HX Effects only: Looper (now 6 Switch Looper) Undo function would not undo the most recent overdub — FIXED HX Effects only: While performing a Factory Reset, turning knobs 1-3 could cause Global Settings to appear above Footswitch 2 — FIXED HX Effects only: If a Wah block is changed to a Looper block, the Looper’s Playback parameter is automatically assigned to EXP 2 — FIXED HX Effects only: After clearing three or more Command Center assignments, all saved Command Center snapshot data can be inadvertently cleared — FIXED HX Effects only: In rare cases, duplicate Command Center Instant commands can be transmitted when selecting snapshots — FIXED HX Effects only: When Global Settings > Pedals > EXP 1 Position or EXP 2 Position is set to “Global”, expression position may not always affect parameters globally — FIXED HX Effects only: After saving a preset, HX Effects would sometimes not display the most recently accessed block on a footswitch assigned to multiple blocks — FIXED HX Effects only: When the Tuner output is set to Send 1/2, signal flow audio sent to Send 1/2 can be muted — FIXED HX Effects only: In rare, specific circumstances, Command Center MIDI Bank/Prog and CC values can be inadvertently altered when changing snapshots — FIXED HX Effects only: Assigning 11 (!) parameters to a single controller, copying/pasting the block, and then moving the controller can cause HX Effects to freeze — FIXED HX Effects only: If the Mixer block is moved to Path B, moving the block would cause its parameters above Footswitch 3 to disappear — FIXED HX Effects only: While in the Save Preset menu, touching the TAP/TUNER switch to open the Tempo Panel will reset any recent custom name or save destination — FIXED HX Effects only: In some cases, manually setting a Wah, Volume, or Pitch Wham’s switch assignment can result in odd parameter slider behavior — FIXED HX Effects only: In the Command Center, any Bank/Prog message’s CC00, CC32, and Prog parameters could not contain have a value of 0 — FIXED HX Effects only: If a block has a dual-state parameter assigned to a different footswitch, copying and pasting the block to another switch can fail to display white controller nodes and sometimes may freeze the UI — FIXED HX Effects only: Receiving a MIDI CC68 message does not open and close the Tuner view — FIXED HX Effects only: In some cases, Send 1/2 & Main L/R Pan and Level parameter settings are reflected across preset changes — FIXED HX Effects only: Snapshot names can sometimes fail to appear on the scribble strips — FIXED HX Effects only: EXP 1 and 2 would behave as if it was set to “Per Preset”, even when set to “Global” — FIXED Many other minor bug fixes and optimizations Known Issues As the new HX Reverb models have been tweaked to sound notably “wetter”, any existing user presets that use these models will sound different. Although Helix and HX hardware has the ability to compensate for changes made to models when rebuilding presets (and one of our goals is to rarely if ever cause audible changes to existing user presets), the improvements made to the reverb blocks unfortunately cannot be compensated for Existing user presets containing Helix’s classic Looper block will continue to read “Looper” instead of “6 Switch-Looper” until the model is changed and the preset is re-saved. This is normal and does not affect operation In rare cases, pitch artifacts may be heard on selected delay blocks when the Time parameter is set to Note Sync values higher than 1/2 Triplet
  6. Requesting for earlier Pocked Pod 1.0 firmware ppf file. Can't revert back to it and download section doesn't have it.
  7. gunpointmetal

    Is this it?

    So is it officially done as far as development goes? Are we stuck with a compressor after all drive/amp blocks? Are we stuck with completely disabling iTunes in the app if we don't want to have the first track blast out of our headphones when we start up the app? are we stuck having to log into the App every other time we open it? this thing is soooooo close to being a worthy live backup device, but as of right now its pretty much only good for home jamming (which it is very good for), but it seems a few minor tweaks could really improve things.
  8. MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 OS X HighSierra 10.13.5 TonePort KB37 Driver 7.6.7 Flash Memory 1.03 Line6 Monkey 1.77 Since my KB37 doesn't send midi data like modulation wheel or stop, play, record... etc. I tried to re-install flash memory of 1.03 many times but doesn't work. And shows this message: ----- Update failed. (Code 80007204) Hardware device failed to enter update mode. ----- Plz give me a solution. Thanks.
  9. OR do you think they are saving the goodies for one giant update around NAMM? I know some get grilled for asking questions like these, but it's been almost 3 months sine the last update. So I think it's a fair curiosity. I personally would like to see, more than anything, some signal metering input/output & at least a clip indicator on each block in the chain. That is definitely my number 1! Plenty of Ideascale submissions on this. Next in the list would be the expansion of HX reverbs. I think the last update fixed the mono versions wet not being wet enough issue. But I am not sure on that, as I am still on 2.50. I would also love to see more parameters in the HX cabs. Specifically off axis mic positioning. That would be really cool. As far as Amps, I would say the XTC, and more Engl. Other than that I would want more Line6 originals. I realize that the next update will not include all of this. Though hopefully some of this will be, especially my #1. What do you guys think? What would you like to see?
  10. I just received my amplifi 75. Tried updating over bluetooth and update failed. But I cannot factory reset the amplifier, I powered down the amp, pressed down the Master volume button and tone button. Nothing happened. I powered it down again and did the same thing for a minute nothing happened. I even kept pressing them for 5 minutes and nothing happened! Is there a way around this is there something wrong I'm doing??
  11. Updating Your Handheld Microphone THH12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ-WASwdj04 Updating Your Handheld Microphone THH06 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGc7v5y9b48
  12. MarkJarvis

    Recorded live with Helix and Variax!

    Hi Everyone..been awhile since I posted ...here is SuMo (supermassivemomentum) newest live session. Recorded live over the internet from remote locations, Mastered at 96k. Experimental progressive improvisation, lots of guitar and bass craziness..heavy, grooving.. I use HELIX (2.54) and Variax.....powerful ! have a listen! Comments welcome https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-5-11/
  13. Hello I'm new in POD forum and I have some doubts about POD 2.0 software and connections. I have POD 2.0 I d' like to ask to to know what are the firmware version (attached photo). If the its the old one have any archive I can found the newest, ans for update the firmware it is by MIDI ports with interface. For connect the POD into PC I need a MIDI -USB interface right?! Thanks
  14. Q: What are the presets on the Pocket POD? A: The PDF document attached at the bottom of this FAQ lists all of the Pocket POD presets from 1A to 31D. Q: What is the warranty on my Pocket POD? A: The warranty on the Pocket POD is 90 days from the date of purchase. Q: Can I purchase model packs for my Pocket POD? A: No, Line 6 model packs are only available for our Guitarport, Toneport, POD Studio and POD xt family devices. Q: How do I reset my Pocket POD back to factory presets? A: To reset your Pocket POD back to its factory settings, hold the save button and 4-way arrow key up while plugging a cable into the instrument input to power the unit on. The unit will prompt for a factory reset, press save to initiate the factory reset. Q: Can I connect the Pocket POD directly to a P.A. system? A: Yes. You can run a 3.5 mm (1/8")cable directly into a PA. Pocket POD also has one unbalanced 1/4" output that can be connected through a DI box directly into a PA system. Q: Is there editing software available for my Pocket POD? A: Yes. You can download a software editor called Vyzex which was specifically designed to work with Pocket POD, from our software page.http://www.line6.com/software/ Q: Which tones from customtone.com work with the Pocket POD? A: The POD 2.0, POD Pro, Floor POD Plus, and Pocket POD tones are all compatable with the Pocket POD. These tones can be downloaded and installed to your Pocket POD with theVyzex editing software. See the following link to get to Customtone: Customtone Q: What power supply works with Pocket POD? A: The Line 6 DC-1/2/1G power supply (purchased separately from your local dealer) is the supported power supply for the Pocket POD. See the following link for more information:Power Supply and Amp Power F.A.Q. Q: Is the Pocket POD compatible with any Line 6 or standard MIDI controller? A: No, the Pocket POD is not compatible with any Line 6 or standard MIDI foot controller, as it lacks the CAT 5 or MIDI jacks necessary to connect a controller. Q: My Pocket POD is not powering up? 1) The POD was designed to work with standard (mono) 1/4" cables when the cable is inserted into the "input" jack. Check to make sure you are not plugging a TRS cable into your Pocket POD. 2) Check to ensure that batteries are inserted correctly and the springs are lining up. 3) Try using a supported power supply to see if the unit will power. If the unit powers up with an adaptor, try changing the batteries. Q: My Pocket POD reboots when changing power source while connected via USB? A: Changing the power source of your Pocket POD while connected via USB will cause the unit to reboot and its Class Compliant driver to drop its MIDI ports. It is not recommended you change your Pocket POD power source while connected via USB. Q: Where can I get Vyzex software support? A: Line 6 did not develop the Vyzex editor, but you can receive help directly from the manufacturer at the Vyzor support forum.Line 6 Vyzor Support Forum Q: Why is cabinet tuning not working? A: This bug was fixed in the 1.01 Pocket POD update. Please see the instructions on how to update your Pocket POD below. Q: Why do delay changes not call up model default tap tempo? A: This bug was fixed in the 1.01 Pocket POD update. Please see the instructions on how to update your Pocket POD below. Q: Where can I register my Pocket POD? A: You can register your Pocket POD by logging on to www.line6.com. Once logged on, go to the My Account section of the site and then click on the Registered Gear link off to the left hand side. Q: Where is the serial number on my Pocket POD? A: The serial number of your Pocket POD can be found inside the battery-housing compartment behind the top right battery. Q: How do I update the flash memory on my Pocket POD?A: Connect your PocketPod Via USB to your computer, then run the Line 6 Monkey application. If your software is out of date (or you want to reflash for trouble shooting purposes), you will want to update using the following directions. 1) Select the "flash memory" to highlight (in blue), then select "update selection". 2) If Monkey asks you to register your gear, you can select "remind me later". 3) Select "I Accept" for the software agreement and select "continue". 4) Follow the directions, then select "OK" 5) Select "yes" to continue. 6) Wait for the flash memory to update and be installed. 7) Turn your Pocket POD Off, then on, then select "OK". 8) When your unit has been successfully updated Line 6 Monkey will look like this: Q: My update stopped in the middle of the process? A: During the Pocket POD update using the Line 6 Monkey software on a Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) machine, the update may stop and will not continue. This may occur on certain USB ports. This issue can be verified if the progress bar stops partway through the update. Note: If the update does stop, the system will not respond to requests to shutdown the computer, even after force quitting monkey. After disconnecting the Pocket POD, the system can be shutdown. The Pocket POD remains in boot mode after this occurs. Reconnecting to Monkey and re-installing the firmware update does recover the Pocket POD. Please make sure to test the Pocket POD on every USB port on your computer while troubleshooting this issue. Completely remove any USB hubs, even if not in use. PocketPOD Presets.pdf
  15. I'm experiencing two issues in 2.53 that I'm pretty sure are NOT in my head: Issue experienced while programming presets with H9 being controlled via Helix MIDI for program changes, etc. - At times when switching between snapshots, all Distortion blocks will be turned on, when - previously on that Snapshot, specific Distortion blocks had been assigned/selected - MIDI Program Change messages being sent by Instant Commands on Snapshots are being changed/re-assigned. Most recent time it happened was when I was setting up a new Snapshot to send PC Instant command to select preset on the H9. Where, previously - Snapshots had been setup to send: Snapshot 1: PC 0 Snapshot 2: PC 0 Snapshot 3: PC 1 Snapshot 4: PC 2 After the new Snapshot (6) add been setup to send PC 9; all other Snapshots were now setup to send PC 1
  16. jbmakesnoise

    G70 Update Error

    G70 will not update. Progress bar never gets beyond 80%, sometimes it times out with an error at 0% and everything in between. "Firmware Update Failed An error has ocurred. Please try again." Done this probably 50 times, downloaded the update locally and tried updating from there. No luck, no help. Any ideas?
  17. Line6Tony

    How To Update the Spider V Amp

    Thank you for purchasing a Spider V. To get the best performance from your new amp, please upload the latest firmware. You can upload in one of two ways connected to a mobile device or connected to a computer. It will take about 5 minutes to complete the upgrade. Please follow the instructions below: Updating firmware from an Android device: If you haven't already done so, create a Line6 User account: Go to Line6.com http://Line6.com> and click on "Sign In". Follow the instructions to create a free account. On your device, download the Spider Remote App from Google Play. Launch the Spider Remote application. Page through the slideshow, accept the terms and conditions, and then log into your Line 6 account. Connect your device to the appropriate USB connector on the back of the Spider V. Slide the "SELECT" switch to the USB port labeled "Mac/PC/Android". Turn on your Spider amp. Your Android device will present a dialog, which asks if you want to give Spider Remote permission to use your Spider Amp. Be sure to check the "Use by default for this USB device" checkbox, and then touch OK. Note: On some devices, this dialog may appear twice. If that occurs, just repeat this step. Spider Remote will automatically relaunch, and will provide instructions to upload the latest firmware for your amp. Updating firmware from an iOS device: If you haven't already done so, create a Line6 User account: Go to Line6.com http://Line6.com> and click on 'Sign In'. Follow the instructions to create a free account. On your device, download the Spider Remote App from the App Store. Connect your device to the appropriate USB connector on the back of the Spider V. Slide the "SELECT" switch to the USB port labeled "iPhone/iPod". Turn on your amp. Launch the Spider Remote application. Page through the slideshow, accept the terms and conditions, and then log into your Line 6 account. Follow the instructions to upload the latest firmware for your amp. Updating firmware from a Mac or PC: First, download the Line 6 Updater for Spider V: Go to Line6.com and click on "Support" Select "Downloads" and set the three pulldown windows under"Free Software Downloads" to: [spider V 30], [Line 6 Updater], [your Mac or PC OS] Click "GO" The page will update with the Line 6 Updater for the Spider V. Click 'GET DOWNLOAD' to download the updater program to your computer. Log in to your free Line 6 User account (or create a new account) Click on 'ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD' and follow the instructions to save the program When the program has been downloaded, double-click on it and follow the instructions to install it in your computer. Next, update your Spider V from your computer Connect the "MAC/PC/ANDROID" port to your computer with a USB cable Slide the "SELECT" switch to the USB port labeled Mac/PC. Turn on your Spider amp. Run the Line 6 Updater program. Sign in to your Line 6 User Account. Follow the instructions to update the latest firmware for your amp Note: If you experience a failed update or your amp locks up during boot up, you can hold down the Amp and FX buttons to enter Update Mode. Once it's in Update Mode, attempt the update procedure again.
  18. Support video tutorials expanding on what is covered in the two KB Documents: How to Update the XD-V7x via USB & Device Positioning for Updating XD-V7x Transmitters and Receivers 1. Updating the XD-V75 Receiver (View this video FIRST before the following target device video!) 2. Updating the XD-V70 Receiver (all other Line 6 receivers with 1/4" to 1/4" stereo/TRS connections can use this example)
  19. Hi, I tried to update the firmware of FBV3 from 1.00.00 to 1.01.00 using Line 6 Updater. However, Line 6 Updater crashed after around 15 minutes and now FBV does not work anymore. It does not power up at all, neither when connected to Firehawk 1500, nor when connected to my notebook via USB. Has anyone else witnessed a similar situation? Any advice? Should I return it for servicing? I have raised a support ticket with Line 6 and am waiting for their response. Best regards. Paweł Szewczyk
  20. As Spider V Firmware 1.05 Release Notes promises: "New Global setting: "Phones Mode" switches the headphone output between normal operation (Phone) and stereo line out (Line) for connecting to a mixer or audio interface without muting the speakers. In Line out mode, the headphone output is not affected by the position of the master volume, nor the presence of a cable inserted into the Phones jack. This is primarily for use on a Spider V that does not include XLR outputs."I upgraded firmware on my Spider V 60, but this does not work for me, mode "line" mutes speakers.
  21. MarkJarvis

    Recorded live with Helix, FW 2.50

    Hello All!, first session of 2018! Using Variax and Helix listen to SuMo *(SuperMassiveMomentum) perform live over the internet from California, Colorado and Canada ..all in real time!. SuMo is three veteran musicians playing unscripted improvised progressive music...heavy, grooving, shredding...its all here!. Listen the the master at 96k!. Comments welcome. Tech: I used some of the new reverb's in this recording (spotlight my favorite) Follow us on our adventure https://www.facebook.com/SupermassiveMomentum/ https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-3-16/
  22. Can anyone tell me the difference between flash memory and firmware? Line6 Monkey tells me that my jtv89 has 2.21 flash memory and 1.03 Firmware. I think the flash is current for my jtv89, but can't find out what the newest firmware is supposed to be. Thanks
  23. I highly recommend everyone do this periodically/now but particularly before and after updating firmware, and making backups for firmware updates. Go into the Editor's 'Help/About' section (upper left hand corner of the Editor) and confirm that your Editor version is the same as the firmware version indicated below it in the Editor screen. Do not update your firmware until you have backups from a version of the Editor that matches your current firmware. The Editor version should also match the firmware version that comes up when you first start your Helix. This may seem unnecessary but I think some will be surprised to find that their Editor version does not match their firmware version, even though they executed all the right steps (or didn't ;) ) during upgrading. Sometimes the Helix software must be uninstalled first and reinstalled to get the software to install properly or get rid of stale registry entries or links. You may be using an older mismatched version of the Editor and not even realize it. Especially in cases where the difference between the Editor versions is subtle as in the change between 2.10 and 2.11. Having a version of the Editor that does not match your current firmware can cause problems with your loads from backups in future firmware versions as well as a number of random issues with using the Editor. I wager some users will be surprised to find that their firmware and Editor versions are not the same after doing this check. Update: The HX Edit version that matches your firmware version are not always the same. For example, currently HX Edit 2.52 is matched with firmware 2.53.
  24. Hey everyone, I just got a awesome Spider MK 2 HD100, and iam really happy with it, but it has come with the older floorboard with no connection to pc so I have bought a midi to USB cable to connect from the head into my pc but everytime I begin the firmware update i get a few popup windows open saying everything is ok click "yes" to proceed and then tick the user agreement and then i get a error window with the code 8000000, any clues please? Windows 10 btw. Cheers. Shaun.
  25. RandyBrooks

    Helix Models you wish they would add...

    I've had my Helix for a short while and am loving the sound! But I find myself missing a few of the effect models from my old HD 500. Anybody else feel this way? So, I thought I'd ask; what models do you wish they would add in upcoming fimware updates (hopefully they look over these things)? I'm wishing they would put the boost/comp back; I'm just not getting the push out of the teletronix....and I wish they would put the Memory Man analog mod/delay on that they had on the hd500....the Line 6 version sounds like a flanger to me. So, if the DID look at these forums, and you COULD tell them what you wanted.....what would it be?