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Found 8 results

  1. Hello - I followed the instructions in Line6 website to upgrade but my computer crashed during the upgrade process. Now my Helix floor displays "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" with :-3 error code on the top left corner. Should I send the unit back? I was planning on playing with it all weekend and now I am screwed. It seems the update progress was about 50% when the computer crashed. I tried uploading pictures here but does not work, will try to reply with pictures. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi! Yesterday I tried to update my floor Helix to 2.82. I updated my L6 Updater, downloaded the 2.82 file, and hooked up the usb. Everything went as it should until the Helix went through the reboot. I got the "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode" message with the scrolling helix and red load line moving left to right and then stopping at the far right. There is a :-3 in the upper left (see pics) I spent the rest of the afternoon on the Google looking for fixes. I found different things to try...different usb cables, different usb ports, etc. I even tried a different computer. I also tried the b6/b12 safe boot and all I get is "Entered Update Mode" message, but just the message (see pic). I even tried the b5/b6 global reset and it reverts back to the "Boot Failure" message. The problem as I can see it is this: L6 Updater doesn't recognize the Helix is there in order for me to do anything to it. Windows does, as it makes the audio alert when I plug the cable in. I'm at a loss at this point. HELP!
  3. Boot failure- whammy gets stuck- pedal won’t work until I turn unit off and on- amp switching stops working- i have to actually load up a setting w amp switching and switch it once before it will even work otherwise my amp is stuck on channel B so now it’s part of my boot up process. I use snapshots intricately in my band. a bank for every song- 4 snapshots per song usually sometimes only 3. with these glitches I’m terrified of it happening on stage! its a song stopper for sure! Ive changed firmware, still the same. i get a boot failure 1/10 times if not more turning it on. LINE 6 !!! I want it to work right before I give a crap about additional features! who else has these issues?
  4. While updating my Helix floor, it gave me "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode" message on the pedal. After waiting half an hour it was still the same, so I canceled the process. Upon Rebooting the HELIX same message showed up again and again. I tried changing usb cables and usb ports on my pc and it still did not work. WHAT IS HAPPENING? I need my pedal back :( Help!
  5. Just attempted the 2.81 release update, got halfway through (according to the red bar in the updater) had one "click to continue" then it all went to hell Idled for over four hours. No motion on the progress bar, Helix floor display reads :-3 in the upper left, Boot Failure.Entered Update Mode! with the squiggly line animation underneath. HELP! I wanted to use this at a gig tonight!!!!
  6. UPDATE: MY HX EDIT was still at 2.6. UPDATED EDIT AND THEN UPDATER WAS ABLE TO DETECT MY HELIX!!!! I got halfway thru the update to Helix 2.8.1 successfully, but when I click OK to continue, Both Line6 updater and HXEdit cannot find my Helix so it can finish the update. I'm willing to just do a complete reset so I can have a working unit at this point. I've tried powering up while holding down 7&8, 8&9, and 9&10, but no luck. Is there a way to factory reset independently of connecting to a computer because I don't think it's going to be able to talk to the computer/internet at this point. The latest Line6 updater says "Select device to update" and can't find my "connected" Helix The latest HX Edit says "no device connected" and can't find my "connected" Helix I do have my usb cable plugged into the back of the Window 10 computer and have tried 2 different cables. Help! I hope I don't just have an expensive doorstop! -TJ
  7. I got my kline 6 helix lt in april of 2018 and now (24/02/2018) I wanted to update it for the first time because I kept forgetting it. So i downloaded all the needed software and made a backup, and then i pressed update and it started. after 15 minutes I came back to see how it was going and it said update failure on my pc and helix. I have already tried all the usb ports on my pc, I have turned my helix on and off a couple of times and I have tried to launch my helix in safe mode and reset it (this via the button combinations on the helix). I have also reinstalled the update software again I don't know what to do and I have a couple of gigs coming up for wich I need my Helix
  8. Help. My Helix floor unit is dead. The screen reads "Boot Failure. Entered Update Model". Won't boot up holding down F9 and F10 or F5 and F6 or anything. Dead dead dead. Also a red 0 on the top left of the screen. :( :( :angry:
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