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  1. Tough love, sir. But, I did get it back to life after looking deeper in the thread you posted. I'm not exactly sure what the issue was, but it was something with Updater (HX Edit still didn't see it). I went back to an older version of Updater (1.17) and it worked. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, but I did try that...three different cables and the various usb ports on two different computers (one with Win7 and one had Win10). I have an HX Stomp that I updated right before, and that went absolutely fine.
  3. Hi! Yesterday I tried to update my floor Helix to 2.82. I updated my L6 Updater, downloaded the 2.82 file, and hooked up the usb. Everything went as it should until the Helix went through the reboot. I got the "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode" message with the scrolling helix and red load line moving left to right and then stopping at the far right. There is a :-3 in the upper left (see pics) I spent the rest of the afternoon on the Google looking for fixes. I found different things to try...different usb cables, different usb ports, etc. I even tried a different computer. I also tried the b6/b12 safe boot and all I get is "Entered Update Mode" message, but just the message (see pic). I even tried the b5/b6 global reset and it reverts back to the "Boot Failure" message. The problem as I can see it is this: L6 Updater doesn't recognize the Helix is there in order for me to do anything to it. Windows does, as it makes the audio alert when I plug the cable in. I'm at a loss at this point. HELP!
  4. Thank you for posting that video!! I was having trouble with assigning my 5150iii's channels to different snapshots using midi and the Helix's INSTANT commands and the work-around in the video worked perfectly. Side note: The snapshot upgrade completely changed the way I had set up my Helix. This is excellent. We'll done Line 6.
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