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  1. That's pretty much what i did to start with... but was using a switch instead of a lightning bolt. :) thanks
  2. I'm not sure that you actually offered me anything useful in your post. Right now I have my amp setup to switch channels on PC 1, 2, 3 for channels 1,2 3 respectively on MIDI Ch 2. So walk me through setting up a preset...because what I expected to work with a snapshot did not... (Remember that I'm not using MIDI CC, My Amp doesn't respont to CC changes for channel switching, only PC changes.) MIDI Program Change #1 (CH2) On snapshot 1, MIDI Program Change #2 (CH2) on Snapshot 2, MIDI Program Change #2 (CH2) on Snapshot 3,
  3. So I've got a Helix and an EVH 5150 III combo. Just got the combo and figured out how to do Program Changes to change channel on the EVH (Via Program change) that's fine I know how to set that up for Instant foot switches via the command center. Wha t I cannot figure out is how to make Program changes with my Snapshots. Any insight in how to send say a Program change one MIDI Channel 2 when selecting snapshots so that I can select the correct amp channel with my snapshot?
  4. Swapping amps has proven to be the better way to do large gain / volume changes in amp blocks too for me. If I have a clean setting for say plexi with the gain down and channel vol up... switch to a higher gain snapshot with the same amp (Higher gain / Lower Channel Vol) it's fine but going back to the clean snapshot it appears that the channel vol change happens either before or so suddenly that there's a few milliseconds of a volume jump... that little volume blip is keeping me from doing anything but subtle changes in things that can affect volume... seems to be consistent with your OD Stomp situation.
  5. First thing.. in the 2nd page of the amp model... turn down the master volume. You are getting some of that grit there... you can decrease the bias to clean up the power amp sim a bit more too.
  6. Another vote for the LSR305s I create all my tones on them and those translate to FOH very very well.... You can spend several hundred more dollars and end up with a worse set of monitors... check the reviews... outstanding number of positive reviews and praise. Outstanding value... And if you don't already have one and aren't using a decent recording interface that can audio source mixing duties.. get a small mixer too. My LSR305s are decently loud.. loud enough to lollipop off the wife at least.
  7. With the on board expression I have a Studio EQ setup after my cabinet / IR that I have setup for the EXP2 to manipulate the gain / level from -0db to +4db for solo boosts... (you could attach the mid range gain too if it suits your presets.) this works really well live as your solo boosts are not abrupt... plus when you use your wah on EXP1 you boost your level and turn on the wah in one motion.. (if you need wah without a boost you'll need a separate preset to do that.. but I have no instances in which I need to do that so it works perfectly. I have a spring loaded Mission Engineering expression pedal setup on EXP3 that I use. On my higher gain presets I try to keep a Pitch Whammy block on all the time that is setup to go 0 to -12 so that I can do dive bombs with my hard tail guitars that I play more often.
  8. Could very well not work if you need alternate tunings too.. I'll agree with the OP... Preset changes "COULD" and "SHOULD" be better... Hopefully when they start revisiting some of the code they can do some optimizations and employ some trickery to lessen the noticeable gap between preset changes. Even if the implementation dictates that there be a gap... there are things that can be done to lessen it's effect even if it is not eliminated.
  9. Will do... I see you are doing appearances with the Experience Hendrix tour... I caught that show 2 years ago in Peoria, IL ... what a great time.. I was particularly impressed Doyle Bramhall Jr. and Eric Gales.... That show also made wake up and notice Johnny Lang again too... wow good player and what a Singer....
  10. I spent a couple of hours with it today and it behaved very well. New foot switch features are very welcome. Block copy and paste worked well for me. Can't wait to see what's next... I'm doing my first gig with the Helix this weekend. Can't wait.... my patches are almost in order... gotta level out preset volumes next (I would like to see me not have to re-launch the editor to reconnect to the Helix eventually too BTW)
  11. I bought from Full Compass last week... they had about 10 in stock when I ordered. Awesome place to buy gear from if you are not hip to them.
  12. Well hells bells... I've not heard the name Jon Butcher in a while. Saw The Jon Butcher Axis back in the early '80s when I was in High School... BLOWN AWAY! monster player.. Now I gotta dig through all his stuff I missed and give him another listen.
  13. I think the 2204 sounds a bit weird... I'm a LOONG time 2204 user and find the Helix model way too squishy and "creamy" in the low end... kind of like you would expect in an early 1987 plexi... 2204 should be wicked tight and never loose... it sounds pretty characteristic with the gain at 40% or lower... but as the gain goes up it gets looser and muddy and cabinet / IR selection could not cure what I find uncharacteristic of a great sounding 2204. Don't know if it's their reference amp that is kinda funky... or they missed the mark on the model. But it ain't quite right.
  14. I always start building a preset by saving an existing preset that most closely resembles what my new preset's functionality will be to the new location and edit from there... chances are there will only a couple of blocks that would need altering... (I don't get very weird or complicated.)
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