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  1. I wish there was a step-by-step video on how this done? I also would like to know where and how would you insert your separate OD or Distortion pedals? I assume it could go before the amp input and after the HX effects/Helix output (cable #2?) Thanks.
  2. First of all, there should be a separate forum for HX effects. Next a feature request: Sharing presets from HELIX to HX effects (or vice versa). Since all the effects are the same, I imagine someone could just use a helix preset (minus the amp model) and be still able to use the patch/preset ? I haven't played with the editor yet - or the lack of one to try to see what would happen.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm looking into the JBLs now. They appear to be a good deal on the used market for a pair. While I do prefer a pair, my primary purpose is using the helix with a guitar. The guitar is mono. I'm used to playing through a single amp/speaker and the only benefit of stereo is listening to backing tracks on the same set of speakers. But if the JBLs are just as good as a $500 speaker (like a KRK VT6), then I'm all for that. As for listening to them live before purchasing. I live in Toronto Canada and I'm not sure who has a wide selection of studio monitors that can be tested in-store? Thanks! K
  4. New to setting up modellers. Looking for input before I make a move. I have a hd500x but looking to upgrade to a Helix along with a set of speaker(s) to accurately get the best tone spectrum possible. I've narrowed my options down to a few, but happy to know if there are other options. $550 is the budget for speakers. Using it at home only so no need for power/volume, however, the speakers must sound good even at low volumes. Prefer a small footprint without excessive noise (like cooling fans, etc.) Studio Monitors (probably only need 1, but would be nice to get two since I will be playing backing tracks too). Pricing used for comparison purposes only. - Yamaha HS8 or two HS7s ($350 or $299 x 2) - One Yamaha DXR8 - $550 - Pair of Yamaha MSP7 - $399 - Pair of Yamaha MSP5 - $275 x 2 - One KRK VT series (probably the 6s [$450] given the budget, or 2 x the 4" [$299 x2]) - Will it sound decent on even less expensive KRK Rokits? Active Speakers - One... Line 6 L2M - $700 Other options if price wasn't an issue - Atomic CLR Neo wedge, $1200 - Line 6 Firehawk 1500 , $1000
  5. Ok thanks... too bad the USB interface isn't cheap or easily purchased where I am located.
  6. I am thinking of getting a used variax 300. I have a HD500x and had some basic questions. I've read that the hd500x is not compatible with the older models, but I don't know what this means. - Can I still use the older workbench software on the desktop to make custom configs? - When I plug into the hd500x via the VDI connector, what would be different between a 300 vs a newer JTV ? - are the older models missing newer firmware that makes a significant difference to the quality of the tones? lag or other important updates? thanks, K
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