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  1. willjrock

    2.82 Update

    Ive definitely had it happen but have never gotten any kind of error mssg.....unless that new to 2.82
  2. willjrock

    QSC K10.2 sounds great with Helix

    There really are other factors. Placement mainly. application as well. Theres a huge difference between having them on stands or on the ground.
  3. willjrock

    QSC K10.2 sounds great with Helix

    Yeah definitely better than the default IMO.
  4. willjrock

    QSC K10.2 sounds great with Helix

    Just wondering which preset you guys prefer on the 10.2?
  5. willjrock

    QSC K10.2 sounds great with Helix

    They had a power cab set up at my local music store and it just doesnt sound that good. There are also a number of other FRFR set up in close proximity. Unfortunately not the QSCs. Since then theyve gotten rid of the powercab altogether. There are number of FRFR options available that are better sounding than the powercab.
  6. willjrock

    Delay in-between amp and cab blocks?

    Not sure why youd want to do that. The best place for a delay is after the speaker. Running it in the fx loop of a traditional guitar rig is a bit of a compromise. The main reason people put it in their fx loop (on a traditional guitar amp) is to avoid the extra effort that goes with placing it after the speaker. Placing it pre cab, youre not really gaining anything.
  7. willjrock

    Tilt Eq needs a "mix" parameter

    all said in the title
  8. willjrock

    HX Edit edit arrow always illuminated

    On the editor...so now how do we know if a patch needs saved or has been edited since the folder/arrow no longer grays out when saved? This surely could not have been missed. Thats why im thinking its different.
  9. After being stuck at 50% for about 15 mins, i closed and restarted updater, ran it from the beginning, and update took about 3 minutes from there.
  10. willjrock

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Well all im saying man is that gear DOES matter. Anyone who thinks differently can tell themselves whatever they want, but you dont choose a boogie when you want a marshall sound and a fender wont sound like a marshall no matter what you do. Youll have to get a marshall for that.
  11. willjrock

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Well i mean if YOU have no doubt, then it must be true. Not sure why you couldnt have simply disagreed without all the douchery? Its apparent you dont understand the value of "getting the right sound". You dont get Stevie Rays tone with a les Paul and a JCM 800, and you dont get a guitar tone on an album like Pyromania on a Twin Reverb and a Rick, and a Soldano cab with Eminence speakers will never sound like a Marshall with greenbacks no matter how hard you try. No. apples to oranges.
  12. willjrock

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    More in the digital era where most of the music is rehashed. If you think ACDC would have built their legacy on Mesa Boogie amplifiers just the same way they did using marshalls, i would have to disagree with that.
  13. willjrock

    Steve Stevens using HX FX

    Meh not really. People had asked whether or not there was anyone using Helix. Its never really been any secret or question that pros have been using Line6 products for years. The deeper question that was intended i believe was whether or not pros were using Helix in the same manner us home musicians are using Helix, with amp and cab modeling, and IRs, or whatever. I mean of course touring artists are using line 6 gear. We all knew that. However no one ever really knows to what extent. Seems to me Steve Stevens is using it for simply for the delays and not much else, there is another artist that uses helix for its tuner, routing capabilities and not much else. Does that really qualify? I dont know, people tend to worry about other people a little too much IMO. Just play what you like. If a touring artist uses the same gear then so be it. It doesnt change my life in any way if he IS using the same equipment as myself...It doesnt validate my decision to purchase helix because a touring pro is using it....just as i wont discontinue use if he decides to.
  14. willjrock

    Crackles and pops with HX Stomp

    The peculiar thing about it all is, when it happened in my case, Helix was the audio card being employed, and the clicks and pops were recorded to the track. Conversely when its an issue of CPU, the artifacts are NOT recorded.
  15. willjrock

    Why there is almost no distortion from the amps

    You are absolutely correct. Ive tested and it works exactly as you describe. Ill often use this control to level a patch if the only thing im running after the amp block is an IR.....or sometimes i dont care if im hitting the delay or verb a little harder, so ill use it.....but if you want to keep your patch sounding identical except a little louder, youll have to go to the end of the path to add volume, whether it be using the out block or a gain block at one of the later stages of the path.