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  1. willjrock

    Helix 2.9

    Thats a very valid point. One that hadnt occured to me. Still, id be happy if the HX and legacy doubles were addressed. There must be close to twenty of them? Even if there are sonic differences ( i havent had time nor cared much to attempt to find out which do) it cant be enough to make a huge difference, or something that cant be reproduced pretty easily.
  2. willjrock

    Helix 2.9

    Im really a big fan of the drives and compressors added to each update. I wish they would do away with the doubles however.
  3. Nah just the free ones man. I even have their older freeware which are not often seen AFAIK.
  4. You dont even have to spend the money on ownhammer IRs, ill give them to you. PM me........but the thing is the cabinet tone hes getting is far more important than what amp hes using...digital - most amps sound alike, theyre just eq'd a bit differently and gain staged a bit differently from one another. Analogue - then yes id agree to start at the amp. In the digital realm id start by deciding with how he's getting his cab tone and you'll be %75 of the way home once you get that matched.
  5. Its going to sound pretty much identical. The perspective is a little different, similar to listening to your guitar live or a recording of your guitar, or looking at an apple or a picture of that same apple, but as far as the actual recreation of the sonics, they'll be extremely similar.
  6. I watched my bass player learn that the hard way. It was definitely a good -what not to do- lesson for me as well 20 years ago. The funny thing, this guy is so smart about that kind of stuff. He knew the result before we even plugged it into -whatever it was we plugged it into. OP: I would be trying to nail down the cabinet. Once you find an IR that matches Nunos cab, the rest should be pretty easy from there. I find it interesting that you detailed the pre/power section of his setup but didnt even acknowledge the cab and speakers which are very bit as important as the rest of his chain...and even more so in the virtual world
  7. Yeah im just trying to simplify some of the reasoning, not make it sound like you havent found anything new. sorry if it came off that way. Maybe because i tend to place little importance on how i arrived at X. Sometimes i might even knock a bunch of volume of the front of a hi gain amp and compress the snot out of it, if it cleans up nicely and works as a cleanish sound, then great....which is pretty much opposite of what you described here. i tend not to give much thought that its a high gain amp....or even a drive pedal that i may be dimming on the front end.
  8. There are many ways to get the same result. All youre really doing here is using Minotaur to drive a sound that "got pretty crunchy". Tone Sovereign is acting as the amp in this case, or where the most of the distortion is being generated, and the archon is mainly acting as a volume boost with some tone control, and since those "tone controls" come after the distortion they should be pretty responsive. Is it a viable alternative to just picking a high gain model? Does it sound like it is to you? Ive got tones that are built without using any amps at all that i like just fine. How you get there doesnt matter as long as you like the sound coming out in the end. The amps in helix sound exactly the same, its just that they are squeezed a little differently to give the distortion alternative handling from amp to amp. This is really all youve done.
  9. willjrock

    2.82 Update

    Ive definitely had it happen but have never gotten any kind of error mssg.....unless that new to 2.82
  10. There really are other factors. Placement mainly. application as well. Theres a huge difference between having them on stands or on the ground.
  11. Yeah definitely better than the default IMO.
  12. Just wondering which preset you guys prefer on the 10.2?
  13. They had a power cab set up at my local music store and it just doesnt sound that good. There are also a number of other FRFR set up in close proximity. Unfortunately not the QSCs. Since then theyve gotten rid of the powercab altogether. There are number of FRFR options available that are better sounding than the powercab.
  14. Not sure why youd want to do that. The best place for a delay is after the speaker. Running it in the fx loop of a traditional guitar rig is a bit of a compromise. The main reason people put it in their fx loop (on a traditional guitar amp) is to avoid the extra effort that goes with placing it after the speaker. Placing it pre cab, youre not really gaining anything.
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