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  1. Great Info' Thanks Guys
  2. titchyblackcat


    I want to set up a limiter in MY HX Stomp to get rid of the peaks becuase of my sometimes clumsy playing. So far the only one i could find is the LA Comp which has a limiter feature. Does anyone have any LA Comp settings to start me off ? Also is there any other limiter in the helix software that i'm missing ?
  3. Is it for recording ? if so don't do it. Record in mono and use the DAW when you mix down. ( I know you've said you don't want to use the DAW) I use Cubase and found if you record in stereo you can get balance problems with some of the plug ins when doing a final mix.
  4. Will there ever be an update 3 ? This thread was started in january. Just saying.
  5. Look: https://surreyfire.co.uk/pat-testing-explained/
  6. I've just checked this (I've got a HX Stomp with a power supply) The Helix, Helix Lt, Helix Rack and Helix Control can be PAT tested as they have an internal power supply. (They have a 240v power cable going into them.) Be very careful which test you apply as a PAT Tester can deliver some harmful voltages to electronic equipment.
  7. Thanks datacommando, i'm fretting right now and sorting out presets.
  8. I had the power switch break once on my Pod XT, luckily Line 6 in the UK repaired it.
  9. Hi On a daily basis is it best to use the power switch to turn the unit on and off or. leave it on and switch the power suplly on and off ? I ask this as the power switch does seem a bit tiddly and wonder if it last the test of time.
  10. OK Thanks. I've just bought my unit sp i'm trying to understand everything.
  11. Hi The power supply says 3A which is quite a heavy load. Does the HX Stomp actually draw 3 amps or is the power supply a higher rating than necessary ?
  12. Which Les Paul do you have ? I had a Les Paul Studio which i could never get a decent clean sound from. I sold it and now have a Les Paul Traditional which sounds OK Remember these amp modellers are like amps. If your guitar sounds bad you'll get something that's louder bad.
  13. Is it for live or studio ? The nearest i've got is by using a Strat' (Neck pick up) with something like the jazz amp or no amp at all. As pianoguyy says try some reverb to suit
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