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  1. When you install Edit you get a question asking witch drivers to be installed. By default all are marked. Be sure to keep it that way. Do not unselect any any of the drivers during installation, can cause trouble...
  2. Hi I upgraded my hardware in my pc a week ago and installed win10/2004 and Edit 2.92. Edit worked but ASIO faild. I found a new drivers on line6.com/software, version 1.95 (select Helix, Driver and Win10 it will be on top). They addressed Logitech GHUB issue. But, it solved my ASIO challenge. Give it a try. //Per
  3. Hi You need - The Stomp incl a patch with Amp + Cab -> Power amp with a power rating for the application (less then 200w) -> The passive cab. The Stomp can not drive a passive speaker. Sorry if i missunderstod your question. Two other questions - Anyone tried the Celestion F12-X200 with an accustic guitar? If so, how did it sound? - What kind of horn/difuser is needed to spred the hi fq's from the speaker? Have tried to find info without any luck... /Per
  4. And keep all boxes ticked for the drivers, even those you don't use, when reinstalling Edit. That was the solution when my friends Helix was not recognise by his PC. //Per
  5. PerS

    If it's of interest...

    Grayson's Tune Town is it located in north Los Angeles? That's what I call a Music Shop. I could spend a day or two there :-). I think my next trip to US will be to LA. Have been in Chicago a couple of times, in Nashville, in Memphis in New Orleans and Austin. Fantastic places. Been in LA but only in business. Think its time LA with Grayson's Tune Town and Baked Potatoes and at trip to San Francisco for some more blues. Hope Corona leave us soon... Take care... //Per
  6. PerS

    If it's of interest...

    So the one a refereed to was faster then me :-) /Per
  7. PerS

    If it's of interest...

    Hi :-) This is way over limit of my knowledge... but I think its not the impedance itself, it's the response of the circuit it emulates. I think how this is done is probably the company secret, but my guess is it can be don down to component level. Like behavior of the tube in the amp, the tone circuit in the amp or how a cab effect the amp tone depending of impedance changes and interactions between circuits or how different pickups interact when connected etc. Think this is also the challenge HonestOpinion and some others are in to about how the input impedance are set dependent of pedal (active or bypassed) and how the signal chain looks like and how Line6 is doing this. One more challenge is that some stomps are not true bypass, they are buffered... I recalled this video from an interview with Ben Adrian on Line6. Its about modeling amps but if you listening to it and think stomp/effect I think its applicable - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz9tO4-kAG4&feature=youtu.be. An interesting link to an article was also published in this thread by rd2rk - https://line6.com/support/topic/53289-how-modeling-is-done/ Sorry for an "avoiding" answer :-) EDIT: Forgot one thing - The input impedance in the Helix it self is not emulated, it is actual physically changed in the input stage. You set it by a value other than auto or it's set by a predefined value in auto mode. The trick starts when the effect is not in first position and how Helix chose input impedance when first effect are in bypass. (and fix some grammar :-) //Per
  8. PerS

    If it's of interest...

    Hi HonestOpinion Let me start by saying that I read yours and other threads about how Line6 handle the input impedance on Helix and I agree with you and others that this could be done in a different way. In my cheat sheet on the last page I refer to the source of this information, Tito83 on TGP. This info has been published in many different excel sheets and threads/forums. I used this two both referring to Tito83. Cross checked them for differences and linked my master XL for the pdf to one of those XL and read them in, to avoid typos… https://www.dropbox.com/s/5va73nbgn62gja2/Helix Effect Impedance Chart.xlsx?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/l947lpmwhplwm3x/Helix 2.90 Amp Cabs Effects Impedance List.xlsx?dl=0 Exact how those values are determined I can’t say. I have seen it as it is each specific effects input impedance, probably from data sheet for each effect. As Helix models several parameters incl impedance I guess it will be used as in real life, the position in effect chain will affect the sound depending on where you place it. When this subject comes up in different forums there is mostly those two XL-sheets that are being referred to. So I used what looked like “common info” and added this to the sheet. If I’m wrong and someone has better info or another way of describing it, I correct it. I see it as a hint how each pedal behaves, not how Helix determining the input impedance (which is strange…). Regarding the amps I think you are right, but in the XL-sheets I found stated 1M to all amps and didn’t question it at this time. I actually checked a few schematics (some Fender and Marshall) but they looked like 1M. I hade another goal in this update, that I gave up at this time, to add DSP-load :-)… In this case I didn’t do it as I could not find consistent info, and it was complicated to add it into the sheet. My goal with the sheet itself is to have basic info in one place, info that can affect the end result. The info I included are info found on different places and formats. But it has to be correct, so I take feedback if I should do it different or even take it away if it confuses or are wrong. I’m a Line6 guy all in and haven’t dig into how other companies do the impedance thing. Probably have the same struggle as Line6… Sorry for another long post :-) and my broken English… //Per
  9. PerS

    If it's of interest...

    Hi Wow, so many reactions on my post. Thank you so much. Donkelley – Thanks for your kind word. I’m glad it can contribute to have more fun with your HX. What I can’t contribute so much in is your need for "EVERYONE NEEDS THESE ITEMS TO USE A HELIX". First my rig is quite simple and there is so many sources that can give those answers too your specific needs. An answer I general dislike myself so I give you my 5 cent based on my perspective (have no “handbook” to share but my experience as a playing guitar and used modelers since 1998, from XT, POD HD Pro and now HX LT last 4 years). There is a learning curve, quite steep, to use modelers so also Helix. I think one of the big challenges are to understand that this is not an amp in the room, it’s a micked amp “seen” from a control room or in live situation is what the audience hear. Another challenge is the attempt to use patches made by someone else. I have done this on my earlier modelers and have done it on my Helix. It’s rare to find a god patch that works for your needs. But, it can be used e see how other think, good or bad. Now and then I find a patch I can tweak to my liking. So, my advice (feel someone else has given this on this forum, so its stolen) – Start make your own patches and start simple. Use an amp you have a relation to and make some simple patches by adding some effects. Eg a touch of delay and reverb and maybe a odd/dist pedal. Tweak and see what happen and how you can reach something you like. Go from there and add the complexity you need , endless of opportunities… If I would recommend a template to have as a starting point I would recommend Jason Sadites templates. There is an older from like 2018 that I used a lot and tweaked depending of what I needed. The new TemplateLAStudio is the same as the old one but use som 2.9 features (the hi/lo Shelf EQ), but I have not tried it yet – you find them here (Floor/LT or Stomp) - https://line6.com/customtone/profile/jaysadites/. Use online resources, there is so many good places to find information that is not in the manual, here are some This Helix forum – This has been my mane sours of information during my “modeling career”. So much knowledge, so many different experiences and so many that are willing to share. Line6 Knowledge base and there videos - Jason Sadites on Youtube, worth repeating – You find so much more on different topics, https://www.youtube.com/user/gtr111/videos. A great place to learn small and big things. Yesterday I saw his video about Ducking Delay, made me go from total failure on every earlier attempt in using it to be my favorite… The Gear Page, TGP - https://www.thegearpage.net/. Under “Digital & Modeling Gear” there is endless with info. A bit hard to navigate and find as its not just a Helix Forum, but many real good topics and a lot of knowledge. Just to mention my simple rig. It’s actually in basic my LT with my guitar in one end and the other end connected to my “mini PA”. To go a bit deeper, I have a couple of single and humbucker guitars and an old Variax 500 that works great. I have a small pedal board hosting my wireless receiver and two pedals (Blues drive and a boost, residues I can't live witout from my old pedalboard). The LT then hooks to a small mixer to mix backing tracks from PC and/or if I play with someone I hook them up here. The mixer I connected to a small PA amp (InterM 500) and ends in “FRFR”-like speakers (modded "hifi-speakers"). Don’t know if this was what you were looking for but hope it gave a clue/lead to move on to next step… sorry for my broken english, swedish is may native... //Per
  10. Hi Thanks for reply. Just a quick feedback on how it went. Short version is that it a updated and working unit, both the Stomp and the PC. The little longer version is that I after validating the PC status I decided to update Stomp on my PC. Worked on first attempt, 2.92 loaded and finished in less then 5 minuts. The PC was another story. My guess was that by mistake all drivers except the one for the Stomp was selected when the 2.82 was installed. I also installed and run CClean and found a lot of register errors and system junk, my conclusion was that the PC needed som love to be in shape. So installed IObit Uninstaller and marked all Line6 applications to be removed, that also takes care of register entries/residues for the old Edit installation. After that I run CCleaner to get read of system junk and clean up of the registry. Rebooted the PC and made a new installation of the Edit 2.92 (with the Stomp still turned off...) with all the drivers checked. Turned on the Stomp and hold my breath... The stomp booted fine and short after the Edit connected and all was running nice and stable. First attempt :-) I guess I could have done it either way, but after a closer look at the PC-status I hade to take care of the PC and limit what could go wrong. Again, thanks for the moral support... this forum rocks. Take care //Per
  11. Hi Tonight I will update an HX Stomp that belongs to a friend. Has a LT myself , fully functional incl. PC and Edit in top trim. My friend has updated the Stomp to 2.80 but for some reason his Laptop does not recognizance the Stomp, Edit does not see the Stomp (a classic...). Have two choices 1- Connect the Stomp to my working PC with Edit 2.92 and upgrade the Stomp. That is, I then know the Stomp works and can communicate. When it works, I will try to make his Laptop work too. 2- Cleans out his Edit installation and installs Edit 2.92 and tries to update directly from his Laptop. The risk is that the Laptop does not have a working USB port or has an shaky Windows installation (Win 10 Pro). There is an additional way here and it is to install Edit 2.80 and take this in a little smaller steps. A little afraid of bugs that can cause me trouble though. Which tactics would you choose? Or maybe there is someone even better ... Thank you in advance and sorry for short notice //Per
  12. PerS

    If it's of interest...

    Thanks surfsup1955, glad it comes into use for someone else then me. Now I'm waiting for 3.0 so I can up date it again, hope i come soon :-) //Per
  13. PerS

    If it's of interest...

    Hi Have made a new version, 2.92, of my Cheat Sheet, Line6 Helix Model Summary, for the ones who still like it on a printed sheet or as a file on your PC/MAC. All models up to firmware 2.92 are in there and as usual they are in the order of appearance on the unite. Have cleaned the sheet up a bit (preparing for 3.0 and all new amps, cabs and effects :-)) and have added some more info – Input impedance for effects and reset/restore key combos incl what the different key combos do. Else, same format as before. Download it from my Dropbox here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/90d6cv09rhzqrks/Line6 Helix-Model Summary%2C P2%2C92-05.pdf?dl=0 Have fun //Per
  14. PerS

    Helix and FCB1010

    I used the UnO-chip for years to control different equipment and is absolutely outstanding in price performance. Made the FCB to go from a cheap controller to be a swiss army knife (in controller perspective :-). I also bought the Control Center editor (scroll down on the page rd2rk gave you). That gives a great overview of what you are doing and can make quick changes. In other words, can skip to push buttons on the FCB and actually get a view of what you are doing. UnO and the Control Center, best investment… So sorry I sold it as I invested in a HX LT and thought I did't need it anymore, so stupid. Take care //Per
  15. Hi Jump in here of curiosity… Reason is I see problems described that blames Line6 for buggy software but some of it are more related to PC-problems (a device that is highly depending on the user in what stat it is and need some knowledge to keep in shape for real time applications and what hw/sw installed, isn’t going to get into that know). Some know for years, some form experience. Many of them are described by Line6 power users/gurus so many times. A lot of energy can be lost if barking on the wrong tree instead of directing the energy where problems are. One comment from DiveBlack on Line6 drivers “… Don’t want to deinstall it because of the buggy Line6 Driver…”. I don’t se any evidence that the Line6 drivers are buggy. By experience however, I have had problems with Logitech applications and software many times. For years I have run their products on the standard win drivers (mouse and keyboard). I hade a BSOD the other week and my conclusion was that the update I made of the G Hub software was the problem. Removing it corrected the problem. If it crashed with the L6 driver or something else, have no idea, but it was after update of that software. Two other important parts here is what DunedinDragon said – Use the correct HXEdit-version when you make the update and use an USB-port not shared by anything else. If it fails try another one. But all that are in the Line6 instructions for the update. Maybe can add, try another USB-cable. The one included from Line6 is not that good. One thing I think Line 6 should include in the software is to warn the user if trying to run Edit and Updater at the same time. The new installation procedure take care of it but still there looks like situations that you need to use the Updater. The last comment “I had to close like almost all my apps spotify, and also Logitech G Hub after that it worked fine”. My comment on this is – NEVER EVER have ANY open applications when installing applications, drivers, utilities or what ever on a Windows machine, that is to ask for trouble. A good idea is to also check what is running in the background. For a starter, get eg CClean (or other tool) and under tools check what is auto starting, is all needed and is there anything that can interfere, close it. Hope your update can run smoother next time and take advantage of the latest releases. It’s a fantastic toy to play with… Sorry for a long post… Take care //Per
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