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  1. PerS

    Helix/HX 2.82 Out

    The update went like a breeze, again ... even though I run Win 10 ;-)) //Per
  2. PerS

    Odd ground noise?

    Think your question what is causing the interference is already answered. Really sad. But to answer your question - In my case I had several problems at the same time which made it a bit troublesome to troubleshoot. Two of the problems were the lamps. The one with fluorescent lamp (table lamp with a round tube and magnifying glass ...) stopped interfering when I switched it off. I found that one quite quickly. Worse was the halogen lamp (also a table lamp), I thought it was off but the switch only shut off the 12V supply. The transformer was on all the time... By accident, I had unplugged all the cords and put everything back, but forgot the lamp ... and suddenly it was quiet. At the same time as I plugged it in, it started again. No difference whether it was on or off. All units were in the same room and everything except the fluorescent lamp was in the same outlet, but everything in the room was on the same fuse. There were more things that caused noise, but we will take that another time :-) I wich you good luck and a happy ending with your noice issue ... /Per
  3. PerS

    Odd ground noise?

    Is there any lamp with fluorescent lamp or halogen lamp with transformer nearby. Sounds like interference via radiation. Is the earth also bad in the house ... Happened to me. //Per
  4. PerS

    2.81 firmware available now

    Hi I successfully updated my Helix LT to 2.81 today. Took less than 30 minutes (actually don't know as I had coffee and ice-cream outside in the sun and it was ready when I came back). I made the 2.80-upgrade when it came out, also that went without any problems. And, this has been my experience from my start with Line6-products starting 1998 with the POD (upgraded to 2.0 but that was a eprom-change :-) via POD XT and a POD HD Pro. Also have a Variax 500 (2003) that I still own and use. Never had a problem except a hardware problem on my POD HD, solved quickly by Line6 and their support. Never a software or update problem, feel lucky there. Thanks Line 6 for a grate work and another great update – Fullerton, Grammatico, Revv, KOT/POT and Dhyana Drive are all favorites now. So are Tilt and Shelf… Also, the hat off for everyone in this forum and at TGP who spend so much time helping to solve problems for those in trouble, with an endless patience. During all years I have been here I have seen an endless amount of knowledge pass through. An invaluable support that built my own knowledge and also proactively prevented me from running into problems, simply gave me more time to play music ... say this partly because you who put down this time should feel that there is a deep gratitude for your work. This update has been a challenge for quite a variety of reasons and makes this forum important. It also says that those who are looking for support here should not take it for granted, most show their respect/appreciation, but unfortunately there are those who either listen or show traces of gratitude for having access to this benefit... Thanks you all for helping us out when we need it. Hope the message goes through correct, English is not my native language, and don’t want to start a war :-) //Per
  5. PerS

    2.81 firmware available now

    Rd2rk, found a bug in your code. Looking forward to an update IF you found 2.80 and 2.81 not meet your demand THEN revert to 2.71 OR go on vacation :-) /Per
  6. PerS

    If it's of interest...

    Hi Got to my attention that I have two "buggs" in my Cheat Sheet... That is now corrected (swopt PoT and KoT and wrong description of the Script Phaser). You find the updated version, v02, here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/d6jyu6p3148nz5y/Line6 Helix-Model Summary, 2,80-P1.0-02.pdf?dl=0 Take care... /Per
  7. PerS

    If it's of interest...

    Hi New version in Helix so a new version of my Cheat Sheet, Line6 Helix Model Summary, for the one who like it on a printed sheet or as a file on your PC/MAC. Have added the new models in 2.80 firmware. They are in the order of appearance on the unite. Same format as before. Download it from my Dropbox here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/d6jyu6p3148nz5y/Line6 Helix-Model Summary, 2,80-P1.0-02.pdf?dl=0 Have fun //Per Edit: Changed the link adress to the correct document
  8. PerS

    Decode the names of stock sounds and "pedals"

    Hi Hope this helps - https://www.dropbox.com/s/w6pvbv1l0t0b5cf/Line6 Helix-Model Summary%2C 2%2C60-P1.0-01.pdf?dl=0 /Per
  9. PerS

    Rebuilding my pedalboard

    Hi I have a Helix LT with an “external” pedalboard, a few pedals I can’t leave – a compressor, my EP boost (different characteristic from the one in the helix) and my Monty Allums moded Boss BD2. Together with my wireless, Variax pwr unite, a Boss NS2 and an ISO transformer all mounted on a PT Novo 18. This is what’s left of my big board used with my PD HD Pro. Today they are all connected in serial. I would like to integrate it closer to the Helix and using a loop switch so I can turn the comp, EP and the BD2 on/off through a loop switch via MIDI from Helix and assigned switches. I have now drilled this down to two loop switches – G-Lab MIDI 4x Looper (fit on top of the board) and Decibel 11 Loop Extender (fit underneath the board). Price and size have mattered. I also looked at Voodolab HEX looks great but it’s expensive and more than I need, I think. I had an RJM Effect Gizmo, too big to fit my small board, so I sold it (a dream to use). So, my questions to you who have experience from loop switches in general and G-lab/Decibel 11 in particular. Any recommendation and what I should think of? Experience with the G-lab vs Decibel 11? Thanks //Per
  10. PerS

    Songbook with Helix?

    Hi Is this what you are looking for? https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line6-helix.1586637/page-3062#post-28096505
  11. PerS

    can't open Line 6 updater file

    Good to hear Yes. it is a fantastic device. Inspires to to thing you didn't know you could do... and have just scratch the surface. //Per
  12. PerS

    can't open Line 6 updater file

    Do this If you have the old Edit installed a good practice is to make a backup if you have patches an IRs you like to be sure to keep. Go to - https://line6.com/software/ and in the first column select you Helix hardware and in the third column select you mac os and press Go Scroll down to HX Edit 2.71 and press Get Download. You should now start the download. If you are not loged in you will be prompted to do so before it will start. When finished click on the file (I do not know Mac so you need to help me out...) and make the installation. It includes all files - Edit, drivers and updater. Run Edit and see that it starts. Close Edit (important) and start Updater. You should now see your Helix and you sw version. Follow the instructions and run update of the new firmware. I always let the updater do the download. You can download firmware manually end pick it up in the updater. Rest it done by the updater and Helix. Except that you need to accept terms and start update. I always restart the Helix after finish update. Just to be safe... don't know if needed. Sure that someone will correct or add info if forgot something EDIT - Forgot to say, what I know there is no zip'ed files in the download (run PC and have never seen one there). You just make an ordinary installation on your Mac of the HX Edit program with the downloaded file from above. If you downloaded the Helix firmware earlier, its a binary file and can’t be opened or executed. It is installed via the updater into the Helix, see instruction above. Good luck //Per
  13. PerS

    Don’t know if I dare…

    But I do it anyway. Caught a cold over the Christmas holidays so the strength was not on top. What to do… Well, why not some Excel-micros :-). So, what to program? … a DSP-calculator maybe. Done! It has its flaws, but it seems to work. Useful, thought to hear what the pros say, I mean you… It contains both the DSP-calculator (dual paths and main and sub on each path) and my earlier cheat sheet (ready to be printed or exported to pdf if you like) as a quick reference. It includes all up to 2.6. Main DSP-numbers are mainly from the Helix DSP Values.xlsx, with some add-ons from other sources. Even in a few cases I have guest the numbers... The future will show if I guessed correct. There are some more notations in the DSP-calculator file. So, test it if you want. Constructive feedback is welcome. If it’s of any use I may keep it updated and even add features. Hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year. 2.8 is waiting... Please find the calculator below. Have fun... //Per Helix DSP Calculator -P1.1-05.xlsx
  14. Hi Don't know if this helps you, but I made a cheat sheet to have at hand - https://www.dropbox.com/s/w6pvbv1l0t0b5cf/Line6 Helix-Model Summary%2C 2%2C60-P1.0-01.pdf?dl=0. If you like quick info it's handy. If you like it in on-line format there is some sites online. I included this one - http://www.helixhelp.com/, with great info and very useful. I also included another address in the document (could not include it in the post by some reason...) to a forum post with massive info about all models. One on the info sources I used for my document above. I actually think this is the original info that is used on the helixhelp-site. Anyway, really a great job on both places. Enjoy. //Per
  15. You can turn the touch sense off in the setup menu. Then you can use it with or without socks and don't need to have shoes on indoors... //Per