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  1. Hi I was looking for parts to upgrade the “appearance” of my speakers (new clothing, new grill, new connectors etc.) and I ran into some info that might be of help. I have not opened mine PC+ yet but remembered reading this post earlier - https://line6.com/support/topic/59895-powercab-plus-112-how-to-open/. There was a picture of the frame pegs, not so clear but here are some hints. I guess it could be those - https://www.falconacoustics.co.uk/loudspeaker-grille-mounts-heavy-duty.html But there are more sources I searched for “speaker grill pegs grill fasteners” and got this https://www.google.com/search?q=speaker+front+grill+mounting+hardware&client=tablet-android-samsung&prmd=isvxn&sxsrf=AOaemvIfz89CteUaV-Q8L9Eg0f8JWEWKKA:1631639416458&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwikvca--v7yAhVZCRAIHYqbAgYQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=1024&bih=768&dpr=2#imgrc=fwRH9fUSF3nbmM and this https://www.google.com/search?q=speaker+grill+pegs+grill+fasteners&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiphNPI_P7yAhXCxCoKHX4RB3wQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=speaker+grill+pegs&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQARgBMgcIIxDvAxAnMgQIABATUABYAGDY4wJoAHAAeACAAYEBiAGBAZIBAzAuMZgBAMABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=ptlAYamZHsKJqwH-opzgBw&bih=768&biw=1024&client=tablet-android-samsung&prmd=sivxn Hope it helps… and please publish a picture when you have your new front ready :-) //Per
  2. PerS

    Snapshot problem...

    Hi dutdog Just to be sure you and phil_m are on the same spot... if you open About HX Edit under Help menu in Edit and have your LT turned on you should see this below. Both has to be on the version, 3.11. A miss match can cause problems. If your LT are on version 3.01.0 you need to upgrade including doing a backup (or reinstall Edit HX 3.0x). And as phil_m said after update make a factory reset and restore your backup. I usually also make a restart of my LT to be sure... If I missunderstod your reply earlier please ignore my post... //Per
  3. Don't know the FocusRite Clarett AI (have the Scarlett myself) but if you connect through mic inputs on AI set output from Helix to instrument level to the appropriate output you use. You change this in global setting. If you have a line input use that and line out on Helix. Rest as rd2rk and Smalle. //Per
  4. Hi Found this thread over on tgp - https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-patch-building-theory.2267981/ Some usefull experience in one place. /Per
  5. PerS

    Update mode

    Hi Here are two links that address how to solve, one by using Edit and one by using updater. Remember Pick one ore the other. You can't run Updater and Edit at the same time. If you reinstall your edit (I have a habit to uninstall the old version and install a fresh one...) do not uncheck any boxes, just click next untill installed. As you have a laptop be sure that it's going to sleep during the the update, set power management so it's stay on all the time. On my PC (not a lap top) I have turned of power saving and double checked that the USB-ports are not allowed to be powered down) Here is two links that probably address your problem From Datacomando - From SaschaFranck - If you make a forum search on eg "Boot Failure" you will find a numerus of threads addressing this (also som more tips what to do) and the solution cooks down to the two above. Hope it helps. //Per
  6. If you make a full backup during upgrade, as you shoud. Do the factory restor as stated. And restore backup ,yoù get the same factory 1 and 2 as you hade in previus fw version. You need to uncheck factory 1 and 2 in the restore process, then the new ones are there. If I remember coŕrect US Princess are the first, 1A, and came in v3.0. //Per
  7. That is correct. My thought was that PC+ was at line level and pushed that on your interface with mic level, but it wasn't the csse. Have just tied to use the out from PC+ once and it worked. Almost shure I used line level in both ends.
  8. Hi Have you checked that your PC+ have the output set to instrument level. Sounds like your audio interfacd are set to receive that
  9. PerS

    Powercab help!

    Hi There was a thread earlier with similar problem. Anyway, they shpw how to open the cabinet. Kill warrenty though... . //Per
  10. Hi I try to answer your question with the risc someone will correct me :-) What is best will come to what you are after and taist. I use Flat/FRFR and a few of the speakers in Speaker mode The difference - HF Off/Natural - You are then in speaker mode (amp in the room) and that setting turn off the the compassion/hf driver and give the built 12" speaker own character/sound. No speaker modulation and no eq. - Flat setting (FOH/studio mode) is the top level of FRFR, LF Flat and LF Raw. The first two are EQ'd to a flat range flat response with/without the compression driver. LF Raw is without compression driver and no EQ. I have not tested difference between HF Off/Natural and LF Raw. General in Speaker mode you use amp without cab or IR, that's done in the PC+. In Flat mode you need the speaker emulation as a cab or an IR in attached emulator or in the PC+. Hope I understood your question correct... /Per
  11. Hi I made the update Friday evening and haven't had time test this as I hoped. My gear (LT and PC+ through L6-Link) works the same way as before the update, I did not lose the L6-Link. I have it set up with "Remote: Preset" and "Select (Preset): 1+2" (I never changed it, was default). After reading this post I made some more test this morning and checked the L6-Link parameters in HX Edit and it was as when I made the preset (checked about 5 of them in three different setlists) Upgraded as follows - Made a backup before I made any changes and another in the installations process (just in case...). The system rebuilt the presets and I made a factory reset and restored everything from the last backup (global, presets, IR...), full backup and restore (I did not restore the the factory presets, kept the new ones). After backup I rebooted the system and there was another rebuilt of patches in the setlists made by me. Hade no problems what so ever in the upgrade process and it passed my quick-test. Hope it can er of any helps to narrow things down. Let me know if you want me to test something. Good job... //Per
  12. Wow, that was a masterpeace in troubleshooting. No wondering we feel safe to own Line6 gear with this knowledge, ability to cooperate and solve the most stranges behaviors in our gear in this forum. Hats off for this performance, so impressive... //Per
  13. Hi Nice to hear it was of interest… I have actually tried to add the DSP-values but it did not work that well. The problem was that there is more then one DSP value on most items, e.g. mono/stereo on effects and pre-amp/amp/amp+cab on amplifiers. To get that to work the letters will be so small it will be hard to read, for me at least :-). An alternative I was looking into were to use just one "column" for the effects (for the amps I can do it with some tweak I think). Disadvantage are it will be at least three more pages... I actually downloaded the tables from Ben's site and had a micro that made look up to it (as i do to Titos83's impedance values). So it works but wasn't pretty. I also wanted Ben's "blessing" to copy his info into my sheet before I published it, but couldn't find contact info to him (I'm one of those oddies that don't use Facebook, to old or to grown up :-). Let me know it its OK with a few more pages, I'll try to make it work (I want it myself so it's of mutual interest). Also if there is ideas to enhance it in other ways. One thing I forgot to say - New amps/effects are labeled "NEW" (quit straight). Effects that is updated/modified with more options in this release have a "!"-sign attached to them. //Per
  14. Hi Another great update from Line6, Helix firmware 3.10. So to you who like to have amps and effects in a condensed easy to read format... this is for you. So, made a new version of my cheat sheet, Line6 Helix Model Summary v3.10, for the ones who still like it on a printed sheet or as a file on your PC/MAC. All models up to firmware 3.10 are in there and appears in the same order as they do on the unite. There is a few parameters I do not yet have the info on, they are marked TBD (eg impedance of the Horizon Drive) and will be updated when I find the info (much appreciated if someone can provide me it to me). Please find attached file. Take care and have fun... //Per Line6 Helix-Model Summary, 3,10-01x.pdf
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