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  1. A few posts below, about 12, you find some experiences of Win11. Remember though, Win 11 is not officially supported. //Per
  2. It does, used it last week, I run 3.11. Page 28 in Hx Edit Pilot's Guide /Per
  3. Hi That's good. So you have 127 IR positions and 13 speakers. That's what in v2.00.1. I checked my PC+ regarding IR and I have the same as you but someone has renamed yours and probably moved them too... This is what I have and I made your IR namnes bold in my list below. 000 Allure-64-A30-G12 001 Allure-59-Tweed-P10N 002 Allure-64-USDeluxe-P12N 003 Allure-67-Brit-Greenback 004 Allure-70s-WhoWatt-100 005 Allure-90s-Cali-V30 So the list you have are the Allure IR's that came with the new PC+ but names are edited , and that's fine. They are OK sounding. It was a vile since I used the IR's in PC+ but I have used the same in some of my Helix patches. Those IR are not the same as speakers that are emulated under Mode - Speakers. IR's is a speaker captured with a microphone, as in a recording studio. Look in the PC+ manual on page 9 and 10 you will se the difference. In short - Speakers give you the "amp in the room" and IR's is like listening to a recording of the same speaker. It will be colored from everything from speaker cab to your ears - mic used, distance and position on the speaker, room, recording equipment etc. One thing I hade forgotten was that you do not see the PC+ IR-names in Edit, just the position... that's strange. To know whats in a position you need PC+ Edit. Regarding what is coming in next firmware release, that will be a secret until it's available :-). If you have a wish list you can address it in Ideascale or up vote it if its already there. You find that here - https://line6.ideascale.com/ Where did you fined your list, below? #14 64 A30 #15 59 Tweed #16 64 Deluxe #17 67 Greenback #18 WhoWatt #19 90s Cali V30 //Per
  4. Sorry, did not read your post correct. The Jetson speaker is the last one. It is 12 speaker models in the latest firmware. The one you list, are as phil_m noted, IR's. In my Edit I have the following settings, with the output block set to Digital. Click on it and select tab Bypass/Control and Powercab Remote - Per preset Mode - IR You should now see a slider to select IR and the one you listed should be there Not at my PC now but check tomorrow if my memory failed me... Remember that display on Powercab do not reflect what you sending from Edit/Hx. It's what in Edit/Hx that is used. /Per
  5. As phil_m say if it's the ir's you looking for. If it's the six new speaker models then you need v. 2.00.1 on your PC+. If so you get DINO – Based on* the Eminence Cannabis Rex™. LECTO – Based on* the Electro-Voice® EVM 12L. HERALD – Based on* the Celestion® G12H(55) Heritage. BROWN – Based on* the Celestion® G12 EVH®. SHADE – Based on* the Mesa/Boogie Black Shadow C90. JETSON – Based on* the Jensen® C12K. Check downloads on Line6.com for release notes //Per
  6. Hi MauroDave You got a lot of good advice above. As you tried them out and still have the problem I add two things that I think hasn't been discussed. Bring this up in case you get you Stomp exchanged and the problem is in your house... Take your Stomp, you Les Paul (less noise sensitive) and your headphones an go to another house (work, friend, relative...). Just to see if you can reproduce the problem being in another environment (different power grid, different "noises"....). At home, use the same set up as above, unplug all power supplies from your equipment (not your Stomp). The important part is 115VAC/230VAC side. Eg it's not enough to unplug your laptop on the Laptop side, also the main line voltage. Unplug your Internet router from main power line etc., do the same with all you can find and see if you can kill the noise. I through in a third also... If you have another power supply that you can use on the Stomp, try that too. What I'm after are switched power supplies, ground issues, radiation noise etc. By keeping it in a close loop (Stomp/LP/headphone only) narrow down what is working and from there add things. As it seems to come and go it can be related to something switching off/on, having heat issues in some equipment connected to the main power line etc. One of my trickiest finding was my desk lamp (halogen). I could not find the noise source until i rearranged my cables underneath the desk and forgot to plug in the lamp. The switch that turned on/off the lamp was connected to the 12V feed of the lamp, not the main transformer (in the lamp foot containing transformer and switch). The transformer produced all the noise and was never turned off intill I unplugged it... Don't know if its helps but maybe worth a shot or create some new ideas... or confusion :-) //Per
  7. Hi Check the power management on your pc - Usb ports, right click in the port and check that power management is turned off/not allow to set the port in stand by. - Optimize power management - In control panel find energy setting there you have e few options. Pick the option balanced mode and never set the computer in power saving mode. Find advanced options and the USB option and select the option inactivate the possibility to turn off the usb-ports. Above could be the problem, specially if its a lap top. To run a pc with real time applications its a good practice to optimize the system, incl audio, not letting any parts to be turned off, eg usb-ports, netwotk cards, pci-buss etc. You find them under the advanced tab described in second bullet above. On Internet there are descriptions in how to optimize the pc to run audio, above are part of that. Some are very advanced and I have only done the basics like power management, optimized some processes and turned off some application in start up. Hope above make sense, my pc is set to Swedish so I might not have translate the win 10 names correct... ;-) Give it a shot and see if it helps //Per
  8. You are welcome. Looking forward to the pic's... /Per
  9. Hi I was looking for parts to upgrade the “appearance” of my speakers (new clothing, new grill, new connectors etc.) and I ran into some info that might be of help. I have not opened mine PC+ yet but remembered reading this post earlier - https://line6.com/support/topic/59895-powercab-plus-112-how-to-open/. There was a picture of the frame pegs, not so clear but here are some hints. I guess it could be those - https://www.falconacoustics.co.uk/loudspeaker-grille-mounts-heavy-duty.html But there are more sources I searched for “speaker grill pegs grill fasteners” and got this https://www.google.com/search?q=speaker+front+grill+mounting+hardware&client=tablet-android-samsung&prmd=isvxn&sxsrf=AOaemvIfz89CteUaV-Q8L9Eg0f8JWEWKKA:1631639416458&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwikvca--v7yAhVZCRAIHYqbAgYQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=1024&bih=768&dpr=2#imgrc=fwRH9fUSF3nbmM and this https://www.google.com/search?q=speaker+grill+pegs+grill+fasteners&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiphNPI_P7yAhXCxCoKHX4RB3wQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=speaker+grill+pegs&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQARgBMgcIIxDvAxAnMgQIABATUABYAGDY4wJoAHAAeACAAYEBiAGBAZIBAzAuMZgBAMABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=ptlAYamZHsKJqwH-opzgBw&bih=768&biw=1024&client=tablet-android-samsung&prmd=sivxn Hope it helps… and please publish a picture when you have your new front ready :-) //Per
  10. PerS

    Snapshot problem...

    Hi dutdog Just to be sure you and phil_m are on the same spot... if you open About HX Edit under Help menu in Edit and have your LT turned on you should see this below. Both has to be on the version, 3.11. A miss match can cause problems. If your LT are on version 3.01.0 you need to upgrade including doing a backup (or reinstall Edit HX 3.0x). And as phil_m said after update make a factory reset and restore your backup. I usually also make a restart of my LT to be sure... If I missunderstod your reply earlier please ignore my post... //Per
  11. Don't know the FocusRite Clarett AI (have the Scarlett myself) but if you connect through mic inputs on AI set output from Helix to instrument level to the appropriate output you use. You change this in global setting. If you have a line input use that and line out on Helix. Rest as rd2rk and Smalle. //Per
  12. Hi Found this thread over on tgp - https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-patch-building-theory.2267981/ Some usefull experience in one place. /Per
  13. PerS

    Update mode

    Hi Here are two links that address how to solve, one by using Edit and one by using updater. Remember Pick one ore the other. You can't run Updater and Edit at the same time. If you reinstall your edit (I have a habit to uninstall the old version and install a fresh one...) do not uncheck any boxes, just click next untill installed. As you have a laptop be sure that it's going to sleep during the the update, set power management so it's stay on all the time. On my PC (not a lap top) I have turned of power saving and double checked that the USB-ports are not allowed to be powered down) Here is two links that probably address your problem From Datacomando - From SaschaFranck - If you make a forum search on eg "Boot Failure" you will find a numerus of threads addressing this (also som more tips what to do) and the solution cooks down to the two above. Hope it helps. //Per
  14. If you make a full backup during upgrade, as you shoud. Do the factory restor as stated. And restore backup ,yoù get the same factory 1 and 2 as you hade in previus fw version. You need to uncheck factory 1 and 2 in the restore process, then the new ones are there. If I remember coŕrect US Princess are the first, 1A, and came in v3.0. //Per
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