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  1. Ummmm, I just got a nice double bass sound out of my PRS (neck pickup with coil tap on single coil) with Poly Pitch feeding the Acoustic sim, Jumbo body...WTF
  2. I would love a mix control on all distortion pedals. I like to run tube screamers and drive pedals in parallel with a straight signal path in the input of a dirty amp. Way more depth and you retain more amp sound. Plus when I do this, I can't have parallel cabs on path 1A. I have to map to Path 2A and put my cabs down there. I know I can do a single dual cab block, but I like to put a little verb on the "room mic" cab Upvoted and commented
  3. @codamedia thanks for the video timestamps! I hear what you describe. Yeah, i think something may be up with the IR capture or processing on CLN2. Man, it really would be cool if Line 6 would model this thing. Is it an amp model? Effects model? Both and we piece them together in a chain? This Rockman X100 is the 80s-in-a-box!
  4. Well @codamedia I wasn't able to make that IR really any louder. I amplified it as much as I could, but it barely made a difference. When I look at the waveform, there just doesn't seem to be much there to start with. I also notice that when I play/loop through it, is very lo-fi with some high end hiss. Nothing like the other 3. Is it possible there was an issue with the capture, or is it really the way the Rockman X100 CLN2 sounds?
  5. I'll take stab at bumping up that CLN2 IR to match the others tomorrow.
  6. Ha! @codamedia. There were definitely the easy-button to Boston tones! I even learned a new song, today More Than A Feeling. A preset with two amps and snapshots with drive pedal, amp, and IR changes gets you through the whole song. snapshots and IR changes are very handy. I did try the plain Brit Plexi Brt, which was pretty true to the sound. But i ended up on the German Mahadeva (Bogner Ecstacy). Drove it with a light Valve Driver distortion in a parallel path to the input of the amp. Then I got crazy with the Placater Dirty just because I likes da gain. Pretty amazing that guitarists and engineers have been trying to ditch cabs and make analog and digital models for decades. And watching that video posted by @sweetpete above, Tom Scholz was a Mechanical Engineer from MIT, as am I (not from MIT though)!!! Wow, the Rockman system was SO ahead of its time! They even had a full range guitar cab and amp! I bet this stuff was expensive in the day. Someone (eh hem, Line 6) should model this stuff. That was fun, thanks again!
  7. 3 more IR's added...Extreme (Xtr) versions. I think these simulate mic'ing right up on the grille near the center of the dust cap. More highs and more thump. R5_MesCC_Closed_Xtr.wav R5_MesCC_Open_Xtr.wav R5_MesCC_Vintage_Xtr.wav I think it's a pretty good set now and blend well together too, mix and match.
  8. Oh, and if you keep two truly separate paths with amp and cab models, one variax models panned left and one variax mags panned right, you get a nice double track guitar sound. There is just enough lag in the variax models signal over the variax mags to make that double-track delay effect. Sounds better than trying to use a delay block to me. I posted this preset and clip, image file back in 2018. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wr9syefoainvcdj/AACdGsgryvKhy7vA9PYOwWPAa?dl=0
  9. 1) How do you feel about your new Helix? Love it! Helix floor is a central swiss army knife to my home studio and guitar and bass rigs. The interface and routing flexibility enable efficient configuration, sound development workflows, and control that were not easy in the past. SO MANY CABLES (the stuff of nightmares)!!! 2) What would you like to see changed or improved about it if it was at all possible? HX Cab models. I have bled so much time and money in IR's and external gear trying to compensate and supplement this Helix shortcoming (IMO of course). I learned a lot out of necessity though, including how to make my own IR's. 3) How would it be then? Near perfect, all in one ecosystem.
  10. An IR generally replaces the guitar or bass speaker. BUT there are a few WizIRds around here that make imprint type IR's to try and get much closer to artist and song tones. These are often designed to work in conjunction with say Helix HX cab models and/or cab IR's. Here's some that an new fellow IR friend just posted.
  11. Very cool @codamedia I'll give them a try next time I am back at the command center. Never even heard of a Rockman X100, so will definitely be cool to learn a little tech history. See if I can get more than a feeling out of them :)
  12. roscoe5

    Room IR blending

    oh dang, sorry. Missed that. Maybe you can look at the image file of the preset I posted and get what I was suggesting
  13. Ha, it was fun, and I REALLY believed the Cab Clone could sound good if used as Mesa intended with a reactive load or speaker cab connected to the speaker thru jack, which bypasses the built-in resistive load. That built-in resistive load is great and convenient for some quick setup and jamming, but it certainly does not enable the Cab Clone's best potential sound. I went ahead and made 3 "Enh" versions of each are me tweaking the Fryette PS-2 switches and knobs to my personal taste. R5_MesCC_Closed_Enh.wav R5_MesCC_Open_Enh.wav R5_MesCC_Vintage_Enh.wav
  14. roscoe5

    Room IR blending

    I uploaded a preset to Dropbox for you to try, Parallel Rm IR.hlx. There is PNG image file of it in HX Edit in there too. I was using a room mic IR in the bottom path with a reverb block after. They top IR is just a dynamic mic of the same cab. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uy2j658cwqfdtkp/AACL-N75BLenz4BzCQSp_FgLa?dl=0
  15. roscoe5

    Room IR blending

    Room mic IR's are nice to mix with the close mic'd IR. You can do this with two parallel IR blocks. Now Helix truncates IR's to 42ms, which is not long enough to retain any reverberation from the room IR capture. So on the path with the room IR, try a light reverb block after the room IR block. This will give you kind of a wet/dry setup. I like to put a mono gain block after a dual cab or dual IR blocks to merge the panned stereo signal back to mono. Personal preference though. Now this will eat up some DSP. You may want to route the output of the op signal path down to Path 2A (the second processor). Then put the IR blocks and reverb on that bottom Path 2A.
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