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  1. roscoe5

    Firmware v2.00 Update Failing

    Well, I didn't end up contacting support. I was able to update successfully with my wife's laptop with only Line 6 updater installed. Must be an issue with USB on my Alienware X51 R2. Funny that my Helix 2.80 update went fine amd not the Powercab
  2. roscoe5

    Firmware v2.00 Update Failing

    Okay will do
  3. roscoe5

    Firmware v2.00 Update Failing

    I just tried to update my Powercab 112+ to v2.0 through Line 6 Updater v1.17 and it failed with an error and some instructions to turn the Powercab off, connect the USB, and try again. The Powercab display was frozen showing "Select/Connect USB". Updater would not see the Powercab again unless I restarted the computer. I tried different USB ports, but no success. I had just updated Helix to 2.80 with the same USB cable in the same computer port successfully on the first try.
  4. roscoe5

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    This may be my future pedalboard :) This Temple Pedalboard system looks great for Helix. This guy's Temple Helix board is ome of the best I've seen for full size Helix floor. https://youtu.be/9iDVPobGzEg
  5. roscoe5

    Any IR requests?

    Hmm, maybe. I think there is a Supro cab in AT4. Not sure if its based on the 6x9 speaker or what.
  6. roscoe5

    This whole separate preamp and power amp thing.

    There are some great separate rack preamps and power amps from Marshall, Mesa, Engl, VHT/Fryette, etc. It would make sense to model them separately as new models. How about a Helix "Rack 'em up" update ;)
  7. roscoe5

    Any IR requests?

    I use voxengo deconvolver with FL Studio.
  8. roscoe5

    Any IR requests?

    I have created a couple of IR's of that Marshall Check v30/JC AT4 cab in your project, each with a slightly different processing method. There is only a very subtle difference between the two. These are not post-processed, so use the high & low cuts on the Helix IR block to taste. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ftiur0lh7rxyyih/AACSmDx4kZgaToFBxPGEsDnJa?dl=0
  9. roscoe5

    Bass Rig 4CM Issue

    Same here. Just Helix into the effects return of my Mesa Walkabout or M9. Life was simple amd sounded great.
  10. roscoe5

    Powercab plus or ASC 10?

    Powercab also has the LF Raw mode with the HF driver off and no EQ. Its basically like running a traditional guitar cab with a good transparent solid state amp. I have two Powercabs and love LF Raw mode. They are surprisingly good traditional guitar speakers as well as FRFR. I actually like them better than my Mesa Recto 212 V30 cab + SS amp with Helix. Just another versatility option you get with the Powercabs. Never tried the ASM's though.
  11. roscoe5

    Any IR requests?

    You could send me Helix preset(s) you'll be using this with too.
  12. roscoe5

    Any IR requests?

    If you have amplitude amd this cab already configured, you could send me the preset.
  13. roscoe5

    Any IR requests?

    Sure. I can maybe whip some out sometime this weekend. What amp model and guitar would you be using this with mostly? Type of sound/artist you are going for? Might help me pick mics, positions, etc.
  14. roscoe5

    112+ & 112 together

    Thanks. I'll probably hold off for the plus. I just found a great deal on a used plain 112 locally.
  15. roscoe5

    112+ & 112 together

    Have have a Helix and PC 112+. Can I just get a regular 112 or do I need another 112+? I guess for FRFR application with IRs from Helix its fine. But looks like there is no MIDI switching of modes on the plain 112. Oh well