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  1. Ha! Brilliant! That would save some time complexity on workflow. I bet it probably worked in Amplitube 4's multitrack recorder too. Ah well, I was a noob to IR creation back in 2016.
  2. Yes. You would likely usethe HX effects loop connections and block in place of an HX amp model. Youl won't be able to switch channels on the SYN1 with HX Stomp without a MIDI controller switching device. I was actually considering a SYN2 with my HX Stomp XL since it was midi switchable.
  3. I ran into a similar issue MIDI controlling an RJM RG16 amp switcher/loop, my Mesa Recto Head, and a Mesa V Twin pedal. I had to set the HX Stomp XL to CC toggle, momentary to get it to work correctly. Oh, and in Command Center on the HX stomp, I had to setup all of the instant CC on's and off's, i.e. on the RJM RG16 amp switcher, I had to set CC #88 = 0 and CC #89 = momentary toggles for Mesa Recto Ch1 & CH2 off, and CC #90 = 127 momentary toggle to turn on Recto CH3 in a single snapshot just to switch only the Recto channel 3 on.
  4. Man, I've only had the HX Stomp XL, but can't imagine going to the HX Stomp after and losing the extra footswitches, mode button, hands free editing, bank up/down, etc.
  5. I'm not sure what Helix or HX product you are using. But I recently started using an HX Stomp XL live. I ran out of block space pretty quickly so I pulled out my CAE MC404 Wah (dual Fasel with Q and boost adjustability) and Mission VM-Pro volume pedal to buy back two blocks on my HX Stomp. This actually freed up my Mission SP1-L6 pedal I was using with HX Stomp for just effects and toe switching. So technically I have two expression pedals and toe switch with the Mission SP1-L6 for effects control, and separate wah and volume pedals. All of it runs off of a Truetone/Visual Sound 1 Spot power supply. Block life in the HX Stomp is much better now. I need to put it all together on a small pedalboard next.
  6. I have two Headrush FRFR 108's and I can totally see that happening. In addition to being bassy on the floor as wedges, they are pretty directional, moreso than a guitar cab. I would highly recommend two off the floor if you are getting complaints. I will also say that as much as I fought using the Helix HX cabs as they did not sound as good to me as IR's in a bedroom scenario, they do really well in a band mix live. They play really nicely with the FRFR 108 speakers too. By chance was your old guitar amp/cab open back? Those REALLY fill up a room.
  7. I'm re-kindling an old flame with my Mesa Triaxis. The block and processor limits of my new HX Stomp XL drove me to start experimenting 4CM again with my Mesa amp heads, Mesa V-Twin pedal, and now my Mesa Triaxis. Except this time I used the HX Stomp XL with Triaxis and Fryette PS2, which eliminates the speaker load box and allows use of other Helix amp models with no tube power amp coloration. The Fryette PS2 is flat response, but has presence and depth controls to enhance if you like. It also self-loads by running a speaker cable from it's speaker output to its reactive load amp input, so you can run it direct with no cab to FRFR, PA, or silent with headphones. It's so easy to throw the Triaxis in and FX loop send/return and switch its presets with HX Stomp MIDI/Command Center with snapshots. Everything sounds good with the Fryette PS2. What a piece of gear. I was having some GAS for a Synergy SYN2 to use in the same way, but the Mesa Triaxis still rocks!
  8. Wow, thank you SO much for going through that with me. Hopefully it's helpful with others. I may open a support ticket and or post on Ideascale on the issue and refer to this thread. Maybe this is something Line 6 can fix in a future HX stomp update.
  9. No, I did not set that by hand. That was set by MIDI, just as you wrote up. MIDI works to set the global value just as you have written in all of your posts here. That was actually never the issue. You were always spot on there. The observation I am making is that adjustment of HF trim via any method (MIDI, PC+ onboard controls, or PC Edit) ONLY affects the PC+ Flat/FRFR and the sound of any monitor signal coming back into it. It DOES NOT affect the built in PC+ speaker-only models (Vintage, Green, Jarvis, Jetson, Shade, Bayou, etc.). From other threads and my own observation, PC+ disables the HF driver for those PC+ built in speaker models and only uses the LF driver. Hence people complaining about them being "dull" and "having a blanket over the cab" when using PC+ built in speaker models. Anyway, I had not thought about using MIDI to adjust the HF trim. So regardless, you were very helpful and I learned something new. Especially since HX Stomp can only use MIDI to control PC+ and does not have L6 Link. So thank you!
  10. Yep, PC Edit System settings are as you describe, PC + CC on MIDI Chanel 1. I also just checked the Line 6 downloads for PC+ 112. I have the latest firmware, edit, and drivers. I wonder if there is a bug, Helix Floor vs HX Stomp MIDI. My local Guitar Center has a PC+ 112 on display for demo. I could take my HXSXL up there and test too.
  11. Still no affect on the HF driver on a PC+ 112 speaker model. I can only get HF level to affect the PC+ flat modes via MIDI from HXSXL, with physical PC+ controls, or Powercab edit. Simple stock PlacaterDrt preset attached. HX cabs are off, MIDI 1st and 2nd IC CC# values are as you recommended. I even bumped CC#5 to see if I could tell if the HF driver was engaged. PC+_PlacaterDrt.hlx
  12. Oh it works fine in PC+ flat and IR modes on the PC+ over MIDI just as you wrote up, but HF level has no effect on the PC+ built-in speaker models (Vintage, Green, Jarvis, Jetson, Shade, Bayou, etc.). I think I've read on other threads here that the PC+ speaker models do not use the HF driver and disable it. They only use the LF driver. I would love to be wrong on this. It wouldn't even bother me to find out something is wrong with my PC+ at this point.
  13. Oh man, I thought you had found a MIDI workaround to the HF being off on the PC+ speaker models (not IR's or flat modes). I just tried it with several PC+ speaker models and my HX Stomp XL and instant CC MIDI sent to PC+ as you outlined. Sadly no luck. The PC+ speaker models seem to disable the HF driver completely. C'mon Line 6! Just a little HF sparkle (user adjustable) on those PC+ speaker models would really liven them up to sound more like the real speaker they are emulating in the room. The XLR out of PC+ to my new Headrush FRFR 108 speaker sounds great though! Kudos to Line 6 for nailing that.
  14. Pulled out the old PC+ 112 again to compare to a pair of Headrush FRFR 108 speakers. I hooked up the XLR out with mic models to the headrush speakers. The sound is very nice. It's actually sounds great to run the PC+ 112 and the two Headrush 108's together (XLR input from the PC+). It gives back some of the highs missing from the PC+ speaker models. The PC+ speaker models are definitely missing some highs. I have Mesa cabs with both Vintage 30's and Blackshadows, and they have more highs "amp in the room" than the PC+ equivalents, Vintage and Shadow. But the PC+XLR out sounds great to the Headrush FRFR 108's. Anyway, it seems that if Line 6 would incorporate the HF driver in the speaker models, possibly adjustable in the presets as high frequency perception changes with volume, that would solve the issue. Maybe I should put this on Ideascale.
  15. Just keeping this tread alive. This is a real problem. I also cannot get IR's that work in both Helix and HX stomp to load into PC+ 112. I get the same Import error message on computer as those above. I also tried importing the IR's into Helix, letting Helix "process" them, exporting the "processed" IR's from Helix, then importing into PC+ for use with my HX Stomp to save blocks/processing.
  16. Thanks! I did read some about the fan in other threads. Funny how the sound seems to be coming through the speakers. I bought the pro coverage at GC since there is SO much tech in these speakers. yeah, ugh…I did find others recommending the L3 also. I’ll just use my small Mesa walkabout bass amp. thanks for the tips
  17. Oh funny. I feel like a kid who’s tastes changed over 5 years with Helix. Like I didn’t used to like Brussel sprouts and now I do. I do wish I hadn’t sold the Powercab. I’d love to compare side by side. Totally agree with the guitar cab vibe. I just don’t remember HX Cabs sounding as good in PC+ FRFR mode as they do in the L2 reference/PA mode. The speaker models and LF Raw were cool in PC+ though. I guess you really can’t go wrong with either.
  18. After owning Helix floor since 2016, I finally broke down and bought a used L6 Stagesource L2t from GC (with service plan). HX cabs sound GREAT through it! Better than Powercab + IMO (had one, sold it). As I think I've seen in other posts here, Line 6 must have designed and tested those HX cabs though Stagesource speakers. A duh moment for me as I'm sure many of you have known this for a long time :) I was an HX cabs basher and did everything I could to avoid them after hearing them in studio headphones, studio monitors, PA, and even Powercab +. I've spent hundreds of $ on IR's, made my own IR's, bought and sold the Powercab +, and even a bought a Two Notes Cab M+ pedal to get around the HX cabs. I drove myself crazy and even put the Helix away for a while to play my real amps again. Those Stagesource L2t's are great for the wife and I to play acoustic and sing through too. They don't seem to handle my 5 string bass well though. Quite a bit of buzz / rattle / flapping on low E and lower to B. I contacted Line 6 support to see if this is normal. I have to clean up my past and apologize to Line 6 for everything bad I said about HX cabs :)
  19. Nice! Good to hear. Ive been impressed with the videos, but have not tried one yet.
  20. Were you using speaker sims on your computer with your Marshall + Suhr setup? Have you tried running Helix with cabs/IR's off into those same speaker sims? From personal experience and opinion, I found the Two Notes cabs in their Wall Of Sound plug in much better sounding than Helix cabs and IR's (on the Helix floor or in Helix Native). It actually drove me to buy a Two Notes Cab M+ to use with Helix. This might translate to "less digital/plastic" to you. BTW, as others have posted, EQ, high cut, and that analog tape echo block suggestion (very interesting...I have to try it!) can help as well. But I feel ya. P.S. I went so far one time as to put a self-attenuated Fryette Powerstation PS-2 into a send/return block of Helix between the power amp and cab (or IR) model blocks to get that real tube amp-to-cab impedance curve effect and liveliness mojo that is missing in all digital modelers IMO. The PS-2 Bright and Warm switches, along with the Presence and Depth controls are really powerful too. But this is some really cork-sniffing, holy grail type stuff that may not be worth the cabling and extra gear, especially if you have to move your rig a lot.
  21. If you are looking for a great amp to go with Helix and want to keep a traditional guitar cab, I highly recommend a Fryette Powerstation or one of the Matrix class A/B (not digital) amps, like the VB800 (my current rig) or GT800FX. If you need stereo, consider the Fryette LXii, Synergy SYN5050, or GT800FX. The Mesa 50/50 and 2:90 stereo amps are great too, they just are not flat and color the sound a bit (not always a bad thing) and a bit heavy. All of the small digital amp solutions were harsh sounding to me. Heck, my old Marshall Valvestate 8080 or Peavey CS200 (about $150 on eBay) 1u SS rack amps sound better than the digital power amps to me. The Fryette Powerstation + Helix and your favorite guitar cabs will keep you closest to Triaxis + 2:90 sound and feel though. IMO I think I can get better sounds now with Helix + Fryette PS than Triaxis + 2:90 now that I know how to work Helix. Plus there is a lot of value in keeping it simple. Can't beat a single 1/4" cable from Helix to Fryette PS. I really love my Triaxis + 2:90, and spent tons of $ on it. I could not let it go and was bound and determined to integrate it with Helix...with a 10 cable method if I had too (exaggerating). Anyway, good luck
  22. From re-re-re-reading the manual for the Two Notes Cab M+ (TNCM), I just discovered that the TNCM line in is TRS and will take a stereo cable. I am able to connect the Helix 1/4" phones out to the TNCM line in with TRS cable and have a dedicated global output to FOH or headphones. This was significant to me as I REALLY don't like using Helix FRFR live, or even just jamming with friends. After trying almost everything available (Line 6 Powercab + - harsh and speaker models are weird standing in front; Line 6 Spider Valve - big but sounds good; Fryette Powerstation - still like this one; Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 - harsh and least favorite; and all the traditional guitar amp options) I FINALLY really connected and got along with Helix into the power amp in of a 4lb Matrix VB800 (fits in Helix backpack, class A/B power, not digital/harsh) + 30lb NL212 Neolight cab (most versatile 212 I've ever played - Mesa Recto, Marshall 1936, Orange, Bogner, Carvin, Peavey). AND I can walk into a gig or jam in one trip. Of course this requires me to turn off cab models and any IR's in Helix. But now I can just add on the TNCM to Helix via phones jack when needed. This gives me that global cab model/IR "on/off" I always wanted in Helix. The phones level control on Helix is VERY useful, using the TNCM frees up some Helix processor power, and I do not have to mess with my Helix cab-less presets anymore. When I first got the TNCM, I had visions of using Two Notes BlendIR to capture my Matrix NL212 and just popping the TNCM into and effects send/return block for live use. I'm a one cab-to-rule-them-all type of guy (BTW you can't switch cabs in TNCM via Helix or MIDI...come on Two Notes!), and used to drive myself crazy messing with all different cab models, mics, IR's...(IR-PTSD just kicked in). I liked the Two Notes cabs WAY better than Helix cabs or IR's anyway. But the TNCM with Helix send/return block was more wiring to mess with and I did not want to put Helix on a pedalboard. So I shelved the TNCM and would just miked up the cab live, or turn on some cab blocks or IR's if required. Anyway, this was a huge deal for me and I thought I would share.
  23. Ummmm, I just got a nice double bass sound out of my PRS (neck pickup with coil tap on single coil) with Poly Pitch feeding the Acoustic sim, Jumbo body...WTF
  24. I would love a mix control on all distortion pedals. I like to run tube screamers and drive pedals in parallel with a straight signal path in the input of a dirty amp. Way more depth and you retain more amp sound. Plus when I do this, I can't have parallel cabs on path 1A. I have to map to Path 2A and put my cabs down there. I know I can do a single dual cab block, but I like to put a little verb on the "room mic" cab Upvoted and commented
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