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  1. Had to sell the Suhr Reactive Load, unfortunately. Would have loved to try what you suggested though.
  2. Will try that and adjust accordingly. Thanks! Which EQ are using, by the way? Which one probably doesn't matter too much, but I was just curious. The Marshall DSL I have is a very bright amp to begin with.
  3. Sounds good. Will give what you suggested a shot. Thanks.
  4. To the previous poster of the A/B Orange amp comparison, the two sound identical. That’s a great example. Thanks for posting. Hard to quantify digital tinge. I should have stated from the start that I am coming from using a Suhr Reactive Load box with my Marshall DSL40CR and speaker sims…into headphones. I’m certainly not comparing the Helix to the sound of being in the same room as an all valve amp and speaker cranked. I’ll be the first to admit that maybe I am dialing things in wrong with the Helix. Very possible. But, going from my previous setup as described above with the Suhr Reactive Load, the Helix, in general, sounds more ‘plastic’…by plastic I mean more digital.
  5. Helix sounds great as it is, but, I can still hear a bit of a digital tinge, if you will. Just wondering if anyone can suggest anything to make it sound even more analog...like in the form of EQ settings, for example? Or, maybe something else? Thanks.
  6. I totally agree regarding the new updates. Especially the new 'Mandarin Rocker' amp. Sounds phenomenal.
  7. Hello, Anybody care to share their favorite ambient guitar Helix Native presets for someone who is just getting into it? I usually just play VH type of material (which the new 'Mandarin Rocker' amp nails really well) but have been getting into ambient guitar recently. I did find one thread by doing a search on the forum which is excellent. Wondering if there were anymore in addition to this one... https://line6.com/support/topic/56311-ambientdrone-patches-for-hx-stomp/?tab=comments#comment-366002 Thanks.
  8. Hello, I did read the manual but have a feeling I didn't quite read it right. I'm rather new to Helix. You need the Helix Control unit in order to do looping with the Helix Rack? Thanks.
  9. Interesting! Where do you put the SpeakerMix Pro plugin in your DAW? Right after the Helix Native plugin on your audio channel?
  10. Thank you! Will give what you suggested a try and report back. I actually watched those two videos prior to posting and one of them is using Pro Tools and the other Reaper and Cubase I believe. Same concept in Logic but I was getting confused on the part where you tell Helix Rack what to do in Global Settings. I just got the Rack 3 days ago so still learning. I actually do have Helix Native as well. My ultimate goal was to record the dry track and then re-amp in Helix Native so I don’t have to have the Rack connected to my computer all the time. I like to mix and tinker with the sound in another room. Thanks.
  11. I read the manual a couple of times. I am still confused on the re-amping. How would I do re-amping in Logic if I am setting my Output Block and Track Input to 3/4? I do understand how to record a dry track by setting the Input of the dry track to USB 7. But, I get confused on the last step...the re-amping part...the third track I guess you could say. What would be the ins and outs for the third 're-amped' track in Logic? Thanks.
  12. I think you're right. Like you said...they would have to be used with Helix Native. Or, simply in one's DAW bypassing the speaker sim in Helix. I guess I am wondering if anyone has tried them out at all and, if so, what were their impressions?
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