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  1. phil_m

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    No huge issues from what I can tell... More like getting all the details buttoned up. There’s a ton of integration in this update. There’s the L6 Link stuff with the DT amps and Powercab, and then there’s the new Variax stuff as well. When you’re testing the interaction between all those pieces of gear, there’s just a lot to look at. There's also the Native Compatibility Mode piece, which is another part where the interaction between different pieces of gear and software needs to be considered... It's probably the most ambitious HX update to date.
  2. phil_m

    Limit Footswitch Modes

    Well, I’m just telling you what’s possible now... There’s no other options at the moment.
  3. phil_m

    Limit Footswitch Modes

    I set up one of the footswitches on the Disaster Area Designs DMC.micro to do just that. In Utility Mode, you can program one or both of the switches to be CC Toggles, so I just have it toggle between the respective CC values for Preset and Stomp Mode.
  4. Yes, that's fine. All the VDI interface is doing is passing data back and forth from the Variax to your computer. There's no audio (or power) being passed over that connection, so you're fine to use the 1/4" outs for audio.
  5. phil_m

    Future of SPIDER V

    The Spider V is going to be around for quite a while. Look at how long the Spider IV was available. The problem is that some of the online retailers have issues with their stock tracking systems that seem to mark things that are out of stock as being discontinued... There are no immediate plans to replace the V with something else.
  6. phil_m

    Back it UP NOW- boys and girls!

    One thing regarding rolling back with the 2.8 update. Any presets or backups created with the 2.8 firmware will be incompatible with earlier firmware versions, so it really is important to remember to create a backup prior to installing the 2.8 update.
  7. phil_m

    Helix Owner's Manual erratum - Let's help Line6!

    It would be one thing if the manual were only being made in English, but it's available in 25 other languages as well. So it's not really just "a little effort". It's a substantial investment of time and resources.
  8. phil_m

    Best wireless relay for Helix?

    I don’t think there’s any more risk of the G10 transmitter falling out than a typical 1/4” plug. Mine feels very secure, and it takes a bit of force to get it out. I’ve read of a few guys having issues with it with specific jacks. I think that because those jacks were TRS and the ring connection was preventing the transmitter from having the same sort of secure fit in the jack. As far as active pickups, I think the issue is can be with those that use a TRS jack with a sensing circuit on the ring. That can cause noise. Sometimes simply using a female TS to male TS adapter or cable can alleviate this. It’s not an issue with the body pack systems because they all have a standard TS cable going to the guitar.
  9. phil_m

    Using Snapshots with Variax

    It actually isn't, but glad you got it working...
  10. phil_m

    TS 1/4 outputs

    The author of the manual isn't anonymous. @Digital_Igloo writes the manuals... I think they're recommending TS cables just so people don't think they need to go buy TRS cables. Most gear you'd be plugging the 1/4" outs into won't have TRS jacks, so there's a very minimal benefit of using TRS cables - perhaps some very limited common mode noise reduction, but nothing to write home about, as they say.
  11. phil_m

    Expression Pedal assignment

    Yep... So you have your volume pedal set up for your guitar sound, and that's fine. Just go into the Command Center and navigate to the expression pedal you're using to control that volume pedal and assign a MIDI CC command to the expression pedal. Select whatever CC# the synth uses, and then you can set the min and max values. Since you want the pedal to act in reverse for the synth, just set the min to be 127 and the max to 0 (assuming you want the pedal to sweep the entire range of whatever CC the synth uses for volume).
  12. phil_m

    HX effects loop to amp loop

    But what you're describing is the 4CM... You can set up the 4CM so you don't have to use an FX Loop in the HX Effects, but it's kind of more of a pain. You have to create a parallel path and set the output for Path A to be panned hard left. Then set the output for Path B so that it's panned hard right. You would then connect the right input to your amp's effect send. The right output would go to your amp's effects return (your guitar would be plugged into the left input, and the left output would go to your amp's input).
  13. phil_m

    HX effects loop to amp loop

    I don't really understand the question... Do you just want to put the HX Effects in your amp's loop? If that's the case, you don't need to use the HX Effects' loop at all.