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  1. On some amp models the default settings of some parameters is actually 0 or 10. Some amps, for instance, don't have an actual Presence knob, so leaving it 0 would be the default position. On amps that don't have a Master Volume knob, having the Master Volume parameter at 10 would be the default position. So I guess, really, I'll add another vote in for the 50% spot doesn't really mean much.
  2. There's no way to do this, as it's simply not how the concept of snapshots work. Think of a snapshot as preset within a preset. It's taking the blocks and the parameters within those blocks and saving a combination of unique settings for them so you can instantly recall them. So a snapshot only makes sense in the context of preset it's in. Now if these presets you're talking about happen to use the same amp models and effects, you could try to recreate snapshots using the settings from the blocks in those presets, although, it may prove pretty tedious. Your best bet is probably trying to create snapshots on your own, setting things the way you want them.
  3. The RC-505 transmits MIDI Clock, so all you have to do is go in the LT is go to Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo and make sure Receive MIDI Clock is set to MIDI or Auto. The Helix's tempo will then follow whatever tempo you have the RC-505 set to. As far as the delays and other effects, you just want to set the Time or Rate parameters to a note value so they'll be in sync with the tempo.
  4. Open a support ticket. This is not the expected behavior.
  5. The whole point of using an external controller, or at least to a large degree, is being able to quickly have the device being controlled go to whatever preset you want, with the possibility of coordinating that with other devices being controlled going to different presets at the same time. I’ve always thought having specific next and previous preset MIDI commands seemed a bit redundant (which is probably why most devices don’t have them).
  6. Most MIDI controllers have something akin to scroll mode that allows to scroll through successive MIDI PCs. I guess I took the post less literally, too. It just sounded like he was asking if he could use a MIDI controller at the same time he was using the EXP/FS jack.
  7. Open up a support ticket. It might end up being not a big deal.
  8. If you did the factory reset and the factory presets didn’t reload automatically, you should re-flash your unit. Just run Line 6 Updater and send the 2.92 firmware to your unit again.
  9. phil_m

    Signal flow logic

    In the real world, it’s not at all rare to add time-based effects to recorded guitar signals after the fact. It might be more common to record guitars quite dry, actually. This is a short video, but I always point to this video as a good example of someone dealing with raw guitar signal.
  10. The Stomp doesn’t have the Command Center. The only MIDI command it can send is the PC associated with the preset when it loads. This behavior is controlled under Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo>MIDI PC Tx. The Command Center functionality is going to be added in the 3.0 firmware update, fwiw.
  11. There’s no compatibility between the two devices. Nearly all the amps and most of the effects from the HD500X are modeled on the POD Go as well, though, so you could try recreating them as best as possible. There’s no split or parallel paths on the POD Go, of course.
  12. The Powercab needs to be updated to the 2.00 firmware in order for the control over the L6 Link connection to work.
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