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Community Answers

  1. It’s not really that simple. It means a good bit of redesign, and it means updating the DSP tables for an updated device. It would add a good bit of complication to preset sharing and the Marketplace, as it’s possible that presets created on a “turbo” Helix or whatever might not work on the original… Anyway, I don’t think Line 6 has any plans for these sorts of incremental upgrades. Also, consider that Line 6 just gave everyone what essentially is a free DSP upgrade with the way the new cab and IR blocks are processed in the 3.50 update. The new single cab block uses about 10% of the DSP of what the Legacy cab block used, and the same sort of DSP savings goes for IRS as well.
  2. I am doubtful that there's a meaningful sound difference. Even if you have IRs that were actually shot at 96kHz (which is a big if, as it's very possible that IR makers work at 48kHz and upsample), what that means practical terms is you're increasing the bandwidth to include sonic information up to 48kHz. There's going to be very little sonic information from a guitar speaker above 10KHz, let alone above 20kHz... IR processing is a linear function, so things like improved aliasing performance, which can benefit from higher sampling rates, don't come into play.
  3. Native has been compatible with the M1 processors for a long time now.
  4. This is kind of a confusing post... Monkey is the updater for the HD Pro. I'm confused as to whether you're actually able to run Monkey or not, because in your second sentence you talk about downloading the software via Monkey, but then later on you say you can't find Monkey... But the long and short of it is - just run Monkey. It will guide you through everything you need to do.
  5. It looks like you have the old factory presets still. In order to get the new ones, you need to de-select the FACTORY1 setlist from the backup when doing the Restore from Backup part of the update process (this would be after you do the Factory Reset). That way the new presets in that setlist will remain while all the other presets in your other setlist will get overwritten with whatever was on your your unit prior to updating.
  6. Personally, I’d automate those changes with MIDI and not even have the guy stepping on anything while recording. That way he can just focus on his playing and singing.
  7. Check out the input block. Make sure the input is set to Guitar + Wireless.
  8. What are you saying is happening, exactly? The notes from the 3 highest strings are cutting out? I don’t really see how that could be a Helix issue…
  9. It’s not just holding down the footswitches - you have to hold them down while powering up. Hold down FS6 & FS12 while powering up to put the unit into Update Mode. Use Line 6 Updater to do the update.
  10. There’s no could about it… It is Yamaha’s choice. Yamaha controls all of the Line 6’s international distribution and set all those policies.
  11. I mean, there’s no conspiracy or anything… They’re just having trouble making the controller because of parts shortages. It happens. I had a vendor on a project I’m working on recently tell me they couldn’t ship a certain light fixture for 48 weeks. If there is stock in Europe and they’re not allowed to ship it, that would be coming from the higher ups at Yamaha. It’s probably not something Line 6 has any say over.
  12. You need to assign parameters you want to change per snapshot to the Snapshots controller. Right click on them in HX Edit and select Snapshots.
  13. Uh, what are you taking about? All of the manuals for discontinued products can be found here: https://line6.com/legacy/
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