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  1. Yes. You can assign whatever MIDI CC you want to the expression pedal in the Command Center, and you can record that CC in Logic. You can send it back to the Stomp from Logic for re-amping. You have to assign that CC as the controller for the wah postion parameter on the Stomp then.
  2. To me, it's a no-brainer for $99. And, yes, if you buy it, you can own it forever, and you get free upgrades for as long as they're offered. Even though I have the Helix Floor and Rack, Native is indispensable to me for recording. If you do sell the Stomp, you can keep Native (assuming you've had the Stomp for at least 180 days before selling it), but the new owner won't be eligible for the discount. It's like a coupon, in a sense. Once it's used, it's used. If you don't use the discount, the person you sell the Stomp to could use it. And I don't find Native to be that DSP-intensive. I've had project with 10 or more instances of it running, along with other plug-ins, and I've never run into issues. I'm currently using an M1 Mac Mini, running Reaper.
  3. Hmm... Can't say I've necessarily seen that. I've seen some people have scaling issues, but this is different. One thing is that you're running an old version of Native (there should be a Favorites tab on top along with the Presets and IR tabs). So I'd recommend installing the newest version as a first troubleshooting step.
  4. These forums aren’t support forums, so people shouldn’t assume that someone from Line 6 is seeing their posts. Opening a support ticket is the best way to get in touch with them. If you were doing the update via Bluetooth, your best bet is try to update again using Line 6 Updater on a PC or Mac.
  5. This would require one device to be the USB host, and that wouldn’t be possible with just the USB B port. Beyond that, it probably wouldn’t work without significant latency anyway, even if it were feasible.
  6. The Mix control is really a dry/wet balance control. At 50%, both the dry and wet levels are at 100. If you go beyond 50, you start decreasing the dry signal. You can try to compensate by increasing the Level control.
  7. You can plug and unplug anything you want while the Helix is powered on. The one wrinkle would be the mic input when using a mic that requires phantom power. It’s best practice to plug the mic in first and then turn phantom power on.
  8. This may be a dumb question, but are you using the included power adapter? The way your question is worded makes me think you might be thinking it’s powered over the USB connection. It isn’t… Again, sorry if it’s a dumb question. I’ve learned not to assume anything here, though.
  9. phil_m

    HX Edit 2.92

    Why are you using 2.92? The latest version of HX Edit is 3.11.
  10. Hitting the Mode switch in Preset Mode takes you to Stomp Mode. To get back to Snapshot Mode, you have to hit the Up and Down switches together.
  11. You’d want to use snapshots for this sort of thing. And now there’s the ability to assign snapshots to Stomp switches in the Command Center, so you can very easily do what you want.
  12. Well, both of the Line 6 power supplies are rated at 3A. The Stomp probably draws closer 1000mA, at least in some circumstances. If you’re going with a third party wall wart, I’d try to get one that’s rated for at least 2A. It’s best to have some headroom with switching power supplies.
  13. When you say you think the power supply was the issue, what led you to believe that? Is it or is it not working currently? The Line 6 DC-3H will also power the Stomp (that’s the one that ships with the POD Go and Stomp XL). Beyond that, there’s a bunch of third party power supplies that will work. You just have to make sure you have the correct specs.
  14. Someone most likely installed new firmware and used the footswitch reset combination that erases all the presets instead of the one that does the factory reset. To do the factory reset, hold down footswitches C & D while powering up. That will give you all the factory presets.
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