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  1. Just leave the first pull down menu blank (don’t select Computer).
  2. Are you really a Line 6 customer, though, if you bought a used modeler that was discontinued like 10 years ago? It’s not like you paid Line 6 directly for anything. Anyway, I suspect Line 6 will get the drivers squared away soon.
  3. Yep… Just choose the EXP TOE as the bypass assign for the delay block.
  4. There are only 13 speaker models to select from. I believe you are confusing the Powercab presets with the models. The Powercab can save 128 presets internally, but when you connect it to the Helix via L6 Link, those are inconsequential.
  5. All of Line 6’s software can be downloaded from that link. If it requires a paid license, you handle that through your Line 6 account ( and/or Line 6 Monkey and License Manager).
  6. Sounds like the switch is just going bad. Personally, I never turn mine on or off with the switch, but it probably would be a pretty easy thing to repair otherwise.
  7. You’re running an old version of HX Edit. Download and install the newest version here: https://line6.com/software/ Note that on older versions of HX Edit, the number displayed on the bottom of the screen represent the firmware version of the attaché hardware, not the software version of Edit.
  8. Was the mic input working before and quit working? Or is this the first time you've tried it?
  9. Try holding down footswitches C & D while powering up to do a factory reset.
  10. Nothing happens to POD Farm. It's just a loyalty discount for Native. It's technically not an upgrade, as they're complete separate plug-ins.
  11. Have you tried do the factory reset (holding down footswitches C & D while powering up)?
  12. Global Settings>Displays>Pedal Position Display
  13. Well, it’s not just a preamp. I’m not exactly sure where the main DSP board is in the 300, but this panel is at least the controls for the DSP, so it really a specialized piece. The 300 isn’t like a typical acoustic-electric guitar wheee you can swap out preamps. It’s using the Variax modeling, and the whole guitar is pretty much built around that.
  14. Theses guitars have been discontinued for a long time now - probably about 15 years or so. So the only way you’d be able to find a replacement part is find if another guitar… Does anything light up at all when you have batteries in it?
  15. What are the steps for authorization in the Line 6 email? All you should have to do is sign into your Line 6 account in the Native interface, and then you can authorize the computer you’re using for use.
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