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  1. phil_m

    oops.... I bought an Axe FX III.... but...

    Well, I know it sucks to be disappointed in stuff... But there's a lot of really cool stuff coming for the Helix that might make you change your mind. The one thing is that Line 6 is dependent on the Yamaha distributors in the UK and EU for service work, so they don't have a lot of say over how they run that part of the business. I know Yamaha owns Line 6, so they're technically part of the same company. It's just kind of a complicated relationship. So are you saying they didn't repair your unit?
  2. That might be the coolest sound I've ever heard from the Helix...
  3. phil_m

    oops.... I bought an Axe FX III.... but...

    Sorry you had a bad experience. Did you ship your unit to Line 6 in Calabasas?
  4. phil_m

    Use a strictly a multi stomp / no modeling?

    You can only assign effects to FS1 - 5. Switches A, B, C and D are always for preset selection. Unlike the HD500(X) or Helix, the Firehawk FX doesn't have different footswitch modes.
  5. phil_m

    JTV T-style

    If there is ever a T-Style Variax, it won’t be a JTV...
  6. The issue with running an effects loop in parallel is you're creating two parallel dry paths, and the dry path running through the Timeline is slightly lagging behind the one running through the Helix. The Timeline itself has an analog dry through, but the issue the converters for the FX loop itself. You could try to compensate for by using a Simple Delay block in the path that the Timeline isn't in and have the Mix set to 100 and adjusting the delay time as needed. I would start with 2ms, maybe. The other option is the Timeline a Kill Dry setting that would mute the dry path through the Timeline. That's a global setting in the Timeline, though, so that wouldn't work if you sometimes use the Timeline in series.
  7. It's probably just a corrupted patch... It can happen sometimes. I've had a few patches that I've had to delete because they got corrupted. It's usually best to overwrite them and start from scratch.
  8. phil_m

    Your Update is only for OS X 10.10??

    If you're saying that the older version of OS X that will work with HX Edit is 10.10 (Yosemite), yes, that's correct... Apple doesn't generally support their own OS versions for more than three years, and 10.10 came out in 2014. I think 10.9 came out in 2013...
  9. phil_m

    Are any artists ACTUALLY using the Helix?

    In this article from 2017, Steve Vai says he doesn't even use modelers... So he probably doesn't need much customer service from Fractal... ;-) https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/articles/features/is_amp_modeling_as_good_as_tubes_heres_what_established_guitarists_think_of_it_today-69879
  10. It's not possible at the moment, but that function is going to be added in the soon-to-be-released 2.8 version of the firmware. For now, you have to use MIDI to control the Powercab from the Helix.
  11. You should generally have a lot less signal loss with a long cable going from the G10's receiver to your amp than you would if you just plugged that long cable into your guitar. The G10's output is buffered, so cable length shouldn't have a huge impact. There is the Cable Tone effect built into the 1/4" output, but that's only emulating a 10' cable. Really, the only way the G10 can work is as the first thing in your signal chain. It's getting signal directly from your guitar, so there's really no other way to hook it up.
  12. I'm always very skeptical of these sorts of posts from people claiming to have found some sort of fatal flaw in the modeling and then proposing some sort of cure-all. A few years ago, there was a guy who claimed that adding an Opto-Trem block with the mix at 0 in every one of his presets was the secret sauce... I mean, people can do whatever they want with their presets, of course, but I have no idea what the whole claim of "parallel distortion" is about... The only thing I'd say is that with high channel volume levels, it is possible to overload (it's not really clipping, as it's a modeled response) some subsequent blocks. But adding +24dB of gain after the amp block, plus another 20dB at the output - that's a lot of gain!
  13. phil_m

    Helix transparency in amp fx loop

    What input are you using on the Helix? Have you tried using the Aux In instead of the Guitar In?
  14. phil_m

    Firehawk/turn off model amps/using my amp

    There is no bypass function for the amp/cab block, but you can select "No Amp" under the "Clean" Type menu.
  15. phil_m

    How to stop delays

    Ah, yes... This is the expected behavior currently. The repeats remain in the buffer when you bypass the block. Really, it's typically only an issue with high feedback values, but, yeah, I see what you mean before. I remember talking about this with Igor (one of the DSP guys at Line 6), and I think it was something that was potentially on their list to change.