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  1. There’s an announcement posted at the top of every forum at the moment regarding this very issue (compatibility with OS 11).
  2. Ah... Well, you didn't say you were using Big Sur... I wouldn't be surprised if that's the root of the problem.
  3. Right now, the only MIDI messages that the POD Go can send are the default PC messages associated with preset changes. I understand what you’re wanting to do, but, unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to do it at the moment.
  4. phil_m

    Reaper playback

    It sounds like you’re trying to listen through your computer speakers. You need to have speakers or headphones connected to the POD Go in order to use it as an ASIO playback device.
  5. The full manual is only available online. The only printed documentation that comes in the box is the Cheat Sheet, as you said.
  6. That's correct. The only exceptions are the EXP1, EXP2 and EXP3 controllers. If those are set to Global or Per Preset, the physical position of the pedal will override the value saved in the snapshot.
  7. You can boost your preset level up to 20dB at the output block. I don’t know if trying to match the level of the drum tracks is the best strategy, though. While tracking, you may want to lower the drum tracks a little and then bring them back up as needed. It’s always easier to add gain than take it away when recording. As far the dry inputs (USB 3/4), those represent the unity gain level straight from your guitar, so those will be low. Those are primarily meant for re-amping. If you want to actually use them as tracks, you’ll need to boost them in your DAW.
  8. You can change the type using Knob 4 in the Tuner screen. Set it to Fine to get back to where you had it. The Type parameter has been there for quite awhile now (since the 2.70 firmware, I believe), so you probably just didn’t notice it before, if indeed you were running 2.92 on your old unit.
  9. That's not normal. You're talking about HX Edit, correct? Changes you make in HX Edit should be pretty much instantaneous on the hardware. Are you using a USB hub of some sort?
  10. Yep. They all work in the same frequency band. Plugging the transmitter into the receiver sets the transmitter to the correct channel.
  11. Just plug the new transmitter into the base.
  12. You’re on the right track. You’d set one of the Instant Commands (the lightning bolt icons) to the Bank/Program command and then set the PC message to the number you want it to be in each snapshot.
  13. Well, the POD Go has Stomp and Snapshot Mode as well, so it should be relatively easy to turn individual effects on and off in a preset. But, yes, it’s still a preset-based device (the M series devices are, too, really). If you want immediate access to effects parameter, the Helix or HX Effects are a little faster because you can use the capacitive touch footswitches to immediately navigate to a block. But, yes, I done a bunch of gigs with both the Helix and the HX Effects, and I actually prefer either of those to my M13/M9 rigs (which I used from 2008 until the Helix was released). It takes a little bit more planning up front, but in the end, it’s less tap dancing at the gig. You really need to take advantage of snapshots, imo, to get the most out of these units. Once you understand the concept, you’ll wonder how you lived without them for so long.
  14. Line 6 has excellent customer service, and has a great reputation in that area. If you look at the huge Helix Facebook group, you’ll see all sorts of success stories. If you’re on Facebook, I’d recommend reaching out to Frank Ritchotte, Line 6’s Sr. Director of Operations. He will help you out. He very occasionally posts on these forums, but he’s on Facebook a lot. How old is your G10 transmitter? The update reduces the maximum charge of the transmitter by about 25%, so with older batteries near the cycle limit, it’s possible the charge can’t hold a sufficient charge any longer.
  15. I don’t think that’s unusual. It’s generally best practice to power down the speakers/power amp first when you shutting down any sort of sound equipment.
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