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  1. phil_m

    Need ideas: Can I trick Helix into 3 path input?

    You don't need any trickery... You need to split Path 1 into Paths 1A and 1B by dragging the Split and Merge blocks down. Then you can set all the input and output blocks however you want them.
  2. phil_m

    Using Variax and S/PDIF input simultaneously

    I believe this is a hardware limitation. I really can't imagine why they wouldn't allow it otherwise.
  3. It’s really not delicate... There are over 40,000 Helices out there, and there have been like less than 100 joystick failures. And those failures weren’t even the joystick itself. They were the solder joints for the joystick. I think Frank said the number of actual joystick failures is in the single digits.
  4. What kind of application are you thinking of? There are all sorts of small MIDI controllers that will let you scroll through PCs, and it would be pretty easy to program something to scroll through snapshots.
  5. phil_m

    HX routing question

    All you're describing is the 4 cable method (4CM). It's much simpler than what you're trying to do. You just need to insert and FX Loop block in the signal path. Anything before the FX Loop will be before the Axe FX, and anything after it will be in its loop. It would look like this (ignore the patch title, as I was messing around with the 7CM, an expanded 4CM, with this patch. The patch layout would look the same.) The other thing I should mention is that there are actually 4CM presets included with the factory presets. Those will have this signal chain already set up. All you would have to do is change out the pre and post blocks.
  6. New manuals for the hardware will only be released for major updates, so the next one won't be until the 3.0 update. As far as HX Edit, I'm not sure. Apart from aesthetic changes, there's not a lot of differences between 2.50 and 2.60. Of course, with the HX Effects, the signal path is more limited, compared to the Helix but everything else is basically the same: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3f0a3a5a7de7685fe6e/application/pdf/HX Edit Pilot's Guide - English .pdf
  7. phil_m

    Question on output : amp vs speaker

    Your concerns have no merit... I mean, they're oddly conspiratorial. The Helix is Line 6's flagship line, and the Firehawk isn't. It's as simple as that. Whether or not you think new Line 6 tech is cutting edge or not, well, I guess that's up to you. A lot of people are very happy with the Helix now. It's just simply a matter that there's a limited amount of resources to invest in product lines, and any company is going to invest in the lines that have the best ROI. As far as the Helix's capabilities, it simply does much more than any other Line 6 product, and it allow me to do things with my rig that I couldn't easily do otherwise. Not all of those things are important to everyone, for sure. As far as the health of Line 6, from my perspective they seem to be in a much better place than they were pre-Helix. They seem to be reinvigorated, and I think they are more cutting edge now than they've been for a long time. I mean, is the stuff you bought not working or has it failed you in some way?
  8. phil_m

    Can't find HD Fully loaded amps, did I get screwed?

    If he did a factory reset before sending it to you, the model packs won't be there. He will need to gift you the license for the model packs, and you will need to run License Manager to activate them. This goes through process of adding them:
  9. phil_m

    Helix Bug Reports

    I'm assuming you've done the obvious thing of trying a different cable... Other than that, I'd open up a support ticket. If it's an actual hardware issue, I'm sure it can be fixed regardless of the warranty state. Line 6 doesn't want to leave people out in the cold for issues like this.
  10. Have you contacted a service center? If it's just the power switch, that seems like it would be a simple fix for a authorized repair center. Line 6 does sell some parts on the Store here, and there's some available at Full Compass. Unfortunately, I don't see the power switch.
  11. The earlier reply is correct. You need to set the delay time to note value, not to a millisecond value. Sounds like that song is between 119 and 120BPM, so if you set that as the preset BPM and set the delay time to the note value of a dotted eighth, it will be the same timing as that millisecond value. To change from a millisecond value to a note value, simply push down on the knob for the delay time.
  12. What you’re describing should work. Anytime you tap a new tempo, it changes the BPM setting, and it will affect any effects that have a note value for the time or rate parameters. What delay model are you using? There are a few delays that have shorter maximum delay times, so that could be causing you trouble.
  13. phil_m

    frequeny adjustment in the 4 OSC synth

    Why not use the 3 Note Generator which already has the frequencies laid out as exact notes? If you need more than three notes, you can always add another instance.
  14. Nope, no reason for you to restore the backup. Actually, what you should do is hold down footswitches 9&10 (the two middle switches of the bottom row) while powering up. That will force a factory reset and it will make sure you have all the latest factory presets.
  15. phil_m

    Everything is muffled!

    I know this is a simple suggestion, but have you tried a different cable? I just remembered this post from TGP from a few months ago where the guy was describing a somewhat similar thing to what you're describing, and in his case it turned out to be a bad cable: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/i-figured-out-exactly-why-i-dont-like-my-helix-lt-and-its-not-the-modeling-solved-bad-cable.1900248/