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  1. If you’re talking about something you bought from the Helix Marketplace, you can find it with the link pictured below.
  2. All six commands are sent out when you load a preset and/or load a snapshot. Commands are only sent out per snapshot if the snapshot you're going to has a different value for a command than the one you're coming from (MIDI PCs would be the exception to this if you have the Duplicate PC Send setting to On in the Global Settings menu).
  3. phil_m

    Helix FW 3.1?

    You can do this now. You can select different topologies and power amp configuration for each DT amp, and you can send separate amp or preamp models into each one. One DT will receive the left side and the other one will receive the right side.
  4. How are you monitoring it?
  5. phil_m

    Pod Go Mono Output

    If you have only a cable plugged into the left output jack, the signal will automatically be summed to mono.
  6. The HX series stuff doesn’t really lend itself to global moves like this... You just need to add the FX Loop block in the presets where you need it.
  7. Hi Phil,


    I have an HX Stomp, a Strymon Iridium, and a Morningstar MC6 MKII, along with a 3 button switch. I am finding it annoying to create and maintain multiple (almost) identical Stomp presets just to include different modulation effects. I use Trem, Chorus, Univibe, Flanger, and Rotary (not in the same song). I’d really like to get an H9 to be my modulation engine, allowing  me to disconnect the modulation effect from the Stomp preset, but don’t want to spend that much money. So i am considering an M5 as a poor man’s H9. I would put it in the effects loop of the Stomp. Here are my questions - I hope you might be able to offer some insights.

    1. Are the effects in the M5 similar in quality to the equivalent  effects in the Stomp or will they be disappointing?

    2. I’ve read several posts here about problems (mono use too loud and distorted, ribbon cable issues, power issues). Is it safe to say that these are not the norm? I would be buying new.

    3. I plan to call up presets in the M5 from my MC6. Any issues i should be aware of?

    4. Any other caveats or advise would be appreciated.




  8. Yes, if you bypass the block, it jut passes the signal through it, unaffected.
  9. If you look at the DSP allocation charts that people have made for the Helix, this is pretty much the case. The EQs and Volume use almost no DSP. The wahs use a little more, but even if you deleted all three, it’s not like you’d be able to add another distortion, modulation or delay. Some of the compressors might work, but not all of them. You so get one block back with the POD GO versus the HX Effects in that there’s a noise gate on the input block. The HX Effects have that option. When the POD Go was first being designed, they thought there would only be three wild card blocks at one point. They had considered making the reverb block a fixed block as well. The only unit Line 6 has ever added more blocks to is the HX Stomp, and I think that’s kind of a special case. It’s also relatively easy hit the DSP limit before hitting eight blocks if you’re using it for amp and cab modeling. It’s not as easy for effects-only setups. The way I see it, any of the Helix/HX products can do effects-only setups really well. The POD Go is more limited, but it’s also like $150 less than the cheapest HX product. I think it’s fine that it can’t do everything the others do. It wasn’t meant to.
  10. As long as you have the input pad off, that should give you unity gain (assuming you have all other blocks bypassed).
  11. You have to hit the Mode footswitch to get back into Preset or Snapshot Mode, and from there you can hit the Bank Up and Down footswitches to get to where you want to be. It’s also possible to assign the HX Preset commands to footswitches in Stomp Mode should you want the ability to go to a certain preset directly.
  12. It just sounds like you’re clipping the monitors’ inputs. Have you tried setting the Stomps outputs to instrument level opposed to line level?
  13. All of the previous iterations of the POD have had semi-fixed DSP allocation to one extent or another. The HD series probably offered the most flexibility in that the only blocks that had to remain were the amp/cab block and the looper. The thing is that the wah, EQ, and volume blocks combined probably don’t even use 5% of the available DSP, so removing the, from the signal wouldn’t really allow much to be used in exchange - perhaps one of the lower DSP compressor models. There were also a lot of complaints from users with the DSP limit warning coming up. I think one thing Line 6 wanted to do was make it more rare for users to run into that. I really don’t expect to see changes to the basic signal flow architecture either. People don’t understand all the back and forth iterations and deliberations that already went into the design. There was a lot of optimization done to the modeling to get things to work the way they do now.
  14. Yeah, well that was intentional... I believe I just increased the Feedback parameter so it went into self-oscillation.
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