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  1. phil_m

    Midi CC Feature desperately needed

    No, see my post above... Each footswitch on the Helix can be set to be "Momentary" or "Latching" in the Bypass Assign screen. This behavior is independent of what you do in the Command Center. Thinking back, I know I've done this before with the CC Toggle command.
  2. phil_m

    Midi CC Feature desperately needed

    No, I'm saying select the CC Toggle command and set the function of the switch itself to be Momentary instead of Latching. It's been awhile since I've messed with this, but I believe you might need to have a block assigned to that footswitch in order to set it to momentary. But once you do that, you can set its behavior to momentary or latching in the Bypass Assign Screen. So just assign a dummy block, like a Gain block to that footswitch and then set the command.
  3. phil_m

    Midi CC Feature desperately needed

    Yes, when set to latching it would work that way, but if you set to Momentary and Toggle, I believe it will send the Dim value as soon as you release the footswitch.
  4. phil_m

    Midi CC Feature desperately needed

    Can't you do that with the CC Toggle? I believe the Toggle can be set up to be momentary as well, so it goes to the lit value while you hold the footswitch down and then back to the dim value with the footswitch released.
  5. phil_m

    hx stomp with Voodoo power 2+?

    The PP2+'s 9V outs don't have enough capacity to power the Stomp, even if you summed them all together.
  6. phil_m

    HX Stomp Midi Issue

    The Stomp won’t send MIDI Sysex messages even with the MIDI Out set to Thru, and that’s how the Boss editor is communicating with the ES-8.
  7. phil_m

    USB-Volume much louder than Modeller-Volume

    Yes, that’s to be expected. The backing tracks are probably normalized, and maybe mastered, so they’ll be a lot louder than the processed guitar signal coming from the Stomp.
  8. Any advice I give on here is free, man... Glad you seemed to have worked it out!
  9. phil_m

    Helix and Phantom Power

    Phantom power won't damage the Helix, but it can attenuate and/or make the output from the XLR outs sound bad. You should have phantom power turned off for the channel you're connecting the Helix to.
  10. phil_m

    Neck Replacement for Shuriken

    Actually, Line 6 customer service had a very good reputation anymore. Go look at the Digital Modeling forum on The Gear Page or check out the Facebook groups for the various products. Line 6 goes out of their way to help people. As far your issue, the CS guy is correct. Matte finishes are prone to get shiny in areas where your resting your arm against them and such. I have a Gibson ES-335 that has a satin finish (similar to a matte, just not as diffuse), and the same thing happens. There are areas where the finish gets worn and becomes shiny.
  11. First thing to do is go to Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo>MIDI PC Send and set it to "Off". This setting controls whether or not the default PC message associated with each LT preset is sent out automatically when you load a preset. I think this is what's messing you up. Beyond that, there are two basic ways the Helix sends MIDI commands. You can either assign MIDI commands to footswitches or there are six Instant Commands per preset (Instant Commands can also send commands on a snapshot per snapshot basis). When you go into the Command Center, you'll see the footswitch icons. Those, as you probably guessed, represent each footswitch in Stomp Mode. The lightning bolt icons represent the six Instant Commands. If you only want to change channels on your amp using MIDI PCs, you only need to use one Instant Command. Set it to the MIDI channel your amp is set to and select the PC you want to send. That PC will then be sent when you load that preset. It's as simple as that. Like I said, though, I think the automatic PC send feature is probably the thing messing you up.
  12. phil_m

    Helix midi cc to control Variax guitar

    After you select the footswitch as the controller, go to Bypass/Controller Assign tab. Then click on the line on the left hand side of the screen that says "Variax - Variax Model - Footswitch #". Then you'll see the parameter bars for the min and max settings show up. I think there's a bug in HX Edit regarding this as the Preset Variax Model doesn't show in the pulldown menu on the Bypass/Controller Assign tab. But selecting it from the list of all controllers on the left is an easy workaround.
  13. phil_m

    Helix midi cc to control Variax guitar

    It would all be much easier with snapshots. But I suppose it depends on what you're envisioning. You can assign the Variax model parameter to a footswitch, though. You don't need to mess with a MIDI CC. Just right click on the Preset Variax Model parameter and select the footswitch you want to assign it to. You can set a different model for the min and max settings of the footswitch. Then the footswitch will let you toggle between two models.
  14. phil_m

    Helix 2.8 release likely not for several months

    You mean alternate tunings with a standard guitar? I don't see that ever happening, to be honest. Polyphonic pitch shifting will probably happen, but real-time pitch shifting for each string, well, that would be quite a feat.