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  1. There’s a number of Helix/HX Facebook groups, including the humongous one that has over 27,000 members. https://m.facebook.com/groups/428105950706417/?ref=group_browse There’s also a few Variax Facebook groups. I think this is the largest: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1465580137096236/?ref=group_browse
  2. Are you saying those parameters are being changed when you move the pedal? Or that they simply sound different?
  3. phil_m


    Looks like he maybe grabbed the wrong files when he was putting these together for you. He is right, though, in that you’ll need the same IR files he’s using in order for presets that use those IRs to sound right.
  4. phil_m


    Those look like they're presets, not IRs. In your File Explorer window, go over to the View tab on top, and in the Show/Hide panel, click the box that says "File name extensions". IR files should have a .wav extension. Helix presets have a .hlx extension.
  5. If you're not using all of the FX returns, you'd be better off using one of the returns as an input rather than the Aux In. A Return set to instrument level is going to be more like the Guitar In than the Aux In. Although, even the returns have slightly less dynamic range than the Guitar In.
  6. Well, I can assure you that there is no Helix 2 coming out in 2020, and not for a good while yet (and I don't think that when the time comes for a successor to the Helix to be released, that it will be called a Helix 2...). As far as the Quad Cortex, I'm not sure what you're expecting people on the Line 6 forums to say about it. I played their prototype at NAMM and was underwhelmed, but it wasn't even what I'd call half-baked... It was more like "just put into the oven". So right now, it's very much a pig in a poke. I would take any of their delivery estimates with a huge grain of salt, personally, especially given the current economic climate. Regarding IRs, they're kind of an audio snapshot of a specific cab and mic combination. There are tons available because there are tons of iterations of the same cab and mic in different positions, the same cab with different mics, multiple mics, etc. The Helix comes with Line 6's hybrid cabs, which are kind of parametricized IRs, in a way (they use less DSP than a traditional 2048 sample IR file, though). I don't think you have to use third party IRs with the Helix. I use a few, but the majority of my presets are using the Helix cabs. If people have IRs they know they like, the Helix (or POD Go) makes it easy to use them... All of the cab/mic modeling on the Quad Cortex is IR-based as well.
  7. When you say your effects setting are changing, do you mean you see the parameters changing? There are no CCs associated with any of the parameters. The only thing I can think that might be happening is that Ableton might be sending the MIDI CCs associated with EXP1 and EXP2 to the M13, and those in turn may be changing parameters on the effects.
  8. Doing a factory reset (holding down FS2 & FS3 while powering up) should get names back if they're missing. If you created a backup, restore from backup after doing the reset.
  9. I didn’t get that you wanted to use it for all these things simultaneously... Really, you’d be better off disconnecting and connecting it for the various use scenarios, otherwise, I think you’re going to end up with noise/ground loop issues. You could create your presets so that the Stomp’s Send is an output. You need to create a parallel path by moving the last block in your signal chain in Path B. The output for Path B can be set to be the Send. Then you’d need to set the level for the output block for Path A down to its lowest setting so no sound from the preset passes through to your monitors.
  10. phil_m


    Hard to say exactly. Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?
  11. If you just want the Stomp in your amp’s loop, you take a cable from your amp FX send in the Stomp’s Guitar In. Then you take another cable from the Stomp’s main out in your amp’s FX return. Since you want to use the Stomp as a replacement for your amp’s preamp sometimes, though, you would want to look at the 4 cable method (4CM). You wouldn’t need to use the A/B/Y box then. With the 4CM, you’d have to put an FX Loop block in your Stomp preset. Anything before the FX Loop will be in front of the amp and anything after would be in your amp’s loop. For presets or snapshot where you don’t want to use your amp’s preamp, you’d just bypass the FX Loop block in the Stomp. The signal go straight from the Stomp’s output to your amp FX return.
  12. Well, they’ve just started shipping this week... I’m sure once people have them for a few weeks, there will be a lot of preset sharing happening, and I’m sure there will be presets available for sale on the Line 6 Marketplace.
  13. I’m still confused as to what you’re wanting to do. Are you trying to control the pitch parameter of the Pitch Wham effect, or are you trying to control the pitch in the software synth?
  14. I’m sure the POD Go will get its own section on CustomTone soon enough. The only presets that are compatible with the POD Go will be ones that were made on a POD Go. There is no backwards compatibility with previous generations of PODs or other devices.
  15. It may be. I think it’s a particularly elusive bug, so that may explain why they haven’t killed it yet.
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