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  1. phil_m

    Which current line 6 amps have VARIAX input?

    The only amp that’s currently in production that has the VDI input is the Firehawk 1500. There really has only ever been one other Line 6 amp that had it, and that’s the Vetta II.
  2. phil_m

    Mono Vintage Delay Disappears in Firmware 2.80 and 2.81

    A disaster? I think that’s quite a bit hyperbolic... There are some bugs, and 2.82 will be out shortly to clean up some of the remaining things. I mean, personally, I’ve done a bunch of gigs using the 2.80 and 2.8 firmware and really haven’t run into any showstopper bigs. I suppose with a complex system with so many different possible use scenarios, everyone is going to be different.
  3. phil_m

    USB audio leaks to amp out.

    Oh, yeah, that's correct. I forgot about that setting.
  4. phil_m

    USB audio leaks to amp out.

    If whatever software you're using won't let you choose a different set of USB outputs, your other option is to use a pair of the Helix's 1/4" Sends as the output for the path going to your power amp. You can select Send 1/2 or Send 3/4 as the output for Path 2.
  5. phil_m

    USB audio leaks to amp out.

    So if I'm understanding it correctly, you're streaming samples from your computer over USB 1/2 (USB 1/2 out from the perspective of your computer, USB 1/2 in from the perspective of the Helix). The issue is that USB 1/2 will be sent to the XLR outs and the 1/4" outs automatically. There's no way to stop that from happening. What you need to do is select another USB pair to use as outputs from your computer. If you, for instance, set the input of Path 1 to be USB 3/4 and the output to be the XLR outs, the output for USB 3/4 will only go to the XLR outs. This is all described on page 53 of the manual (notice how the USB 1/2 inputs are shown being sent directly to the Helix's outputs in the diagram):
  6. phil_m

    Update 2.81 and presets

    Holding down footswitches 9 & 10 while powering up isn’t a restore - it’s a factory reset. To get the presets, global settings and IRs back you have to use the “Restore from Backup” function in HX Edit (go to File>Restore From Backup).
  7. phil_m

    Helix 2.81 Reverb Mix Level

    What firmware version did you update from? There was an earlier firmware that re-scaled the mix levels for the five HX reverbs... I believe that happened with 2.60. So if you were at a firmware version earlier than that, yeah, you'll have to adjust the mix levels. This was one of the very rare cases when an update changed the sound of an existing preset.
  8. I believe all the amp models have a presence control. But the comment above is correct, all the parameters for the amps, effects, etc. are identical on the Helix and the HX Stomp. I wouldn't be surprised if you're actually using the Pre version of the amp and not the full amp block.
  9. phil_m

    How to get just a boost before an amp model?

    If you have an overdrive/distortion block before the amp model, you could boost the level of that block per snapshot if you want. But there's no way to boost the signal internally before an amp block without having a block of some sort before the amp block.
  10. phil_m

    Make Helix Native run on IPadOS

    Not gonna happen...
  11. phil_m

    How about an AmpFarm Pedal?

    Amp Farm is the same modeling as the original POD and POD 2.0. The old Floor POD and Floor POD Plus products were pedal-based products that used that generation of modeling. The modeling in Amp Farm is literally 20 years old. It's pretty much obsolete in the sense that they aren't developing new products with it. They released Amp Farm 3.0 simply so users who have sessions using earlier versions of Amp Farm can still access them in their 64-bit systems now.
  12. phil_m

    HX Stomp, switch off before unplugging power?

    Yeah... I think my iPad autocorrect did something weird there. I fixed it. Just leave it on.
  13. phil_m

    HX Stomp, switch off before unplugging power?

    It doesn’t matter. I would just leave the switch turned on all the time when mounted on a pedalboard.
  14. phil_m

    HX Effects expression button

    The HX Effects doesn't have an input for a regular momentary or latching footswitch. There are some companies that make an "expression switch" so that you could essentially turn one of the expression inputs into a switch. I think you'd be better off doing this with MIDI, though. Something like the Disaster Area Designs MIDI Baby would be cool. The only problem is you'd have to worry about powering it. Another thing I should mention is that the HX Effects won't power the Voodoo Lab Commander pedal, and I don't think it has a separate power input. The Commander isn't really a MIDI controller at all. It's really a remote for the Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher.
  15. phil_m

    Using same FX loop in two independent paths

    No, there is no way to do this. Think about it like this - you have a mono effect in a mono effects loops. Even if there was a way to use the same block in multiple paths, it would mess your signal routing up because you'd be summing the input from both paths and the signal going back into the Helix's effect return would be a blended signal of the magnetic pickups and modeling.