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  1. Awesome - that's what I suspected but wanted to confirm before procuring one of these bad boys. Appreciate the speedy response!
  2. Hey Everyone, I performed a search but couldn't find anything similar... I've heard conflicting information on this across various videos, articles, and posts so I figured I'd ask for you guys to settle this one for me: can you rename the snapshots on the LT or is this something you can only do with the Floor? Thanks, Justin
  3. Thank you - you're the man! Err... I mean, Punkboy!
  4. Thanks for the speedy response, Silverhead. This was the first place I checked and it looks like it covers part of what I'm trying to find. I'm really focused on saving all of the unique settings I have saved on the Variax into the Firehawk so I can do it "hands free." Well not completely hands free since I'll be playing the instrument but you know what I mean, lol. Do you know if I can go from patch to patch with different guitars and tunings saved? And then apply the effects on top of this? Thanks again!
  5. Hey Everyone, Just bought a Variax - and I'm customizing the hell out of it. I was wondering if there were any good videos or write-ups covering how to utilize the presets in the guitar and save them into banks in the Firehawk? I might be up a creek since I want to be able to go from an Acoustic in Drop D to a LP with custom string tunings and volumes (one example or many similar scenarios). Does the Firehawk allow for this level of customization to be saved and not apply ALL the time? I don't want to be turning knobs and pick-up selectors every time I want to change it up. Or am I in the market for a Helix LT now? Thanks in advance, Justin
  6. Greetings! I performed a search first but had no luck so... I am a new owner of a Firehawk FX and have been trying to use it with my old Spider II 30W combo (gotta love apartment life). Since I'm in an apartment I need to keep the volume at a reasonable level, so naturally I keep the volume low on my amp and haven't modified anything on the FX pedal. However, I've noticed that when I use the volume pedal at all it seems to override my amp setting and it sure sounds like it's controlling the master volume instead of just the volume coming from the pedal. Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do or use in order to solve this? I'm not opposed to procuring a new amp if need be. Thanks in advance, Justin
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