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  1. jdalaz

    Helix Native

    😂😂😂 Thanks. That made my day!
  2. jdalaz

    New Helix Tune - Heavy Vetting

    Awesome, middle section sounds great over head-phones!
  3. jdalaz

    Uploading Tone - Selecting Pickup Type?

    I think the Icon just indicates how the tone was optimized / created. It is not something you can "change",
  4. jdalaz

    Volume drop with active pickup guitar in aux input

    I'm not following the logic on this. I plug EMG active pickup guitars into the Aux. input with no problems ( those pickups have built-in preamps). Also plug a bass with active preamp into aux. The guitars sound better to me this way.
  5. jdalaz

    Awesome New Helix Accessory :)

    I would argue that ESP's are played by many people because they are built extremely well; not simply because they are "popular"
  6. jdalaz

    No comments yet on hot-fix release v2.11?

    I would also suggest: power off/on again after doing the global / factory reset. This should take care of "rebuild preset" message. I usually do this twice to verify Helix powers-up correctly.
  7. jdalaz

    import or export corrupt?

    I am curious about the whole "export / import" aspect. We basically export setlist with the current editor app.(2.01) Then update to a new Editor app.(2.10)/Firmware. Then import "old" setlist into a "new" editor environment. I'm not a programmer, but seems like a situation that can cause problems.
  8. jdalaz

    Helix For Bass

    Good choice!
  9. jdalaz

    Helix For Bass

    I think the Jazz bass is easier for guitarist to adjust to, because of the neck being thinner.
  10. jdalaz

    Helix forum unavailable on mobile?

    I'm having same problem. I can't log on from my droid / chrome broser
  11. jdalaz

    Two amps in one Path - DSP Full

    you said grok, :D . I'm absolutely thrilled with my Helix! Some of my favorite user created presets only have 1 amp, 3-4 efx, and they sound awesome! Thank you for a fantastic product
  12. jdalaz

    Noisey FX loop?

    I had the same noise problem when I first used Fx Loop. Solved by putting Fx Block after Amp/Cab block in signal flow.