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  1. Why is the file .dmg? I want to update but its not letting me open. the other .exe files were fine
  2. sorry should have clarified, I usually put my Digitech whammy in the FX loop 1 I just thought even if nothing was connected to it it wouldnt make any noise still but now ive learned.
  3. Whenever I have my FX loop 1 block turned on, I get some buzzing and hissing, I dont even have anything connected to it It doesnt do it when I have a clean amp on, just my ANGL meteor which from what ive researched can be loud with the FX loop. Anyway to get rid of this? I already have a gate on for the guitar input
  4. Ive got a distortion pedal and a hi gain amp for dirty and a clean amp plus chorus all assigned to one footswitch. So when its on the clean chorus come on and off is when distortion comes through I've also assigned the input gate so the guitar z and threshold changes as well depending whether ive got clean or distortion on In some snapshots it works how I want it but in other snapshots its got it reversed. So when I click it, its on the distortions comes on instead of off. This wouldnt bother me so much but I've got my threshhold assigned to clean and dirty so my threshold goes up for distortion causing feedback and the guitar z impedence too. Any idea whats going on? I tried un assigned everything and re-doing it but still gave me the same problems
  5. sorry to bring up this thread but im just trying to figure this out too. Seems annoying that it goes on and off. Why couldnt it just be when the expression pedals is moved the wah engages? Then when it stops moving wah disengages after the selected period? Seems a bit silly
  6. bowkore


    Sorry my bad, i meant to say the tracking isnt polyphonic which is why when playing chords with a harmony over it can warble heaps compared to the actualy Whammy pedal itself. I've always found in front of the amp works best but all comes to personal preference since I prefer to give the harmonizer direct guitar signal before it gets touched before anything else
  7. bowkore


    The harmonizers and pitch shifters arent polyphonic so thats probably the warbling. Which is a shame because the only reason I use the digitech whammy pedal into my Helix is because the model Line6 made just isnt as good. Poly models would use lots of DSP though but saving a space for a pedal on stage would be easier and could just change preset for it when needed Id be happy in just doing that. But it is what it is, no idea if they will update it
  8. Ive got two pan blocks on different paths, and one set to Left 1 and the other to right 1. When I plug the XLR outputs into the PA's will clicking on the left block for left 1 give sound only to the left XLR output or is it more complicated than that?
  9. Hey like the title suggests, Im getting some serious buzz when using the helix. Never happened before until the other day. I've tried swapping leads and all that but I still get buzz. Going into the FX loop of a Peavey Bandit 112, it just happened randomly one day. Probably an issue with the amp? Doesnt buzz when I run a guitar straight into it
  10. Thanks heaps for the response, was real helpful!
  11. Hey ive never really delved to much in the world of compressors but I've got a touche style sound I want to try and get and wanted to use a compressor so that all notes come out evenly at the same volume from my left and right hand What compressor and settings would help the most for the sound I want to achieve and can anyone clarify what the settings do in each one? Sort of lost a little bit, thanks heaps
  12. bowkore

    synth tracking

    Have line6 ever responded about why their tracking is so poor and if they will improve it? Would be great if ididnt have to set up my whammy pedal every time, save me some space on stage
  13. Really want a G70 since it seems like the perfect wireless setup, otherwise Id go a Shure GLXD16. Only problem is I keep finding lots of people talking about drop out issues, has this been rectified with firmware updates?
  14. Nah the tone was unreal for distortion and clean, it was just the volume. When I plugged into the guitar input it was way too loud and would feedback. I've adjusted some settings with a gain boost on my clean and that did the trick, but a bit annoyed I have to lose a block for it, was hoping there was a way to just have the settings changed on the aux input for me to just have it at the same level as my other guitars
  15. Sorry forgot to mention. My input block is multi, since I swap between aux and guitar. Is there a way to change it so the settings for the aux input is different to the guitar one even though I have it on multi?
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